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Summary:—____ A. Yes, we really ought to get together more often. B. For almost two years. C. No, I've really lost touch with everyone there. D. Once a month. 2. When the new university term be.

  • —____
    A. Yes, we really ought to get together more often.
    B. For almost two years.
    C. No, I've really lost touch with everyone there.
    D. Once a month.
    2. When the new university term begins next month, the foreign students will pay the same tuition fees _____ their mainland classmates, _____ live in the same dorms and study at the same colleges, are charged.
    A. that; who B. as; who C. which; that D. that; which
    3. Cloned pigs differ _____ the originals _____ looks and behavior.
    A. in; from B. from; in C. at; from D. from; at
    4. He made great progress _____ of his parents.
    A. much to the delight B. to the much delight
    C. to much their delight D. to their much delight
    5. The gap between rural and urban education in China is widening, and education is the key to _____ rural problems.
    A. solving B. solve C. have solved D. having solved
    6. As the _____ for unusual holiday destinations is growing, the Amazon is the perfect place for many international travelers.
    A. reward B. wealth C. expense D. appetite
    7. Amy Meadows recently _____ a dozen MIT students and organized a trip to a small village where they spent a week converting (改变) an old school into a job center where adults can learn computer skills.
    A. took up B. made up C. used up D. rounded up
    8. We have new mobile phones in stock _____ a reasonable price you can't imagine.
    A. for B. in C. at D. on
    9. Our body can't handle too many different chemicals and will even _____ badly _____ mixing different types of alcohols.
    A. adapt; to B. react; to C. devote; to D. lead; to
    10. His composition was so confusing that I could hardly make any _____ of it.
    A. meaning B. message C. information D. sense
    11. The map was drawn to the standard _____ of 1:100,000. So there was not much detail.
    A. route B. line C. rate D. scale
    12. When I was young, I had a real fear of school, but I soon _____ it.
    A. got off B. got across C. got away D. got over
    13. I'm _____ Chinese and I do feel _____ Chinese language is _____ most beautiful language.
    A. /; the; a B. a; /; the C. a; the; / D. a; /; a
    14. He stood up and looked forward to ___ what was happening over there and found there was a cinema around ___ he could see a film.
    A. seeing; which B. see; where C. see; which D. seeing; where
    15. Everything he _____ to his country.
    A. had contributed B. had been contributed
    B. had to be contributed D. had was contributed
    第二节 完形填空(共20小题; 每小题1.5分, 满分30分)
    阅读下面短文, 掌握其大意, 然后从16-35各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C和D)中,选出最佳选项。
    When Phillip was on his way to the airport one afternoon, he asked the driver to wait outside the bank while he collected some traveler’s checks.
    The plane was to 16 at 5:30. From the bank there was still a 17 journey to the airport. Phillip 18 watched the scene along the way. Shortly before arriving, he began 19 the things he would need for the 20 . Tickets, money, the address of his hotel, traveler’s checks—Just a moment. How about his passport? Phillip went through his pockets. He suddenly 21 that he must have left his passport 22 .
    Whatever could he do? It was now five past four and there would be too little 23 to return to the bank. This was the 24 time he was representing his firm for an important 25 with the manager of a French firm in Paris the following morning. Without a passport he would be 26 to board the plane. At that moment, the taxi 27 outside the air terminal. Phillip got out, took his suitcase and 28 the driver. He then 29 a good deal of confusion in the building. A 30 could be heard over the loudspeaker.
    “We very much 31 that owing to a twenty-four-hour strike of airport staff, all flights for the rest of today have had to be called off.” Passengers are 32 to get in touch with their travel agents or with this terminal for 33 on tomorrow’s flights. Phillip gave a 34 . he would let his firm know about this situation and, thank goodness, he would have the opportunity of calling at his bank the following morning to 35 his passport.
