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Summary:C. No,it’s often hot and dry in autumn here.( ) 2. A. By listening to pop music. B. By reading the notebook.C. By watching football games.( ) 3. A Yes, I disagree. B. No, I agree. C.

  • C. No,it’s often hot and dry in autumn here.( ) 2. A. By listening to pop music. B. By reading the notebook.C. By watching football games.( ) 3. A Yes, I disagree. B. No, I agree. C. No, I don’t.( ) 4.A. Speaking. B. I am Lucy. C. This is Lucy.( ) 5. A. I don’t think so B. Thank you, I will. C. Really?( ) 6.A. Because some songs are too long. B. Because it’s “Country Road”.C. Because the music is great and you can dance to it.第二节、对话理解。根据你听到的对话和问题,从A、 B、 C三个选项中选出正确的答案。(每小题1分,共6分)( ) 7. A. 68705487. B. 68704587. C. 68704586. ( ) 8. A. Because he is sad B. Because he’s on birthday today and he’s very happy.C. Because he got a lot of money( ) 9. A. She wants to go to the zoo. B. She wants to help the pandas. C. She wants to help the monkeys. ( ) 10. A In the street. B. In the classroom. C. In hospital. ( ) 11. A. At the age of three. B. When she was four. C. At the age of five. ( ) 12. A. Giving a job advertisement. B. Talking about job finding. C. Reading to people at the hospital.第三节、短文理解。根据你听到的短文内容,回答相应的问题,从A、 B、 C三个选项中选出正确的答案。( 每小题2分,共18分)听第一段短文,听完后回答第13—16小题。 ( ) 13. Zhang Liangying was______ “Supper Girl” to visit Hong Kong. A. the second B. first C. last( ) 14.The cocktail (鸡尾酒)party was held on ________ in _______.A. Tuesday, Hong Kong B. Tuesday, Beijing C. Friday, Hongkong( ) 15. Was Zhang the only Chinese inland pop star to go on the red carpet? A. I don’t know the other stars. B. Yes, she was more famous. C. No, she wasn’t.( ) 16. How many persons were mentioned to star in the musical, Movie sons?A. Two. B. Three. C. Four.听第二段短文,听完后回答第17—21小题。( ) 17.The passage is asking you to plan your vocation to ___________.A. London B. Pairs C. Berlin ( ) 18. Pairs doesn’t have any beaches or mountains, does it? A. Yes, it does B. No, it doesn’t C. We don’t know( ) 19.Which of the following transportations is quite convenient if you travel around Pairs?A. Take a subway. B. Take a taxi. C. Take a bus.( ) 20 .Shopping in France is expensive except A. clothes B. shoes C. wine( ) 21.According to the passage which of the following is Not TRUE A. France is a very expensive place.B. Most people in France don’t like speaking English.C. Eiffel Tower, White House and Notre Dame cathedral are fantastic sights in France.基础知识运用 (75分)II. 单项选择(每小题1分,共20分)( ) 22. He found learning English difficult because the teacher’s was poor.A . pronounce B. pronunciation C. noise D. voice( ) 23. He’s never been to Japan, ______? A. hasn’t he B. has he C. is he D. isn’t he( ) 24. They stay at home and read a book than go sightseeing. A. would like B. preferred C. would rather D. will like( ) 25. It’s eight o’clock in the evening, but the farmers are ______ working in the field. A. yet B. still C. ever D. already( ) 26. ---- Bill has finished his homework. ---- _________________. A. So does Mary B. Nor does Mary C. Neither has Mary. D. So has Mary( ) 27. Your hair is too long. You should have it ______ tomorrow. A. cutting B. to cut C. cut D. cuts( ) 28. ---What’s the population ______ the city? ---It has ______ population of about 40 million. A. in;/ B. of; a C. in; a D. of;/( ) 29. If you don’t know how to spell the new words, please in the dictionary. A. look up them B. look it up C. look them up D. look up it( ) 30. ---What did you say just now? ---I asked ______ the letter. A. how will you deal with B. what will you do with C. how you would do with D. what you would do with( ) 31. How ______ the children are dancing! A. happily B. happy C. happier D. the happiest( ) 32. I saw them ______ football this time yesterday. A. play B. to play C. playing D. played( ) 33.Some advice ______ me by my teacher. A. was given to B. was given C. was giving to D. has given( ) 34.---Listen, they are talking about cloning. ---Hmm. It ______ interesting. A. listens B. hears C. sounds D. sounds like( ) 35.My mother used to ______ what she did every day. A. writing down B. write down C. wrote down D. be written down( ) 36. ____ the students ____ the teacher is interested in protecting the environment. A. Both, and B. Neither, or C. Either, nor D. Not only, but also( ) 37.