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Summary:听力部分(共四大题,计30分) I.听辨单词(Words)(共5小题,计5分) 从下列各组单词中选出你所听到的句子中所含的选项。每个句子只读一遍。(答案涂在答题纸上) 1.A.allow   B.amaze  C.attack   D.attract 2.A.danger   B.digital C.double   D.direct 3.A.mount.

  • 听力部分(共四大题,计30分)



    1.A.allow   B.amaze  C.attack   D.attract

    2.A.danger   B.digital C.double   D.direct

    3.A.mount   B.mouth  C.month    D.maths

    4.A.preferred B.pressed C.practised  D.produced

    5.A.passage  B.message C.sandwich  D.orange




      A.         B.         C.         D.


      A.         B.         C.         D.


      A.         B.         C.         D.


      A.         B.         C.         D.


      A.         B.         C.         D.



    11.A.A notebook.     B.An umbrella.

      C.A pencil sharpener. D.A dictionary.

    12.A.By air. B.By train. C.By ship. D.By bike.

    13.A.He's doing all the things before Saturday.

      B.He's phoning Jim .
      C.He's mending the car outside. D.He's sleeping in front of the TV.

    14.A.Four yuan. B.Five yuan and fifty fen.

      C.Six yuan. D.Eight yuan.

    15.A.At 7o'clock.B.At 8o'clock.C.At 9o'clock.D.At 9:30.

    B)你将听到a radio journalist和Bob之间的一段对话。请根据对话内容回答录音中的5个问题,对话和问题将读两遍。(答案涂在答题纸上)

    16.A.In a village in the east of the USA.

      B.In a town in England.

      C.In West Hills,a small town in California.

      D.In a village in the west of England.

    17.A.England.  B.Italy. C.France. D.Germany.

    18.A.None.    B.Only once. C.Four times. D.Two or three times.

    19.A.Excuse me. B.Sorry. C.Thank you.D.Hello.

    20.A.Milk.    B.Coffee. C.Tea with milk.D.Tea with sugar.



    21.Where was Susan when there was a knock at the door one afternoon?

      A.         B.         C.         D.

    22.What was the Queen wearing and holding at that time?

      A.         B.         C.         D.

    23.Where did the Queen sit?

      A.         B.         C.         D.

    24.What did Susan give the Queen to drink?

      A.         B.         C.         D.

    25.How did the Queen go back home?

      A.         B.         C.         D.

    26.When would the Queen arrive home?

      A.         B.         C.         D.

    27.Why did the Queen go to Susan's house?

      A.Because it was too late. B.Because it was too early to go home.
      C.Because she felt tired. D.Because she was lost.

    28.What did the Queen and Susan talk about?

      A.The weather.B.The clothes. C.Their country.D.Their family.

    29.Who telephoned the Queen ?

      A.Her husband.B.Her daughter.C.Her son. D.Her driver.

    30.What did the Queen give Susan when she was leaving?
      A.Some money.B.A bag. C.A diary. D.A book.


    I.单项选择(Multiple-choice test)(共20小题,计20分)


    1.Would you like me to help you choose a new dress for the dance?

      A.try on B.pick out C.put away D.put up

    2.The following evening they met at the end of the bridge.

      A.first B.second C.last D.next

    3.Mother has been to the farm .She has not a few apples in her basket.

      A.a few B.some  C.many D.several

    4.—Have you seen the film ?

    —Yes,I have.I can catch the whole of the film .

      A.get all the idea of B.take all of

      C.look at whole of   D.know som ething about

    5.Wait and see,he will turn the table some day.



    6.The two new doctors in that hospital have already read ____ newspaper.

      A.today B.todays'C.todays D.today's

    7.Neither Joseph nor his cousin ____ to Canada,but they know the country very well.

      A.have visited B.is gone C.has been D.has gone

    8.—Will you please ____ us a story,Mr Smith?

    —OK.Shall I ____ it in English or in Chinese?