    16. A. leave B. start off C. check in D. fly
    17. A. pleasant B. short C. long D. rough
    18. A. carefully B. merely C. excitedly D. slightly
    19. A. counting B. looking over C. thinking about D. checking
    20. A. trip B. plane C. meeting D. flight
    21. A. remembered B. realized C. noticed D. learned
    22. A. at home B. at the office C. at the bank D. in the taxi
    23. A. time B. chance C. possibility D. use
    24. A. golden B. last C. only D. first
    25. A. journey B. visit C. business D. meeting
    26. A. sad B. unable C. impossible D. difficult
    27. A. stopped B. was driven C. reached D. was parked
    28. A. left B. sent away C. paid D. said bye-bye to
    29. A. started B. noticed C. caught D. found
    30. A. speech B. noise C. call D. voice
    31. A. apologize B. announce C. worry D. regret
    32. A. advised B. forced C. told D. persuaded
    33. A. ideas B. plans C. information D. time
    34. A. loud laugh B. deep sigh C. big smile D. sharp cry
    35. A. return B. find C. recover D. gather

    第三部分 阅读理解(共20小题;每小题2分,满分40分)
    When white men first came to New Zealand, forests covered more than one half of the country. Today about a quarter of the area is forested. Much of the timber was cut or burned to clear land for pastures and crops. In the early days, clearing the land by fire, grazing by too many sheep, and damage caused by rabbits reduced the productivity of the land. Much has been done in recent years, however, to improve the situation. In hilly country, soil erosion is also a serious problem.
    Coal is New Zealand’s most valuable mineral. It is used for steam locomotives, in the making of gas, for fuel in homes and factories, and to produce electricity. About a third of the coal comes from around Greymouth on South Island. Natural gas has been found on the North Island in the South Taranaki Bight. Nearly all of the nation’s supply of gasoline and fuel oil has to be imported, however.
    In New Zealand, the hydroelectric supply is mainly on South Island, while most of the people and factories are in the North Island, the power networks of the two main islands are being linked by submarine cable across the Cook Strait.
    New Zealand is rich in bird life. Some birds that could not fly were able to exist in New Zealand because they had no natural enemies. It has an exotic animals, the tuatara. This lizard-like reptile has been called a living fossil because creatures of this kind lived millions of years and have disappeared from all other parts of the world. In the waters around New Zealand more than 300 species of fish have been found.
    36. In the early days, New Zealand has suffered the following EXCEPT ______.
    A. clearing the land by fire
    B. damage caused by rabbits
    C. grazing by too many sheep
    D. destroying the forest by using pesticide
    37. About a third of the coal comes from around ________.
    A. the islands off the New Zealand’s coast
    B. a town in the South Island
    C. the South Taranaki Bight
    D. the North Island
    38. Nearly all of the nation’s supply of gasoline and fuel oil ______.
    A. will be exported
    B. comes from other countries
    C. has to be provided by itself
    D. will be used up
    Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties (《加菲猫2:双猫记》)
    Release date: June 16
    This is the sequel to 2004's popular Garfield: The Movie. This time, America's favorite cat Garfield and his dog friend Odie travel to London.
    But Garfield gets lost on the way and is mistaken for a British kitty named Prince, who has just inherited a castle.
    Garfield is taken to the castle where he enjoys his new life being looked after by many servants. He meets new animal friends, parties, eats and relaxes.
    But he soon discovers his position as prince is under attack by some bad guy. Fortunately, the other animals realize they, too, are in danger and take on the task of protecting Garfield.
    Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (《加勒比海盗2:聚魂棺》)
    Release date: July 7
    Captain Jack Sparrow, the hottest pirate ever, returns to the screen for another adventure on the high seas.
    This time, the Captain finds himself in a blood debt to the sea ruler Davey Jones. The only way to get out of it is to track down the mysterious Dead Man's Chest.
    To do so, the Captain turns to his old friends Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann for help and the three set off for more fun and frolics.
    The Banquet (《夜宴》)
    Release date: September
    Directed by Feng Xiaogang, “The Banquet” is a tale of fate and revenge set in 10th century China.
    A new emperor has taken the throne (王座) through murder. The widowed empress marries the new emperor to protect herself. She secretly plots his death with the help of the prince and the chief minister. Yet the prince and minister each have their own plans for the throne.
    All these plots are brought to a climax when the emperor calls for a banquet, where the murderous plans are set in motion.
    39. Garfield is taken to a castle because _______.
    A. he loses his way B. he loves adventure
    C. he is mistaken for a British kitty D. he inherited the castle
    40. The underlined word “hottest” means __________.
    A. exciting B. successful C. dangerous D. popular
    41. We can enjoy The Banquet in the cinema in ________ .
    A. June B. September C. July D. The passage doesn’t mention it.
    42. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?
