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Summary:C) To be wellinformed.D) Because he always wastes his time.2. A) The food spoiled.B) The group was shameful.C) The weather was bad.D) The program director wanted to have it on another day.3. A.

  • C) To be wellinformed.D) Because he always wastes his time.2. A) The food spoiled.B) The group was shameful.C) The weather was bad.D) The program director wanted to have it on another day.3. A) He wanted Mary to come, but she couldn’t.B) He invited Mary to the party.C) He didn’t invite Mary to the party.D) He didn’t want to have a party because of business.4. A) No one knows how Mary gets to work.B) She doesn’t think the record player works.C) She throws the old record away.D) It’s surprising that Mary could repair the record player.5. A) 12∶15. B) 1∶00.C) 1∶10. D) 12∶30.6. A) The woman doesn’t like orange juice.B) The woman didn’t come to see Everett.C) The man was in a car crash this morning.D) The man broke the container of juice.7. A) $ 39. B) $ 35.C) $ 4. D) $ 5.8. A) Next year.B) Soon.C) When he finishes writing.D) After he visits her.9. A) Air plane. B) Bus.C) Subway. D) Car.10.A) A traffic guard. B) A sociologist.C) A student. D) A salesperson.
    Section BPassage OneQuestions 11 to 14 are based on the following passage: 11.A) He thought that he would either find a good job or he would be a thief.B) He said that he would become rich by way of robbing the bank.C) He said that he could rob the rich of their money.D) He might be rich if he worked harder.12.A) Because he had a letter of thanks.B) Because he feared that he might be killed if he refusedC) Because he gave him a demand note.D) Because he showed him a cheque payable at sight.13.A) The raid had been photographed by hidden cameras.B) Some watchman had seen the raid.C) The bank teller proved that Joe was the robber.D) Some monitors had been installed nearby.14.A) Funny. B) Clever. C) Brave. D) Stupid.Passage TwoQuestions 15 to 17 are based on the following passage: 15.A) How John Milton Wrote Paradise Lost.B) How John Milton Became a Poet.C) How John Milton Studied Latin.D) How John Milton Became Famous.16.A) It had a strange accent.B) It was difficult to understand.C) It had a strong Italian accent.D) It was easy to understand.17.A) He was wellknown in the world.B) He was very strange.C) He was clever and hard working.D) He was quick at Latin and poems.
    Passage ThreeQuestions 18 to 20 are based on the following passage: 18.A) Films provided more melodrama.B) Films provided longer programs.C) Films provided emotional appeal.D) Films provided greater spectacles.19.A) They were silent.B) They didn’t tell a complete story.C) They were too expensive.D) They were too short.20.A) The world war Ⅰ.B) The fact that films were less expensive.C) The fact that films were silent.D) The fact that films were shorter.
    Section A1. W: You spend all of your time reading books. How do you expect to be well-informed if you never read a newspaper?M: It’s my opinion that reading the newspaper is a waste of time. A famous man once said that newspaper separate what is important from what is not important and then print that which is not important.Q: Why should the man read newspapers according to the woman?2. M: The program director said that we’d have to postpone the outing until Saturday because of inclement weather.W: It’s a shame because all the food has already been ordered and will probably spoil.Q: Why was the outing postponed?3. W: There is a table for eight over there. I think Tom should have invited Mary to the party, don’t you?M: It’s none of our business. If Tom had wanted to invite her, he would have.Q: What did the woman say about Tom?4. M: I was surprised to see Mary using that record player you were going to throw away.W: Yes. It is very old. That she got it to work amazes me.Q: What does the woman mean?5. W: Don’t take too long at the snack bar. It’s a quarter after 12.M: It’s OK. We have 45 minutes before the plane leaves.Q: What time is their departure scheduled?6. W: I just made up a quart of orange juice this morning, and now I can’t find it anywhere. Do you know what happened to it?M: Did you hear a crash earlier? That was it. I’m just as clumsy as ever.Q: What is the problem?7. M: I’d like to exchange this green table cloth that I bought last week for the red one.W: Let’s see now. The red one is only $10.95, and the green one was $15.Q: Approximately how much money does the clerk owe the man?8. W: I’ll invite you to our country house as soon as I finish my thesis.M: At the rate you write, that may be next year.Q: When is he invited?9. M: Can we travel to New York together?W: Certainly. I’ll pick you up at 2∶00 and we should arrive in New York by 5∶00 is the traffic isn’t too heavy.Q: What means of transportation are the man and the woman using?10.W: I’m looking for a textbook for my sociology course, It’s called American Society at the Crossroads. Do you have it?M: Yes, we do. You’ll find it in section 24, on the topshelf.Q: What’s the woman’s occupation probably?
