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Summary:第一部分: 听力理解 (共两节,满分30分) 第一节 (共5小题,每题1.5分,满分7.5分) 听下面5段对话一遍,选择最佳选项。 What time is it now?A. 8:50. B. 9:00. C. 9:10. How is the woman going to the railway station?A. By taxi. B. By bus. C..

  • 第一部分: 听力理解 (共两节,满分30分)
    第一节 (共5小题,每题1.5分,满分7.5分)

    What time is it now?A. 8:50. B. 9:00. C. 9:10.
    How is the woman going to the railway station?A. By taxi. B. By bus. C. By train.
    Where are the two speakers?A. In a shop. B. In a post office. C. In a restaurant.
    What is the woman probably doing?A. She is listening to the music.B. She is fixing the radio. C. She is working.
    What was the man?A. A teacher. B. A cook. C. A driver.
    第二节 (共15小题,每题1.5分,满分22.5分)

    What is the man doing?A. Asking for help. B. Making an apology.C. Expressing dissatisfaction.
    Where does the conversation take place? A. At an airport. B. At a hospital. C. At a school.

    Why doesn't the man want to see Mrs Cathy?A. He thinks she is not kind.B. He is tired of waiting for people.C. He thinks she is boring.
    Whom does the man have to see at 10 am?A. Mr White. B. Mr Potter. C. Mrs Cathy.
    What is the relationship between the speakers?A. Father and daughter. B. Husband and wife.C. Boss and secretary.

    Where was the woman when the hurricane struck?A. In her father's friend's house.B. In the house with her husband.C. On her way home.
    When did the hurricane hit the area where the woman lived?A. At 3:30 am on August 29.B. At 5:00 am on August 30. C. At noon on August 30.
    Why did they drive very slowly?A. Too many cars were on the road.B. Broken branches were everywhere.C. There was a very strong wind.

    Who is the speaker?A. A student. B. A player. C. A manager.
    What time does the center open? A. 9:00 a.m. B. 9:00 p.m. C. 5:00 p.m.
    What is the speaker mainly talking about?A. Different sports rules.B. Different indoor sports.C. Different sporting activities.

    Why are people interested in vegetable gardening?A. Because people can make money from it. B. Because people can relax themselves.C. Because people can sell vegetables.
    In what season(s) can a well- kept garden provide fresh vegetables?A. In late autumn. B. From late spring to autumn.C. From spring to late autumn.
    What is needed to keep the garden well?A. Great efforts. B. A lot of money. C. Little time.
    What can you learn from Professor Smith?A. Tips on how people grow vegetables.B. Reasons for doing vegetable gardening.C. Kinds of vegetables people prefer.
    第二部分:英语知识应用 (共两节,满分45分)
    第一节 单项填空(共15小题,每题1分,满分15分)