    A. The sea ruler ordered Captain Jack Sparrow to look for Dead Man’s Chest.
    B. Garfield: The Movie is set in London.
    C. The widowed succeeded in the end.
    D. The other animals are willing to protect Garfield because they are in danger too.
    (Family Circle) No time for a complete spring clean? Skip the annual top-to-bottom, and focus on these five seasonal tasks. These maintenance must-do’s, on top of your regular clean routine, will set you up for an easy season.
    1. Caulk (填塞) cracks. Winter’s cold often leaves cracks in walls, inviting dust and pests in. Once the weather warms, grab a caulking tube and look for trouble spots—especially near doors, windows and some other openings.
    2. Protect your wood furniture with an annual coat of wax. Many furniture polishes contain oils, which actually attract dust. But with a coat of wax, furniture will need nothing more than a quick clean with a damp cloth.
    3. Wash windows in a flash by using a special bottle of window cleaner designed to attach to your garden hose (软管) (available at home centers). Spray (喷), let the solution sit on the glass for a minute, then hose it off with clear water.
    4. Change the air-conditioner filters (过滤器). A winter of forced-air heating dirties filter, so when the soon-to-be-cooled air hits a dirty filter, dust happens. Consider replacing that standard model with a HEPA filter, which screens out even the tiniest particles of dust.
    5. After cleaning winter debris (碎片) out of sliding glass-door tracks, rub a little wax into the tracks to repel dirt and to keep doors gliding smoothly.
    43. What’s the passage mainly about?
    A. How to protect wood furniture. B. Five ways to clean the room thoroughly.
    C. Five super shortcuts to speedy spring clean.
    D. How to clean the room in different seasons.
    44. What should we do with the wood furniture every year?
    A. Caulk cracks on the surface of the wood furniture.
    B. Use oil to polish the furniture.
    C. Use a special bottle of window cleaner to clean the wood furniture.
    D. Wax the wood furniture.
    45. What probably is the underlined word “solution”?
    A. A kind of liquid. B. A method to solve a problem.
    C. A kind of pipe. D. A kind of gas.
    46. What should we do with the glass door every year?
    A. Rub the glass. B. Wax the door frame.
    C. Wax the door tracks. D. Use the garden hose to clean the glass door.
    The world economy is uncertain, and for many people job-hunting has become a lifestyle. With takeovers, bankruptcies and new government legislation, you could be unemployed overnight—even if you own the company!
    Make it a priority (优先考虑的事) to let your network of personal friends, and business acquaintances know where you are and what you’re doing at all times, especially when you change jobs or addresses. Announce changes even if it’s an intercompany move.
    Once you land a job, you get busy packing, moving, tying up loose ends, and taking on the duties of the new assignment; but that’s a mistake. Remember, your first duty is to your career. This doesn’t mean your new assignment isn’t important. It means your friendships and your personal future are equally important.
    The quickest way to handle the thank-you task is to give your letter and mailing list to a secretarial service. Let them type and address the letters; you sign them. This requires very little time and energy, probably less than two hours. Believe me, it’s time well spent, and you can enclose your new business card. E-mail is also effective, but it’s less personal. As readers are bombarded by e-mails, paper letters are becoming more attention-getting and memorable.
    The “Announce New Job” letter is a good model. It’s a combination newsletter, change of address, and thank-you, all in one—and it’s limited to one page.
    The best time to find a new job is when you don’t need one, and the best time to cultivate business relationships is when everything is going smoothly.
    47. The major purpose for the writer to write this passage is _____.
    A. to analyze the reason for frequent job-huntings
    B. to tell us how to get used to our new jobs as soon as possible
    C. to remind us to keep in touch with our friends and business partners at all times
    D. to advise us on how to find a suitable job
    48. If you want to inform your friends or business partners of your current job and address, you’d better _____.
    A. make phones to them one by one B. send e-mails to them
    C. write paper letters by yourself to them one by one
    D. ask someone else to type the “Announce New Job” letters and you sign them
    49. It can be inferred from the passage that _____.
    A. as long as you do well in your job, you won’t lose your job
    B. you are not supposed to find a new job if you have a high-paying job now
    C. you should try to look for some other jobs which fit you even you are quite satisfied with your current job
    D. you should find as many jobs as you can
    50. When you write the “Announce New Job” letters, you should NOT _____.
    A. spend too much time B. enclose your business card
    C. write only one page D. express thanks to your friends
    To be sure, only children experienced some things differently from those with sisters and brothers. Many feel more pressure to succeed. They also tend to look only to their parents as role models in the absence of brothers and sisters.