    Section BPassage OneJoe Smith had been brought up in an orphanage. He envied people who were rich and decided that when he grew up he could make a lot of money.Unfortunately, Jee was not clever and he failed all his school exams. “I will either have to find a good job or I will have to become a thief.” Jue said to himself. He know he would never find on wellpaid job.For several months Jue watched a bank out of town. He noticed when it had the fewest customers. He watched, waited and planned. One afternoon he found that only two tellers were on duty there. “I will either suceed and be very rich or fail and go to prison.” said Joe. He was willing to take the risk.Then he watched in and pushed a demand note over the counter. The teller read it, turned pale and quietly opened a small safe behind him. He took out $50,000 and placed the bank notes in Joe’s open bag. Then Joe ran as fast as he could.That night Joe had to bury money in case the police caught him. He chose a deserted piece of land near the house, he was glad when the money was safely hidden in the round.The next day he was woken by bangs or his door. He answered and there came two policeman. “Joseph Smith, you are under arrest for robbing a bank!”Joe protested in vain. The bank had hidden cameras and the whole raid had been photographed. Joe was caught and into prison.Ten years later Joe was set free. He made sure no one was following him and quickly make his way to the spot where he had buried the money.Neither happiness nor money waited for him, however. A big building had been built on the site.11. By what means did Joe think he could become rich?12. Why do you think the teller gave Joe the money?13. How were the police able to prove that Joe had robbed the bank?14. Which of the following adjectives can be used to descibe Joe?Passage TwoWhen John Wilton, writer of Paradise Lost, entered Cambridge University in 1625, he was already skilled in Latin after seven years of studying it as his second language at St. Paul’s school, London, like all English boys who prepared for college in grammar school, he had learned not only to read Latin but also to speak and write it fluently and correctly. His pronunciation of Latin was English, however, and seemed to have sounded strange to his friends when he later visited Italy.Schoolboys gained their skill in Latin the hard way. They memorized rules to make learning by heart easier. They first made a wordforword translation and then an idiomatic translation into English. As they increased their skill, they translated their English back into Latin without referring to the book and ther compared their translation with the original. The school master was always at hand to encourage them. All schoolmasters believed Latin should be beaten in.After several years of study, the boys began to write compositions in imitation of the Latin writers they read. And as they bagan to read Latin poems, they began to write poems in Latin. Because Milton was already a poet at ten, his poems were much better than those painfully put together by other boys. During the seven years Milton spent at the university, he made constant use of his command of Latin. He wrote some excellent Latin poems which he published among his works in 1645.15. Which of the following is the best title for the passage?16. Which of the following is true of John Milton’s pronunciation of Latin?17. What kind of man would you say John Mitton was?Passage ThreeUp to about 1915, movies were short and pragrams were made up of several works. Then, D.U. Griffith and others began to make longer films which provided the same powerful emotional appeal as did melodrama and presented spectacles far beyond what the theater could after. Consequently, after world war Ⅰ increasing numbers of spectators deserted the theater for the movies. This trend was accelerated in the late 1920’s as a result of two new elements. In 1927 sound was added to the previously silent film, and thus one of the theater’s principal claims to superiority vanished. In 1929 a serious economic depression began. Since audiences could go to the movies for a fraction of what it cost to see a play, theater going became a luxury which few could afford, especially as the depression deepened.By the end of world war Ⅱ, the American theater had been reduced to about thirty theaters in New York city and a small number of touring companies originating there.18. Why did movies do better than theater?19. Up to the 1920’s, what was one objection to the films?20. What made people choose the movie over the theater?
