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Summary:一.命题特点及要求 问题类型 问题要求 常见问题 主旨概括 概括出短文、短文中某一段落的大意或标题,或指出作者的写作意图 ① What’s the best title of the passage?② What’s the purpose of the writer writing the passage?③ What’s the main idea of.

  • 一.命题特点及要求


    ① What’s the best title of the passage?② What’s the purpose of the writer writing the passage?③ What’s the main idea of the article?


    ① Please fill in the blank in the passage with proper words or phrases.

    ① Please find out the sentence which can be replaced by the following one?

    ①Translate the underlined sentence in the…paragraph into Chinese.

    Regular Wh-Questions based on the passage

    ① What would you do if you were…② What other suggestions would you give?③ How would you settle the problem if you were …?二.解题技巧1. What is the best title of the passage? (Please answer within 10 words)答题技巧:(1)通常为短语或短句, 力求精辟、简洁;(2) 实词首字母大写虚词首字母小写;(3)若虚词位于句首大写; (4)只大写第一个单词的首字母; 2.Regular Wh-Questions based on the passage答题技巧:对于封闭性问题,应结合文章相关内容,在文中找答案及依据;3.Please fill in the blank in the passage with proper words or phrases.答题技巧:仔细斟酌上下文,捕捉文章的具体信息,认真推敲语言,力求准确到位;4.开放性问题 ① What would you do if you were… ② What other suggestions would you give? ③ How would you settle the problem if you were …?答题技巧: 对于开放性问题,应在理解文章的基础上结合自己的观点组织答案。5. Translate the underlined sentence into Chinese.答题技巧:分析句子结构,判断句子成分间的关系,既要符合句子原意,又要注意汉语句子的通顺和达意;如:A young college student, who was admitted to a wrong speciality (专业) of an undesirable college, abandoned himself to playing truant (逃学) and was given to drinking instead of studying.be admitted to 被……录取abandon oneself to (doing) sth. 沉湎于……;放纵;be given to (doing) sth. 沉湎/迷于……;由于被录取到一所不满意的大学,专业也不对口,一位年轻的大学生整日沉迷于旷课酗酒中,没有心思学习。总体说来,要做好阅读表达解题应做到以下几点:1)快速的浏览题目,做到心中有数,带着题目进行速读。2)准确理解文章的大意、细节,把握作者的观点、态度、语气等,捕捉与题目有关的信息,为回答问题作好准备。3)答题之前认真审题,弄清问题的要求,回答应具有针对性,紧扣题目,认真推敲语言,既要完整又要简洁。同时还要注意语言运用的准确性、得体性。4)主旨大意题,要求词数比较少,所用语言要精辟、简洁。 答案应 符合标题要求,能概括出文章大意或作者的意图。5)有的问题可以在文中找到答案及其依据,但是对于开放性问题,考生要结合自己的观点回答。6)在做翻译题的时候,一定要结合句子所在的情景进行理解和翻译,并且把握好句子结构。既要符合句子原意,又要注意汉语句子的通顺和大意。7)要注意问题后的字数要求,切忌超出各个题目所要求的字数范围。8)要保持书写清楚,工整;卷面整洁、干净。三、模拟真题阅读下面短文并根据要求回答后面的题目。注意所有答案要写在答题区。(共5小题;每小题3分,满分15分)(山东临沂市2006-2007高三上学期期中统一考试)
    You seem to be a Wet Blanket (a person who doesn’t enjoy himself/herself and thus prevents others from enjoying themselves)when it comes to nature and your kid.You are most likely a caring,protective parent who wants to keep your child safe and sound.You may be so determined to protect your kid from dirt,sunburn,frostbite,or scratches that you try to avoid the outdoors.Or you may just find muddy clothes and sandy toes require too much extra work.Perhaps you hate to get dirty yourself.The natural world may just make you nervous and you might worry those bugs and bats will suck you dry.It may be that you just never got the chance to be outdoors when you were a kid and now know nothing about what to do with your kid. While it is every care-giver’s job to protect their kid,your worries may cause your child togrow up as a Wet Blanket as well.If you prefer the indoors yourself.you may be keeping your kid from outdoor experiences without even realizing it.Your attitudes about nature have a huge influence on how comfortable your kid will feel outside.You may need to go against your own nature and “open the door” to get your kid outside! You may already see the value in helping kids spend time outside in nature and know that playing in natural settings helps children grow up mentally.Perhaps you already introduce your child to nature through books,museums,and zoos.Maybe you just need some ideas of what to do with kids outside.Try some simple nature activities with your kid, or sign-up for professionally-led nature programs to develop your skills.While it may be a challenge for you to overcome your own nervousness about nature,you can raise a child who______________. One of the easiest ways you Can get your kid outside is to become a Door Opener.Even if you don’t enjoy playing in the mud you can take breath and let them loose! Undirected time to explore nature is an important part of raising a caring kid.This might be free time in the backyard,allowing him to wander ahead on a walk or simply providing her with materials for a project.Putting aside your own nervousness and providing “in-the-wings” support will enrich your child’s journey as a nature lover! Belt out a song,build a snowman,watch the clouds,or plant a seed with your child.Help your child connect his creative side with nature.76.What is the best title of the passage?(Please answer within l0 words.)_____________________________________________________________________________77.Which sentence in the passage can be replaced by the following one?Maybe you’ve known the benefits of playing outside and realized that it Can help build up your kid’s inner world.______________________________________________________________________________78.Please fill in the blank in the third paragraph with proper words or phrases to complete the sentence.(Please answer within 10 words.)______________________________________________________________________79.Which do you think is the beat way to get you and your kid outside? Why? (Please answer within 30 words.)______________________________________________________________________80.Translate the underlined sentence in the last paragraph into Chinese.______________________________________________________________________