---- Our teacher _______ to England for improving his teaching skills. ----- Well, how we miss him. A. has gone B. has been C. has come D. go( ) 38.We’d better find a way to ____ the waste in order to keep our city clean and tidy. A. increase B. reduce C. produce D. make( ) 39. --- Do you have _____ MP3 player? --- Yes, I have ______. A. an, one B. a, it C. some, one D. a, one( ) 40. Look. There are many people ______ in the lake. A. are swimming B. to swim C. swam D. swimming ( ) 41. ---- Could you please tell me ____________? ---- Yes, this way, please.A. where is the market B. how can I get to the marketC. if there is a market near here D. how get to the marketIII. 完型填空(每空1.5分,共15分)About a hundred people lived in a very small mountain village. It was very 42 from the other villages and towns. They had few friends and they got bad harvest. 43 of them left the village. Of course there was neither electricity (电)nor gas(煤气)there. Once a writer 44 the village. The backwardness(落后)of the village surprised him. He decided 45 about it to the world. So he took the oldest villager to London. The old man told all about his home village to the people. Several months 46 he returned. All the villagers went to see him and asked him how he had enjoyed 47 in the city. “Everything is wonderful in 48 , ”the old man said. “I’ve 49 to many good places and eaten all kinds of nice food and other things. But the trouble was I could not 50 at night. ” “What happened to you? ”his wife asked. “The 51 was on in my bedroom all the time.” “Why not blow it out, then? ” “I tried-but it was inside a little glass bottle. ”( )42. A. close B. far C. near D. high( )43.. A. All B. Some C. None D. Hundreds( )44. A. visited B. lived C. stayed D. got to( )45. A. to write B. to speak C. to say D. to tell( )46. A. after B. later C. soon D. ago( )47. A. food B. music C. himself D. traffic( )48. A. town B. mountain C. village D. London( )49. A. gone B. came C. been D. got( )50. A. sleep B. help C. walk D. see( )51. A. window B. radio C. light D. TV setIV. 阅读理解。根据短文内容,选择最佳答案。(30分)A During the day we work and play and at night we sleep. Our bodies rest while we sleep. In the morning we are ready to work and play again. It is while we are asleep that our bodies grow most. When children feel tired and angry, they usually need more sleep. We can get our lessons better, and we feel better, too, when we have had plenty of rest. Boys and girls, eight or nine years old, need ten hours of sleep every night. Our bodies need plenty of air when we sleep. If we do not get enough fresh air we wake up feeling tired. While in bed we must not cover our heads. If we do, our lungs(肺)will not get enough fresh air. If we open our windows at night we can have plenty of fresh air. Cool air is better than warm air. Boys and girls must get plenty of sleep if they want to grow and be strong. ( ) 52. Our bodies grow most while we are ______. A. eating B. playing C. sleeping D. exercising( ) 53. Which is the best air for us? ______ air. A. Hot B. Cool C. Warm D. Dry( ) 54. What often makes us feel tired in the morning? A. Too much air. B. Not enough fresh air. C. Too much cold air. D. Too much sleep. ( ) 55. How can you get plenty of fresh air at night? You can ______. A. open your windows B. not sleep in bed C. sleep ten hours D. go to bed late ( ) 56. The writer is trying to tell boys and girls ______. A. to get their lessons better B. not to cover their heads C. how to go to bed D. to get plenty of sleep BMany teenagers(青少年)feel that the most important people in their lives are their friends. They believe that their family members, and in particular(尤其是)their parents, don’t know them as well as their friends do. In large families, it is quite often for brothers and sisters to fight with each other and then they can only go to their friends for advice.It is very important for teenagers to have one good friend or a circle of friends, Even when they are not with their friends, they usually spend a lot of time talking among themselves on the phone. This communication(交流)is very important in children’s growing up because friends can discuss something difficult to say to their family members.However, parents often try to choose their children’s friends for them. Some parents may even stop their children from meeting their good friends. The question of “choice” is an interesting one. Have you ever thought of the following questions? Who chooses your friends? Do you choose your friends or your friends choose you? Have you got a good friend your parents don’t like? Your answers are welcome.