冀教版英语七年级下复习教学设计(Unit six应知应会)
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Summary:He quickly put on his coat.反义词:take off这两个词组的宾语如果是代词,要把这个代词放在这个词组的中间:Put it on. take it off是名词时,放在中间,后面都可以。Please take off your shoes.2. snow E snowy rain E rainyice E icy fog E foggysnowball snowfal.

  • He quickly put on his coat.反义词:take off这两个词组的宾语如果是代词,要把这个代词放在这个词组的中间:Put it on. take it off是名词时,放在中间,后面都可以。Please take off your shoes.2. snow E snowy rain E rainyice E icy fog E foggysnowball snowfall snowman3. Snow is falling.fall E fell (注意过去式的变化)Leaves fall in autumn.树叶在秋天落下。The rain is falling outside.外面在下雨。He fell into the river.他掉到河里。其他重要词组:fall asleep 入睡 fall behind 落后fall off --- 从---掉下来The cup fell off the table and was broken. 茶杯从桌子上掉下来,摔碎了。I fell off my bike yesterday. 我昨天从自行车上摔了下来。4. in winter/in spring/in summer/in autumn5. teach sb. to do sth. 教某人做什么learn to do sth. 学(会)做什么know to do sth. 知道做什么6. It's snows a lot/a little in winter.这里冬天下雪多/少。7. cold E hot cool E warm8. catch/have a cold 得感冒。9. 关于“也”的英语表达:She likes English. I like English, too.I also like English.否定句中要用:either [eDC]He doesn’t like English, I don't, either.10. 有关look的词组:look after look out of look for 寻找look like 看起来像11. 两种感叹句:What和How感叹句How cold it is!How interesting the book is!How fast he runs!What an interesting book it is!What good students they are!What bad weather it is!12. be/get ready for sth. be/get ready to do sth.I'm ready for class.我准备好上课了。I'm ready to have my class.我准备好上课了。Lesson 42 Winter Fun1. another & other两个事物中 “一个 --- 另一个 --- 用one --- the other.I have two brothers. One is a teacher, the other is a worker.other 表示“别的,其他的”后常跟复数。What other things can you see in the picture?In Miss Gao's class, one of the boys is English, others boys are Chinese.指同一事物中的又一个(再一个)。another ship; another cakeWould you like another apple?I don't like this coat. Would you like to show me another?2. look out of 向 --- 外面看look out, be careful & take care 三词都是 “小心” 的意思。Look out! A car is coming.Look out! I have a knife.Be careful! The pot is hot.Take care! The road is icy.3. fun E interestinghave fun 玩得开心。E have a good timehave fun doing sth. 开心(高兴)地玩 ---The story is fun.4. make a snowmanmake faces make a noisemake up one's mind make use of5. first second third fourth fifthsixth seventh eighth ninth tenth----- E last6. put --- on --- 把 --- 放在 --- 上 E put onPut on your jacket, It's cold outside.Put the books on the table.7. on the top of --- 在 --- 的上方top E bottom8. throw [QrCu] E threw [Qru:]throw --- at --- 把 --- 投向 ---throw out of throw off throw away9. inside: Let's go inside. 我们到屋子里去吧!inside the car/house/my mouth10. I have some little rocks for his mouth and eyes.在本句中 little 是“小”的意思,而不是“少”。a little dog a little cat a little bird含有感情色彩但是,little 还有“少”的意思:I have only a little water. 我只有一点水。for: 在汉语中是“当作”的意思:Put a circle for always.画一个圆表示(当作) "always".I have a carrot for his nose.Lesson 43 Christmas is coming1. people: 本身就是复数形式There are many people here.On a holiday, people don’t work.2. invite sb. to do sth.We invite my friends to my house.类似的用法还有:ask sb. to do sth.tell sb. to do sth.但是:let sb. do sth. help sb. do sth.make sb. do sth. 不用 "to"3. give sb. sth. = give sth. to sb.宾语是代词时只能用 give sth. to sb. 的形式。如:Give it to me. 不可说:Give me it.4. why 与 because往往同时出现:--- Why are you late?--- Because my bike is broken.但是:because 与 so 却不同时出现,只能用其中的一个。Because he is ill, he can't go to school today.He is ill, so he can't go to school today.He didn't go to school yesterday because he was ill.5. a merry man in red clothes6. Merry Christmas7. --- Happy/Merry Christmas--- Thank you. The same to you.8. Christmas is a western holiday圣诞节是个西方节日。