    答案与详解Part ⅠSection A1. 【答案】C。【试题分析】本题应排除干扰,注意问题。【详细解答】女士对男士说“你把时间都花在读书上,如果你不读报纸,你怎么会知道发生了什么事?”而问题是“根据女士所讲男士为什么应该读报纸?”很明显,不管男士讲什么都与本题无关,重要的是女士讲什么,由此可知正确答案为C。2. 【答案】C。【试题分析】因果关系题。【详细解答】男士说道“我们不得不推迟外出,因为天气很恶劣”,关键词是inclement weather 由此可知答案为C。3. 【答案】C。【试题分析】暗示与推理题。【详细解答】女士对男士说道“汤姆本应该邀请玛丽来参加派对。”关键部分是过去虚拟语气 should have invited Mary to the party. 由此可知,实际上答案C才是对的。4. 【答案】D。【试题分析】暗示与推理题。【详细解答】女士提道“她能让那台录音机工作,这令我感到很意外。”此句就暗示了答案为D。5. 【答案】B。【试题分析】本题测试数字计算和时间的表达法。【详细解答】对话中提到两个时间12∶15和45 minutes,由此可知答案为B。6. 【答案】D。【试题分析】暗示与推理题。【详细解答】女士找不到她早上做的一夸脱橙汁,男士讲到“你刚才有没有听到一声碰撞声,我总是那么笨手笨脚的。”关键部分是a crash 和as clumsy as ever,由此可知正确答案为D。7. 【答案】C。【试题分析】本题测试数字演算和价格表达法。【详细解答】红色的桌布是10.95美元,而绿色的才是15美元,两者差价在4.05美元,由此可知正确答案为C。8. 【答案】C。【试题分析】事实题。【详细解答】女士提到“我一做完论文就邀请你去我家”,由此可知C为正确答案,而男士的话则是干扰项。9. 【答案】D。【试题分析】暗示与推理题。【详细解答】关键部分是pick you up 由此可知正确答案为D。10.【答案】C。【试题分析】暗示与推理题。【详细解答】本题的关键词是textbook,由此可知正确答案为C。Section BPassage One内容概要:乔. 史密斯在孤儿院长大,他自小就羡慕有钱人,决心长大了挣些钱,因为他不够聪明,不能找到一份收入不错的工作,所以他决心抢银行,他真的从银行抢了5万美金,并将钱藏到家附近的荒地,他也因为银行的摄像机拍下他抢银行而被捕入狱,十年后出狱时,他去自己当年藏钱的地方却发现那里已盖起了大楼。11.【答案】A。【试题分析】因果关系题。【详细解答】文中提到“I will either have to find a good job or I will have to become a thief.”由此可知,正确答案为A。12.【答案】B。【试题分析】暗示与推理题。【详细解答】文中有这样的句子“The teller...turned pale and quietly opened a small safe behind him.”可知正确答案为B。13.【答案】A。【试题分析】暗示与推理题。【详细解答】根据文中的句子“The bank had hidden cameras and the whole raid had been photographed.”由此可知A是正确的。14.【答案】D。【试题分析】暗示与推理题。【详细解答】Joe 为了赚大钱想到抢银行,Joe 将钱藏到荒地,由此可知他是很笨,答案D是正确的。Passage Two内容概要:约翰?弥尔顿,《失乐园》的作者,当他1625年进入剑桥大学学习时,他的拉丁文已经很不错了,他那时已学了7年的拉丁文,只是他的发音有些英语味。15.【答案】C。【试题分析】暗示与推理题。【详细解答】文中从头到尾讲述是学习拉丁文,因此选项C是最佳答案。16.【答案】A。【试题分析】事实题,推理判断题。【详细解答】文中提到“His pronunciation of Latin was English, however, and seemed to have sounded strange to his friends when he later visited Italy.”由此可以判断最佳选择是A。17.【答案】D。【试题分析】事实判断题。【详细解答】文中提到的两件事,首先“He was skilled in Latin”其次是“He was already a poet at ten”据此可知正确答案为D。Passage Three内容概要:大约到1915年电影仍然很短。于是Griffith 开始拍长一些的电影,这些电影一样有震撼人心的吸引力,而且有剧院没有的景致。因此,一战后,越来越多的人选择电影,当有声电影出现时,剧院的优势没有了。1929年经济大萧条时,电影院低廉的价格吸引更多人,而上剧院成了一种奢侈。18.【答案】D。【试题分析】事实判断题。【详细解答】文中提到“presented spetacles far beyond what the theater could offer”. 由此可知,答案D是正确的。19.【答案】A。【试题分析】暗示与推理题。【详细解答】文中提到“In 1927 sound was added to the previously silent film.”由此可知,选项D是正确的。20. 【答案】B。【试题分析】暗示与推理题。【详细解答】根据文中句子“Since audience could go to the movies for a fraction of what it cost to see a play, theater going became a luxury which fews could afford.”由此可知,选项B是最佳答案
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