Footballer says hunger drove him to lie about age
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Summary:面对媒体连日来的猜测和指责,曾于2003年帮助巴西夺得世青赛冠军的职业球员卡洛斯·阿尔贝托日前公开承认,他当年曾“在年龄上弄虚作假”,并表示当时完全是迫于贫困与饥饿的双重压力才出此下策的。   The midfielder, who now plays for Figueirense and has been their driving force in the Brazilian c.

  • 面对媒体连日来的猜测和指责,曾于2003年帮助巴西夺得世青赛冠军的职业球员卡洛斯·阿尔贝托日前公开承认,他当年曾“在年龄上弄虚作假”,并表示当时完全是迫于贫困与饥饿的双重压力才出此下策的。
      The midfielder, who now plays for Figueirense and has been their driving force in the Brazilian championship, admitted in a television interview that he was five years older than stated in his records.
      "I am 28, I'm not 23," said Carlos Alberto, who was in the Brazil team which won the world under-20 championship in United Arab Emirates in 2003."I'm very sad. I didn't expect all this to blow up," he told the Sportv cable channel.
      Carlos Alberto said he was told in 2000 that he was good enough to try for a professional career, which represented a chance to escape from poverty.
      He accepted an offer from a friend who said he could get fake documents to cut five years off Carlos Alberto's age and kick-start his career.
      "My family was very poor and it was a chance to give them something," said the player, full name Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Junior.
      “我的家庭当时一贫如洗,而那样做则可以使我有机会改变家人的处境。同时我本人也可以借此来养活自己……”  "It was a chance for me to make a living... I was hungry."
      "I didn't expect this to happen."
      Carlos Alberto played for several small clubs before joining Figueirense in 2003. He said that none of the clubs he played for knew about his age.
      "I apologise to Figueirense's supporters," he said. "I hope nothing happens to the club."
      The issue came to light on Tuesday when the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper said Carlos Alberto was born exactly five years before his declared date of birth of January 24, 1983.
      Figueirense, who dropped to 10th in the table after losing 3-1 to Sao Caetano on Wednesday, immediately suspended Carlos Alberto pending investigations.
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