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Summary:北京市实验外语学校初三年级英语阶段测试 (2002.10) CLASS__________ NAME__________RESULT___________ Ⅰ、按课文内容真空(10%) 1.Then she noticed a woman's leg ____________from behind a pile of rubbish bags .She had to r.

  • 北京市实验外语学校初三年级英语阶段测试

    CLASS__________ NAME__________RESULT___________

    1.Then she noticed a woman's leg ____________from behind a pile of rubbish bags .She had to run to the _________________to phone the police.
    2.Inspector Lu who was ___________the investigation _______________the people living in the lane. A ________called Mrs Lee was very helpful.
    3.While inspector Lu was looking at the newspaper. Police constable Guo____________the
    room. “I thought you _______________these, Sir" said Guo, who was a _________________
    4. Meanwhile, Guo was _________________outside San Francisco Grill, _______________.the lane where Miss Huang___________________.

    Ⅱ、用括号内所给的正确形式填空 (10%)
    1.I went out after I ________________(check)that all the windows were closed
    2.By the time he was thirty, He ____________ (work)for ten years.
    3.While I_______________(listen) to my CDs My mother asked me to go to the shop.
    4.When I _______________(come) out of the kitchen, I saw a man ________(climb) over the balcony railing.
    5.After Miss Tong ______________(say) goodbye to her friends, she walked home.

    a. to take hold of quickly or roughly b. killed her
    c. to seize and take away from someone especially by force d. appeared
    e. to help firmly especially with his fingers f. to help him
    1.( )I let her have it.
    2.( ) The inspector wanted someone there in case Lenny tumed up..
    3.( )Inspector Lu grasped her arm and banged the end of his gun on her wrist as Guo ran to his aid.
    4.( )The child gripped the coins lightly in his hand.
    5.( )The thief snatched the woman's handbag
    6.( ) I grabbed a hamburger and started sating it hungrily

    Look out, pass out, back out, hammer out,
    hold out, crumple, break

    1.You can't _______________after you promised.
    2 If you walk in a shining sun without breakfast, you can easily________________
    3.I ________________of the windows as the circus(马戏团)passed by.
    4.The machine is ________________this piece of metal to mend the machine.
    5.The boy feels exhausted! He can't ___________________any longer.
    6. The little boy picked up a ____________bottle and hurt his hand.
    7.A begger had pulled an old ___________jacket over him for warmth beside the rabbish

    1 .( )----Can I _________ your bike?
    -----With pleasure. But you mustn't __________it to others.
    A lend borrow. B. Borrow, lend
    C. carry, lend D. borrow, keep
    2.( ) These sweaters are too small for me. Please show me _______one
    A. other B. others
    C. the others D. an other
    3.( )There are lots of English books here and ____________of them is easy to understand.
    A.both B.all
    C. every D.each
    4.Lucy and Lily can speak good Chinese because they ________china for six years
    A.have been in B.have been to
    C.have come to D.have gone to
    5. ( ) I like writing to my friend, but it _______________a lot of time
    A. spends B. uses
    C. takes D.pays
    6,( )Today, ____________ trees are still being cut down somewhere in the world.
    A.much too . B.too much
    C.takes D. too many
    7( )It ________me about a quarter to go to school on foot every day.
    A.pays B.spends
    C.costs D.takes
    8.( )------I saw Ann _________a green dress at the meeting.
    -------I think she looks better ___________ red.
    A. dressed, in B. put on, wear
    C. wearing, in D. wear, put on
    9. ( ) When she heard the news, she was_______ angry to____ a word..
    A. very, talk B. too, speak
    C. such, tell D. too say
    10.( )It was raining hard when I_______ home yesterday.
    A. got B. got to
    C. arrived at D. arrived in

