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Summary:除了上述两方面以外, 掌握做题的方法和技巧对做好这一题也很关键, 下面简单介绍做题的一些技巧:要先通读全文, 理解大意, 再逐行改错。 先把固定搭配、习惯用法、主谓一致、代词一致、时态语态等方面的简单错误找出来并改正; 剩下几行不容易发现错误要从以下几个方面检查。 1)连词错误, 2)表趋向的动词和副词(go/come, take/bring, here/there)的错误。3) 词义的重叠,.

  • 除了上述两方面以外, 掌握做题的方法和技巧对做好这一题也很关键, 下面简单介绍做题的一些技巧:要先通读全文, 理解大意, 再逐行改错。 先把固定搭配、习惯用法、主谓一致、代词一致、时态语态等方面的简单错误找出来并改正; 剩下几行不容易发现错误要从以下几个方面检查。 1)连词错误, 2)表趋向的动词和副词(go/come, take/bring, here/there)的错误。3) 词义的重叠, 4)双介词的情况。(这些错误都是把英语作为第二语言的人极易犯的错误, 一般不易发现)例如:1). I was also glad that I could experience a different climate, so I was really unprepared for the English winter. (连词错误so改为although, 连词错误要从两个分句的语义关系来判断)。2)Go and fetch me some water. (语义重叠,fetch改为bring )Return back to school.(语义重叠, 去掉back)3) He came to the surface under water.(under前面加from)4) He heard a cry for help under the tree. (under前面加from)若仍然还有两行以上找不出错误, 不妨换个角度思考;有没有找出多词的情况,有没有找出漏词的情况等, 因为规范的试题在错误和改法设置上是这样安排的: 多词1-2处;漏词1-2处(多词和漏词加起来三处); 正确1处; 其余6处是需要改正的。
    练习一Dear Smith, I am an university student. I once thought life at 1._______the university must be excellent, but now I changed my 2._______mind. I have three roommates, and I was the last one to 3._______move into the dormitory. Last term, I got along peacefully 4._______and happy. But I find they are not willing to be with me 5._______now. They don’t talk with me, and they’ve become cold 6._______toward me. Many time, I have wanted to talk with 7._______them about how I felt like, but I failed to find 8._______an opening. When leaving alone, I always recall 9._______this sadness. But I am an honest student. Why don’t 10.______I win true friendship?
    练习二One day my mummy leave me a short massage, 1._________It was said “A sunny day a lovely pig stood in 2.__________front of you, she gazed your eyes. What did 3.__________she think? Please guess a name of a song. And tell 4.__________me the answer within 3 days.” It was a little difficulty 5.__________to me. I thought for a moment, how can I connect a 6.___________pig and a song? Three days before, I got the answer.— 7.__________After I grow up, I can be you. After seeing this I laughing. 8.__________In order to make fun with each other or 9.__________relax themselves, people often send massages like this. 10.__________
    练习三 Most family take their holidays during the summer, 1._______together with their children. Some of them stay on one 2._______place for the whole holiday while others travel 3._______to several places. Those like to go to a lake 4._______enjoy sunshine and water sports. When tiring, they 5._______can take a rest on the beach but continue to enjoy 6._______under the sun. Small children love to play on the sands 7._______and in the water. The parents always warn us of 8._______the dangers there. They tell their children to be carefully 9._______in the water and not stay on the sands all day 10._______so as not to get a bad sunburn.
    练习四 To everyone in the world , money was a sensitive topic. 1._______No one can live without money in modern society. People 2._______have different opinions on them. Some people think one 3._______should live to make money, and others, make money to live. 4._______In my opinion, the latter view may be much reasonable. 5._______We should not be the slave of money. Although money 6._______means a lot in our life, but it does not mean everything . 7._______We can’t exchange it for friendship and love. Money indeed 8._______can make a person enjoy his life for a while, but all his life. 9._______In a word, money is something but not anything. 10._______
    练习五Learning does not happen passively. It is an activity which a person does. It is a task which can be attempted in various of ways, some of which are 1._____ more appropriate than others. When the material to be learned is 2._____a brief and simple kind which is familiar with the person and of intense 3. interest to him, effective learning usually proceeds automatically. In the first place, the person at once relates the material to other material which has already securely learned. Subsequently, the relevance 4._____of the newly learned material to his interests assures its being 5.______ recalled on many occasions; and one repetition minimizes 6.______the likelihood of remembering. Furthermore, the subsequent use 7.______of the new material is likely to take place in a variety of contexts and, so, the material becomes related to a narrower range of other material. 8. Because of all this, the material is rapidly learned, long retained, and recalled with increasingly readiness in a variety of 9._____ contexts. Without really trying, the person had fulfilled a 10._____ few important conditions of effective learning.
    练习六 Most families in China hoped their single children will have 1. _________a happy future, so they are very strict in their children. So are 2. _________teachers in schools! Many children are giving so much homework 3. _________that they have hardly any spare time have sports. The children 4. _________are forbidden to do nothing but study. No wonder there 5. _________are so many children are tired of lessons. Some even attack 6. _________or kill their parents and teachers! I believe many people already 7. _________read this kind of news in newspapers or magazines. Shouldn’t 8. _________we draw a lesson from the accident? Now our government 9. _________is making out a plan to solve the education problems. 10._________
    参考答案:练习一1.an改为a。2.changed前加have。3.正确。4.I改为we。5.happy改为happily。6.cold改为colder。7.time改为times。8.去掉the。9.leaving改为left。10.don’t改为can’t。练习二1.leave—left 或者sent。2.去掉was 。3.gazed 后加at。 4.正确。5.difficulty—difficult。 6.to—for。7.before—later。 8.laughing—laughed。9.with—of。 10.去掉themselves。练习三1.family改为families。2.on改为in。3.正确。4.those后加who。5.tiring改为tired。6.but改为and。7.去掉and。8.us改为them。9.carefully改为careful。10.not后加to。练习四1.was改为is。2.正确。3.them改为it。4.and改为but。5.much改为more。6.slave改为slaves。7.去掉but。8.and改为or。9.but后加not。10.anything改为everything。练习五1. 去掉第一个of 2.is后加 of 3. with改为to 4.has already中间加上 been 5. assures改为 ensures 6.one 改为 the/this 7.remembering 改为 forgetting 8.narrower改为 wider9.increasingly改为 increasing 10. had改为 has练习六1.hoped改为hope。2.in改为with。3.giving改为given。4.Have前加a。5.nothing改为anything。6.第二个are删去或在其前加who。7.Already前加have(时态错误)。8.对。9.accident改为accidents。10.making改为carrying。
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