      A.say;speak B.talk;speak C.tell;tell D.talk;say

    9.My wife often forgets ____ the door,but she remembered ____ it when she left yesterday.
      A.closing;close B.to close;close

      C.closing;to close D.to close;closing

    10.—He seems terribly ill.Is there anything serious?

    —No,he'll be all right soon. ____.

      A.I'll have a look at it B.I'm sure of that

      C.I've done that D.I have no idea

    11.Father doesn't tell me when he ____ .I'll telephone you as soon as he ____ .

      A.will come;comes B.will come;will come

      C.comes;will come D.comes;comes

    12.English ____ in many countries,but the Chinese ____ their own language.

      A.speaks;spoken  B.is speaking;are spoken

      C.is spoken;speak D.is spoken;speaks

    13.Waikiki is one of the best beaches surfing in Honolulu.

      A.with B.on C.to D.for

    14.In the exam ____ ,the ____ you are,mistakes you'll make.

      A.careful;little B.more careful;less

      C.careful;few  D.more careful;the fewer

    15.—Oh,there's someone knocking at the door.

    —____ must be your neighbour.

      A.There  B.She C.He D.It

    16.He's given an important talk on the differences between the second language and the foreign language, ____ ?

      A.hasn't he B.doesn't he C.isn't he D.wasn't he

    17.The headmaster asked Ted ____ he was going to take Mr Brown's lessons instead and he said“No” .

      A.why B.how C.whether D.when

    18.You work in a store.When someone gets into the store,you say“____ ”
      A.How are you?B.What can I do for you?
      C.What do you do?D.You're welcome.

    19.—Have you received an e-mail message fromHelen?

    —____ .

    —Really?No news is good news.

      A.Yes,I have B.I don't mind C.No,I haven't D.No problem

    20.—Happy Teachers'Day,Miss Zhang!Here are some cards for you.

    —____ !Thank you.

      A.Best wishes  B.What beautiful cards

      C.HoW happy am I D.You are so welcome

    II.阅读理解(Reading comprehension)(共30小题,计30分)



    The long hiccup
    For many people the subject of hiccups(嗝)is a joke,but for Harry Mendis,a fifteen-year-old schoolboy from Birmingham,it was something quite different.

    His hiccups began one Sunday lunchtime and continued day and night for two weeks. After the first week, Harry's parents took him to hospital,but it took another week for the doctors to cure his attack.

    Harry,who is now back at school, described what happened to him.

    “When I began to hiccup,I drank a glass of water but that didn't do any good.That evening I had hiccups every four seconds. We tried everything to stop them.I held my breath and drank cold drinks.My father even tried to give me a shock but that didn't work either.”

    After a week of sleepless nights,he went to hospital.The doctors took an X-ray of his chest but they couldn't find anything wrong.

    “They gave me some medicine and my hiccups slowed down, but it was another week before the medicine worked completely andmy hiccups stopped.”

    Harry was very lucky.The world record holder is the American ____ farmer Charles Osborne,who hiccuped for sixty-eight years.He stopped in 1990at last,but nobody knows why.

    21.Harry's hiccups lasted ____ .

      A.a week B.fourteen days C.twenty-eight days D.one month

    22.His hiccups started after he ____ .

      A.drank a glass of water B.went to hospital

      C.ate an Indian meal   D.finished his homework

    23.His parents decided to take him to hospital when he ____ .
      A.hiccuped for four seconds B.held his breath

      C.hiccuped at night     D.couldn't stop hiccuping

    24.His hiccups completely stopped one week after the doctor ____ .

      A.gave him some medicine B.took an X-ray of his chest

      C.gave him a shock    D.let him drink cold drinks

    25.What does“shock”in this passage mean?



    A chicken lays an egg.You feel sleepy.And a tree loses its leaves.All of these things,and many more,happen in a certain way,at a certain time each day or each year.They take place beacuse of something called an internal clock.The word internal means“inside of”,and the internal clock is inside a certain part of every plant and animal.For example,there is an internal clock in the head of a chicken.