    - Wow, your homework looks great!- I _____ it on my computer.A. did B. do C. will do D. had done
    I try to make him understand that I'm not interested in him, but he never gets the ______.A. information B. news C. message D. word
    The new type of cellphone______ better if it is advertised on TV.A. will sell B. sells C. would sell D. sold
    Some people waste a lot of food ______ others in the world haven't enough to eat.A. after B. when C. as D. while
    Over 30,000 people_________in the huge earthquake that occurred in India.A. have killed B. were killed C. killed D. are killed
    Would you please say your number again? I didn't _____ just now. A. put it down B. put it up C. put it out D. put it off
    - I have taken someone else's T-shirt by mistake. Is it Jane's? - It _____ be hers. She seldom wears red.A. won't B. can't C. needn't D. mustn't
    ______ by his grandparents, Jimmy wasn't used to living with his parents.A. To bring up B. To be brought up C. Brought up D. Being brought up
    In Shenzhou VI, Chinese astronauts aren't only spaceship drivers, ____ machine repairers and scientists.A. so B. or C. and D. but
    -I think you have too much luggage, don't you?-Yes. But it's not easy to decide what to ____ behind.A. take B. turn C. keep D. leave
    To test which foods are better for a long space journey, the astronauts in Shenzhou VI had as many as 50 dishes________.A. to choose B. to be chosen C. to choose from D. to be chosen from
    A good ad often uses words ______ people attach positive meanings.A. in which B. to which C. which D. that
    Peter has been out of work for half a year, so he wants to _____ a job in this company.A. prepare for B. apply for C. wait for D. care for
    "How long are you staying here?" "____ depends."A. It B. Anything C. This D. Everything
    In which play of Shakespeare's is it ___ Viola appears?A. where B. which C. who D. that
    第二节 完形填空(共20题,每题1.5分,满分30分)
    What separates me from everyone else? The difference is not what clothes I wear or the music I listen to, but what I feel 36 .Ever since I was young, I have loved professional wrestling. As I grew older, my friends 37 me for following what was called a "man's soap opera." 38 , I put my love for wrestling on the shelf. It was not until freshman year that I 39 I wasn't being myself.That year, I tried many new things and activities. In my town, football was the sport, so I decided to play football, 40 it might give me a head 41 in popularity. The team started with forty-eight athletes. 42 , there were fourteen of us left. I stuck it out not because I liked it, but because I am not a quitter (懦夫). That long season taught me a(n) 43 : I wasn't a football player. More importantly, it taught me to be 44 .After that season, I 45 back to being a wrestling fan. I came across a well-known saying: "Don't Dream It. Be It." When I read this, my friend Dan and I had the 46 idea."What if we build a wrestling ring?" we asked. The following weekend, we met at his house. We saw our 47 in a pile in his backyard. We worked from dawn to dusk to build our great project. Our hard work paid 48. We had a real ring. We decided to hold an "event."We practiced for hours, trying to 49 every aspect (方面) of our wrestling ability. The date was May 24th. To our surprise, about one hundred friends and fans showed up to 50 us. It was the most important night of my life and a 51 success. Since that time, we have held five shows with as many as two hundred and fifty people turning out. We 52 to live this dream. We accomplished what we set out to do.As my senior year winds down, I'll remember all of my high school memories. But 53 will stick out most is the memory that I did something I 54 , despite what everyone said or thought. I achieved the 55 . . . I lived my dream.

    A. outside B. inside C. behind D. beside
    A. laughed at B. talked about C. listened to D. called on
    A. Then B. But C. And D. So
    A. admitted B. noticed C. realized D. declared
    A. thinking B. findingC. remembering D. guessing
    A. level B. start C. end D. point
    A. At the end B. At the beginningC. In return D. On one hand
    A. art B. truth C. fact D. lesson
    A. oneself B. somebody C. myself D. nobody
    A. gave B. went C. put D. set
    A. original B. perfect C. same D. correct
    A. dream B. success C. progress D. future
    A. for B. out C. off D. back
    A. discover B. learn C. improve D. show
    A. praise B. support C. teach D. follow
    A. gradual B. complete C. endless D. timeless
    A. have B. begin C. prefer D. continue
    A. why B. how C. which D. what
    A. loved B. faced C. studied D. needed
    A. task B. step C. goal D. game
    第三部分 阅读理解(共20题,每题2分,满分40分)
    Visit Nashville, Tennessee, the capital of country music and the home of the Grand Ole Opry. Forty - day motor coach tour starts from Pittsburgh.Departures (启程) August 23, September 13, September 27, October 11, October 25.$ 185 per person based on double occupancy. Includes private motor coach from Pittsburgh, hotel rooms, reserved (预定) tickets for the Grand Ole Opry. Country Festival Friday and Saturday nights, sightseeing tour of Nashville, admissions to places of interest.For information, free booklets, and reservations, call 4212 - 6060. Travel and Tours, 2245 Market Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15219.14 - day advanced booking required. Visa and Master Card payment welcome.

