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Summary:笔试部分(共七大题,计120分) I. 选择填空(Vocabulary and structure)(共20小题,计20分) A) 从A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳答案。31. I felt ________ necessary to say no to requests for interviews during this very sensitive period.

  • 笔试部分(共七大题,计120分)
    I. 选择填空(Vocabulary and structure)(共20小题,计20分)
    A) 从A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳答案。31. I felt ________ necessary to say no to requests for interviews during this very sensitive period.A. this B. it C. that D. if32. Children are not allowed to view this film ________ accompanied by a parent or guardian.A. as B. except C. while D. unless33. It was ________ the input of engineers in the research department that persuaded us to redesign our product.A. mostly B. some C. most D. any34. ________ were we invited to the party, but I saw the Smiths and Johnsons there too.A. Not B. Not only C. Yet D. Nor35. Since Christina felt uncomfortable ________ decisions for the entire group, she thought she'd ask the others.A. make B. to make C. making D. having made 36. She wanted me to phone a number in Zagreb to find out if her husband, who ________ to Yugoslavia for an operation on his liver just before the war, was alive or dead.A. would go B. has gone C. went D. had gone37. ________ my college years soon coming to an end, I have to decide what I want to do after I graduate.A. During B. With C. For D. Since38. Lucy ________ like cats, but one attacked her so she doesn't like them any more.A. must B. ought to C. used to D. would 39. —I hear that movie is pretty exciting.—It was ________ exciting. I've never seen a better movie.A. not at all B. more than C. nothing more than D. anything but40. It was not until I visited him ________ how serious his illness was.A. did I realize B. that I realized C. when I realized D. little did I realize41. —I have a sharp pain in my chest.—Oh, ________? Shall I send for a doctor?A. do you B. don't you C. will you D. haven't you42. It is often said that ________ man differs from ________ animals in that he can think and speak and dream.A. the; the B. a; the C. 不填; the D. 不填; 不填43. John: Linda, could you drive me to the airport tomorrow morning? ________Linda: What? He has already sent you there three times this year. How long will you be gone this time?John: About a week.A. Will you be happy to see me gone? B. My boss wants me to go to India again.C. I'm taking a vacation in India. D. Our manager likes travelling very much.44. —Oh, I nearly forgot. I was going to buy some shirts for my brother.—________—I don't know exactly, but I think he is about as big as I am.A. Why do you want to buy them? B. Do you know a lot about shirts?C. Do you think Chinese shirts are very expensive?D. What size does he wear?45. David: Oh, Mary!What a surprise!Mary: I heard you were sick. ________David: How kind of you!I'm much better now, thank you.A. I wanted to see how you were doing. B. I don't feel very well myself.C. How long have you been sick? D. I just can't imagine you being sick.
    B) 下列5题中的句子可以组成一篇小短文,请从所给的四个选项中选出可以填入空白处的最佳答案。46. The flash flooding of the Delaware River in Barbeville, New York, killed four schoolchildren and a teacher who ________, police said today.A. was on holiday to out B. was on a holiday outingC. were on holiday to out D. were on a holiday outing47. Ten children in total were injured. The group from a Catholic high school in New York City ________ in the flood when a gush of water swept through picnic grounds at Moosehead State Park.A. were caught B. caught C. floated D. were floated48. The teacher and students were carried more than half a mile ________ along with large pieces of a damaged bridge.A. finally B. downtown C. downstream D. somewhere49. Two children ________ hospitalized today with serious injuries, a spokesman for the police at Barbeville said.A. observed B. kept C. appeared D. remained50. Heavy rains last week are thought to have caused the flash flood. The park is now closed after the accident and an investigation (调查) is ________ way.A. on B. under C. in D. towards
    II. 阅读理解(Reading comprehension)(共20小题,计35分)
    In 1997, a group of twenty British women made history. Working in five teams with four women in each team, they walked to the North Pole. Apart from one experienced female guide, the other women were all ordinary people who had never done anything like this in their lives before. They managed to survive in an environment which had defeated several very experienced men during the same time period.
    The women set off as soon as they were ready. Once on the ice, each woman had to ski along while dragging a sledge (雪橇) weighing over 50 kilos. This would not have been too bad on a smooth surface, but for long distances, the Arctic ice is pushed up into huge piles two or three metres high, and the sledges had to be pulled up one side and carefully let down the other so that they didn't become damaged. The temperature was always below the freezing point and sometimes strong winds made walking while pulling so much weight almost impossible. It was also very difficult for them to put up their tents when they stopped each night.
