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Summary:(A级,45分钟,满分100分) 一、单项选择。(20分) 1. I want this pair of shoes. Can I , please? A. try on them B. try them on C. wear them D. put on them 2. Neither she nor I.

  • (A级,45分钟,满分100分)
    1. I want this pair of shoes. Can I , please?
    A. try on them B. try them on C. wear them D. put on them
    2. Neither she nor I the film.
    A. has seen B. have seen C. hasn't seen D. haven't seen
    3. Excuse me , may I ask you a question? “ ”.
    A. Never mind B. Not at all
    C. Yes , of course D. No , thank you
    4. Have you finished your homework? Yes , I .
    A. did B. do C. have D. had
    5. This shop sells clothes and shoes.
    A. child B. children C. children's D. childrens'
    6. How much does this shirt ?
    A. spend B. cost C. take D. pay
    7. The lady became angry she couldn't speak.
    A. too ,to B. so,that C. such ,that D. very ,that
    8. have you been here? For three years.
    A. How soon B. How often C. How long D. How for
    9. Would you like cup of tea?
    A. another B. the other C. more D. other
    10. How much it? It's 3000 yen.
    A. is B. cost C. are D. was
    11. The cupboard cost so much that she had to it.
    A. think B. think of C. think about D. thinks
    12. In the park we saw some people kites yesterday afternoon.
    A. fly B. flew C. flying D. fling
    13. How long did she say she stay in Beijing?
    A. will B. shall C. would D. had
    14. When did the Browns in Beijing?
    A. get B. reach C. arrive D. got
    15. Are you about going to Beijing?
    A. excite B. exciting C. excited D. interested
    16. Mike me umbrella so that I wouldn't get wet in the rain .
    A. borrowed , in B. lend,an
    C. lent,an D. borrows,an
    17. I think that's expensive.
    A. a bit of B. a lot C. a lot of D. a bit
    18. The car hit the tree so hard that it .
    A. fell behind B. fell asleep C. fell over D. fell off
    19. There are lots of trees on sides of this road.
    A. each B. every C. both D. all
    20. He said he had come back .
    A. the week before B. before the week
    C. before a week D. a week ago
    1. The girl is too young to look after herself. (同义句)
    The girl is young she look after herself.
    2. I think Jim will come to our party. (否定句)
    I think Jim to our party.
    3. This bike costs 300 yuan. (提问)
    this bike cost?
    4. He is a lovely boy. (改为感叹句)
    lovely boy is!
    5. He had had his supper when I came to his house. (一般疑问句)
    he his supper when you to his house?
    The camera cost much. He didn't buy it.
    → The camera cost so much that he didn't buy it.
    She decided to buy a camera online. It could be sent to her.
    → She decided to buy a camera online so that it could be sent to her.
    1. His father is weak. He often gets up late.

    2. The little boy hurt himself badly. They took him to the hospital right away.

    3. I'm tired. I can't go further.

    4. Put the tree in the hole. It is straight.

    5. He gets up early in the morning. He can catch the early bus.

    1. 他的鞋子破了,他想买一双新的。
    His shoes are . He to buy a new .
    2. 这种电脑太贵了,我买不起。
    This of computer is expensive. I buy it.
    3. 你穿多大号的鞋?
    of do you ?
    4. 你还有别的颜色吗?是的,还有一些。
    you got any colours? Yes , we .
    5. 我正忙于准备考试。
    I am busy the examinations.
    A: Can I 1 you?
    B: I'd 2 two sweaters 3 my daughter.
    A: Well , what 4 do you like?
    B: Blue.
    A: What 5 do you want?
    B: Size Ten.
    A: What 6 this one?
    B: It’s 7 nice. How much does it 8 ?
    A: 85 yuan.
    B: Oh , that is cheap. I'll 9 it , please.
    A: Here you 10 .
    B: Thank you.
    Mr. White stood at a bus—stop and watched the cars running in the street. Many of the cars were new Ford 200 , and most of them were yellow.
    Mr. White always wore the same clothes as others , ate the same food as others and did the same thing as others after work. He did not like to be different. So a few days later , Mr. White bought a new , bright yellow Ford 200. He liked it very much and drove it to work the next day. He was even happier when he saw all the other Ford 200 in front , and on both sides of him.
    Mr. White parked(停放) his car in a big car—park(停车场) near his office and walked the rest of the way. When he came back at five o'clock in the afternoon , he saw many bright yellow Ford 200 in the car—park that he didn't know which car was his. He tried his key in some of the cars , but many people passed by and gave him a look. It made him unhappy. So he stopped.
    Poor Mr. White had to wait nearly two hours until his was the only yellow Ford 200 in the car—park.
    True of false(T or F)
    ( )1. Mr. White bought a new yellow Ford 200 because he liked Ford 200 best.
    ( )2. Mr. White must work in a car—park.
    ( )3. Mr. White couldn't find his car because his key didn't work.
    ( )4. The people gave him a look when he tried his key in some of the cars.
    ( )5. Mr. White had to wait nearly two hours to find his car.