    Why is Nashville an interesting city to visit? Because it is________.A. easy to travel around B. famous for country musicC. an old city D. a beautiful city
    If you plan to join the tour on September 27, on what date should you reserve your ticket? A. August 27. B. October 13. C. September 13. D. September 26.
    Visa and Master Card are most probably the names of _______.A. newspapers B. clubs C. telephone cards D. credit cards
    The title that best expresses the main idea of the passage is________.A. Bus Tour of Nashville B. Tour of PittsburghC. Travel and Tour D. Free Traveling
    Through a series of experiments anAmerican scientist has gained an understanding of the social structure of the most complex of ant societies. The ants examined are the only creatures other than man to have given up hunting and collecting for a completely agricultural way of life. In their underground nests they plant gardens on soils made from finely cut leaves. This is a complex operation requiring considerable division of labor. The workers of this type of ant can be divided into four groups according to size. Each of the groups performs a particular set of jobs.The making and care of the gardens and the nursing of the young ants are done by the smallest workers. Slightly larger workers are responsible for cutting leaves to make them suitable for use in the gardens and for cleaning the nest. A third group of still larger ants do the construction work and collect fresh leaves from outside the nest. The largest are soldier ants, responsible for defending the nest.To find out how good the various size - groups are at different tasks, the scientist measured the amount of work done by the ants against the amount of energy they used. He examined first the gathering and carrying of leaves. He selected one of the size groups, and then measured how efficiently these ants could find leaves and run back to the nest. Then he repeated the experiment for each of the other size groups. In this way he could see whether any group could do the job more efficiently than the group normally undertaking it.The intermediate-sized (中等的) ants that normally perform this task proved to be the most efficient for their energy costs, but when the scientist examined the whole set of jobs performed by each group of ants, it appeared that some sizes of worker ants were not suited to the particular jobs they performed .

    According to the passage, the ants______.A. grow something in their nests B. go hunting for a living C. cut leaves to make a fire D. do each of the jobs all together
    It is observed that slightly larger ants perform more of the______.A. construction tasks B. defensive workC. household tasks D. dangerous work
    The underlined word "good" means ______.A. co-operating B. efficient C. hardworking D. responsible
    The experiments made by the scientist were based on ______.A. special methods B. scientific theoriesC. personal interests D. systematic observations
    If you want to stay young, sit down and have a good think. This is the research finding of a team of Japanese doctors who say that most of our brains are not getting enough exerciseand as a result, we are aging unnecessarily soon.Professor Taiju Matsuzawa wanted to find out why otherwise healthy farmers in northern Japan appeared to be losing their ability to think and reason at a relatively early age, and how the process of aging could be slowed down.With a team of colleagues at Tokyo National University, he set about measuring brain volumes (容量) of a thousand people of different ages and jobs.Computer technology enabled the researchers to get right measurements of the volume of the front and side sections of the brain, which relate to intellect and emotion, and determine the human character. Contraction (收缩) of the front and side parts as cells died was observed in some subjects in their thirties, but it was still not clear in some sixty and seventy-year-olds.Matsuzawa concluded from his tests that there is a simple remedy (补救) to the contraction normally associated with ageusing the head.The findings show in general terms that contraction of the brain begins sooner in people in the country than in towns. Those least at risk, says Matsuzawa, are lawyers, followed by university professors and doctors. White collar workers doing routine work in government offices are, however, as likely to have shrinking (萎缩) brains as farm workers, bus drivers and shop assistants.Matsuzawa's findings show that thinking can prevent the brain from shrinking. Blood must circulate properly in the head to supply the fresh oxygen the brain cells need. "The best way to keep good blood circulation is through using the brain," he says, "Think hard and engage in conversation. Don't rely on pocket calculators."