( ) 57. Many teenagers feel their ________ know them better than their parents do.A. friends B. parents C. brothers and sisters D. family members( ) 58. When teenagers stay alone, the usual way of communication is_______.A. to go to their friends B. to talk with their parentsC. to have a discussion with their family by phone D. to talk with their friends on the phone( ) 59. Which of the following is different in meaning from the sentence “Some parents may even stop their children from meeting their good friends”?A. Some parents may even not allow their children to meet their good friends.B. Some parents may even ask their children to stay away from their good friends.C. Some parents may not even let their children meet their good friends.D. Some parents may want their children to stop to meet their good friends.( ) 60. Which of the following sentences is right according to the passage?A. Parents should like everything their children enjoy.B. In all families children can choose everything they like.C. Parents should try their best to understand their children better.D. Teenagers can only go to their friends for help.( ) 61. The sentence “Your answers are welcome.” Means “_______”.A. You are welcome to have a discussion with usB. We’ve got no idea, so your answers are welcomeC. Your answers are always correct D. You can give us all the right answersCIn today’s world many people seem to be hungry for money. Some of them even lose their lives for it. Money does have its most useful effect(影响) on the poor, but once a person has a rich life, a lot more money doesn’t mean more happiness.If money was everything, all millionaires(百万富翁)would have true love, true friendship, good health and a long life. However, this is not always true.Nothing else is more pleasant than the three words which are “I love you”. But can love be bought? I’m afraid not. Love means to give, not to take. To every person, health and long life are probably the most precious(宝贵的) things. Well, can health and a long life be bought with money? The answer is “No”.Of all the longest living people in the world, few of them are millionaires. True friendship can’t be bought either. In a word, Where money is worshiped(崇拜), money can cause brothers to quarrel, lovers to hate, strangers to fight and so on. No matter how much money you have, it is still not enough to make you a happy person if you have no one to laugh with, no one to cry for. ( ) 62.According to the passage, which of the following do you think is right?A. Money is everything. B. Money isn’t necessary.C. Money is important, but not the most important. D. With no money, with no success.( ) 63. What’s the most important thing for every person according to the writer’s ideas?A. Only money. B. Health and a long life. C. Only friendship. D. A, B and C.( ) 64. Which sentence of the following is TRUE according to the passage? A. If you haven’t much money, you can’t get more happiness.B. You may live a long life even if you are poor.C. Every year many people die in the world because their family is poor.D. If you are rich, you will have less friendship. ( ) 65. In fact, all millionaires__________.A. have much money B. die earlier C. love their money D. have true love( ) 66. What does the sentence “Love means to give, not to take.” mean in the passage?A.爱意味着给你,而不能带走。 B.爱是可以得到的,不要走开。C.爱意味着奉献,而不是索取。 D.爱是可以索取的,而不必付出。V. 口语应用。从方框中选择恰当的句子完成下列对话.。(10分)T: Welcome to the English club. Today we are going to talk about the best ways to learn English. Who has an idea?( ) Tom: 67 ?Lucy: No, it’s too hard to understand the voices.( ) Tom: 68 ? Do you learn English that way?Lucy: I think so. It helps to write English every day.( ) Lily: 69 Lucy: Yes, I have! I’ve learned a lot that way( ) T: 70 Lucy: Oh, yes. It improves my speaking skills.( ) Tom: 71 Lily: I do that sometimes. I think it helps.J im: I do too. And I always look up new words in a dictionary.Lily: That’s a great idea!
