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Summary:Food is important.Everyone needs to 1 well if he or she wants to have a strong body. Our minds also need a kind of food. This kind of food is 2 . We begin to get knowledge even when we are you.

  • Food is important.Everyone needs to 1 well if he or she wants to have a strong body. Our minds also need a kind of food. This kind of food is 2 . We begin to get knowledge even when we are young. Small children are 3 in everything around them. They learn 4 while they are watching and listening. When they are getting older they begin to 5 story books, science books…,anything they like. When they find something new, they have to ask questions and 6 to find out the answers. What is the best 7 to get knowledge? If we learn 8 ourselves, we will get the most knowledge. If we are 9 getting answers from others and don’t ask why, we will never learn more and understand 10 . ( )1.A sleep B read C drink D eat ( )2.A sport B exercise C knowledge D meat ( )3. A interested B interesting C weak D good ( )4. A everybody B something C nothing D anything ( )5. A lend B write C learn D read ( )6. A try B have C think D wait ( )7. A place B school C way D road ( )8. A on B with C to D by ( )9. seldom(几乎不) B always C certainly D sometimes ( )10. A harder B much C well D better When Jane was a little girl, she liked keeping pets. She had many books about animals and there were many pictures and stamps on the walls of her bedroom. She often said that she would work in a 1 when she grow up . Most of Jane’s pets were quite small – parrots, cats ,dogs, and so on. But one day she met something quite 2 . That afternoon, Jane’s mother was surprised to see a big animals with long hair in the kitchen. He 3 a T—shirt and was sitting on a chair, trying to put on a pair of glasses and making faces at her. In front of him, on the table, were a basket of fruits and a glas of water. “Jane, where are you ?” the mother shouts. Then suddenly she remembered that a few days before a young gorilla(大猩猩) called Gor and had run away from the zoo. “I found him in the city square,” Jane said. “He seemed so lonely. I talked to him. We became friends at once and he followed me 4 .” “Well, you know you 5 keep him,” her mother said. “You must send him back to the zoo. You’d better phone the police.” Soon a 6 came and also a truck from the zoo. 7 was angry with Jane when she told her story. The policeman knew Jane loved animals. And the zookeeper said, “Thank you for your kinkness. I can see Gor likes you, 8 we need him back.” Jane agreed. She hugged Gor and said that she would go and see him 9 . These days Jane has stopped collecting 10 , but you can still find her with her friend Gor at the zoo on Saturdays and Sundays! ( )1. A hospital B school C zoo D factory ( )2. A small B long C short D big ( )3. A wore B made C sold D lent ( )4. A to scholl B home C to the zoo D to the shop ( )5.A can’t B can C must D have to ( )6.A teacher B postman Cpoliceman D friend ( )7. A Everybody B The zookeeper C Jane’s mother D Nobody ( )8. A and B but C so D because ( )9.A every day B after school C in the afternoon D at weekends ( )10 A clothes B glasses C animals D fruits After supper Mrs. Bell felt hot and came out of the hotel. She got to 1 a week before . She liked the city and went traveling there for 2 first time. Now she was walking along a quite street when she saw a man working in a garden. She 3 to watch him carefully. The old man worked 4 and she was sure he was an able gardener. She liked to see him. “I have a garden ,too,” the woman said to herself. “I 5 such a gardener. Why won’t Ibring one to America?” So she went into the garden and said she would pay him much if he 6 to go to America with her. “I ’ll pay for your fare(费用),too,” said the woman. “ You’ll be able to get 7 soon in my country, I think.” “Thanks a lot,” said the old man, “but it’s 8 that I have another position(职位). I can’t abdicate(放弃) for it. I’ll have to work for you 9 they don’t elect(选举) me next time.” “Oh?” the woman said in surprise. “ 10 are you , then?” “The President of France.”