    The team of doctors wanted to find out ______.A. why certain people age sooner than othersB. how to make people live much longerC. the size of certain people's brainsD. the people with more intelligence
    On what are their research findings based?A. A survey of farmers in northern Japan.B. Tests performed on a thousand old people.C. The study of brain volumes of different people.D. The latest development of computer technology.
    Matsuzawa thinks that _______.A. our brains grow as we grow olderB. the front section of the brain does not shrinkC. sixty-year-old people have better brains than thirty-year-oldsD. the contraction of brains is connected with brain exercise
    According to the passage, which people seem to age slower than others?A. Farmers. B. Lawyers. C. Government workers. D. Shop assistants.
    There are few ads that have stood the test of time. Certain ads are simple and outstanding; they are classics. Good ads work on two levels: they engage the mind of the consumer and at the same time deliver a selling message.Spokespeople and celebrities have been an important part of many classic ads. Michael Jordan, the premier spokesperson of the 1990s, delivered believable commercials for Diet Coke, Wheaties, and Nike, to name but a few. His animated Coke ads, with a variety of cartoon characters, shown during the 1992 and 1993 Super Bowls, produced awareness scores five times higher than normal.Drama is often an important aspect of successful advertising. One of the most dramatic advertisements ever produced was a commercial for the launch of the Apple Macintosh computer that took on Apple's most serious competitor, IBM. The stark images of the classic George Orwell novel 1984 came alive in this commercial, which only ran once, during the 1984 Super Bowl before 100 million viewers. Not only was this ad a fascinating drama, it also demonstrated the power of a timely media buy.Significant images are another important part of advertising. Nike, with its "Just do it" campaign has provided the intended audienceyoung athletic men and women, or athletic "wannabes" - with rewarding praise for the physically fit and constant inspiration for the unfit to release their lethargy (倦怠). These images of men and women committed (承诺) to " no pain-no gain," both inspire and challenge. This imagery is heightened through excellent photography, the use of celebrities, and dramatic situations. It is a type of advertising called, rather literally, image advertising. Perhaps the most successful image advertising of all time, however, is the Marlboro campaign, which has been running since 1955. With great single-mindedness the campaign has focused on western imagery with cowboys, horses, and farms. The cowboy myth is a strong and exciting image. This campaign has been successful both as communication and as a marketing effort. It has helped to make Marlboro the best-selling cigarette in the world.

    In the author's opinion, classic ads intend to _____.A. raise the customer's energy and encourage them to take exerciseB. start a campaign to focus on western images and forerunnersC. include spokespersons, famous stars and lovely cartoonsD. attract customers and meanwhile send selling ideas
    The author says "Perhaps the most successful image advertising of all time, however, is the Marlboro campaign", probably because of _______.A. the dramatic situation B. the clear photoC. the appealing image D. the good quality cigarettes
    Which of the following is true?A. Image advertising consists of photography, famous people and dramatic situations.B. Cartoon characters can improve awareness of social problems.C. Ads based on literature prove more successful. D. Many ads can bear the test of time.
    Remember when a trip to the supermarket was nothing more than a boring thing requiring little or no specialized knowledge? You could send your kids into a cart while you did shopping. You always bought the same brands, usually the brands your mother bought. You didn't know about unit pricing, and furthermore, you didn't care. It never occurred to you to read the labels on anything. After all, you'd bought these things a hundred times.But now, I really look on those days with a feeling of yearn (怀旧). How innocent we were! How carefree were those trips to the supermarket. No worries. Today a trip to the supermarket is filled with social influence. Every time I buy pork chops I think about the years I'm shaving from my life. I keep a careful eye on the freshness date and examine the tamper - proof packaging. I am a victim of that most dangerous social disease: shoppers' panic.I didn't realize how serious my condition had become until the last time I needed laundry soap. It seemed simple enough. Just run into the market, grab a box of the old reliable and pay for it. I hadn't planned on discovering Ecover, a new brand of laundry soap. It sat quietly on the shelf right next to my old reliable. "Healthy, gentle but effective. "My respect for it deepened with each new claim as I read the entire package. Then I looked at the price: $ 5.69 for 2 pounds. $ 5.69 ! I cast a quick glance at the old reliable, still on sale for $ 1.39.Six bucks for laundry soap! These people must be crazy! Who's going to pay six bucks for laundry soap? It's not as though I can't afford it. See, it's concentrateduse less, get more. BUT SIX BUCKS! And the box is made from recycled materials. . . . This act went on for a solid half hour, after which I left the shelf without any soap at all.Surely the meat department is most threatening place. Remember when protein was good for you? That's all over. Every bite you take kills you. I won't even mention meat's moral influence.When all is said and done, we still must eat. I gather up my healthy cooking oil and my recycled paper towels and head to the checkout counter.

