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Summary:1. —I’ve not heard from Johnson for a long time. —_____ A. What can have happened to him? B. That’s bad news. C. Yes, I miss him very much. D. Don’t be disappointed. 2. M.

  • 1. —I’ve not heard from Johnson for a long time.
    A. What can have happened to him? B. That’s bad news.
    C. Yes, I miss him very much. D. Don’t be disappointed.
    2. Most parents hold a strong view that video games are greatly harmful to teenagers and they _____ the closing of all recreational facilities for such games.
    A. assist B. permit C. advocate D. admit
    3. We _____ the cause of our failure and then decided to do something about it.
    A. measured B. commented C. explained D. analyzed
    4. I’m glad to be here. _____, let me make myself known to you all. My name is Li Yang, not the famous one.
    A. Begin with B. To begin with C. Beginning with D. Begun with
    5. Generally speaking, the present international situation is to our _____.
    A. advantage B. interest C. benefit D. good
    6. Hope Project has prevented hundreds of thousands of students in the rural areas of western and central China from _____ of school.
    A. dropping out B. leaving C. giving up D. falling out
    7. _____ is reported that 99% of school-age children in China _____ attended primary school by 2004.
    A. It; have B. It; had C. As; have D. As; had
    8. We should analyze the work _____ instead of concentrating only on some single parts.
    A. as a whole B. on the whole C. in general D. as a result
    9. Make sure you _____ the same story when you’re questioned a second time.
    A. stick with B. stick to C. stick up D. stick out
    10. Suspected _____ the secret of the university, the three foreign visitors were taken to the local police station.
    A. of stealing B. of having stolen C. to steal D. to have stolen
    11. We haven’t obtained any information _____ why she has left and where she is at present.
    A. for which B. so long as C. so as to D. as to
    12. As the time went by, all the unsettled questions _____ light on in the end.
    A. had thrown B. have been thrown
    C. were thrown D. had been thrown
    13. It was the Chinese people, _____ anyone else, who first had the idea of rocket.
    A. more than B. other than C. rather than D. further than
    14. We must mention to you that acting before thinking always ____ failure.
    A. results in B. results from
    C. is resulted in D. is resulted from
    15. A wise and experienced speaker _____ his speech to suit the interests of the audience.
    A. always adopts B. always adapts
    C. is always adopted D. is always adapted
    第二节 完形填空(共20小题; 每小题1.5分, 满分30分)
    Seventy years ago I was quite a little girl, with an elder brother and a sister. My father was very ill at that time, and my mother 16 sewing of any kind so we could live. She would 17 far into the night with nothing but a dim light and an old sewing machine. Things were very 18 that particular winter. Then a letter came from where her sewing machine was bought, 19 that they would have to pick up her machine the next day unless payments were brought up to 20 . I remember that when she read the letter I became frightened; I could 21 us starving to death and all sorts of things that could come to a child’s 22 . My mother did not appear to be worried, 23 , she seemed to be quite 24 about the matter. Mother said God would not 25 her, and He never had. I couldn’t see how God was going to help us 26 this old sewing machine.
    The day when the men were to come for our only means of 27 , there was a knock at the kitchen door. I was 28 , for I was sure it was those dreadful men. 29 , a nicely-dressed man stood at our door with a darling baby in his arms.
    He asked 30 if she was Mrs. Hill. When she said she was, he said, “I’m in 31 this morning and I’m told that you are an honest and wonderful woman. My 32 was rushed to the hospital this morning, and 33 we have no relatives here, and I must open my dentist office, I have nowhere to 34 my baby. Could you possibly take care of her for a few days?” He continued, “I will pay you 35 .” With this he took out ten dollars and gave it to my mother.
