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Summary:2006年北京朝阳区第一学期高三期末英语试卷 第一节 1.What does the man want? A.Tea. B.Coffee. C.A glass of milk. 2.What is the teacher’s name? A.Mrs. Pond. B.Mi.

  • 2006年北京朝阳区第一学期高三期末英语试卷
    1.What does the man want?
    A.Tea. B.Coffee. C.A glass of milk.
    2.What is the teacher’s name?
    A.Mrs. Pond. B.Miss Pond. C.Miss Bond.
    3.What did the woman say about her vacation?
    A.She met some friendly people.
    B.The hotel was not good.
    C.She had fine weather.
    4.What is Ray going to do this afternoon?
    A.He will have a class at 1:00.
    B.He will go to the library at 2:00.
    C.He will go home around 3:00.
    5.What is the original price for the T-shirt?
    A.80 dollars. B.50 dollars. C.40 dollars.

    6.What does the woman want to do?
    A.Buy a ticket.
    B.Book a flight ticket.
    C.Book a train ticket.
    7.When should the woman check in?
    A.7:30. B.8:15. C.8:00.
    8.What are they talking about?
    A.New Year. B.Thanksgiving. C.Christmas.
    9.What’s the relationship between the two speakers?
    A.They are cousins. B.They are husband and wife. C.They are brother and sister.
    10.If possible, what will they do this weekend?
    A.Go skating. B.Go skiing. C.Go swimming.
    11.How long will it last like this?
    A.2 months. B.3 months. C.4 months.
    12.What is the conversation mainly about?
    A.A student’s research project.
    B.An exam in a class.
    C.Finding books in the library.
    13.What subject is the student going to focus on?
    A.The end of the Indian civilization(文明).
    B.The Southwestern desert.
    C.Native American history.
    14.Where was the civilization located?
    A.In the mountains.
    B.In the desert.
    C.By the river.
    15.What’s the relationship between the woman and the man?
    A.Teacher and student.
    B.Mother and son.
    16.How did the man find the German language?
    A.He found it tiring.
    B.He found it easy to pick up.
    C.He found it too difficult for him.
    17.What can we know about the man?
    A.He is interested in learning foreign languages.
    B.He had studied the language before he came.
    C.He is from an English-speaking country.
    18.What shortage is this passage talking about?
    A.Drinking water. B.Specialists. C.Electricity.
    19.What is an expert system?
    A.It’s a group of experts formed by doctors and engineers.
    B.It is a special kind of program for computers.
    C.It is a system for experts to use computers freely.
    20.What can an expert system do according to this passage?
    A.Treat and take care of the patients.
    B.Process dirty water in a river for drinking.
    C.Give advice to a village doctor on curing a disease.

    21.Rosa didn’t remember the exact date of the storm, but she knew it was ____ Sunday because everybody was at ____ church.
    A./; the B.a; / C./; a D.the; /
    22. ----When shall we meet, at 6:00 or at 6:30?
    A.At any time B.You make the time
    C.Well, either time will do D.Any time is Ok
    23.It is necessary ____ me ____ my studies before a new term.
    A.for; to make a plan for B.of; making a plan for
    C.for; to make a plan of D.of; making a plan of
    24.The teacher told us to gather _____ about the ancient calendar.
    A.as much information as possible B.information as much as possible
    C.as more information as possible D.information as more as possible
    25.In many ways, the workplace ____ a large family whose members share work projects and interests.
    A.became B.becomes C.had become D.is becoming
    26.If you are worried that the tickets will sell out, you can buy a ticket ____.
    A.in a row B.in advance C.on time D.time after time
    27.How much would you ____ for repairing my bike?
    A.pay B.take C.cost D.charge
    28.Do you think everything ____ was true?
    A.what he said B.he said C.which he said D.as he said
    29.Although he was badly hurt, he ____ explain what had happened.
    A.could B.might C.was able to D.could not
    30. ----Is Miss Wang in the office today?
    ----No, she’s gone to her hometown ____ the Spring Festival and she’ll be back in a week.
    A.in B.during C.for D.on
    31.She will have to find some other work, for she can’t ____ this loud noise any more.
    A.come up with B.keep up with C.grow up with D.put up with
    32.________ in a simple style, the book clearly describes the author’s childhood experiences in a small town.
    A.Writing B.To be written C.Being Written D.Written
    33. ----I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have been so rude to you.
    ----You ____ your temper but that’s OK.
    A.have lost B.had lost C.did lose D.were losing
    34.On a rainy day I was driving north through Vermont ____ I noticed a young man holding up a sign reading “Boston”.
    A.which B.where C.when D.that
    35.They were happy with their marks after the test, ____ they expected them to be a bit higher.
    A.though B.if C.since D.unless