    In such conditions, the women were making good progress if they covered fourteen or fifteen kilometres a day. But there was another problem. Part of the journey was across a frozen sea with moving water underneath the ice and at some points the team would drift (漂流) back more than five kilometres during the night. That meant that after walking in these very severe conditions for ten hours on one day, they had to spend part of the next day covering the same ground again. Furthermore, each day it took three hours from waking up to setting off and another three hours every evening to set up the camp and prepare the evening meal.
    So, how did they manage to succeed? They realized that they were part of a team. If any one of them didn't pull her sledge or get her job done, she would endanger the success of the whole expedition (探险). Any form of selfishness could result in the efforts of everyone else being completely wasted, so personal feelings had to be put to one side. At the end of their journey, the women agreed that it was mental effort far more than physical fitness that got them to the North Pole.
    51. What was so extraordinary about the expedition?A. There was no one to lead it. B. The women did not have any men with them.C. It was a new experience for most of the women.D. The women had not met one another before.52. On the expedition, the women had to be careful to avoid ________.A. falling over on the ice B. being left behinC. damaging the sledges D. getting too cold at night53. It was difficult for the women to cover 15 kilometres a day because ________.A. they got too tired B. the ice was movingC. they kept getting lost D. the temperatures were too low54. What is the main message of the text?A. Motivation and teamwork achieve goals.B. Women can do anything they want.C. It is sometimes good to experience difficult conditions.D. Arctic conditions are very severe.55. Which of the following items is NOT mentioned in the text?A. Weather conditions. B. Protective clothing.C. Preparing food. D. Feelings and relationships.
    B) 非选择题:阅读下列短文,然后按短文后题目的要求答题。
    There's no guaranteed way to succeed at interviews but you can increase your chances by knowing what to expect. Here are some frequent questions and advice on how to answer them properly.
    What exactly do you want from us? Describe your ideal job.
    Many people avoid these types of questions by giving a safe, general answer. To make a better impression, prepare by writing an "employment ad" that describes your dream job. Include a headline and several adjectives describing the company, the job and yourself. This forces you to focus on exactly what you want and what you have to offer.
    Why did you leave your last job?
    You may have hated your boss but few employers will want to hear that. Many interviewers suggest that people concentrate on the business reasons for joining a new company. For example: "After two years in the marketing department, I've learnt a lot about X. Now I want to learn about Y." If you were fired because of a disagreement with your boss, however, you may be better off telling the interviewers yourself, rather than letting them find out.
    Why are you changing careers?
    In this question, interviewers are looking for careful self-analysis. "Don't say 'I wanted to try something new,'" advises Howard Nitschke, an American recruiter. "That makes me think, 'This person doesn't know where he's going.' Instead, explain how your skills, personality and goals are more suited to this new career."What are your weaknesses?
    Many candidates try to concentrate on vague faults that could also be seen as virtues. They say "I'm impatient", hoping the interviewer will see them as quick-thinking and dynamic. Don't try this. Interviewers are sick of hearing these answers. Instead, be honest about faults but emphasize what you've done to deal with them.
    Where do you want to be five years from now?
    The best way to make a mess of this question is not to have an answer. But you can also alarm the interviewer by giving the impression that the job is just a brief step in your career. An organization may fear that you would spend more time looking for promotion than working. A good answer would be, "Eventually I'd like to be a managing director, but I realize I've got many things to learn in the next few years."
    Complete the following sentences and answer the question according to the text.
    56. This text includes some frequent questions and advice about how to answer them properly in ________.57. An "employment ad" should contain a description of ________.58. Many interviewers are more interested in your business reasons for joining a new company rather than ________.59. When interviewers ask about your reasons for changing careers, they concentrate on your ________.60. How would you answer the question, "What are your weaknesses?"

    Below is a chart containing some of the Kuringai Chase National Park Nature Activities. Fill in the blanks using information from the text above. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each blank.

    A British Airways jet flying from America to Britain was diverted (转向) at a cost of more than £12,000 to save the life of a dog sweltering in temperatures of up to 55℃ in the cargo hold (货舱).
    The dog named Louise was on its way from Houston to Gatwick to join Irene Saunders, 73, a Texan who had decided to make her home in Britain. She bought Louise for $300 and had prepared a custom-built kennel so the dog could stay happily in the hold.
