Unit 10 The World around us
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Summary:一、翻译 1、砍倒______________________ 2、不再__________________ 3、搜寻、追猎 ______________ 4、在危险之中_____________ 5、灭绝 ___________ 6、濒危动物_________ 7.

  • 一、翻译
    1、砍倒______________________ 2、不再__________________
    3、搜寻、追猎 ______________ 4、在危险之中_____________
    5、灭绝 ___________ 6、濒危动物_________
    7、想起__________ 8、充当、担任___________
    9、轮流 ____________ 10、由于(2个)___________
    二 选择
    1. The sick man ’s life had been____, but now he was_______.
    A. in danger, out of danger B. in the danger , out of the danger
    C. in dangerous, out of dangers D. in a danger, out of a danger
    2. Many kind of animals are faced with the danger of ______
    A. dying out B. dying of C. dying for D. dying from
    3. He is seriously ill and _____write.
    A. can’t no longer B. can’t any longer C. can no longer D. can’t no more
    4. Our teacher, Mr Brown , has a very old camera. He often lets us______ it, taking pictures here and there.
    A. make turns to use B. takes turn using
    C. makes turns using D. take turns using
    5. -- Could you please introduce me to the director?
    -- Sorry, I don’t _____ him, either. I just_____ him.
    A. know, know B. know of, know C. know, know of D. know of , know of
    6. _______ money has been spent on the books, the total cost_____ 2300 yuan.
    A. The number of , is added up to B. A great many, is
    C. A great deal of, adds to D. A lot of, adds up to
    7. ---What makes you so worried?
    A. Because of my weight B. For I have lost some weight
    C. Putting on weight D. Because I have put on weight
    8. If we want to have a bright future, we must learn to act in ways _____ do not harm other living things.
    A. in which B. that C. | D. how
    9. Many people came to the meeting , of whom ____ left early.
    A. number B. the numbers C. the number D. a number
    10. There are only ten minutes_______. Maybe I couldn’t finish the composition.
    A. going B. leaving C. to go D. to leave
    11. His carelessness _____to this accident.
    A. led B. caused C. because of D. made
    12. Can you tell us the way you think ____ out the experience better?
    A. of to carry B. of carrying C. carrying D. in order to carry
    13. Sarah, hurry up. I am afraid you wouldn’t have time to _____ before the party.
    A. get changed B. get change C. get changing D. get to change

    The world of the outdoors is full of secrets. And they are so interesting that quite a lot of people are busy studying them. All around us are birds, animals, trees and flowers. The facts about how they live and grow are as interesting as anything could be.
    Do you know that one of the great presidents of the USA spent hours and hours studying birds? A business who lives near New York city became so interested in insects that he began to collect them. He now has more than one thousand different kinds carefully kept in glass boxes.
    Come then with me, and I will help you find some of Nature’s secrets. Let us go quietly through the woods and fields. Here we shall find how a rabbit tells the other rabbits that there is danger. We shall follow a mother bear and her young ones as they search for food and get ready for winter sleep. We shall watch bees dancing in the air to let other bees know where they can find food. I will show you many other interesting things, but the best thing that I can teach you is to keep your eyes and ears open when you go out of doors. Nature tells her secrets only to people who look and listen carefully.
    1. _____________ are being studied by a great number of people.
    A. The secrets of nature B. Animals’ life
    C. The sight of the country D. The use of the wild plants
    2. People are more interested in the living and growing of _________ .
    A. flowers and birds B. animals and trees
    C. bees and flowers D. plants and animals
    3. ___________ has collected over 1,000 different kinds of insects.
    A. One of the presidents of the USA B. A scientist in Australia
    C. A businessman who lives near New York city
    D. A common teacher who teaches at a senior middle school
    4. All animals have their own ____________ .
    A. successful performance B. dangerous case
    C. special “language” D. pop music
    5. If you want to know more about nature, you must _________ when you go out of doors.
    A. research carefully B. look and listen carefully
    C. look out D. write carefully