    In the first paragraph, the author mainly wants to tell us that in the past________.A. it was convenient to go shopping in the supermarketB. shopping in the supermarket was very boringC. we never read the labels of commodities in the supermarketD. we used to buy the same brands of products in the supermarket
    Recalling the old days' shopping in the supermarket, the author thinks it was_____A. pleasant B. fresh C. dangerous D. crazy
    Eating pork chops will mean that ______.A. you must have a shave after that B. you should think of the old daysC. you are killing yourself slowly D. you must go on diet after that
    In the supermarket, the author was attracted by a new brand of laundry soap for its _____.A. price B. claims C. package D. shape
    What's the author's problem?A. She is too poor to afford the new brands in the supermarket.B. She cannot not find the right laundry soap in the supermarket.C. She has to use the most healthy things because of her poor health.D. She is greatly affected by social influences.
    第四部分: 写作(共两小节,满分35分)
    第一节 情景作文 (满分20分)根据下面表格提供的信息,写一篇介绍澳大利亚和新西兰这两个国家异同的短文。


    land form
    two islands
    two islands

    south pacific
    south pacific


    sheep industry
    large sheep population and wool industry
    large sheep population and wool industry

    about 20,000,000
    about 4,500,000

    not as large as Australia
    第二节 开放作文(满分15分)阅读下面提供的情景,写一篇短文。词数不少于50。Two Chinese astronauts were safely back on Earth after their Shenzhou VI spacecraft successfully touched down on the grasslands of Inner Mongolia at 4:32:50 am Oct. 17, concluding a five - day mission and China's second manned space flight. If you are lucky enough to talk with them, what will you want to know? And give your reasons.
    北京市海淀区高三英语试题答案1-5 ABCCB 6-10 CBCAC 11-15 AABCA 16-20 CBCAB 21-25 ACADB 26-30 ABCDD 31-35 CBBAD 36-40 BADCA 41-45 BADCB 46-50 CACCB 51-55 BDDAC 56-60 BCDAA 61-65 CBDAC 66-70 DBDCA 71-75 BACBDPossible Versions1. Both Australia and New Zealand are located in the South Pacific. Australia consists of two islands, with a population of about 20 million. English is its official language. There is a large sheep population in Australia. As a result, the wool industry is very important.Like Australia, New Zealand is also made up of two islands, with English as its official language. The sheep industry is just as important. It has a population of 4.5 million, which is smaller than that of Australia. 2. Australia and New Zealand are alike in many ways. They both consist of two islands, and are similarly located in the South Pacific. English is the official language of both countries. Both countries have large sheep populations, and the wool industry is very important to the economy of each.However, there are also some differences between the two countries. Australia's population of about twenty million is considerably larger than that of New Zealand, which is about four and a half million. Australia's land area is also much greater than New Zealand's.开放作文1. If I had the opportunity to talk to the astronauts, I would ask them how being in space and looking down at our world changed them. It must be amazing to be able to see our whole planet and realize just how small it is in the universe. How will they look at life differently now? 2. If I could talk to them, I would ask some questions about the experiments they have conducted because I am very interested in space science and I am curious about the detailed process and the difficulty in doing them. And I wonder whether they ever worried about their own safety before they came back to the earth.听力原文1. M: The meeting starts at 9:00.W: Don't worry. We still have ten minutes to go. 2. M: How are you going to the railway station on Sunday?W: I'm going to take the bus. I can get off just outside the railway station. A taxi is too expensive.3. M: Yes, I think we're ready to order. Jane, what would you like to have, chicken or beef? W: I haven't made up my mind yet. You order first.4. W: What is that you are listening to? It is too noisy. I can't concentrate on my work.M: No problem. I can switch over to something lighter. 