    The captain, Rex Graveley, had tried unsuccessfully to control the soaring temperatures in the hold for two hours. "We started off with the temperature at around 55℃," he said. "We assumed that it would drop as we flew higher, but it didn't. Obviously the valve (气阀) which controls the temperature in the hold must have been stuck."
    Worried about Louise's safety, Captain Graveley decided to ask the passengers if they minded if he diverted. "I knew that the dog had been in the hold for two hours and that if it remained there much longer it would not survive. Yet if we diverted it would mean a delay of over three hours at huge inconvenience for my passengers, so I left it to them."
    Almost everyone on board raised their hands. "There were a couple who objected but they might not have understood the problem," a BA spokesman said. The aircraft diverted to Boston and was on the ground for three hours while vets(兽医) cooled down the panting dog and kept it under observation.
    Yesterday Captain Graveley met Mrs Saunders at Heathrow, where he and his crew were presented with an award by the World Society for the Protection of Animals.
    Answer the following questions briefly.66. What is this article about?67. What caused the dog to be in danger?68. Why couldn't Captain Graveley control the temperature in the hold?69. How did the passengers respond to the Captain's decision?70. How did the society respond to Captain Graveley's behaviour?
    III. 完形填空(Cloze)(共15小题,计15分)
    阅读下面短文,在空白处填上适当的单词,使短文语义完整。每空一词。Burning trees to save a forest! Strange (71)________ it sounds that is the U.S. Forest Service's new idea for saving America's (72)________.
    For more than a hundred years, Americans were taught that (73)________ in a forest were always bad. When trees burned in the forest, it was a disaster which would ruin the forest. The Forest Service promoted this idea (74)________ many ways. They even invented a character named Smokey the Bear, who always said, "Remember, only you can prevent forest fires."
    Whenever there was a fire in a forest, the rangers (护林员) immediately (75)________ it out. (76)________ fires were allowed to burn, even in places (77)________ many of the trees were dead or diseased. This did not help the forests, (78)________. In (79)________,with so many dead and diseased trees, the forest fires in the western United States have been far worse in recent years.
    The new chief of the U.S. Forest Service recently explained that there is a new and better way to save our forests. He said, "Small, limited fires are part of nature. That is the way that old, dead and (80)________ trees are cleared (81)________ to make room for (82)________ trees."
    Now the Forest Service has new plans. They will start small fires in forests, but they will (83)________ the fires. The fires will be started in parts of the forest which are old and (84)________ of diseased trees. The rangers plan to (85)________ about 30,000 acres a year for the next 20 years.
    As the chief said, "It took many years for the forests to become old and diseased, and so it will take more than 20 years to correct the problem by using controlled fires."
    IV. 翻译(Translation)(共10小题,计10分)
    A)阅读下面短文,然后把划线处的句子译成汉语。Baltimore — A suspect takes a car at gunpoint and drives it around for two weeks before the owner spots the car and takes it back. The thief then calls police to report "his" car stolen.
    (86) Those events seemed so improbable that Baltimore police detective Gregory Jenkins had to end his report of the incident with the words, "Again, this really happened."
    "Another detective told me, 'Greg, you had to make this up,'" the detective told The Sun (Baltimore).
    (87) Police charged Gregory Alston, 20, Tuesday with armed robbery, possession of a stolen car and a handgun violation.
    Police say the car-jacking occurred about 10:30 pm on April 20 (88) when two women reported that a man armed with a silver handgun and wearing a black bandanna (头巾) over his mouth and nose approached them while they were parked on a street in northeast Baltimore. The women said the gunman ordered them out of their car and sped off.
    (89) Tuesday, one of the women spotted the stolen car in front of an apartment building about a half-mile from where it had been taken.
    She called police who towed it to the department's Northeast District station.
    Two hours later, a man called police and reported the car stolen.
    Officers took the man to the station for questioning. (90) At first, police said, he insisted he had bought the car for $1,700 on March 11. Eventually, he confessed to the robbery.
    Why did he report it stolen? The suspect told police he had left his wallet in the car.