    ( )1. A. tidy B. size C. dinner D. kind
    ( )2. A. ruler B. July C. duty D. blue
    ( )3. A. cost B. order C. dollar D. forest
    ( )4. A. dirty B. worst C. surprise D. nurse
    ( )5. A. food B. cook C. too D. soon
    1. try(过去式) 6. drop(现在分词)
    2. decision(动词) 7. huge(近义词)
    3. success(副词) 8. cheap(反义词)
    4. interest(形容词) 9. cost(过去分词)
    5. lend(反义词) 10. have(过去分词)
    1. Wang Lin had the radio before his brother returned. (mend)
    2. He has the photos. (post)
    3. I don't know what to do. (real)
    4. His shoes are out. He wants to buy a new pair. (wear)
    5. Jack's father has been a for over ten years. (drive)
    Man: What can I do for you , madam?
    Woman: I'm 1 for a coat for my daughter.
    Man: Here , madam , here're coats for 2 .
    Woman: The red one on the right looks very nice , 3 it? Do you like it ,dear?
    Girl: No , mum , I don't like red very much. I like green.
    Man: Green? What about that green one 4 there? How do you like that?
    Girl: It's nice , 5 it?
    Woman: Yes. How 6 is it?
    Man: 280 dollars.
    Woman: That's 7 expensive , I'm 8 .
    Man: I can find a 9 one. What do you think 10 this one? It's 11 250 dollars.
    Woman: That will be 12 right. Alice , please try 13 on , 14 you?
    Girl: Yes , mum.
    Woman: Hmm , it looks very nice , but it's a bit 15 .
    Girl: It will be all right 16 long. You always say I'm 17 fast , 18 you?
    Woman: That's quite 19 . We'll 20 it then.
    so…that , a pair of , a bit; think about , go on , go over , be excited , a place of interest , make a mistake , a good number of
    1. That's cheap. Would you like to buy one?
    2. My brother wants to buy trousers.
    3. It was late Jim missed the bus.
    4. The Palace Museum is in China. It's very famous.
    5. The old woman , so she felt sorry.
    6. You should these questions before you listen to them.
    7. He's thinking about a problem. He it for a long time.
    8. Every year there are foreign visitors to come to China for travelling.
    9. The rain stopped , and we with our work.
    10. When you heard the good news , you ?
    1. He was busy his homework last sunday.
    A. do B. to do C. doing D. Did
    2. He is young he can't go to school.
    A. too…to B. enough…that C. so…that D. either…or
    3. He decided some new clothes.
    A. buy B. to buy C. buys D. Bought
    4. Jack didn't go to bed he finished his homework.
    A. until B. after C. when D. If
    5. I'm sorry , we have the shoes in your size.
    A. sell out B. sold out C. paid for D. worn out
    6. The boy sat in the corner so that no one knew he was there.
    A. quietly B. quickly C. quiet D. Quick
    7. They took some photos the tall building.
    A. in the front of B. in the front C. in front of D. in front
    8. The young man his bag and then began to watch TV.
    A. drops off B. dropped from C. droped off D. dropped off
    9. We already our lunch on the plane before the plane landed in Shanghai.
    A. have…eaten B. had…eaten C. have…ate D. had…ate
    10. The music very beautiful, all of us like it very much.
    A. tastes B. feels C. sounds D. Looks
    11. he an hour in doing his homework yesterday?
    A. Has…spent B. Has…spend C. Did…spend D. Did…spent
    12. My shoes are too old. I'd like to buy .
    A. a new one B. a new set C. it D. a new pair
    13. A girl Betty came for you just now.
    A. name B. of name C. with name D. Named
    14. He said he had read the book three days .
    A. ago B. later C. early D. Before
    15. The weather is colder than we thought.
    A. too B. much too C. too much D. much more
    16. He looked at the little girl .
    A. with a smile B. with smile C. at smile D. on a smile
    17. You can stay at home go to the cinema.
    A. either…or B. neither…or C. both…and D. if…or
    18. the end of last month we had learned 2000 words.
    A. At B. In C. By D. On
    19. When I got to the station , the train already .
    A. has…started B. was…started C. had…started D. would…start
    20. What did they do at ?
    A. the Tian'an men Square B. Tian'an men Square
    C. the Tian'an men Square D. the Tiananmen Square
    Mark Twain , the great American writer , once was travelling in France. He was going 1 train to Dijon. He was very 2 and wanted to sleep. He asked the conductor(列车员)to wake him 3 before the train reached Dijon. But first he said that he 4 a heavy sleeper . “Maybe I would protest(抗议) loudly 5 you try to wake me up ,”he said to the conductor , “But it doesn't matter , just put me off the train anyway(无论如何). ”
    Then Mark Twain went to sleep. By the time he woke up , it was past midnight and the train had 6 Paris already. He knew at once that the conductor had 7 to wake him at Dijon. He was very 8 . He ran up to the conductor and began 9 at him , “I was never so angry in my life. ” Mark Twain said.
    The conductor look hard 10 him and said , “You were not half so angry as the American whom I put off the train at Dijon. ”
    1. A. by B. on C. in D. take
    2. A. angry B. hungry C. tired D. old
    3. A. again B. up C. until D. quickly
    4. A. had B. has C. is D. was
    5. A. when B. because C. before D. so
    6. A. got B. reached C. arrived D. gone
    7. A. remembered B. come C. forgotten D. not
    8. A. worried B. happy C. sad D. angry
    9. A. looking B. shouting C. laughing D. knocking
    10. A. in B. for C. at D. around
    Charles Dicken , one of the greatest English writers , was born in 1812 , in one of the small towns of England.
    When Dicken was nine years old , the family moved to London , the capital of England. There were several young children in the family. Their life was hard , so Dickens could not go to school.
    Dickens went to school till he was twelve years old. But he didn't finish school . Two years later he began to work. The future(未来) writer often went to the library to read books. He read a lot. Then Dickens wrote lots of novels(长篇小说) and stories all his life. Dickens died over a hundred years ago , but people are still reading his books with great interest.
    ( )1. Charles Dickens was a great English writer.
    ( )2. Dickens' family moved to London in 1824.
    ( )3. Charles Dickens had five years of school education(教育).
    ( )4. Dickens taught himself often in the library.
    ( )5. Today people are still reading his books with little interest

