初三英语Lesson 4 The Golden Touch
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Summary:初三英语Lesson 4 The Golden Touch练习 I. 根据句意补全句中单词所缺的字母。 1. I don’t kn ___ ___ how to get to the Summer Palace. 2. “Hello , Mr. Green. May I ___ sk you a question?” “Certainly ! What is it?.

  • 初三英语Lesson 4 The Golden Touch练习

    I. 根据句意补全句中单词所缺的字母。
    1. I don’t kn ___ ___ how to get to the Summer Palace.
    2. “Hello , Mr. Green. May I ___ sk you a question?”
    “Certainly ! What is it?”
    3. Jack joined the army two years ___ go .
    4. There is a l ___ ttle milk in the bottle.
    5. When you leave this room , please t ___ ___ n off the light.
    6. Turn off the TV and light, and th ___ n you can leave the room.

    II. 用所给词的适当形式填空:
    1. Where’s Lucy? She _______ to the cinema.(go)
    2. I ______ don’t know.(real)
    3. Our classroom is _______ than theirs .(big)
    4. ______ month of a year is September.(nine)
    5. Shanghai is one of the largest _______ in China .(city)
    6. What _______ you ______ now ?(talk)
    7. My brother drives a car . He is a ________ .(drive)
    8. Please show _______ the way to Beijing Library.(I)
    9. Who is _______ in your class ?(short)
    10. They live with ________ parents in Beijing.(they)

    III. 选词填空:
    arrive in ,either…or… , enjoy themselves , finish , listen to ,
    move , put on, sing, teach , turn on ,
    1. It’s 10 o’clock in the evening. You’d better _______ your work now .
    2. I only have one ticket. ______ you _____ I can go to see the film .
    3. They had a party on Christmas Eve. They ______ very much at the party .
    4. Mr. Brown ______ to Beijing last year.
    5. You should the teacher if you want to learn.
    6. My sister _______ the TV and began to watch TV.
    7. It’s cold today. _______ some heavy clothes , please .
    8. Listen! Someone ________ an Chinese song in the next room.
    9. Mrs. Green is a teacher. She _______ English in the school for 15 years.
    10. After the visitors ______ Shanghai, they had a rest in the Shanghai Hotel.

    IV. 根据汉语意思和英文提示词语,用学过的句型写出语法正确的句子,所给的英语提示词语必须都用上。
    1. 直到你告诉我们,我们才知道这个消息。
    we , know, news , tell
    2. “该是上课的时候了。请打开你们的课本。”
    class , open , book
    3. 每天早上做早操对你有好处。
    you , morning exercise
    4. 你的腿怎么啦?
    your leg
    5. 题太难了,我们都回答不出来。
    question , difficult , we , answer
    6. 你每天花两个小时做作业吗?
    it , two hours , do your homework
    7. 你可以坐飞机也可以坐船去那儿。
    you , can , go there , by air , by ship
    8. 你感冒了。你最好别出去。
    catch a cold , outside , go out

    V. 从右栏找出左栏各句适当的答语。
    1. What’s the date today ? A. Certainly .
    2. Will you please give a message to her? B. Yes , please .
    3. I wish you good luck . C. I’ve got a headache .
    4. How is the weather today ? D. It’s Sunday .
    5. What’s wrong with you ? E. It’s June 12th.
    6. What day is it today ? F. Thank you all the same .
    7. Would you like some coffee? G. Thank you .
    8. I’m sorry I don't know . H. I want a hat.
    9. It’s time for us to leave . I. It’s windy .
    10. What can I do for you ? J. Good-bye .

