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Summary:W: Well, she’s always been a beach person.a person who likes to go to the beach 2. a bunch ofA bunch of us are getting together to go to the basketball game on Saturday afternoon. a group of.

  • W: Well, she’s always been a beach person.a person who likes to go to the beach

    2. a bunch ofA bunch of us are getting together to go to the basketball game on Saturday afternoon. a group of
    3. abound inNew Jercy abounds in colonial architecture, battlefields of the revolution, and other historical sites important in the early history. be rich in
    4. adhere toWe will adhere to our plan.carry out a plan or an operation without deviation:
    5. a host ofA host of terms came into use.a group of
    6. a household wordPearl S. Buck was almost a household word throughout much of her lifetime.A widely known saying, name, person, or thing
    7. a large amount of jjja large quantity ofUsing many symbols makes it possible to put a large amount of information on a single map.
    8. a needle in a haystacksomething impossible to do(大海捞针)W: We are supposed to meet John here at the train station. M: That’s like looking for a needle in a haystack(干草堆).
    9. a nest eggA sum of money put by as a reserveToday the simple piggy bank is seen everywhere as the symbol of saving and frugality, for putting away funds for a rainy day, or building a nest egg (money saved for emergencies) for life’s sudden money needs.
    10. a rainy day jjjA time of need or troublethey put away funds for a rainy day, or building a nest egg (money saved for emergencies) for life’s sudden money needs.
    11. a range of 广泛的 She created a range of广泛的 sculptures in different styles in the 1940’s.

    12. a rare treatM: This casserole砂锅菜 really tastes good. I guess that’s because the vegetables in it are fresh instead of canned. M: I know. Kind of a rare treat in this cafeteria.
    13. a rule of thumbA useful principle having wide application but not intended to be strictly accurate or reliable in every situation.This basic chemical knowledge, which was applied in most cases as a rule of thumb, was nevertheless dependent on previous experiment.
    14. a scorchera hot dayHew! It’s a real scorcher today.
    15. a selection ofThe jewelry store doesn’t have a good selection of watches.
    16. a series of Reversals of the field give rise to a series of magnetic stripes条纹地带 running parallel to the axis轴 of the rift裂口.A number of objects or events arranged or coming one after the other in succession.
    17. a suite ofTheir fossilization required a suite (套) of factors.
    18. a torrent of 大量的They brought a torrent of criticism on the experimenter.
    19. a trace of一丝Scientists believe that when the oceans were young they contained only a trace of salt and their level of salinity含盐量has been growing gradually.
    20. a variety of各种各样的We organize tours to a variety of places nearly every weekend.
    30. address to写给Why is it that whenever I opened my mailbox lately, I pulled out letters addressed to you?

