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Summary:完形填空精讲精练(20篇上) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从1~20各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C和D)中,选出最佳选项。(一)A Strange Greeting, a True Feeling Last week I was invited to a doctor’s meeting at the Ruth hospital for incurables. In one of t.

  • 完形填空精讲精练(20篇上)
    阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从1~20各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C和D)中,选出最佳选项。(一)A Strange Greeting, a True Feeling Last week I was invited to a doctor’s meeting at the Ruth hospital for incurables. In one of the wards a patient, an old man, got up shakily from his bed and moved towards me. I could see that he hadn't long to 1 , but he came up to me and placed his right foot close mine on the floor. “Frank!” I cried in astonishment. He couldn’t 2 , as I knew, but all the time 3 his foot against mine. My 4 raced back more than thirty years to the 5 days of 1941, when I was a student in London. The 6 was an air-raid shelter, in which I and about hundred other people slept every night. Two of the regulars were Mrs. West and her son Frank. 7 wartime problems, we shelter-dwellers got to 8 each other very well. Frank West 9 me because he wasn’t 10 , not even at birth. His mother told me he was 37 then, but he had 11 of a mind than a baby has. His “ 12 ” consisted of rough sounds——sounds of pleasure or anger and 13 more. Mrs. West, then about 75, was a strong, capable woman, as she had to be, of course, because Frank 14 on her entirely. He needed all the 15 of a baby. One night a policeman came and told Mrs. West that her house had been flattened by a 500-pounder. She 16 nearly everything she owned. When that sort of thing happened, the rest of us helped the 17 ones. So before we 18 that morning, I stood beside Frank and 19 my right foot against his. They were about the same size. That night, then, I took a pair of shoes to the shelter for frank. But as soon as he saw me he came running and placed his right foot against mine. After that, his 20 to me was always the same. 1.A.work B.stay C.live D.expect2.A.answer B.speak C.smile D.laugh3.A.covering B.moving C.fighting D.pressing4.A.minds B.memories C.thoughts D.brains5.A.better B.dark C.younger D.old6.A.cave B.place C.sight D.scene7.A.Discussing B.Solving C.Sharing D.Suffering8.A.learn from B.talk to C.help D.know9.A.needed B.recognized C.interested D.encouraged10.A.normal B.common C.unusual D.quick11.A.more B.worse C.fewer D.less12.A.word B.speech C.sentence D.language13.A.not B.no C.something D.nothing14.A.fed B.kept C.lived D.depended15.A.attention B.control C.treatment D.management16.A.lost B.needed C.destroyed D.left17.A.troublesome B.unlucky C.angry D.unpopular18.A.separated B.went C.reunited D.returned19.A.pushed B.tried C.showed D.measured20.A.nodding B.greeting C.meeting D.acting
    参考答案及解析 1—5 CADBB 6—10 DCDCA 11—15 DBBDA 16—20 ABADB1.C 上文的“incurables"表明这位老人是不治之症患者,存活的时间不会太长。2.A 我叫他名字, 他不会回答。3.D 由下文暗示可知,37岁的Frank不如一个婴儿的智力。他不能用语言回答别人的问话,但内心有一定的反应,因此一见到我便将右脚靠着我的右脚以示问候。4.B Frank的这一举动使我的记忆一下子回到了30年前。5. B 下文交待30年前作者的生活,二战期间他只能住在防空洞中,生活很苦,只能用“dark”来形容当年的岁月。6.D 作者回忆30年前的生活,头脑中出现了防空洞的情景。7.C ;8.D 在战争问题上由于拥有共同的话题,我们这些防空洞居住者逐渐了解了对方。9.C ;10. A 一个37岁的人智力却不正常,这一现象逐渐吸引了我的注意。11.D 尽管Frank已经37岁,但智力还不如一个婴儿。12.B;13.B 他的讲话仅体现了内心的快乐和愤怒,没有更多实在的内容。14.D;15.A West夫人不得不强壮而又有能力,因为Frank完全依靠于她,他需要婴儿似的全部照料。16. A 她几乎失去了一切。17. B West夫人遭受这么大的损失,大家尽力帮助这不幸的一家人。18. A ; 19. D ;20. B 那天早上临走前,我站在Frank身边,将我的右脚靠着Frank 的右脚以便量出他脚的大小,目的是为他买一双鞋子。Frank将我的这一动作看成是问候的表现,从此他就用这一动作来问候我,这就有了本文开头的那种情景。[双向细目表] 词法 重点词汇:share, attend
    (二)A newly trained teacher named Mary went to teach at a Navajo Indian reservation. Every day, she would ask five of the young Navajo students to __1__ the chalkboard and complete a simple math problem from 2 homework. They would stand there, silently, 3 to complete the task. Mary couldn’t figure it out. 4 she had studied in her educational curriculum helped, and she 5 hadn’t seen anything like it in her student-teaching days back in Phoenix. What am I doing wrong? Could I have chosen five students who can’t do the 6 ? Mary would wonder. No, 7 couldn’t be that. Finally she 8 the students what was wrong. And in their answers, she learned a 9 lesson from her young 10 pupils about self-image and a(n) 11 of self-worth. It seemed that the students 12 each other’s individuality and knew that 13 of them were capable of doing the problems. 