    16. A. took down B. took on C. took up D. took in
    17. A. wash B. sew C. sleep D. talk
    18. A. bad B. sudden C. strange D. rare
    19. A. knowing B. announcing C. stating D. charging
    20. A. date B. day C. time D. age
    21. A. suppose B. picture C. stand D. regret
    22. A. head B. heart C. thought D. mind
    23. A. however B. therefore C. still D. otherwise
    24. A. doubtful B. angry C. sure D. calm
    25. A. fail B. miss C. lose D. drop
    26. A. take B. own C. keep D. hold
    27. A. support B. help C. hope D. pleasure
    28. A. delighted B. puzzled C. frightened D. surprised
    29. A. Instead B. Besides C. Actually D. Finally
    30. A. the picker B. my sister C. my mother D. the baby
    31. A. danger B. trouble C. despair D. loss
    32. A. daughter B. wife C. mother D. partner
    33. A. although B. if only C. since D. even if
    34. A. care B. meet C. attend to D. leave
    35. A. in full B. in advance C. in all D. with cash
    第二部分 阅读理解(共20小题,每小题2分,满分40分)
    A ★
    “When you make peace with yourself, then you can be in peace with the rest of the world. If you can recognize the spirit in yourself, you can recognize the spirit in everyone, and then you find it natural to be kind and well disposed to all. If your thoughts are under your control you become strong and firm. The outer mask of the personality is like a robot programmed to do certain tasks. Your habits and thoughts are the programs. Be free from these programming and then the inner good that resides in you will be shown. Just quieten your feelings and thoughts and try to stay in this peace. All the abilities and powers awaken spontaneously(本能地). You do not work on them directly. They are by-products of your peace of mind. Just try to be calm and do not let yourself be carried away by your thoughts.” said the old man.
    “There is another thing that I am curious about,”said the villager and continued, “You do not seem to be influenced by the environment. You have a kind word to everyone and are helpful. Yet people do not exploit(剥削,不正当的利用) your goodness, and they treat you well.”
    “Goodness and being kind do not necessarily point to weakness. When you are good you can also be strong. People sense your strength and do not impose on you. When you are strong and calm inside, you help people because you can and you want to. Goodness can also go with power and strength; it is not a sign of weakness as some people incorrectly think.”
    “Thank you very much for your advice”, said the villager and went away happily with satisfaction.
    36. In the first paragraph the old man mainly gave some advice on _______.
    A. how to make peace with others
    B. how to recognize the spirit in others
    C. how to be happy, kind and helpful
    D. how to control your feelings and thoughts easily
    37. Which of the following statements is NOT true about the old man?
    A. He took goodness as a sign of weakness.
    B. He always smiled and had a kind word to say when necessary.
    C. People know they could count on him.
    D. He was respected and treated well by people.
    38. The underlined word “They” in the first paragraph refers to _______.
    A. the methods to overcome difficulties
    B. the difficulties to develop good habits
    C. the feelings and thoughts of someone
    D. the abilities and powers to control one’s habits and thoughts
    39. What did the old man talk about at the end of their dialogue?
    A. He was a person who was not influenced by the environment.
    B. Goodness and being kind do not necessarily point to weakness.
    C. If you are not strong and calm inside, don’t try to help others.
    D. Sometimes goodness can go with power and strength.
    B ★ ★
    German and British police expressed delight today at the behaviour of the 60,000 English fans who gathered in Nuremberg for England’s second World Cup match. Despite the number of supporters, there were just 28 arrests, most for low-level offences(罪过).
    The city council has already reconsidered its plans because of the size of England’s travelling support. It had been predicted that 100,000 fans would be in Germany at some point during the match, but that now seems a huge underestimate—70,000 were in Frankfurt and only 10,000 fewer in Nuremberg.
    A new public viewing ground with big screens will be built purely for England fans in Cologne with a capacity of 30,000. England are already guaranteed a place in the last 16 after their 2-0 victory over Trinidad and Tobago(特立尼达和多巴哥), but the Sweden game will help determine whether England play Germany or Ecuador in Munich or Stuttgart next weekend.
    Of the 28 arrests in Nuremberg, 16 fans were arrested at the stadium, some for climbing over security fences in an attempt to see the match. In the city centre there were 12 arrests, including six for assaults, one for being drunk, two for ticket touting and one for selling forged(伪造的) tickets. Most were released yesterday and none is likely to face proceedings in Germany.
    Bars in the centre began emptying by 10.30pm on Thursday as fans caught late trains back to Frankfurt, where many are based for the Cup, and some 52 chartered flights took day-tripping fans back directly to the UK.
    40. The best title of the passage would be _______.
    A. England’s second World Cup match
    B. Police Praise England Fans
    C. The 28 arrests of England Fans
    D. England Fans Make Great Trouble
    41. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage ?