    B) 根据提示把下列句子译成英语。91. 这个电站一旦建成,将向附近的城乡供电。(supply)92. 正是太阳给地球上的万物提供光和热。(it强调句)93. 这位法国学生在教玛丽法语以换取玛丽教他英语。(in exchange for)94. 因为双方任何一方都不愿妥协,和平谈判中止了。(break down)95. 这些话深深地打动了我,后来我就把它们写在了圣诞贺卡上。(impress)
    V. 短文改错(Error correction)(共10小题,计10分)
    Dear Mr Grant,
    I am writing for the Schools Association which meets in every two weeks96. ________for a meal at your restaurant. We were very disappoint with the last meal 97. ________we had. The food was cold, and was not what we have ordered. I made 98. ________the booking myself, and I asked hot pumpkin soup followed by a choice 99. ________of meat or fish and three vegetables. The person taking my booking said that 100. ________menu was available. When we arrived, we were offered with salad and dessert. 101. ________When I asked to see the manager the waiter said that there was nobody 102. ________could help me. He was quite rude when I insist, and refused to tell me 103. ________his name. Late we found the name"Tom" on the bill. We do not 104. ________wish to return to your restaurant since there are changes made. 105. ________
    Please advise me if you will be able to return to your previous good menus,
    provide food as ordered, and teach courtesy to your staff.
    Please advise me if you will be able to return to your previous good menus,
    provide food as ordered, and teach courtesy to your staff.
    I look forward to your reply.
    Yours sincerely,
    Ken Wingate
    President, Schools Association
    VI. 智力测试(IQ)(共5小题,计5分)
    回答下列问题。106. Following a logical sequence, can you complete this puzzle?

    107. If a group of 6 people have an average age of 21, and each person is half the age of the next person, what are the ages of the 6 people?108.

    What value of weight should be placed on the scales to balance?109. Which letter is opposite to letter "b"?

    110. Bill is eighteen years old, and his age is three times that of Mary. When Bill is twice as old as Mary, how old is he then?
    VII. 写作(Writing)(共2小题,计25分)
    A) Suppose you are Li Hua and have attended an English course at KPD school. Recently you've received a letter from the school with a newspaper cutting. Now read the letter and the newspaper cutting, and then write a letter to the Editor of the paper, as requested by Andrea (about 100 words). (10分)
    I'm sure you'll be interested in this article from the local paper of 11 September. It's terrible! They've made lots of mistakes—I've marked some of them. Mrs Driver has asked everybody to write to the paper to complain so that they will have to print a correction—she's very worried that students will stop coming to the school. I thought I'd let you know. As an ex-student who had such a good time at KPD (and such excellent exam results!) you are just the right person to point out their mistakes. I hope you aren't too busy to help. If you do write to the paper, perhaps you would let Mrs Driver know too.
    Take care, and hope to see you soon.

    B) Mobile phones are playing an important part in life today. Recently you had a class discussion about the fact that mobile phones are used by many students. Your teacher asked each student to write a composition giving his or her opinions. Write your composition in 120 —150 words. (15分)
    I. 选择填空(Vocabulary and structure) 31—35 BDABC 36—40 DBCBB 41—45 ADBDA 46—50 DACDB II. 阅读理解(Reading comprehension):选择题每题1分;非选择题每题2分。 51—55 CCBAB 56. job interviews 57. your dream job / the company, the job and yourself 58. your relationship with your boss / how you hated your boss / how you disagreed with your boss 59. careful self-analysis 60. Be honest but say how you are trying to deal with them. 61. birdsong62. binoculars 63. poem64. non-slip shoes 65. (lovely) water views 66. An unusual emergency on board a plane. / Saving the life of a dog. 67. High temperatures. 68. Because the valve in the hold did not work. / Because something was wrong with the valve in the hold. 69. Most passengers (Almost every passenger) agreed to divert. 70. He and his crew got an award from an organization. III. 完形填空(Cloze)71. as 72. forests 73. fires 74. in 75. put 76. No 77. where 78. however 79. fact 80. diseased 81. away 82. new / young 83. control 84. full 85. burn IV. 翻译(Translation) A) 86. 这事看起来非常不可能,所以巴尔的摩的警探雷戈里?詹金斯不得不这样结束他的案件调查报告,"的确又发生了这样的事。" 87. 警察星期二指控二十岁的雷戈里?阿尔斯顿持枪抢劫、占有盗车和非法持枪。 88. 当时两位妇女报案说当她们在巴尔的摩东北的一条街上停车时,一名手持银色手枪,面带黑色头巾的男子向她们逼了过来。 89. 星期二,其中的一位妇女在离车被抢约半英里的一栋公寓大楼前发现了被劫的车。 