    Unit 10 The World around us
    Part 2 Reading
    出题人 陈慧珍 审题人 吴陈婉 Name____________
    一 句型转换:
    1. A. Do you know any other endangered animals besides pandas?
    B. Do you know any other animals ,_______ ________ _______ ______ besides pandas?
    2. A. The teacher asked the students to answer his questions in turn.
    B. The teacher asked the students to ______ _______ _______ his question.
    3. A. Steve says he will take us to visit the Green Park in Birmingham.
    B. Steve says he will take us _______ ______ ________of the Green Park in Birmingham.
    4. A. There are different reasons why a species can become endangered.
    B. A species can become endangered _______ ________ _________.
    5. A. This medicine can keep you from putting on weight.
    B. This medicine can ______ _______putting on weight.

    二 选择
    1. Tommy didn’t attend the meeting; _______, he failed to come.
    A. after all B. that is C. first of all D. all the same
    2. What measures are being _____to stop the children playing computer games in your school?
    A. given B. done C. made D. taken
    3. “ It doesn’t matter to me whether you go or stay.” The word “ matter” means ______.
    A. make any difference B. care C. important D. be useful
    4. ______ to take this adventure course will certainly learn a lot of useful skills.
    A. Brave enough students B. Enough brave students
    C. Students brave enough D. Students enough brave
    5. In the chemistry lab, you must listen to your teacher and do ______he or she tells you to.
    A. it B. which C. that D. as
    6. Having settled in that remote area, the young man quickly _______to the harsh weather there.
    A. adept B. adopted C. adapted D. adored
    7. Allen had to call a taxi because the box was _______to carry all the way home.
    A. much too heavy B. too much heavy C. heavy too much D. too heavy much
    8.Eating good breakfast keeps you ______ for the rest of the day.
    A. alone B. asleep C. alive D. living
    9. -----Is that the ______painting by Pablo Picasso?
    -----No, it is a copy.
    A. original B. unusual C. earliest D. ordinary
    三 阅读
    Millions of years ago dinosaurs lived on the earth. In the days of dinosaurs the whole earth was warm and wet. There were green forests and they could find enough to eat. Later, parts of the earth became cold and dry, and the forests there died. Then dinosaurs could not find enough to eat. This must be one reason why dinosaurs died out.
    We can guess another reason. New kinds of animals came on the earth. Some had big brains and were fast and strong. They could kill dinosaurs.
    There may be other reasons that we don’t know about yet. Scientists are trying to make more discoveries about dinosaurs.
    Dinosaurs were of many sizes and shapes. Some were as small as chicken , while some were about 90 feet long.
    There were also terrible fights between dinosaurs. They might have happened more than 100 million years ago. Though there was no man to see any of the fights, we can be told by the animals’ footprints that fight did take place.
    1. According to the passage, dinosaurs did exist only________ on the earth.
    A. for millions of years B. millions of years ago
    C. more than 100 millions years ago D. when it was warm and wet somewhere
    2. One reason why dinosaurs died out is that__________
    A. there were too many dinosaurs B. parts of the earth became cold and dry
    C. the dead forests there could not supply them with enough food
    D. they couldn’t find enough to eat
    3. We can see from this passage_____________
    A. scientists are trying to make some dinosaurs
    B. dinosaurs are dangerous enough
    C. dinosaurs are worth studying
    D. scientists know nothing about dinosaurs
    4.The terrible fights can be explained by_______-
    A. footprints of the animals B. imagination
    C. rocks and forests D. dinosaurs eggs
    四 改错
    At one time American cut trees wildly. In 1620 1.__________________
    about half of the USA were covered by forests and by 2.__________________
    1850 one third of the forests had been almost disappeared 3__________________
    with a lot of good land. Today ,too much trees are 4__________________
    still been cut throughout the world. To keep the balance 5._________________
    of the nature, China built a “ Great Green Wall” 6__________________
    of millions trees across its northern part in the 1970’s, 7__________________
    it stops the wind blowing the earth away and the land 8__________________
    moved towards the rich farm land in the south. 9_________________
    More and more good land appears every year. 10_________________