    Follow Every Rainbow
    Shirley Allen loved to sing and play the piano. She studied music in college and her _36_ was to become a concert pianist or blues singer.
    Everything _37_ when she was 20 years old. She became sick with what doctors _38_ was typhoid(伤寒) and she almost died. Doctors gave her medicine to help her get well, but the medicine _39_ her to become _40_ deaf. She could no longer hear the music which she had always _41_.
    Shirley would never give up playing the piano, _42_ she did decided to change _43_. She transferred to Gallaudet University and studied English. In 1964 Shirley graduated from Gallaudet and looked for _44_. She wanted to be _45_ and work full time.
    For three years, Shirley worked as a clerk in Washington, D.C. _46_, in 1967 she was asked to work at Gallaudet University as a dorm supervisor(宿舍监管员). Shirley supervised young women who _47_ in the university during the school year. She also taught English. Somehow she found time to _48_ graduate school at Howard University in Washington, D.C. In 1972, Shirley received her M.A. degree.
    Always _49_ a new challenge, in 1973 Shirley became a professor at National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID), which _50_ deaf and hard-of-hearing students technical and professional training.
    This _51_ woman became the first black deaf female in the world to receive her Ph. D. She made _52_ in 1992, _53_ she received the highest degree in education from the University of Rochester in New York.
    Dr. Shirley Jeanne Allen has traveled many roads and _54_ many rainbows searching for her dream. With courage and _55_, she never gave up.

    36.A.job B.interest C.dream D.duty
    37.A.changed B.disappeared C.stopped D.ended
    38.A.said B.agreed C.found D.thought
    39.A.allowed B.caused C.encouraged D.enabled
    40.A.almost B.totally C.actually D.gradually
    41.A.played B.loved C.performed D.remembered
    42.A.and B.so C.but D.even if
    43.A.career B.interest C.life D.attitude
    44.A.information B.help C.a job D.an assistant
    45.A.happy B.independent C.free D.confident
    46.A.However B.Therefore C.Then D.Besides
    47.A.worked B.studied C.lived D.played
    48.A.attend B.observe C.describe D.advertise
    49.A.interested in B.busy with C.concerned with D.ready for
    50.A.teaches B.promises C.pays D.offers
    51.A.amazing B.strict C.wealthy D.beautiful
    52.A.progress B.history C.suggestions D.excuses
    53.A.after B.while C.until D.when
    54.A.found B.watched C.followed D.appreciated
    55.A.determination B.intelligence C.strength D.pride

    Maker of Great Violins
    Hundreds of violins are made every day. However, the finest and most sought-after violins were handcrafted by an Italian violin maker over 300 years ago. The craftsman’s name was Antonius Stradivarius, and any one of his violins is worth over $100,000 today.
    Stradivarius, who was born in 1644, began his career as a violin maker’s apprentice(徒弟). Working on his own by 1680, he became determined to make instruments that could reproduce tones(音调) as rich as those produced by the human voice. He tested several shapes and styles for his violins until he arrived at a design that pleased him. During his career he crafted over 1,100 violins. Those still in existence have become treasured possessions.
    Unfortunately, the secret of Stradivarius’ violin died with its maker. During his lifetime Stradivarius kept his notes safely hidden; even his two sons, who helped him in his workshop, did not know all the steps in each violin’s construction.
    Through the years, many experts have offered possible explanations for the unique tone of a “Strad”. Some say it is the instrument’s shape and the combination of its parts. Others suggest that the secret lies in the special wood, which Stradvarius obtained from native Italian trees. The most widely accepted suppositions is that the beautiful tone of the violins is created by the liquid that the old master used to coat his instruments. Chemists have studied and reproduced the liquid as closely as possible, and it has improved the sound of many violins. Still, no violin maker has been able to fully reproduce the tone of Stradivarius’ violins.

