初三英语Lesson 1 The Little Match-Girl(I)
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Summary:初三英语Lesson 1 The Little Match-Girl(I) I. 根据句意补全单词 1. It s_ _ms that there is something wrong with the TV. 2. Would you l_ke something to drink? 3. There is _nl_ one hospital in this city.

  • 初三英语Lesson 1 The Little Match-Girl(I)

    I. 根据句意补全单词
    1. It s_ _ms that there is something wrong with the TV.
    2. Would you l_ke something to drink?
    3. There is _nl_ one hospital in this city.
    4. There is a nice sm_ll of roast chicken in the room.
    5. This box is too heavy to c_rr_ .
    6. We think with our h_ _ds .
    7. We had a party in the open _ _ r on Christmas day.
    8. It’s rather c_ld in winter in Beijing.

    II. 选择填空
    ( )1. We’d better _________ our class at once .
    A. began B. beginning C. begin D. to begin
    ( )2. My father is always busy . He ______ only six hours every night .
    A. slept B. sleep C. sleeps D. will sleep
    ( )3. I have two hats . One is green, ______ is blue .
    A. the other B. others C. other D. another
    ( )4. Mrs. Green is not at home . She ______ to the hospital.
    A. has gone B. has been C. had been D. had gone
    ( )5. Sorry . I can’t answer your questions . I know ____ about the subject .
    A. few B. a few C. little D. a little
    ( )6. I feel thirsty. Please _________ me something to drink.
    A. take B. bring C. pull D. carry
    ( )7. “Must I hand in the exercise-book now ?”
    “No , you ________ .”
    A. mustn’t B. can’t C. needn’t D. may not
    ( )8. ______ went to the Great Wall with you ?
    A. What B. Who C. When D. Whose
    ( )9. I am not busy . I have ________ to do .
    A. something B. anything C. everything D. nothing
    ( )10. I will go to see _________ tomorrow morning.
    A. she B. hers C. her D. herself

    III. 用括号中词的适当形式填空
    1. Let _______ have a look at your new dress.(he)
    2. Which do you like _________ , the black one or the white one ?(well)
    3. This is _______ book(you)._____ is here .(my)
    4. Maths is ________ of all subjects .(difficult)
    5. I would like three _________ .(tomato)
    6. Please take _________ turning and go straight ahead .(three)

    IV. 用下列词的正确形式填空
    about , but , enjoy , how much , like , too…to , write , yourself
    1. A : Where are you from ?
    B : I’m from the England. What ________ you ?
    2. This book ________ in Chinese.
    3. Help ________ to some more cakes .
    4. Did you ________ yourselves at the party?
    5. Tom is ________ young _______ go to school.
    6. ________ does the hat cost ? Twenty Yuan .
    7. Jack ________ English very much .
    8. Mr. Smith is poor , ________ he is happy .

    V. 根据中文意思,用英文提示词语造句。
    1. Tom跑得太快了,我追不上了。
    Tom , run , fast , I , could , him
    2. Lucy每天用一个小时学数学。Lucy , an hour , learn maths
    3. 我去的太迟了,没见到她。
    I , go , late , see , her
    4. 墙上有三张地图。three maps , on the wall
    5. Brown先生直到晚上十二点才到家。
    Mr. Brown , get home , twelve o’clock , at night
    6. 这对你的健康有好处。it , your health
    7. 昨天我爸爸给我买了两本书。My father, two books , me
    8. 明天Green女士要带我们参观这工厂。Mrs. Green , us , the factory , tomorrow

    VI. 从所给句子中选择恰当的完成对话:
    a. Something about your country.
    b. Not at all.
    c. Let me see.
    d. What subject should I talk about?
    e. That’s a good idea.
    A: Tom, can you give us a talk tomorrow?
    B: A talk? 1
    A: About and subject. 2
    B: 3 . Maybe I can talk about English names.
    A: 4 . Do please. Thank you.
    B: 5 .

    VII. 完型填空:
    Have you ever seen snow? 1 people in the world have not. A lot of countries 2 have snow or they have it only on the tops of very high mountains. In Scotland and in the north of England, there is quite a lot of snow every 3, but in the south of England, there is usually 4.
    Snow is different from rain. Although(尽管) it is very cold, it is very 5. Maybe after a few dark(黑暗) mornings, a student wakes up one morning, and there is a lot of 6 in his room. He thinks, “Is it so 7 ?” and jumps out of bed. But it is not so late. He 8 out of the window and there is 9 on the ground and on the roofs(屋顶) of the houses and 10 . The light in the room came from that clean, beautiful white snow.
    1. A. A lot of B. Much  C. More D. A lot
    2. A. ever B. only  C. never D. often
    3. A. spring B. summer  C. autumn   D. winter
    4. A. a little B. little  C. few D. a few
    5. A. good B. beautiful   C. dirty D. warm
    6. A. light B. darkness C. rain D. wind
    7. A. early B. cold  C. warm D. late
    8. A. sees B. looks  C. looks at   D. sees for
    9. A. wind B. rain  C. snow D. fog(雾)
    10. A. nowhere B. somewhere  C. where   D. everywhere

    VIII. 阅读理解:
    John found in the newspaper that it was easy to find a job(工作) in the south of England. So he went into a train which was going to London.
    He was the only passenger(游客) in the train, when suddenly another man burst in with a gun in his hand and said to him, “Your money or your life?”
    “I haven’t got a penny,” John answered in fright.
    “Then why are you trembling so much?” the man said angrily.
    “Because I thought you were the ticket – collector and I have got on ticket, ” answered John.
    1. London is of England.
    A. in the north B. in the south
    C. in the center D. in the west
    2. The man carrying a gun was a .
    A. policeman B. passenger
    C. ticket - collector D. robber(强盗)
    3. John was very frightened because .
    A. he was afraid of the man
    B. he had lost his ticket
    C. he was the only passenger in the car
    D. it might be found out that he didn’t have a ticket
    4. According to the passage , we can see .
    A. John was a robber
    B. John was a poor man
    C. the man was kind to John
    D. the man took much money away from John
    5. Hearing what John said, the man .
    A. was very angry
    B. killed(杀) him
    C. felt disappointed(失望)
    D. made a friend with John

    IX. 写作:根据中文意思和英文提示词语写出一段意思连贯的文段,所给的英文提示词都必须用上。
    1. Christmas day , yesterday .
    2. the students , have a party , in the open air
    3. enjoy oneself
    4. dance, sing

    1. seems 2. like 3. only 4. smell
    5. carry 6. heads 7. air 8. cold
    1. C 2. C 3. A 4. A 5. C
    6. B 7. C 8. B 9. D 10. C
    1. him 2. better 3. your Mine
    4. the most difficult 5. tomatoes 6. the third
    1. about 2. was written 3. yourself 4. enjoy
    5. too…to 6. How much 7. likes 8. but
    1. Tom ran so fast that I couldn’t catch up with him .
    2. It takes Lucy an hour to learn maths every day .
    3. I went there too late to see her.
    4. There are three maps on the wall.
    5. Mr. Brown didn’t get home until twelve o’clock at night .
    6. It’s good for your health .
    7. My father bought two books for me yesterday.
    8. Mrs. Green will show us around the factory tomorrow .
    1. d 2. a 3. c 4. e 5. b
    1. A 2. C 3. D 4. A 5. B
    6. A 7. D 8. B 9. C 10. D
    1. B 2. D 3. D 4. B 5. C
    It was Christmas day yesterday. The students had a party in the open air. They enjoyed themselves at the party. They danced and sang a lot of songs.
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