    31. adjust toIndustries had to adjust to peacetime conditions: factories had to be retooled for civilian needs.
    32. affiliate with加入The share比例 of voters regarding themselves as political independents, that is, people not affiliated with either of the major parties, rose.
    33. against one’s willPoverty forced others to leave their native lands for the New World against their will.
    34. aim at瞄准, 针对Applied research aims at some specific objective, such as the development of a new produce, process, or material.
    35. aim for determine a course forThat is what I aim for in my dances
    36. all at once 突然,一下子Can you manage that many labs all at once?
    37. all but almost. The slow-breeding mammals of the sea have been all but wiped out消灭 by humans.
    38. all overThe basic design is two triangles. In fact there are triangles all over.
    39. allocated fora lot of money was allocated (划拨) for a soils study.
    40. amount toThe purchases amounted to 50 dollars.In 1987 the sales of ice cream in the United States amounted to fifteen quarts per year for every persons in the country.add up in quantity
    41. an array ofAn impressively large number, as of persons or objectsThe ecosystems生态系统of the Earth provide a vast array of free public services that are essential for the support of civilizations.
    42. And how 当然罗!W: The concert pianist was fantastic.M: And how!
    43. appeal to 受…欢迎 Nylon brushes appeal to many people because they are inexpensive and they produce an acceptable effect on paper.
    44. apply for请求, 申请The man will have to apply for his birth certificate in writing.
    45. apply sth to somewhereHe could apply the techniques to应用于 principles of composition, color and design.
    46. apply to use for
    47. around the cornerThe theater’s just around the corner.
    48. as a ruleIn general; for the most partI didn’t care much for喜欢 horror movies as a rule.
    49. as good asM: Excuse me, could you tell me how to get to the post office?W: Your guess is as good as mine. I’m new around here.
    50. as long asSome friends of my parents’ live out there. And they invited me for as long as I wanted to stay.
    51. as luck would have it不巧 As luck would have it there was no one home so I had to wait another 45 minutes for the next bus.
    52. as sth go就...而言Often called the wanderer流浪者, it is tough and powerful as butterflies go and is capable of long flights at speeds of 20 miles per hour or more.
    53. aside from除...以外Aside from this course, I’m taking modern Asian politics and advanced Japanese.
    54. ask for ask for a loan borrow money from
    55. assume sth to be true
    56. at an angle / remain rigid and still有一定角度 /僵硬不动The worm stretches its body away from the branch at an angle and remains rigid and still, until the danger has passed.
    57. at hand near in place or time
    58. at home感到自在I certainly hope that most of you will soon feel right at home with our group.
    59. at intervals断断续续Homer worked on画 Breezing Up 微风习习 at intervals over a period of three years.
    60. at one’s pleasureThese advisers serve at the President’s pleasure and can be fired at any time.
    61. at sb’s servicewilling to help sbW: Phil, could you give me a hand with this file cabinet帮我搬文件柜? It belongs against the wall应该靠墙放next to the bulletin board.M: At your service.
    62. at the crack of dawnI’m getting up at the crack of dawn (破晓).
    63. at the dedication of Abraham Lincoln delivered his most famous address at the dedication of the soldiers cemetery in Gettysburg.
    64. at the mercy of Without any protection against; helpless beforeThey are drifting in an open boat, at the mercy of the elements.
    65. at the spanking rate急速 As the Sun grows older, and uses up its hydrogen fuel氢燃料-which it is now doing at the spanking rate of half a billion tons a second-it will become steadily colder and redder.
    66. at the suggestion of sb在…建议下 It was at the suggestion of her acting coach表演教练 that the youngster, who was, by her own admission, clumsy笨拙, shapeless无体形, and on the heavy side, enrolled被收入 in a dancing class.
    67. at the tip of at the pointed end of
    68. at the top ofWe’re almost at the top of the hill.
    69. at timesThe planning function may at times be less comprehensive.
    70. at will任意On the contrary, individuals move about at will, alone or in small groups best described as bands伙, which sometimes form into large aggregations (groups).
    71. attach to tie, connect; fasten The virus replicates by attaching to a cell and injecting its nucleic acid. We have to cover ourselves up so that baby cranes will not become attached to us.
    72. attribute sth to sbconsider as resulting from, proper to, or belonging to a person or thingSoldiers rarely hold the ideals that movies attribute to them, nor do ordinary citizens devote their lives to unselfish service of humanity.
    73. back and forth Mostly I’ll just be using the bike to get me back and forth from work.
    74. back up To cause to accumulate or undergo accumulation 使聚集引起堆积或经过积累The accident backed the traffic up for blocks. Traffic backed up in the tunnel.事故引起了交通阻塞。在地下道中引起了交通阻塞.
    75. be … shortW: I found the perfect book bag, but I am about 20 dollars short (缺20元).
    76. be absolved in sth沉浸I spent the whole weekend totally absolved in this biography.
    77. be accessible to sb Easily approached or enteredThe national park is accessible to everyone.
    78. be accountable to sb负责Powerful railroad barons (大王) made fortunes without having to be accountable to the public or considerate (关心) of customers.
    79. be accustomed toTo familiarize, as by constant practice, use, or habitI have accustomed myself to working long hours.
    80. be adapted toBloodhounds are biologically adapted to trailing their prey.
    81. be adept at be good at Crows are adept at avoiding researchers.
    82. be allergic to sthHaving a dislike; averseDan is allergic to cats.
    83. be around在附近M: Is Sally still around? I was going to ask her if she wanted to walk to class with me.
    84. be associated with与相联系The process is associated with the formation and melting融化 of sea ice.
    85. be at riskPains are sure sign that your hearing is at risk.
    86. be available to使可得到Their reports of the climate, the animals and birds, the trees and plants, and the Indians of the West were made available to scientists.
    87. be aware意识到I’m sure you are aware that one-third of your final grade is based on your lab work.
    88. be bare ofWritten to be performed on a stage bare of scenery, Thornton Wilder’s play Our Town depicts life in a small New England community.
    89. be beatbe very tired精疲力尽M: It’s almost midnight. Why don’t we leave those dishes until tomorrow?W: Good idea! I’m beat.
    90. be behind in sth 延迟, 落后M: Hey, Larry. Wanna (= Want to ) meet a few of us for coffee in a little while?W: Hmm, I would if I weren’t so far behind in this reading I’m doing for history.
    91. be behind time落后M: Boy, how quickly technology changes! So many people have a computer in their home nowadays.W: I know. I feel so behind the time.
    92. be beset withTo trouble persistently; harassBy 1970, the rail industry was beset with problems.
    93. be better off doing sth境况好Wouldn’t she be better off getting a good night’s sleep so she’ll feel fresh in the morning?
    94. be bound to do sth be certain to do sthIt’s bound to rain soon.Without a plentiful and convenient supply of some suitable writing medium, development of the arithmetic process was bound to be hampered.
    95. be brought upMercy Warren was brought up with the values of gentility在上流社会的价值观影响下长大.
    96. be capable ofSnakes are capable of graceful motion throughout the entire length of their rubbery bodies.
    97. be characteristic ofGeologists find it useful to identify fossils in a rock sample because certain assemblages of species are characteristic of specific geologic time periods.
    98. be clogged withbe crowded withThe roads are clogged with the traffic between the suburbs and the cities every morning and evening.
    99. be coming into its own正在立国时期 At a time when Canada was coming into its own, they felt that a major factor因素 in the development of a strong and healthy nation was a vital有生气的 and relevant实质性的 art.
    100. be concerned withLangston Hughes, a prolific writer of the 1920’s, was concerned with the depicting the experience of urban Black people in the United States.
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