    56.According to the passage, Stradivarius made ________.
    A.hundreds of violins every day B.over 100,000 violins during his career
    C.only one violin D.more than a thousand violins during his career
    57.We can conclude from the passage that Stradivarius’ ______________.
    A.notes were found by chemists
    B.notes were never found
    C.secrets were learned when he was an apprentice
    D.notes were left to his sons
    58.In this passage the word rich means ________.
    A.wealthy B.highly amusing C.full and pleasant D.high and sharp
    59.Another good title for the passage would be ________.
    A.How to Make Violins B.Expensive Violins
    C.What was Stradivarius’ Secret D.Italian Violin Makers

    The following notice is posted in a bus terminal(终点站).

    New York City ------------ Brennan
    ----Buses leave the Railway Station, New York City, from 7:00 a.m. and every half hour afterwards, until 11:30 p.m. (7 days a week)
    ----Buses leave Brennan Station 20 minutes before and after every hour from 6:20 a.m. to 10:40 p.m. (7 days a week)
    ----Evening rush hours (5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.): Buses leave the Railway Station, New York City, every 15 minutes. (Monday----Friday)
    ----Holidays: Buses leave every hour on the hour, each direction. (Trip time: 30 minutes each way)
    ----All tickets must be bought at Window 12, the Railway Station, New York City, or at the Brennan Station Window BEFORE boarding buses.

    60.How long is it between two buses from New York to Brennan every day?
    A.One hour. B.40 minutes. C.Half an hour. D.15 minutes.
    61.Which of the latest bus you can take from Brennan if you have to meet a friend in New York at 10:20 a.m. on a Friday?
    A.The 8:00 a.m. bus. B.The 6:20 p.m. bus.
    C.The 7:15 p.m. bus. D.The 6:50 p.m. bus.
    62.Which bus should you take at the Railway Station, New York City on Monday if you want to take a bus in evening rush hours?
    A.The 5:45 p.m. bus. B.The 6:20 p.m. bus.
    C.The 7:15 p.m. bus. D.The 6:50 p.m. bus.
    63.Where should passengers buy their tickets?
    A.Only at the Brennan Station Window.
    B.At any window of any railway station before leaving.
    C.At New York Railway Station after getting on buses.
    D.At a terminal ticket window before getting on buses.

    The camel family is larger and more varied than most people realize. It includes some animals that we normally think of as camels and some that we don’t usually recognize as camels. Everybody knows about the one-humped camel, or dromedary. And many people have heard of the Bactrian camel, which has two humps. But did you know that IIamas and some other animals without humps are also camels?
    Camels have played an important role in the lives of many people for at least four thousand years. And this is mainly because camels have the ability to live in places where other large animals could never survive. In huge deserts like the Sahara, the climate can be too hot and dry for stretch for hundreds of miles, and animals may have to walk for days to reach water. The deserts of Africa and Arabia are not the only places where camels live.
    Desert winds often blow sand into the air. To protect their eyes, camels have long eyelashes that catch most of the sand. If sand gets onto an eye, a camel has a third eyelid to get it out. Like a windshield wiper on a car, this extra eyelid moves from side to side and wipes the sand away. The eyelid is very thin, so a camel can see through it. In sandstorms camels often close their third eyelid and keep walking. You might say that a camel can find its way through a sandstorm with its eyes closed.

    64.We understand from the passage that ________.
    A.the variety of camels is limited
    B.camels refer to those animals with one or two humps
    C.the camel family includes a large variety of species without humps
    D.some animals without humps are also included in the camel family
    65.Camels have been important to human beings for long in history mainly because ________.
    A.they can go without water for a long time.
    B.they have special structure in their eyes
    C.they can stand the heat and dryness of the desert
    D.they can carry heavy loads
    66.Camels can protect their eyes from the desert wind because ___________.
    A.their eyes are specially structured
    B.they have two eyelids
    C.their eyelids are specially long
    D.their third eyelid functions as a windshield wiper