5. W: Why did you leave us, Peter?M: It was so hot standing in the kitchen all day. I couldn't bear it. 6. M: Excuse me, have you got a minute? Hmm, I've been waiting for ages and I was wondering. . .W: The doctors are very busy.M: No, no, no. It's not that. It's just that I'm rather thirsty after all this time. Have you thought of getting a drink machine put in? W: Err, I'll speak to the hospital management about that. 7. W: Good morning, Mr Potter. How are you today? M: Oh, not too bad, thanks. How are you?W: Fine, thanks. Er, excuse me, but you do know you have to see Mr White, your bank manager, at ten, right?M: No. . . I mean. . . yes, of course! Do I have to see anyone after that? W: After that you are supposed to go and see Mrs Cathy. Remember?M: Oh, do I have to? She's very kind, I know, but she's not interesting! And besides, she's so far away. Can she come here?W: Well. . . no. . . not really. And you're going to be in town anyway, aren't you? Or have you forgotten about that too?8. M: Where were you when the hurricane hit your area?W: We were invited to stay in my daddy's friend's in Amelia.M: What do you know about Katrina?W: Katrina was the strongest hurricane in the history of hurricanes. When she hit early on Monday August 29, 2005, it was about 3:30 in the morning. The storm lasted until about noon on Monday. The winds were very strong, up to about 100 miles per hour. It was very frightening.M: Were there any injuries?W: Thankfully, no one was hurt in our area.M: Can you say something about your trip back home?W: Finally, on August 30, 2005, we were on our way home from Amelia. Our trip home was sad, seeing houses with roofs torn off. We had to drive slowly because broken tree branches were everywhere .9. M: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to our sports centre. Here, between nine o'clock in the morning and nine o'clock in the evening, you can enjoy a number of different sporting activities. The outdoor tennis courts are open all day, and the running track is used for various forms of athletics, also all day. Most visitors, of course, come to use our Olympic - size swimming pool. The hours for swimming are nine o'clock to half past twelve and two o'clock to nine p.m.. Then there's the gym. There, we have aerobics for women from nine a.m. to a quarter to eleven, and for men from a quarter past eleven to one in the afternoon. You can play basketball in the gym between one and five, or do fitness training in the evening between five o'clock and half past seven. Then we also have two badminton courts that are open all day.And now I'd like to walk with you around the centre and show you the facilities we have to offer.First, though . . . are there any questions?10. W: Good morning, everyone. We are happy to have Professor Smith talk about vegetable gardening . As we know, vegetable gardening is the relaxing art and science of turning a love for growing plants into worthwhile activity. What do you think about it, Professor Smith?M: Well, many things make vegetable gardening a national hobby for both young and old. For a large number of people, the thoughts of spring gardening provide a happy escape from winter boredom. Vegetable gardeners agree that many home - grown vegetables picked at their best are better than those vegetables purchased from markets. From spring through late fall, a well-planned and well-kept garden can provide a supply of fresh vegetables, thus increasing the nutritional value of the family diet. Having vegetables in the backyard makes home gardening appealing to many people. In addition, vegetable gardening provides exercise and fun for both urban and suburban families. Although the money spent for a garden may be little, one cannot escape the fact that gardening requires hard work and time. Many of the gardening tasks must be performed at times that are most inconvenient. Not doing jobs that should be done on a regular basis may result in failure and a negative feeling toward gardening.W: Thank you so much for your wonderful talk, Professor Smith. See you next week.
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