    Unit 10 The World around us
    Part 3 Word study&Grammer
    出题人 陈慧珍 审题人 吴陈婉
    1. The bird is so _______that we can find it everywhere.
    A. common B. rare C. little D. usual
    2. Deer ____ animals which feed on grass, and the milu deer ____being protected well in China.
    A. are, are B. is, is C. is, are D. are, is
    3. We all respect our headmaster, because she ______what’s happening to us.
    A. cares about B. cares C. takes care of D. cares of
    4. She ______ experiments, and she has no time for films.
    A. devoted to do B. devotes all her time to doing
    C. devoting to doing D. is devoted to do
    5. His uncle was _____free finally.
    A. to set B. set C. being set D. setting
    6. –Where is my umbrella? I can’t find it.
    --You are sure to find it _____you left it.
    A. which B. where C. there D. the place where
    7. I hunted everywhere _____ a nice house for my family, but I failed.
    A. in B. out C. on D. for
    8. The report about the flood surprised all __________
    A. the people present B. the present people
    C. the people who present D. presented people
    9. The teacher told us ___________.
    A. the earth goes around the sun B. the earth went around the sun
    C. the earth had gone around the sun D. the earth go around the sun
    10. It is said in Australia that there is more land than the government knows ________.
    A. it what to do with B. what to do it with
    C. what to do with it D. to do what with it
    11. The boy’s mother asked him what _________with his finger.
    A. was the matter B. the matter was C. was the wrong D. wrong was
    12. Li Ping said he ______ to London _______.
    A. had never gone, ago B. has never been, ago
    C. has never been, before D. had never been, before
    13. It is very cold outside and _____ the window.
    A. not open B. not to open C. to not open D. don’t open
    14. Your success depends on _____ you do and ____ you do it.
    A. what, how B. how , what C. what, what D. how, how

    二 完型填空
    Here in Alaska, the wolf almost disappeared a few years ago, because hunters were killing hundreds of them for sport,__1___ ,laws were passed to protect the wolves from sportsman and people _2___catch the animals for their_3___. So the wolf population has greatly_4___. Now there are so many wolves that they are__5___ their own food __6____.
    A wolf naturally lives on animals in the __7___family. People there also hunt deer for __8____.Many of the animals have been___9__ by the very cold winters recently and by changes in the __10___life there. When the deer can’t find _11____ food, they die.
    If the wolves__12___ to kill large numbers of deer, the deer will__13__ some day. And the wolves ,too. So we must__14__ the cycle(循环) of life there. If we kill more wolves, we would _15___ them from starving. We also save deer and some __16__ animals.
    In another northern state, wolves attack __17__ and chickens for food. Farmers_18___ the USA government to send a team of _19____ to study the problem . They believe it is _20____ to kill wolves in some areas and to protect them in places where there is a small population.
    1. A. But B. Although C. However D. So
    2. A. whose B. when C. who D. whom
    3. A. skin B. wool C. meat D. fur
    4. A. increased B. reduced C. improved D. changed
    5. A. killing B. using C. eating D. destroying
    6. A. supply B. animal C. store D. factory
    7. A. hunter B. deer C. farmer D. wolf
    8. A. joy B. skin C. food D. safety
    9. A. killed B. harmed C. hunted D. protected
    10. A. area B. wolf C. animal D. plant
    11. A. much B. good C. enough D. fresh
    12. A. stop B. continue C. remain D. allow
    13. A. disappear B. die C. reduce D. come
    14. A. find out B. use C. change D. care for
    15. A. save B. have C. help D. make
    16. A. the other B. others C. another D. other
    17. A. deer B. tigers C. eggs D. cows
    18. A. force B. plan C. want D. order
    19. A. scientists B. soldier C. hunters D. doctors
    20. A. true B. necessary C. wrong D. natural