    There is a range of activities which require movements of about one to four or five miles. These might be leisure activities, such as moving from home to swimming pool, tennis club, the theater or other cultural centers, or to a secondary or more advanced school; or they might be movements related with work and shopping in the central areas of cities. The use of cars which are able to carry five people at 80 mph for satisfying these needs is wasteful of space and most productive of disturbance to other road users.
    The use of the bicycle, or some more modern derivative of it, is probably worth more consideration than has recently been given to it. The bicycle itself is a remarkably efficient and simple device for using human muscular energy for transportation. In pure energy terms, it is four to five times as efficient as walking, even though human walking itself is twice as efficient as the movement of effective animals such as dogs. It is still widely used, not only in some developing countries where bicycles are major means of people and goods, but in a few richer town such as Amsterdam in Holland and Cambridge in England.
    The bicycle neither gives enough protection from the weather nor is very suitable for carrying goods, and demands considerable muscular work to make progress against wind or uphill. It also offers its rider no protection against collisions(碰撞) with other vehicles. All these difficulties could, however, be greatly got rid of with relatively small changes in design. The whole machine could enclosed in a plastic bubble(气泡) which would provide some protection in case of accidents.
    It would be easy to add a small petrol or electric motor. A wide variety of designs would be possible. As in rowing, we might employ the power of the arms or the general body musculature, as well as those of the legs; more muscular exercise would be good for the health of many people in cities, and a wide use of bicycle like muscle-powered vehicles would be a useful way to ensure this. It could also provide opportunity for showing-off by the young and vigorous.

    67.The main idea of the first paragraph is that the car _____________.
    A.can satisfy the demand for speed
    B.causes waste of space
    C.produces disturbance to other road users
    D.is far from perfect for short range movements
    68.More attention should be given to the bicycle as a means of transport because it is ____.
    A.a very efficient and simple device
    B.much cheaper than a car
    C.widely used in Amsterdam and Cambridge
    D.still used by rich people
    69.Enclosing the bicycle in a plastic bubble would ________.
    A.make it easier to use
    B.save muscular energy
    C.provide protection from the weather
    D.prevent it from colliding with other vehicles.
    70.Which of these is UNTRUE for the present bicycle?
    A.It is far more efficient than the movement of animals.
    B.It offers its rider no protection.
    C.It is not very suitable for carrying goods.
    D.It can hardly be improved on.

    The girls in this sixth grade class in East Palo, Alto, California, all have the same access to computers as boys. But researchers say, by the time they get to high school, they are victims of what the researchers call a major new gender(性别) gap in technology. Janice Weinman of the American Association of University Women says, “Girls tend to be less comfortable than boys with the computer. They use it more for word processing rather than for problem solving, rather than to discover new way in which to understand information.”
    After re-examining a thousand studies, the American Association of University Women researchers found that girls make up only small percentage of students in computer science classes. Girls consistently rate themselves significantly lower than boys in their ability and confidence in using computers. And they use computers less often than boys outside the classroom.
    An instructor of a computer lab says he’s already noticed some difference. Charles Cheadle of Cesar Chavez School says, “Boys are not so afraid they might do something that will harm the computer, whereas girls are afraid they might break it somehow.”
    Sixty years ago, the software company Purple Moon noticed that girls’ computer usage was falling behind boys. Karen Gould says, “The number one reason girls told us they don’t like computer games is not that they’re too violent, or too competitive. Girls just said they’re incredibly boring.”
    Purple Moon says it found what girls want----characters they can relate to and story lines relative to what’s going on in their own lives. Karen Gould of Purple Moon Software says, “What we definitely found from girls is that there is no intrinsic(固有的) reason why they wouldn’t want to play on a computer; it was just a content thing.”
    The sponsor of the study says it all boils down to this: the technology gender gap that separates the girls from the boys must be closed if women are to compete effectively with men in the 21st century.

    71.According to the passage, girls are victims of the gender gap in technology because ______.
    A.they can not discover new ways to use computers
    B.they have the same access to computers as boys
    C.they are likely to be less comfortable with computers
    D.they can only use computers for word processing
    72.Girls often feel _________.
    A.bored with computer games
    B.comfortable using computers
    C.it hard to use computers in word processing
    D.worried about using computers
    73.The research on girls and computes is ___________.
    A.based on a few recent articles
    B.based on thousands of studies
    C.presented by one person
    D.not considered well grounded
    74.The software company seems to think ___________.
    A.if girls had an equal chance of playing games, they would like computers
    B.if the software content was changed, girls would be more interested
    C.if the software was more violent, girls would like it better
    D.if the characters were funny, girls would like it better
    75.The gender gap needs to be closed because ________.
    A.it isn’t fair that boys are allowed to use computers all the time
    B.there isn’t enough money for upgrading computers
    C.most of the causes may boil down to a question of money
    D.the ability to use computers is important in today’s world

    第一小题 情景作文(满分20分)








    参考词汇:2006中国语言文化冬令营 2006 Chinese Language and Culture Winter Camp


    The Five Friendlies, Beibei, Jingjing, Huahua, Yingying and Nini, will serve as the Official Mascots of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Tell us which of the Five Friendlies do you like best and why (at least two reasons).