    Key:76.Get Your Kid(s)Outside!/Bring kid(s)to Nature/Care-givers,Don’t Be a Wet Blanket/Don’t Be a Wet blanket to Kids77.You may already see the value in helping kids spend time outside in nature and know that playing in natural settings helps children grow up mentally.78.is happy and confident in the natural world/loves nature/likes outdoor activities79.The answer may vary.80.放下你的紧张感并从旁边提供支持将使你孩子的自然爱好者之旅丰富多彩。(注 原文作者: 高呈宝)
    语法填空(共10小题,每小题1.5分,满分15分) 阅读下面短文,根据上下文填入适当的词语,或使用括号中的词语的适当形式填空,并将答案填写在答题卡上标号为31-40的相应位置。Thirty-two people watched Kitty Genovese 36 (kill) right below their windows. She was 37 neighbor. Yet 38 of the 32 helped her. Not one even called the police.John Barley and Bib Fatane went beyond the headlines to research into the 39 why people didn’t act. They found that a person has to go through two steps 40 he can help. First he has to notice that it is 41 emergency(紧急情况). Is the smoke coming into the room 42 a leak in the air conditioning? Is it “steam pipes”? Or is it really smoke from a fire? It’s not always easy to tell if you are faced with a real emergency. Second, and 43 important, the person faced with an emergency must feel personally 44 (responsibility). He must feel that he must help, 45 the person won’t get the help he needs.
    III 阅读(共两节,满分40分)第二节 信息匹配(共5小题;每小题2分,满分10分)下面是一篇应用文及其应用场合的信息,请阅读下列应用文和相关信息,并按照要求匹配信息。请在答题卡上将对应题号的相应选项字母涂黑。 首先,请阅读下列的应用文:a. Needed: Full time secretary position available. Applicants should have at least 2 years experience and be able to type 60 words a minute. No computer skills required. Apply in person at United Business Ltd., 17 Browning Streetb. Are you looking for a part time job? We require 3 part time shop assistants to work during the evening. No experience required. Applicants should be between 18 and 26. Call 366 - 76564 for more information.c. Computer trained secretaries: Do you have experience working with computers? Would you like a full time position working in an exciting new company? If your answer is yes, give us a call at 457-896754d. Teacher Needed: Tommy's Kindergarten needs 2 teacher/trainers to help with classes from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Applicants should have appropriate licenses. For more information visit Tommy's Kindergarten in Leicester Square No. 56e. Part Time work available: We are looking for retired adults who would like to work part time at the weekend. Responsibilities include answering the telephone and giving customers information. For more information contact us by calling 345-674132f. University positions open: The University of Cumberland is looking for 4 teaching assistants to help with homework correction. Applicants should have a degree in one of the following: Political Science, Religion, Economics or History. Please contact the University of Cumberland for more information.请阅读以下职位申请者的信息,然后匹配申请者和他/她拟要申请的职位:Jack Anderson. Jack graduated from the University of Trent with a degree in Economics two years ago. He would like an academic position.Margaret Lillian. Margaret is 21 years old and would like a part time position to help her pay her university expenses. She can only work in the evenings.Alice Fingelhamm. Alice was trained as a secretary and has six years of experience. She is an excellent typist but does not know how to use a computer. She is looking for a full time position.Peter Florian. Peter went to business school and studied computer and secretarial skills. He is looking for his first job and would like a full time position.Lynne Nagata. Lynne, aged 65, once worked in a kindergarten. She is now a housewife, helping her daughter with her housework on weekdays. She is looking for a part time job.申请者 申请职位61. Jack Anderson A. full time secretary62. Margaret Lillian B. part time shop assistant63. Alice Fingelhamm C. computer trained secretary64. Peter Florian D. kindergarten teacher65. Lynne Nagata E. part time job at the weekend F. university teaching assistant
    第二节:读写任务(共1小题,满分25分)[省考试中心题型示例1,见考试说明讨论稿]阅读下面的短文,然后按照要求写一篇150词左右的英语短文。 Let children learn to judge their own work. A child learning to talk does not learn by being corrected all the time; if corrected too much, he will stop talking. He notices a thousand times a day the difference between his language and others’ language. Bit by bit, he makes the right changes to make his language like other people’s. In the same way, children learn to do all the other things. They learn to talk, run, climb, ride a bicycle by comparing their own behaviors with those of more skilled people, and slowly make the needed changes. But in school teachers never give a child a chance to find out his mistakes for himself, even fewer chances for him to correct himself. They do it all for him. Teachers act as if the student would never notice a mistake if they did not point out it to him. They act as if the student would never correct it unless he was made to. Soon he becomes dependent on the teacher. Let the student do it himself. Let him work out, with the help of other children if he wants it, what this word means and what the answer is to that problem.
    [写作内容]1) 以约30个词概括短文的要点;2) 然后以约120个词就“学生的学习错误该不该改正”的主题发表看法,并包括如下要点:a) 以自己的学习生活为例,简述你在日常学习生活中常犯的错误;b) 你是如何看待自己的错误的;c) 老师是如何对待你的错误的;d) 你对老师做法的看法及理由。[写作要求]可以使用实例或其它论述方法支持你的论点,也可以参照阅读材料的内容,但不得直接引用原文中的句子。
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