    In India, 10-year-old Saviraj Sankpal founded a support group for the tiny minority of only children. Among other things, the group does volunteer work to counter (反对) the myth that they are not responsible. People think we're treated too kindly and ruined, says Sankpal, a computer engineering student. But I'd like to remind them how lonely it can get.
    Most only children, however, say they wish for sisters or brothers only when it comes to caring for aging, unhealthy parents. Britain's David Emerson, co-author of the book The Only Child, says that such a person bears terrible burden in having to make all the decisions alone. Emerson knows from experience: After his father died, he chose to move his elderly mother from their family home, where she was vulnerable (易受攻击的) to house breakers, to a new one with more security. The move was quite hard on her, and she might feel that I pushed her into it, he says, After all, I am left with that responsibility.
    In the future, more and more only children will likely face similar choices. With working mothers increasing, many families have found they simply don't have the time, money or energy to have more than one child. As only children become common, perhaps the world will realize that the charge(指控) made against them is unjust.
    51. It can be inferred from the passage that the author's attitude towards only children is _______.
    A. ironic B. objective C. unfriendly D. unjust
    52. It can be inferred from the passage that only children's parents should ___________.
    A. found a support group for their only children
    B. do volunteer work to help their only children
    C. let their only children make all the decisions alone
    D. set good examples to their only children
    53. Emerson decided to move his elderly mother to a new house because he ___________.
    A. is the only one who cares about her B. doesn't want to leave her alone
    C. wants to share the responsibility with her D. is worried about her safety
    54. It is quite usual now for a working mother to ____________.
    A. spend all her time and money on her only child
    B. be responsible for bringing up her only child
    C. have and bring up only one child
    D. devote all her energy to her job
    55. The main idea of the passage is that ________.
    A. only children are ruined and irresponsible
    B. only children have to face many challenges
    C. most only children want to have brothers and sisters
    D. most only children share their responsibility with their parents
    第四部分 写作(共两节,满分35分)
    第一节 短文改错(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)
    Tulips are among the most popular flower all the time. 56. ________
    They have an incredibly variety of colors and flower shapes. 57. ________
    There are now over 3,000 different registering tulips. Every year 58. ________
    billions of tulips are grown. The majority are exported from Holland. 59. ________
    Most tulips adapted to many different kinds of climates. 60. ________
    The only thing to be careful is to plant them in fairly good soil. If not, 61. ________
    the bulbs(球茎) may rot after they have a chance to establish a root system.62. ________
    Most tulips bloom well for only one and two years. Therefore, you will 63. ________
    probably want to dig up the bulbs and put in new one after two years. 64. ________
    However, some types of tulips do good for several more years. 65. ________
    第二节 书面表达(满分25分)
    最近,你校开展了一次关于转基因食品(genetically modified food—GM food)的讨论, 请你根据以下信息,用英语给某英文刊物写一篇100词左右的短文。

    1-5 CBBAA 6-10 DDCBD 11-15 DDABD 16-20 ACBDA 21-25 BCADD
    26-30 BACBD 31-35 DACBC 36-40 DBBCD 41-45 BDCDA 46-50CCDCA
    51-55 BDDCB
    56. flower→flowers。 57. incredibly→incredible。58. registering→registered。59. √。60. adapted→adapt。61. careful后加of。62. after→before
    63. and→or。 64. one→ones。65. good→well。
    One possible version:
    Recently, the students of our school have had a heated discussion about whether GM food (genetically modified food) is good or bad for us human beings. More than two thousand students took actively part in the discussion in all. More than half of them are in favor of GM food. Among them, 20 percent of the students like GM food because they think that we can produce more food in this way. And 38 percent of the students believe that we can make crops more resistant to drought and insects by changing the genes of the crops. And, almost one third of the students are against GM food. They fear that planting GM crop could cause new environment problems, and eating GM food could be harmful to the health of human beings. In addition, there are ten percent of the students who have no idea about it yet.
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