    A. Have you ever studied with a group?B. What’s your favorite subject?C. Do you learn English by watching English-language videos?D. What about keeping a dictionary?E. Do you ever practice conversation with friends?F. How long have you studied English?G. What about reading aloud to practice pronunciation?
    综合语言运用 (45分)Ⅵ.句型转换。(每空1分,共10分) 72. He will repair his bike tomorrow.(改为被动语态) His bike will __________ __________ tomorrow.73. It took her ten minutes to send an e-mail.(改为同义句) She __________ ten minutes __________ an e-mail.74. “Do you have a good summer holiday?” Steve asked me.(改为间接引语) Steve asked me __________ I __________ a good summer holiday.75. It is four years since he bought the car. (改为同义句) He __________ __________ the car for four years.76. We should stop them when we see others littering.(对划线部分提问) __________ should we __________ when we see others littering?Ⅶ.短文填空。每空一词。(每空2分,共20分) Around the world more and more people are taking part in dangerous sports and activities. Of course, there have always been people who have looked for adventures (冒险)— who have 77 the highest mountains, explored unknown parts of the world or sailed (航行) in small boats 78 the greatest oceans.I would consider bungee (蹦极) jumping to be a good example of 79 an activity. You jump 80 a high place 200 meters above the ground with an elastic (有弹性的) rope tied to your ankles (脚颈). You 81 at up to 150 kilometers an hour until the rope stops you from hitting the 82 .Why do people take part in such activities as those? Some people say that it is because 83 today has become safe and uninteresting. Not very long ago, people lived a 84 life. They had to go out and look for food, illness could not easily be cured. Now, according to many people, life gives little excitement. They live and work safely, they buy food in shops, and there are doctors and hospitals to look after them if they become 85 . The answer for some of these people is to look for 86 in activities such as bungee jumping.77.__________ 78.__________ 79.___________ 80.____________ 81.__________82.__________ 83.___________ 84.____________ 85. ____________ 86.__________VIII. 书面表达。(共15分)同学们,看到下面的四幅图片及相应的报道后,你感到最担忧的是哪两种情形?请简述你担忧的理由并提出建议或希望。要求:⒈ 从所给素材中任选两种情形进行阐述,不可多选或少选。⒉ 条理清楚,意思连贯,语句通顺,标点正确; ⒊ 词数 80 ~ 100。参考词汇: 建议 suggest v. suggestion n. 气体 gas n.  污染 pollution n.
    THE POLLUTIONS ① One third of the world’s people don’t have enough clean water.② More and more diseases are caused by polluted air.③ People are disturbed quite often by kinds of noises.④ Every person in our city makes about 1.8 kilos of rubbish every day.