    1 .B 2 .B 3 .C 4 .C 5 .C 6 .B 7 .B 8 .C 9 .A 10 .A 11 .B 12 .C 13 .C 14 .C 15 .C 16 .C 17 .D 18 .C 19 .C 20 .B
    二、1 .so that can't 2 .don't won't come 3 .How much does 4 .What a he 5 .Had had came
    三、1 .His father is so weak that he often gets up late .
    2 .The little boy hurt himself badly so that they took him to the hospital right away .
    3 .I'm so tired that I can't go further .
    4 .Put the tree in the hole so that it is straight .
    5 .He gets up so early in the morning that he can catch the early bus .
    四、1 .worn out want one 2 .type much too can't 3 .What size shoes wear 4 .Have other have some 5 .in preparing to
    五、1 .help 2 .buy 3 .for 4 .colour 5 .size 6 .about 7 .very 8 .cost 9 .buy 10 .changes
    六、1 .T 2 .F 3 .F 4 .T 5 .T

    一、1 .C 2 .C 3 .B 4 .C 5 .B
    二、1 .tried 2 .decide 3 .successfully 4 .interested 5 .borrow 6 .dropping 7 .small 8 .expensive 9 .cost 10 .had
    三、1 .mended 2 .posted 3 .really 4 .worn 5 .driver
    四、1 .looking 2 .her 3 .doesn't 4 .over 5 .isn't 6 .much 7 .very 8 .afraid 9 .cheap 10 .about 11 .worth 12 .all 13 .it 14 .won't 15 .big 16 .before 17 .growing 18 .don't 19 .right 20 .buy
    五、1 .a bit 2 .a pair of 3 .so that 4 .a place of interest 5 .made a mistake 6 .go over 7 .has think about 8 .a good number of 9 .went on 10 .did excited
    六、1 .C 2 .C 3 .B 4 .A 5 .B 6 .A 7 .C 8 .C 9 .B 10 .C 11 .A 12 .D 13 .D 14 .A 15 .D 16 .A 17 .A 18 .A 19 .C 20 .B
    七、1 .A 2 .C 3 .B 4 .D 5 .A 6 .B 7 .C 8 .D 9 .B 10 .C
    八、1 .(T) 2 .(F) 3 .(F) 4 .(T) 5 .(F)
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