    A. The local police has prepared well for any trouble related to English fans.
    B. England are already guaranteed a place in the last 16 after their defeating Ecuador.
    C. Few of the 28 arrests will be punished in Germany.
    D. Some England fans take a day trip by train or by air.
    42. Which of the following statements is NOT the reason for some fans’ being arrested?
    A. Climbing over security fences at the stadium.
    B. Being drunk in the city centre.
    C. Fighting against the policemen at the stadium.
    D. Selling forged tickets.
    43. Why are England fans paid so much attention to in the World Cup?
    A. Because of their great number.
    B. Because England fans are not welcome in Germany.
    C. Because of the possibility of their making trouble.
    D. Both A and C.
    C ★ ★
    Four-in-ten working dads say they would stay at home and assume the role of Mr. Mom if their spouse or partner earned enough to support their families, according to CareerBuilder.com’s “Working Dads 2006” survey. Fed up with the struggle to balance work and home, 44 percent of working dads say they are willing to take a pay cut to spend more time with their children.
    What’s keeping dad away from the kids? Heavy workloads and demanding schedules are to blame: three-in-ten working dads say they spend less than two hours per day with their children after work; one-in-ten spend less than one hour; and 40 percent of working dads report they bring home work at least once a week.
    From that first bike ride without training wheels to the annual talent show, dads are missing out on their children’s milestones because of work. Fifty-eight percent missed at least one special event in their children’s lives due to work in the last year and 19 percent missed five or more.
    Compared to working moms, CareerBuilder.com found that working dads are experiencing less flexibility(机动性) with their employers. Forty percent of working dads say their companies offer flexible work arrangements, compared to 53 percent of working moms. Eighteen percent of working dads report that work style adjustments have slowed down their career progress, while 72 percent say adjustments have improved or had no impact on their career progress.
    44. What is the best title of the passage?
    A. Almost One Half of Dads Would Be Mr. Mom
    B. “Working Dads 2006” Survey
    C. Spend More Time With Your Children
    D. The Struggle to Balance Work and Home
    45. The underlined phrase “Fed up with” in the first paragraph might be replaced by “_______”.
    A. Interested in B. Tired of
    C. Filled with D. Engaged in
    46. The underlined word “milestones” in the third paragraph probably has the meaning “ _______” in Chinese.
    A. 里程碑 B. 历程标
    C. 转折点 D. 重要事件
    47. It can be inferred from the passage that _______.
    A. working dads are better at looking after children than working moms
    B. most working dads prefer to do housework at home than go out to work
    C. working moms are offered more flexible work arrangements than working dads
    D. most working dads have to work even at home from time to time
    D ★ ★ ★
    A lot of grown-ups worry that spending too much time playing video games isn’t good for a kid’s health.
    But some doctors have noticed that kids who bring their handheld game players to the hospital seem less worried about being there. These patients also seem to experience less pain when they are concentrating on a superhero adventure or a car race.
    At the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center in Balti?鄄more, Maryland, young patients are finding hospital visits easier to deal with, thanks to a test program called the Hospital-based Online Pediatric Environment (HOPE).
    Patients in HOPE have a life-threatening condition where their kidneys(肾) no longer clean wastes from their blood. To get their blood cleaned, these kids must be hooked up to dialysis (pronounced dye-AL-uh-sis) machines at the hospital three times a week, for at least three hours each time.
    HOPE allows kids to play online sports, racing, and adventure games with each other. Eventually they will be able to connect with kids in other hospitals who are undergoing the same procedure(程序).
    “We want to use the power of the Internet to bring together kids who feel they are isolated by their illness, and let them know they are not alone,”said Arun Mathews, the doctor who heads the program. He loves video games himself and has got the idea to connect kids all over the country.
    Many researchers elsewhere are testing video programs that might help young patients. For example, nine-year-old Ben Duskin of San Francisco, California, who was struggling with cancer helped to design a video game where players get rid of cancer cells.
    That’s all great news, because doctors already know that reducing pain and worry helps patients cure faster.
    48. The best title for the passage might be _______.
    A. Video Games and Young Patients
    B. Video Games May Help Relieve Pain
    C. New Discovery about Video Games
    D. The Advantage and Disadvantage of Video Games
    49. The underlined word “isolated” in the sixth paragraph can be replaced by “_______” .
    A. separated B. controlled
    C. conquered D. caused
    50. The author’s main purpose in writing the passage is to show _______.
    A. video games are very popular with sick kids
    B. young patients are encouraged to play video games
    C. playing video games is beneficial under certain conditions
    D. parents should care about children’s interest
    51. Playing online video games could NOT help young patients _______.
    A. experience less pain
    B. connect with kids in other hospitals
    C. know they are not alone
    D. design video games
    E ★ ★ ★
    Africa’s rivers face dramatic disruption(中断) that will leave a quarter of the continent severely short of water by the end of the century, according to a global warming study published today.