    The internal clock receives a sig nal,or message,from the world around it.Some of these signals include light,heat, darkness and cold.When the internal clock gets the signal,the body of the plant or animal produces a chemical that causes the living thing to do different actions.For example,daylight signals the chicken's internal clock to make a chemical.Then this chemical causes the chicken to lay eggs.

    People are learning a lot about internal clocks.Farmers have even learned how to fool a chicken's internal clock so that the chicken lays more eggs!

    26.A signal is____ .

    A.a chemical B.a message C.internal D.inside

    27.The clock described in the story is called internal because it ____ .

      A.means“inside of” B.is inside every plant or animal

      C.never stops running D.produces a signal

    28.In this story,one signal would be____ .

      A.cold weather B.a chemical C.falling leaves D.a sleepy dog

    29.In the chain of events below,what is missing?

    Daylight acts as a signal.

    A chicken's internal clock receives the signal.

    The chicken lays an egg.  A.The chicken moves its body.  B.The chicken is fooled by the farmer.

      C.The chicken makes a chemical. D.The chicken sees the daylight.

    30.What do you think farmers do to make chickens lay more eggs?They ____ .

      A.make the chickens do different actions
      B.keep the chickens in a cooler place

      C.feed the chickens a special chemical

      D.turn on lights in the chicken house at night

    Read the three postcards and an- swer the following questions.
    31.Only one writer really is having a great time -which one?Write 1,2 or 3._____

    32.Whom did P.send the postcard to?_____

    33.Where does Sam come from?_____

    34.What does Sam do every morning?_____

    35.Of the three who needed money most?_____

    St Paul's Cathedral
    St Paul's Cathedral was built between 1675 and 1710.For one of the best views of London you must climb 650 steps up to the Golden Gallery at the very top,where you're 111 metres above the ground.

    Cristina Garcia from Valenica has stopped after only 259 steps,at the Whispering Gallery.

    “I've just sent my sister round to the other side of the dome(穹顶),30metres away.When she whispers(低语)something to me,I'll be able to hear it if I put my ear close to the wall.”

    “Have you been up to the top yet?”

    “No,I've already climbed enough steps for one day!”

    Fill in the blanks with one or two words according to the passag e above.
    Tower Bridge
    Tower Bridge was opened in 1894.It is 244 metres long and 100metres high.A lot of bricks(砖)were used in its construction(施工)enough to build 350 houses.

    “Before I came here,I thought Tower Bridge was the same as London Bridge,”said Pascal Bouchet from Toulouse.“But now I've seen London Bridge from the top of Tower Bridge,so I know they're different.But I'm a bit disappointed -I've been waiting here since eleven o'clock this morning,and the bridge hasn't opened yet.I'm freezing!”
    The Monument
    The Monument is a tall,hollow column with a golden ball at the top.It is 70 metres high.It was designed in 167 1and completed in 1677.It commenmorates(纪念)the Great Fire of London in 1666,in which most of the city was burnt down.The fire started in a shop nearby.Maki Onuma has just climbed the 311 steps to the top.

    I've been standing here for ten minutes now,just looking at the view.From here you can see the Tower of London,Big Ben and The Post Office Tow- er.It's amazing!I've brought my video camera with me to make a film of it all!

    36.St Paul's Cathedral was completed in the ____ century.

    37.You can whisper to somebody ____ away inside the dome of St Paul's.

    38.The bricks of Tower Bridge can be used to build ____ .

    39.The bridge didn't open at ____ that morning.

    40.The Monum ent has ____ steps than St Paul's.

    41.The Great Fire of London started in ____ in 1666.


    Look at the grid(网格)map.Notice the number 1-7down the left side.Notice the letters A -G across the top.The numbers,the letters and the lines on the map help you find places.