    One day a mother rat and her babies were out in an open field. They were playing and having a good time when 1 a hungry cat came on the scene! It hid 2 a big tree and then 3 forward through tall grass 4 it could almost hear them talk. 5 the mother rat and her babies knew 6 had happened, the cat 7 from its hiding place and started to run 8 them.
    The mother rat and her babies all 9 at once. They hurried to wards 10 home, which was under a pile of large stone. 11 the baby rats were 12 scared that they could not run very 13 Closer and closer the cat came. in no time the cat would catch 14 . What was to be done?
    The mother rat stopped running, 15 round and faced the ca, 16 "Bow !Wow! Bowwowl" just like 17 angry dog. The cat was to surprised and 18 that it ran away.
    The mother rat turned to her babies, "Now you see 19 important it is to learn 20 second language!"
    ( ) 1. A. naturally B. suddenly C. nearly D. certainly
    ( )2 A. or B. between C by D. behind
    ( )3.A.crawled B. jumped C. looked D. climbed
    ( )4.A.before B. when C. until D. while
    ( )5.A.Before B. After C. Unless D. Otherwise
    ( )6 A. where B. what C. which D. when
    ( )7.A.jumped B. started C. jumping D. starting
    ( )8.A. over B. through C. after D. against
    ( )9.A.fleed B. fled C .flied D flee
    ( )10.A to B. for C. its D their
    ( )11.A.Because B. But C. Therefore D Although
    ( )12.A. as B. much C. so D. very
    ( ) 13.A.freely B. hardly C. soon D. quickly
    ( ) 14.A.ahead B down C. that D. them
    ( )15.A.turned B. walked C. jumped D. ran
    ( )16.A. saying B. said C. shouting D. shouted
    ( )17.A.a B. an C. their D. that
    ( )18.A.pleased B excited C. frightened D worried
    ( )19.A. so B why C. what D. how
    ( )20.A. our B. their C. a D. an

    Small children often laugh at a lame or blind person, or at someone who isn't dressed as well as they are. But as they grow up, they learn not to hurt people's feelings by laughing at their problems They learn to laugh at other things Most important, they learn to laugh at themselves.
    . Suppose you're playing a game. You make a silly mistake and loss. Do yon become angry? Or can you laugh at yourself and hope to do better next time?
    Suppose you're at a special dinner .You accidentally spill (溢翻) some food. Why keep worrying about how clumsy (笨拙) you looked? Why not laugh .it off and enjoy yourself anyway? If you can, it's a good sign you've realty grown up.
    ( )l.. This article is mostly about _______________.
    A. why laughter is good for your body B. what you should laugh at
    C when babies learn to laugh D. where you may laugh.
    ( )2.The writer says small children laugh at people who __________
    A. have problems B.spill food C. dress well D. play games
    ( )3.The writer shows what laughter could help you not to ________
    A. make a mistake B. lose a game C. become angry D. try again
    ( )4. Next the writer shows what laughter could keep you from _________
    A. spilling food B. worrying C. enjoying yourself D. growing up
    ( )5.If you find a new skill hard to learn, you should probably_______________
    A. laugh at your own slowness B. keep trying till you learn it
    C. give up and never try again D. both A and B

    Ⅷ、短文 (10%)
    One of New York's most beautiful and valuable building is in danger The New York Public Library, in the heart of the city at 42 Street may have to close its doors. The library is very special place. Even though it is in a busiest part of the city. it has grass and trees around it, and benches for people to sit. Even more unusual in the crowding New York, its rooms are very large. The roof of the Main Reading Room are fifty-one feet tail. Here, a reader can sit and think and work comfortable, And what books there are to work with
    1.____________________. 2.__________________
    3.____________________ 4.__________________
    5.____________________ 6___________________
    7.____________________ 8___________________
    9.____________________ 10___________________

    Ⅸ、作文 (10%)
    Imagine you are Mrs Lan. Write a letter to one of you daughters in America. Tell her
    all about your friend , Miss Huang. You may begin your letter as follows if you wish.

    16Rua de Silva Mendes

    May 200
    Dear Mery!
    How are you? I hope john and the boys are well has little David grown any new teeth ?
    I am very well but I have a sad story to tell you a bout my old friend Mabe! Huang.

    1.had cheeked
    2.had worked
    3.was listening
    4.was coming chinbing
    5.had said
    1.back out
    2.pass out
    3.looked out
    4.hammering out
    5.hold out

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