90. 警察说,开始他坚持说那车是他三月十一日花了一千七百美金买的。最后,他承认是抢来的。 B) 91. Once (it is) completed, this power station will supply the nearby cities and villages with electricity. 92. It is the sun that supplies all living things on Earth with light and heat. 93. The French student is giving Mary French lessons in exchange for English lessons.94. The peace negotiations broke down because neither side was willing to compromise. 95. I was so impressed by these words that I wrote them later on a Christmas card.V. 短文改错(Error correction) Dear Mr Grant, I am writing for the Schools Association which meets in﹨ every two weeks96. in﹨for a meal at your restaurant. We were very disappoint with the last meal 97. disappointed we had. The food was cold, and was not what we have ordered. I made 98. had the booking myself, and I asked∧hot pumpkin soup followed by a choice 99. for of meat or fish and three vegetables. The person taking my booking said that 100. √ menu was available. When we arrived, we were offered with﹨ salad and dessert. 101. with ﹨ When I asked to see the manager the waiter said that there was nobody∧ 102. who /that could help me. He was quite rude when I insist, and refused to tell me 103. insisted his name. Late we found the name "Tom" on the bill. We do not104. Later wish to return to your restaurant since there are changes made. 105. unless Please advise me if you will be able to return to your previous good menus, provide food as ordered, and teach courtesy to your staff. I look forward to your reply. Yours sincerely, Ken Wingate President, Schools Association VI. 智力测试(IQ) 106. From left to right; 2, 9 (The numbers in every horizontal and vertical line add up to 25.) 107. 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 108. 7.5 kg: 9×5=45 and 6×7.5=45 109. e 110. 24 years old. VII. 写作(Writing)A) One possible version: Dear Editor:
    I read the article"Low standards at well-known school" in your paper of 11 September. I have recently graduated from the KPD school. According to my experience, I think what the article says is not true, and I don't know from where you got the examples from.
    First, as I know, most teachers at the school prepare well for their lessons and their lessons are welcomed by the students. I learned a lot from my teachers, and got excellent exam results. Second, it is not true that ‘in the last six months there has been only one trip to another town'. In fact, we went out at least once a month. We had special group rate for the trips. Third, it is ridiculous to say the food served there is quite expensive and the quality is very poor. Actually, we were very happy about the price and quality of the food.
    Therefore, I hope that your paper will print a correction; otherwise, students will stop going to the school because of your untrue description.
    I look forward to your reply.
    Li Hua. B) One possible version: Now, a lot of students use mobile phones in school. It's not a good thing. It can cause many problems.
    First, there is a rule that students should turn off their phones during lesson time. However, many students either forget or disobey this rule. Their phones often ring during class time and this interrupts the class and disturbs other students.
    Second, some younger students use their phones to send text messages or play games during class.
    Third, we have had many complaints from parents and students that mobile phones have been lost or stolen in the school.
    Because of these problems, we recommend that no student should be allowed to bring a mobile phone to school. There are several public phones in the school, which students can use if necessary. These should be regularly checked to ensure they are in good working order. 一、评分原则:1. 本题总分为: A) 10分; B) 15分。按四个档次给分。 2. 评分时,先根据文章的内容和语言初步确定其所属档次,然后以该档次的要求来衡量,确定或调整本档次,最后给分。 3. 作文词数少于或多于规定词数20词的,从总分中减去2分。 4. 如书写较差,以至影响交流,将分数降低一个档次。 二、各档次的给分范围和要求: 第四档(很好):A) 9—10分; B) 12—15分 完全完成了试题规定的要求,覆盖所有内容要点,符合英语表达习惯, 应用了较多的语法结构和词汇,没有语法和词汇错误,具备较强的语言运用能力,完全达到了预期的写作目的。 第三档(好):A) 6—8分; B) 9—11分 完成了试题规定的要求,应用的语法结构和词汇能满足题目的要求,符合英语表达习惯, 基本没有语法和词汇错误,达到了预期的写作目的。 第二档(一般):A) 3—5分; B) 5—8分 未恰当完成试题规定的要求,漏掉内容要点,未描述清楚主要内容,写了一些无关内容,有语法和词汇错误,影响了对写作内容的理解,信息未能清楚地传达给读者。 第一档(差):A) 1—2分; B) 1—4分 未完成试题规定的要求,明显遗漏主要内容,写了一些无关内容,语法结构单调,词汇项目有限,有较多语法和词汇错误,影响对写作内容的理解,信息未能传达给读者。 0分 未能传达给读者任何信息:没有内容或内容太少,无法评判,写的内容均与所要求内容无关或所写内容无法看清。 三、说明: 1. 内容可用不同方式表达。 2. 对紧扣主题的适当发挥不予扣分。
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