    Find these places on the map.Write down the grid reference(letter and number)for each place.
    42.Car Park ___________
    43.Eme rald Railway Station ___________
    44.John ___________

    Write down one thing about each grid reference.
    45.B4 ____ D3 ____
    46.B7 ____ F3 ____

    FROM:Herry Wilson
    Date:October 11,2002
    To:Jeff Manning
    Subject:A Book! October 11,2002
    I just read a book and I think you'd like it.It's called Cold Mountain and it's by Charles Frazier.It's a story about the 1860s,at the time of the American Civil War.I know you're interested in the Civil War,so I think you would like this book.

    The story is about a young guy and his girlfriend.He goes to fight in the war,but after he almost dies,he just leaves and starts walking home . His girlfriend is rich at first,but then her father dies and she's alone and has no money .She has a farm but she doesn't know how to be a farme r.The story is about the man 's trip home(it takes him several months)an d the woman's experiences on the farm.

    If you read it,let me know how you like it.

    Give a short answer to each question.

    47.Who wrote the e-mail letter?

    48.When did the story happen?

    49.How many people were mentioned in the story?

    50.How long did it take the man in the story to walk home?

    III.完形填空(Cloze test)(共15小题,计15分)


    before,come,go out,feel like,for,hear of,
    large,look forw ard to,thank
      Jan:What are you going to do after you graduate?  Mary:I'm going to work in New York.  Jan:Really?

    Mary:As a matter of fact,I'll be working for a company named Anderson &Arthur.Have you (51) _____ it?

    Jan:Of course I have!They're one of(52)_____ accounting companies in this country.Congratulations!

    Mary:(53)_____ .To go to New York is my dream that(54)_____ true already.I'm really (55)_____ living there.

    Jan:We have to eat out somewhere special(56)_____ you leave.

    Mary:Do you want to go out tonight?I'm not busy.

    Jan:Sure!Let's go.


    Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess(公主)who had a golden ball.She lived in a palace with her father,the King,and her seven sisters.Every day she played with her(57)_____ in the garden of the palace.

    At the end of the garden there was a deep,dark(58)_____ .When the weather was hot,the princess liked playing near the lake.

    Unluckily,one day she dropped her golden ball into the water.She was very(59)_____ and she sat on the grass and started to cry.

    Suddenly she heard a voice:“Don't(60)_____ ,princess.”

    She opened her eyes and saw a large green frog.“Oh,please help me!”she said,“I can't get my ball.”

    “I'll help you,”said the frog,“(61)_____ I can come and live with you in the palace!”

    “Yes,yes,of course.I promise(许诺),”said the princess.

    So the frog jumped into the water and came back(62)_____ the ball.The princess laughed and took the ball.She ran quickly(63)_____ to the palace and forgot all about the frog.

    The frog was very angry.He followed the princess into the palace and told his story to the King.

    Then the King said to his daughter,“A promise is a promise,my daughter.(64)_____ this frog to your roomand look after him carefully.”

    She took the frog and put him on her bed.The frog looked at her and said quietly,“Please kiss me,princess.”She closed her eyes and kissed him .

    The frog turned into a handsome prince(王子)quickly.Of course,he and the princess fell in love.One week(65)_____ they married and they lived happily ever after.

    IV.句型转换(Sentence pattern transformation)(共10小题,计10分)


    66.In 1949,China's population was about 475 million.(改为特殊疑问句)

    _____ was the population of ____ in 1949?

    67.There are young sheep eating grass on the hill.(改为反意疑问句)

    There are young sheep eating grass on the hill,_____ _____ ?

    68.I'm glad to see you.(改为感叹句)

    _____ _____ I am to see you!

    69.You can't be late for class any more.(改为祈使句)

    _____ _____ late for class any more.

    70.The students in Class One have already finished their compositions.(改为否定句)

    The students in Class One ____ finished their compositions ____ ____ .


    71.Many people know Changchun and Shiyan because a lot of trucks are made there.

    Changchun and Shiyan are ____ ____ their trucks.

    72.Most of these questions had nothing to do with the boy's lessons.