14 at their early age, they understood the senselessness of the win-lose approach in the classroom. They believed no one would 15 if any students were shown up or embarrassed at the 16 . So they 17 to compete with each other in public. Once she understood, Mary changed the system 18 she could check each child’s math problem individually, but not at any child’s expense 19 his classmates. They all wanted to learn, 20 not at someone else’s expense.1. A.go to B.come to C.get close to D.bring2. A.his B.their C.his own D.her3. A.happy B.willingly C.readily D.unwilling4. A.Anything B.Nothing C.Everything D.Neither5. A.almost B.certainly C.hardly D.never6. A.question B.chalkboard C.problem D.homework7. A.they B.it C.everything D.each8. A.asked B.questioned C.told D.understood9. A.outstanding B.surprising C.annoying D.frightening10.A.sunburned B.tender C.Indian D.naughty11.A.sense B.image C.way D.aspect12.A.had B.ignored C.respected D.cared13.A.none B.no one C.each D.not all14.A.Especially B.Even though C.Even so D.Even15.A.lose B.win C.achieve D.answer16.A.time B.situation C.chalkboard D.condition17.A.refused B.rejected C.tried D.promised18.A.if B.so that C.unless D.in case19.A.in favour of B.of C.by means of D.in front of 20.A.and B.but C.so D.or
    参考答案及解析 1—5 ABDBB 6—10 CBABC 11—15 ACDDB 16—20 CABDB1.A 每天让五个Navajo Indian(纳瓦霍印第安)学生上黑板做简单的数学题2.B 根据上文中的five of the young Navajo students,这里用their。3.D 学生不愿意在黑板上做。4.B;5.B 为什么学生不愿在黑板上做?Mary弄不明白了。她在教育课程中学到的东西也不能帮助她弄清这个问题,且她在Phoenix教学生的那些日子当然不会遇到这样的事情。6.C Mary开始反思:是不是我选了五个不会做这道题的学生?7.B 情况不是那样。这里用it,代指上文提到的事情。8.A 根据下文的“answers”,这里应该用asked。9.B;10.C;11.A Mary从纳瓦霍印第安小学生了解到他们的自我形象意识和自尊感,这令她感到惊讶。12.他们尊重彼此的个性。表示“尊重”用“respected”。13.他们知道并不是所有的学生都能做出那些数学题。“并不是所有的”表示部分否定,用“not all”。14.D even 在这里表示强调。15.B; 16.A 他们认为如果任何人在黑板前被揭露出不会做或者感到尴尬,他们都会成为失败者。17.他们拒绝在公共场所彼此竞争。这里要用“refuse”,reject 含有“拒绝接受”之意。18.so that “以便”。19.in front of his classmates 在同学面前。20.but 表示转折。[双向细目表] 词法 重点词汇: 不定代词nothing,连词so that,动词refuse,respect.
    (三)During a recent holiday I visited Dusseldorf, a city in the former West Germany. The nine-day trip left a deep impression 1 me. I arrived at Dussedorf airport at 7 pm. It was already 2 outside. The first thing I needed to do was to find a place to 3 . I decided to telephone the youth hotel. But to use the phone I needed some 4 , I asked a lady for help. To my 5 she gave me three coins to use. But all the phones in the 6 needed phone cards. And phone cards could only be bought at post offices during the 7 . I was 8 I would not be able to call the hotel. An old gentleman helped me. He couldn’t speak English 9 understand that I needed to 10 a phone call. He showed me where the phone was and inserted 11 phone carD.I called the youth hotel and found a place to stay that night. The 12 of the German people made me feel that I was not 13 my first day in Germany wasn’t as 14 as I expecteD.Whenever I went, I asked people for 15 . It surprised me that 16 every young German could speak English fluently. Older Germans couldn't speak English very well, but they would try to help me 17 they coulD.One middle-aged man I asked for directions even 18 me to the place I was looking for. My 19 in Germany totally changed my impression of Germans. Now I think the people couldn't be more 20 . 1. A.on B.for C.to D.about 2. A.late B.dark C.light D.early 3. A.visit B.eat C.stay D.keep 4. A.cards B.information C.money D.coins 5. A.joy B.disappointment C.emotion D.surprise 6. A.hotel B.airport C.city D.pavement 7. A.night B.daytime C.trip D.rush-hour 8. A.afraid B.sure C.glad D.eager 9. A.or B.but C.and D.so 10.A.make B.have C.do D.answer 11.A.another B.a C.my D.his 12.A.use B.success C.care D.kindness 13.A.really B.nearly out of C.far from D.close to 14.A.interesting B.good C.bad D.busy 15.A.direction B.distance C.travel D.serve 16.A.almost B.even C.only D.already 17.A.whenever B.whatever C.wherever D.however 18.A.drove B.reached C.moved D.came 19.A.experience B.victory C.visit D.memory 20.A.friendly B.unfriendly C.cold-hearted D.valuable
    参考答案及解析1. A to leave a deep impression on sb 意为给某人留下了深刻的印象。 2. B 前面提到 at 7pm 。那么肯定是再说天黑了。 3. C 根据语境是想找个旅馆住下来。 4. D 打电话当然是需要硬币。 5. D 没想到这位女士会给他三个硬币,这使他很吃惊。 6. B 刚下飞机当然是在飞机场。 7. B 因为现在是晚上,当然是指在白天可以在邮局买到。 8. A 根据语境恐怕不能给旅馆打电话了。 9. B 虽然不会说英语但明白我需要打电话。 10.A make a phone call 打电话之意。 11.D 根据上下文,插进了他的电话卡。 12.D 从上文可知当然是这个德国人的好意。 13.C 承接上文感觉不是远离家乡 .far from 远离。 14.C 语意是不像想象的那么坏。 15.A 指问方向。 16.A 几乎每个德国青年都能说流利的英语。 17.A 指无论什么时候都能帮我。 18.A 甚至开车把我送到我要找的地方。 19.A 指此次去德国的经历。 20.A 指德国人非常友好。 [双向细目表] 重点词汇: leave a deep impression on sb.; make a phone call
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