    Unit 10 The World around us
    Part 4 Integrating Skills
    出题人 陈慧珍 审题人 吴陈婉
    1. 列出清单____________________ 2.捡起垃圾_________________
    3 代替 ______________ 4. 扔掉____________________
    5 环境问题 _______________ 6. 最终成为_______________
    7 向 、、、学习 _______________ 8人类______________________
    9 有用的资源 _______________ 10 总数,总计_______________
    1.He joined the firm as an office boy, but he gained rapid promotion , and _____ a director.
    A. ended up B. ended up in C. ended up with D. ended up as
    2. Her son, ______ she had been devoted, was living abroad.
    A. whom B. to whom C. in whom D. who
    3. Before they moved to New York, they _____ everything they didn’t want to take with them.
    A. threw away B. took away C. picked up D. ended up
    4. ________ you have done might do great harm to other students.
    A. What B. Whether C. That D. How
    5. He is full of ___, he always stays up late doing his research work.
    A. energy B. power C. source D. habits
    6. – Where ______ the recorder? I can’t see it anywhere.
    -- I ____ it right here. But now it’s gone!
    A. did you put, have put B. have you put, put
    C. had you put, was putting D. were you putting, have put
    7. As a(n)_________ language, English is hard to learn.
    A. alive B. live C. living D. lovely
    8. When the habitat_____ a species is changed, the animals has to adapt___ the change.
    A. of, to B. to, by C. on, in D. for, to
    9. We may take measures _____ it is too late.
    A. before B. after C. until D. when
    10. I don’t care________ the expense , I want the party to be a real success.
    A. about B. of C. in D. with
    11. The price of this washing machine has been increased _________15%.
    A. in B. about C. to D. by
    12. The purpose of new technology is to make life easier, _______ it more difficult.
    A. not make B. not to make C. not making D. do not make
    1970 was World Conservation Year. The United Nations wanted everyone to know that the world is in danger. They hoped that government would act quickly in order to conserve nature.
    Here is one example of the problem. At one time there were 1,300 different plants, trees and flowers in Holland but now only 866 remain. The others have been destroyed by modern man and his technology . We are changing the earth, the air and water, and everything that grows and lives. We cant’ live without these things. If we continue like this, we shall destroy ourselves.
    What will happen in the future? Maybe it is more important to ask , “What must we do now?” The people who will be living in the world of tomorrow are the young of today. A lot of them know that conservation is necessary. Many are helping to save our world. They plant trees, build bridges across rivers in forests, and so on. In a small town in the United States a large group of girls cleaned the banks of 11 kilometers of their river. Young people may hear about conservation through a record called “ No one’s going to change our world.” It was made by the Beatles, Cliff Richard and other singers. The money from it will help to conserve wild animals.
    1. There are fewer plants, trees and flowers in Holland now because_______
    A. There has been a lot of conservation in Holland.
    B. Holland does not need so many plants, trees and flowers
    C. Many trees ,plants and flowers do not grow there any more.
    D. Some plants, trees and flowers are dangerous.
    2. We shall destroy ourselves if we don’t change_____
    A. the United Nations B. modern technology
    C. our rivers and forests D. the government of Holland
    3. “No one’s going to change our world.” Means__________
    A. and important book published in 1970.
    B. an idea that nobody would accept
    C. a record calling al people to converse nature
    D. a rule worked out by the United Nations
    4. What is the most important thing for us to do to save our world?
    A. We should plant more trees and flowers
    B. We should clean the banks of our rivers.
    C. We should know what will happen in the future.
    D. We should know what we must do and begin to do now.
    5. What is the main idea of the passage?
    A. 1970 was World Conservation Year.
    B. The United Nations wanted everyone to know that the world is in danger.
    C. Conservation is necessary.
    D. It is young people who are helping to save our world.

    Keys to the exercises
    Part 1
    1. cut down 2. no longer\not ..any longer 3. hunt for 4. in danger
    5. die out 6. endangered animals 7. think of 8. act as
    9. take turns 10. as a result of\because of
    1. which are in danger 2. take turns answering 3. on a tour 4. for different reasons 5. stop\prevent you 5. help\make...put
    1. animals 2. was 3. 去been 4 many 5. being 6. 去 the 7. of 8. which 9. moving 10 对
    Part 3
    Part 4
    1.make a list 2.pick up rubbish 3.instead of 4. throw away 5.environmental problems 6.end up as
    7.learn from 8. human beings 9.useful resource 10. the total number of
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