    Most of these questions were ____ ____ the boy's lessons.

    73.Do you know how you can get the kite down from the tree?

    Do you know ____ ____ get the kite down from the tree?

    74.My mother often tells me to get everything ready before I go to school.

    I am often told to get everything ready ____ ____ to school by my mother.

    75.You'd better water these trees as often as you can.

    It's ____ to water these trees as often as ____ .

    V.动词填空(Fill in the blanks with verbs in their proper forms)(共10小题,计10分)


    76.China's entry into WTO_____ (encourage)lots of people to learn English in my hometown last year.

    77.Joanna Trollope_____ (live)in Oxford for two years,and then in 2000 she moved to Paris.

    78.The scientist(find)_____ the word written wrong if he turns to the page.

    79.Grandfather was made (work)_____ over ten hours a day before the PRC was founded.

    80.—I want to borrow a video tape,but it's not on that shelf.

    —I guess somebody else_____ (borrow)it.



    14 years ago Spanish tourist Gaspar Sanchez dropped his wallet into the waters of Loch Ness in Scotland.His passport,his car keys,his business card and his money(81)_____ in 150m of water.This week the phone(82)_____ in his house and a Scottish policeman told him ,“Sir,your wallet(83)_____ !It(84)_____ last Sunday on the bed of the lake by some explorers diving to look for the monster(怪物)in the lake!”

    Gaspar Sanchez said,“The whole thing is quite amazing.They(85)_____ all the things to me already.I will get them tomorrow.I can't believe it!”



    We can't really say that one language is easier or more difficult than another language. In some ways,English is an easy language to learn...take the verbs for example...(86) but in some language,you have to make many,many changes to the verb -in Latin,for example,there are more than 120different forms of one verb!In English,there are only five...with verb“go”for example,there's“go”,“goes”,“went”,“going”and“gone”...but we use these forms in a lot of different ways!(87) And the spelling and pronunciation of English are more difficult than in many languages...we have a lot of sounds in English...and the spelling isn't very regular.

    Nobody knows exactly how many people are learning English in the world today...but it's certainly more than it was 50 years ago...(88) For example ,fifty years ago very few people in China learned English,but now the number of people learning English in China is bigger than the population of the United States!(89) So there are probably about 300million people learning English at the moment,which is more than any other language...(90) and some experts(专家)say that by the year 2050-that's about fifty years from now -half of the world's population will speak English...I'm not sure,I think we'll have to wait andsee...

    VII.智力测试(Intelligence test)(共5小题,计5分)

    91.In how many years do Christmas Day and New Year's Eve fall in the same year?

    92.From what number can you take half and leave nothing?

    93.What 5-letter word has 6left when you take 2 letters away?

    94.Friends are going swimming,shopping and hiking.What is each person going to do?

    Eric:I'm not going hiking.

    James:I'm not going swimming.

    Sue:The boys aren't going shopping.

    Kate:Sue is going swimming.

    ①Eric:_____ ②James:_____ ③Sue:_____ ④Kate:_____

    95.Police officers Andews(A),Brown(B)and Clark(C)were chasing Dick(D)and Ernie

    (E),the terrible twins.They ran into a building.No one could see everyone.Read the information and write A,B,C,D or E on the people in the plan.
      A could see B and E.

      D couldn't see A but B could see A.

      E couldn 't see B and C.

      C could see D.

      B could see the door.


    B)Do you ever read the advice column in a magazine or newspaper?Suppose you work for a newspaper and your name is Kit.Please write 60-80 words to help the angry Dad.

    (Write them on the answer sheet.)

    Dear Kit,

    My son is a middle school student.He gets home at about six o'clock and starts talking to his friends on the phone.If I don't stop him ,he will talk for three or four hours.His mum and I can't use the phone,and he isn't doing his homework.If I don't let him do that,he's angry,we're angry -everyone is unhappy.What can we do with him ?

    Mad Dad
    Dear Mad Dad,________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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