    听力材料Ⅰ、情景反应。根据你所听到的情景,从A B C三个选项中选出正确的答语 1. What’s the weather like in autumn there in Chongqing?2. How do you study for an English test?3. Do you think a sixteen-year-old child should be allowed to work at a factory?4. Hello, is that Lucy speaking?5. London is cold this time of year. You need to pack warm clothes.6. Why do you like this CD?Ⅱ、对话理解。根据你听到的对话和问题,从A B C三个选项中选出正确的答案。7. M: Hello, Nancy. I was looking for my phone number book because I couldn’t remember whether it was 68704587 or 68704586.W: Oh, could you? Let me tell you the last numbers are 86 not 87, got it?Q: What’s the phone number?8. M: Did your father use to drink so much?W: No. Today is his birthday. He’s so happy that he drinks a lot.Q: Why does her father drink so much?9. W: What would you do if you had one million dollars? M: I would give it to the zoo. I want to help the pandas.Q: Why would she give so much money to the zoo?10: W: Hey, look at that man running down the street. I wonder what’s happening? M: He could be running for exercise. W: But he’s wearing a suit. M: Well, he might be late for work. Oh, we must run to be on time for work.Q: Where are they talking?11. W: By the time I was three, I had started learning swimming.M: Really? Where did you learn?W: My father taught me. He is a swimming coach.Q: When did the woman start swimming?12. W: Do you know how to fix up bicycles? M: Sorry, I can’t even fix up my own bicycle. W: OK. Maybe here is a good job for you. We need someone to read to people at the hospital. M: That sounds good. When do I start? Q: What are they doing?Ⅲ、第三节、短文理解。根据你听到的短文内容,回答相应的问题,从A、 B、 C三个选项中选出正确的答案。听第一段短文,听完后回答第13—16小题。 The second runner-up of the national “Super Voice Girl” singing competition, Zhang Liangying became the first “Super Girl” to visit Hongkong. Zhang was invited to take part in a cocktail party on Tuesday cause the CCTV set up a movie channel in Hong Kong. Dressed in sports wear, Zhang attracted a lot of attentions as she stepped onto the red carpet, although she was together with so many movie stars and pop music stars from all parts of China, who were much more famous than her.It was told at the party that she will star in a major new musical, Movie Song. The musical will be produced by Jonathan Lee from Taiwan. Harlem Yu and Yuan Quan will also star in the musical, set to open in Beijing this December and later in Hong Kong. 听第二段短文,听完后回答第17—21小题。For your next vacation, why not consider visiting Pairs? Pairs is the capital of France, and is one of the liveliest cities in Europe. It doesn’t have any beaches or mountains, but there are still many things to do there. For example, it has some fantastic sights, including the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral, one of the most famous churches in the worldTraveling around Pairs by taxi can cost lots of money, but it’s usually quite convenient to take the underground train to most places. In general, though, France is quite an expensive place. One thing that is not expensive in France, however, is the wine.Most people in France have learned English. But many people don’t like to speak English, especially in Pairs. So unless you speak French yourself, it’s best to travel with someone who can translate things for you .
    参考答案A卷I. 听力测试 1~6 BBCABC 7~12 CBBAAB 13~16 BACB 17~21 BBACB基础知识运用II. 选择 22~26 BB C B D 27~31 C B C DA 32~36 CACBD 37~41 ABADCIII. 完型填空 42~46 BCADB 47~51 CDCACIV. 阅读理解 52~56 CBBAD 57~61 ADDCA 62~66 CBBACV.交际应用 67~71 CDAEG
    B卷VI. 句型转换72.be repaired 73.spent, sending 74.if/whether, had 75.has had 76.what, doVII. 短文填空 77. climbed 78. across 79. such 80. from 81. fall 82. ground 83. life 84. hard 85. ill 86. DangerVIII. One possible version:The environment is becoming worse and worse. There are many kinds of pollution I worry about. The most serious two are water pollution and air pollution, because people can’t live healthily with dirty water and polluted air, nor can animals. More and more diseases are caused by polluted air.I think factories should not pour dirty water into the river directly or produce more waste gas. We’d better go on foot or by like instead of by car, because more cars mean more waste gas. We should make our world more and more beautiful.Another possible version:The first fact I worry about is noise pollution. People can’t sleep well if there is too much noise. That’s why so many people prefer to live in the countryside rather than live in the noisy city. I suggest all the factories and cars shouldn’t make terrible noises. If they make terrible noise that isn’t allowed, they will be fined, and we can also produce the cars which can’t make terrible noise.The other pollution is rubbish pollution. If everyone makes so much rubbish, one day we may live in a world filled with rubbish. Some people throw the waste paper about. I suggest rubbish should be put into different kinds of dustbins or paper bags.
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