    The study, which appears in the journal Science today, is the first to identify how Africa’s rivers will respond to climate change over the century. The extent to which slight changes in rainfall could impact(冲击) on rivers had never been realized.
    The researchers used a computer to divide the continent into 1,000km wide squares (about 620 miles) and worked out the total length of streams and rivers in each block. They used climate to change models to calculate the expected changes in rainfall across the continent and the effect they would have on river levels. The scientists found that in 75% of the countries, those that received between 400mm and 1,000mm of rain a year, shifts in rainfall caused larger than expected rises or falls in river levels. In Harare a 10% drop in rainfall is expected to lead to an 81% drop in fresh water from rivers, a situation the scientists believe will be mirrored in Madagascar, eastern Zambia and Angola.
    South Africa, which is experiencing a long-drawn-out drought, can expect far less water from the Orange river. A 10% fall in rain over Johannesburg and Bloemfontein will lead to a 70% drop in river levels.
    The study predicts rain will increase over east Africa. Climate change is expected to bring 10% more rain to Tanzania before the end of the century, increasing water course levels by 136%, while Somalia faces a 20% rise in rainfall, leading to more than a 1,000% increase in the water it receives from waterways. However, increased rainfall could lead to more standing water, more mosquitoes, and widespread malaria.
    52. How many African countries are referred to in the passage?
    A. 5 B. 6 C. 7 D. 8
    53. Researchers did a lot of work in their study EXCEPT _______.
    A. dividing the continent into 1,000km wide squares by using computer
    B. working out the total length of streams and rivers in each block
    C. calculating the expected changes in rainfall across the continent
    D. working hard to prevent global warming
    54. According to the passage, which of the following statements is TRUE?
    A. The relationship between shifts in rainfall and river levels has been studied by people.
    B. A 10% drop in rainfall will lead to a 70%—81% drop in fresh water from rivers in Africa.
    C. It is believed that global warming will cause serious river crisis in Africa.
    D. The rise in rainfall will benefit east Africa a lot.
    55. What might be the most suitable title for the passage?
    A. Forecast shows Africa to face river crisis
    B. The effect of global warming
    C. Lack of water in Africa
    D. Rainfall and river level
    第三部分 写作(共两节,满分35分)
    第一节 短文改错 (共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)
    I thought that some of my study habits are ideal for the type of learner 56. ____
    I am. I really enjoy the group and pair work exercises that we do in the 57. ____
    class and I think that I can remember a great number of the information 58. ____
    we have discussed. In a similarly way I often discuss my biology lessons 59. ____
    with my grandfather, because he is very interested in the natural world, 60. ____
    and as a result it is one of my best subject. Listening to tapes and talking 61. ____
    things through with classmates are effective tools for my person style 62. ____
    of learning.
    However, in another subjects I am less successful, particularly when 63. ____
    we have to do individual study projects. When I am tried to read I can 64. ____
    hear everything going on around me and I find it hard to concentrate the 65. ____
    words on the page.

    第二节 书面表达 (满分25分) 下面六幅图片是Alice在星期二早晨的经历。请根据图片所提供的信息和短语提示用英语写一篇短文。

    2.短文词数为100词左右(开头的句子已给出,但不计入总词数)。短语提示:wake up forget to bring one of her books a heavy traffic jam run to school in the rain ask for her homework leave her bag on the busIt was a Tuesday morning. Alice was too tired to get up because she had stayed up late the night before.Key:1-5 ACDBA 6-10 ABABB 11-15 DCCAB 16-20 DBACA 21-25 BDADA26-30 CACAC 31-35 BBCDB 36-40 CADBB 41-45 ACDAB 46-50 DCBAC 51-55 DBDCA56. thought→think。 57. 去掉第二个the。 58. number→deal。 59. similarly→similar。 60. √。 61. subject→subjects。 62. person→personal。 63. another→other。64. tried→trying。 65. concentrate后加on。书面表达(略)
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