( )1. A Toronto B Paris C Moscow D Sydney ( )2. A a B an C the D/( )3. A ends B hurried C stopped D went on ( )4. A slowly B sadly C badly D hard ( )5.A need B hope C hate D wish( )6.A disliked B frightened C believed D agreed ( )7. A lonely B happy C rich D poor ( )8.A glad B unluchy C necessary D grateful(感激的)( )9. A until B unless C because D if( )10. A Who B How C What D Whose A seeing-ye dog is a dog which helps 1 people walk along the streets and do many other things. We call these dogs “seeing-eye” dogs 2 the dogs are the “eyes” of the blind man and they help him to “see”. These dogs generally(通常) go to special schools for several years to learn 3 blind people. One day a seeing-eye dog and a blind man were 4 a bus. The bus was full of people and there were no 5 . One man, however, soon got up and left his seat. The dog took the blind man to 6 , but there was little space. The dog began to push the people on each side 7 his nose. He pushed and pushed 8 the people moved down and finally there was enough space for 9 man. The blind man then sat down and the dog got up on the seat 10 the blind man. ( )1. A ill B old C young D blind ( )2. A if B because C when D so ( )3. A to teach B to visit C to help DS to see ( )4.A up B down C on D off ( )5.A chairs B seats C the driver D place ( )6.A the chair B the seat C the driver D the people ( )7. A by B in C with D through ( )8. A until B after C not until D before ( )9. A a B an C the D the blind ( )10. A at the foot of B an the side of C in front of D on the foot The game of football began in England in the middle of the nineteenth century. But the Chinese played a game 1 football over 2000years ago. In the beginning, it was very 2 and dangerous. There were not a fixed(固定的) number of 3 and there was always a lot of fighting. In 1863 the Football Association(协会)was founded(建立) to bring 4 to the game. Since then, millions have played football, making it the world’s most 5 sport. It’s the strongest in Europe and 6 , but it is popular in Africa 7 and now is played also by women; women’s football is one of the fastest 8 sports in the world. The World Cup is the most important 9 in international football. The competition is held every four years at 10 countries around the world. The first competition was held in 1930 and the winter was Uruguay(乌拉圭)。( )1. A.like Bfor C with D as ( )2. A easy B rough(粗鲁的) C nervous D terrible ( )3. A players B strikers(打击者) C balls D goals ( )4. A fields B scores C fans D rules ( )5.A ordinary B amazing C popular D public ( )6.A England B GermanyC South America D Africa ( )7. A at last B as well C once more D ever since ( )8. A relaxing Bmoving C running Dgrowing( )9. A cup B chance C prize D club ( )10. A different B important C large D several One day a young man had to stop his car soon after he started for London because he heard a strange noise from the back of his car. He 1 and examined the wheels carefully, but as he found 2 wrong, he went on. The noise began at once and now it was even louder. He turned his head and saw something that looked like a big, dark cloud following his car. When he 3 at a village, he was told that a queen bee(蜂王) must be somewhere 4 his car as there were thousands of bees around. To get away from the bees, the man drove away 5 and after some time arrived in London. He 6 his car outside a house and went in to have a drink. 7 a door keeper hurried in to tell him that his car was covered with bees the poor young man 8 telephone the policeman and told him what had happened.The policeman sent him a bee-keeper soon found the passenger, a queen bee, near the wheels, He was very 9 to the young man for his present. He took the bees 10 in a box, the young man drove away happily.( )1.A stopped B started C got out D looked at ( )2. A nothing B something C anything D everything ( )3. A reached B stopped C started D went on ( )4. A under B above C in D behind ( )5. A widely B safely C suddenly D quickly ( )6. A drove B left C found D took ( )7. A Then B So C When D Now ( )8. A would B could C had to D might ( )9. A useful B helpful C careful D thankful( )10. A back B home C here D around Hank lived in a small town, but then he got a 1 in a big city and moved there with his wife and his two 2 .3 the first Saturday in their new home, Hank took his 4 car out of the garage and 5 when a neighbour came 6 . When he saw Hank’s new car, the neighbour stopped and looked at it for a minute. Then Hank 7 and saw him. The neighbour said, “ That’s a nice car. Is it 8 ?” “Sometimes,” Hank said. The neighbour was surprised. “Sometimes?” he said, “What do you mean?” “Well,” answered Hank slowly, “When there’s a party in the 9 it belongs(属于) to my wife and daughter, Jane. When there’s a football game somewhere, it belongs to my son. When it needs washing and gas, it’s 10 .( )1. A work B job C house D family ( )2. A sons B daughters C family C children ( )3. A On B In C since D When ( )4. A red new B new red C old red D red old ( )5. A is washing B was washing C washed B has washed ( )6. A to B on C up D back ( )7. A returned B smiled C came D turned ( )8. A theirs B ours C mine D yours ( )9. A home B house C town D room ( )10.A my B me C. I D mine 答案:BDABBCDDCD CABCDBCCDB ABDDCCDACC ABADCCBDCA DBCCBBCACB BCCDADCDDCCDABACDBDC DCABDACDBD
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