    VI. 完型填空:
    Look at your watch for one minute. 1 the time, 174 babies were born in the world. During the next hour, over 2 more babies will be born on the earth. In one day, people have to find 3 over 250,000 mouths 4 . Just think 5 more there will be in one year. 6 will happen in 100 years? The population 7 may be the greatest on of the world’s today. The world’s population is growing 8 . this is just ten years after it 9 five billion. That means that in about 600 years, there will be standing 10 only in the world.
    1. A. At B. During C. While D. Between
    2. A. 1,000 B. 10,200 C. 10,440 D. 10,500
    3. A. food B. fruit C. vegetables D. drink
    4. A. many B. much C. more D. most
    5. A. how many B. how long C. how far D. how much
    6. A. Why B. How C. Where D. What
    7. A. problems B. problem C. question D. questions
    8. A. more fast and more fast
    B. quick and quick
    C. quickly and quickly
    D. faster and faster
    9. A. arrived in B. reaches C. reached D. gets to
    10. A. room B. rooms C. houses D. homes

    VII. 阅读理解:
    Dick was a clever college student, but his parents were poor, so he had to work after class and during his holidays to get enough money for his studies.
    In summer he got a job in a butcher(屠夫)’s shop during the daytime, and another in a hospital at night. In the shop, he learned to cut and sell meat. He did so well that the butcher often let him to do all the things while the butcher went into another room to do the accounts. In the hospital, of course, Dick was told to do only the easiest jobs. He helped to lift people and carry them from one part of the hospital to another part. Both in the butcher’s shop and in the hospital, Dick had to wear the white clothes.
    One evening in the hospital, Dick had to help to carry a woman from her bed to the operation – room. The woman already felt frightened when she thought about the operation. When she saw Dick coming to get her, she felt even more frightened.
    “No! No!” she cried, “No my butcher! I won’t let my butcher operation on me!” With these words, she fainted away(晕过去).
    1. Dick had to work after class and during his holidays because .
    A. his parents told him to make more friends.
    B. he wanted to become a rich man
    C. he couldn’t go on with his studies without enough money
    D. he had nothing to do at home
    2. One summer Dick .
    A. wanted to become not only a butcher but also a doctor
    B. got two different jobs at two places
    C. was free only at night
    D. worked only during at the day – time
    3. In the hospital, Dick’s job was .
    A. to take care of the wounded soldiers
    B. to give the doctors advice
    C. to find out what was wrong with the sick people
    D. to carry the sick people from one place to another
    4. When the woman saw Dick, .
    A. she was so frightened that she fainted away
    B. she came back to life
    C. she was very disappointed
    D. she was quite pleased
    5. Which of the following is true?
    A. Dick was an unknown doctor
    B. Dick was a butcher and he studied at college in the evening
    C. When the woman saw Dick, she thought that he was going to operated on her
    D. She thought Dick would kill her, because he was a butcher

    VIII. 写作:根据所给的中文、英文提示,写出语法正确,意思连贯的英文文段。所给的英文提示词必须都用上。
    1. it , snow , heavily , last night
    2. Jack , Jim , clean , their yard
    3. after , see , difficult , people , walk , street , begin , clean , street
    4. tired , very happy , see , coming and going

    1. know 2. ask 3. ago 4. little 5. turn 6. then
    1. has gone 2. really 3. bigger 4. The ninth 5. cities
    6. are , talking 7. driver 8. me 9. the shortest 10. their
    1. finish 2. Either…or… 3. enjoyed themselves 4. moved 5. listen to
    6. turned on 7. Put on 8. is singing 9. has taught 10. arrived in
    1. We didn’t know the news until you told us.
    2. “It was time for class. Please open your books.”
    3. It’s good for you to do morning exercise.
    4. What’s wrong with your leg?
    5. The question is so difficult that we all can’t answer it.
    6. Does it take you two hours to do your homework every day ?
    7. You can go there either by air or by ship .
    8. You have caught a cold. You’d better not go out .
    1. E 2. A 3. G 4. I 5. C
    6. D 7. B 8. F 9. J 10. H
    1. C 2. B 3. A 4. D 5. A
    6. D 7. B 8. C 9. A 10. D
    1. C 2. B 3. D 4. A 5. C
    It snowed heavily last night. Jack and Jim cleaned the snow in their yard early in the morning. After that they saw that it was difficult for people to walk in the street. They began to clean the street. They were tired but very happy to see people coming and going.
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