western foodwest E western east E easternnorth E northern south E southern9. Christmas is coming.He is going to Beijing.They are leaving for Canada.Danny is flying to New York.The train is arriving at the station.10. go to --- for one's holiday去 --- 度假be on holiday 在度假I'm going to Beijing for my holiday.Tom is on holiday now.11. bring E takebring 是拿来 take 是拿走bring E brought E bringingtake E took E takingBring your books tomorrow, please.Take your umbrella, It's raining.bring sth. to sb.给某人带来 ---bring gifts for my son.12. wonderful beautiful都是非常有用的词越早忆住越好。The book is wonderful.The Christmas tree is beautiful.Lesson 44 Christmas Cards1. be going to (do sth.) 也表示将来时,通常翻译成“打算”做 ---He is going to walk to the park.He is going to work hard this term.2. help sb. do sth. E help sb. with sth.I often help my mother with the housework.3. buy sth. for sb. bought sb. sth.给某人买 --- E boughtI'm going to buy a Christmas tree for him.He bought my some chicken yesterday.4. put up, 建起,装点, 举(抬)起The workers are putting up a building.They are putting up the Christmas tree.Please put up your hands.E put down, 放下,忆下 E put on 穿上5. talk with sb. play with sb.write with a pen 用钢笔写a card with Santa Claus带有圣诞老人的贺卡6. get ready for get on a bus/get off a busget into a car/a taxiLesson 45 Christmas Gifts1. want to do sth.2. buy something for sb.He goes to London for Christmas.The flowers are for you.It's time for class.He is going to leave for Canada.3. ask sb. a questionask sb. to do sth.ask for something.4. something special something newsomething important something wonderfulsomething, anything, nothing, somebody, anybody等不定式代词用形容词修饰时,务必把形容词放在不定代词的后面。5. What would you like for supper?What would you like for Christmas?6. fun E funny7. family/house/room/homefamily指家庭、一家人或全体成员,与居住无关。Her family are all friendly.house 指家庭住宅,侧重于“房屋”的概念。 There is a river near the house.home指家人共同生活的地方,有时也指出生的城市或国家。My home is in Shijiazhuang.Lesson 46 It's Christmas Morning!1. give sb. sth. E give sth. to sb.I give the book to her. = I give her the book.2. ask sb. to do sth. E ask sb. not to do sth.My mother often asks me to clean my room.The teachers ask the children not to play on the road.3. come from E be fromJenny is from Canada. = Jenny comes from Canada.4. bring E brings E brought E bringing5. open:open a window 开窗 open a box打开箱子open a shop 开一家店6. clear E clearly quiet E quietlyslow E slowly careful E carefully7. This is for you. 这是给你的。8. 常见跟双宾语的词:bring, give, teach, lend, tell, show, buygive/teach/lend/tell/show sth. to sb.bring/buy sth. for sb.9. take photos/take pictures 照相10. another & the otheranother pen 另一枝笔 the other pen (两枝笔中的)另一枝笔。another girl another shipLesson 47 Seasons1. Winter, spring, summer and fall.In winter E in the winter of last yearI like to skate in winter.I lived Canada in the winter of last year.2. warm E coola warm teacher give sb. a warm welcomea warm heart a warm discussion3. rain E rainy4. bloom: in bloom5. What a tall boy (he is)!How tall the boy is!6. blow E blew leaf E leavesThe window blew open. blow ones noseThe wind blows the leaves off the trees.wife E wives knife E kniveslife E lives thief E thievesoff:He jumped off the horse.Keep off the grass. Keep your dog off.take off E put on7. why E because--- Why are you late?--- Because my bike was broken.8. love E hateYou love English, but I hate it.9. lovely E beautifulA: A lovely flower, isn’t it?B: Yes, very beautiful.10. fly E flewSome birds are flying in the air.The boys are flying kites in the park.I flew a kite yesterday.fly away fly a kiteLook! There is a fly in my soup.11. favourite:My favourite sport is swimming.12. I don’t like to swim in winter.I like to walk in the rain in spring.13. sun E sunny snow E snowyrain E rainy wind E windycloud E cloudy fog E foggy
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