    1-10 CCACA BABBA 11-20 BAABC CCBBC 21-30 BCAAD
    Dear Mike,
    You mentioned in your last email that you wanted to come to China to learn more about Chinese culture. I’d like to tell you about a camp called “2006 Chinese Language and Culture Winter Camp”. The camp is organized by Beijing Huaxia University from February 6th to 12th . In the camp they will teach some simple everyday Chinese and how to write Chinese characters. They will also introduce Beijing Opera, Chinese folk music , as well as Chinese painting . Most interesting of all is that you will have a chance to learn and try Chinese cooking. Sight-seeing tours include the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven and the Great wall. I hope you can come and take part in the camp.
    If you have any questions, please let me know.
    Best wishes,
    Li hua
    You mentioned in your last email that you wanted to come to China to learn more about Chinese culture. I came across an advertisement of a “ Chinese Language and culture winter camp “ to be held by Huaxia University on Feb.5th, which I think suits you well. The main course, of course, is to learn Chinese daily dialogues and writing in Chinese. But the reason why I recommend it to you is that you can also enjoy a grand Chinese culture feast during it, such as Peking Opera, Chinese folk music and Chinese drawings. Even learning to cook Chinese food is included, let alone visiting the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven and the Great Wall. The camp will be held from 2nd to 12th of February. If you need any help about it, don’t hesitate to write to me.
    You mentioned in your last email that you wanted to come to China to learn more about Chinese culture. I’m glad to tell you that I read in a newspaper that there will be a “ Chinese language and Culture Winter Camp” organized by Beijing Huaxia University on Feb.5th, 2006. I think it’s suitable for you well. The main courses are about daily communication and writing Chinese characters. If you take part in the camp, you can enjoy a variety of activities,such as enjoying the Beijing Opera, the Chinese Music and the Chinese paintings. You can also learn something about the Chinese cooking and visit the Forbidden City,
    the Temple of Heaven and the Great wall at the same time. And the camp is from February 6th to 12th . If you are interested in the camp , please drop me a line.
    You mentioned in your last email that you wanted to come to China to learn more about Chinese culture. I read in the newspaper that there will be a “Chinese language and Culture Winter Camp” held by Huaxia University , which will last one week from February 6th to 12th. Since you are coming to travel and know about the Chinese culture, I think it is a good chance for you . The main courses are speaking and writing. During the camp, you can enjoy the Peking Opera, Chinese folk music and Chinese painting. More over, you will study how to cook Chinese food . By the way, there are many places which are worth visiting in Beijing. You will visit some of them such as the Forbidden city, the Temple of heaven and the Great Wall . Don’t hesitate to tell me if you need any help.
    In addition, to make the camp more interesting, there will be many significant activities , such as…


    I think the Five Friendlies, which will serve as the official Mascots of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, are all very lovely, but I really like Yingying, the Tibetan Antelope best because it is strong and runs fast. That’s what the Olympics represent and encourage. Also , Yingying comes from Tibet and it reminds us of the beauty of nature with wild animals and plants. Finally, it’s a symbol of Tibetan culture. Through this mascot we can let foreign friends know more about this part of Chinese Culture.
    I think Huanhuan is my favourite . In the first place, Huanhuan stands for the Olympic Flame, which makes us associate it with the Olympic Spirit--- stronger , Higher, Faster. Secondly, I think Huanhuan is full of energy and gives me the motivation to move forward the moment I see it.
    I like Huanhuan best. First , Huanhuan looks cool. He has a red body and his hair which is like a fire is very outstanding . Further more, huanhuan resembles the Olympic Flame, which makes him meaningful. Meanwhile , he tells the world that Beijing citizens are warmhearted and excited for the 2008 Olympic Games.
    The friendly I like best is Huanhuan . One reason is that the flame is the best symbol of the Olympic Games and it can give a lot of courage to people. Another reason is that the red color stands for China , which is the most lively country in the world. So Huanhuan can welcome all people that come to China in the year 2008.
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