托福考试试题 (一)
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Summary:Section 1Listening ComprehensionThe listening comprehension section for the examination is designed to test your ability to understand spoken conversations and lecture presentations. All answers in t.

  • Section 1Listening ComprehensionThe listening comprehension section for the examination is designed to test your ability to understand spoken conversations and lecture presentations. All answers in this section should be based only upon what is stated or implied by the speakers. You should not take notes or write in your test book at any time. You should not turn the pages until you are told to do so.Part ADirections: In part A you will listen to short conversations between two people. After each conversation, there will be a spoken question about the ocnversation. None of the conversations or questions will be repeated. After you hear the conversation and the question, read the answers written in your workbook and select the mot appropriate answer. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number that matches the question you are answering and fill in the letter which corresponds to the answer you have selected.Listen to an example. Sample AnswerOn the recording you will hear:In your workbook, you will read;(A) He will have some time to do it later.(B) Any time but now is okay with him.(C) The woman should pick up the time.(D) He would like to check the report now.You learn form the conversation the man is ready to read the report. The best answer to the question "What does the man mean?" is (D), "He would like to check the report now." Therefore, the correct answer is (D).1. (A) She didn't want to annoy him.(B) She wouldn't sing if he won't allow it.(C) She has a new idea to tell him.(D) She doesn't care if he can hear.2. (A) He will not complete his thesis.(B) He could have troubles in doing both at the same time.(C) He has completed his thesis and he deserves a vacation.(D) He is not a very good skier.3. (A) She did not know the Bakers had the pie.(B) She does not plan to pick them up.(C) She has not had an opportunity to go.(D) She does not want the man to stare.4. (A) She must take him somewhere.(B) He could find nothing he needed at the department store.(C) She thought he was someone else.(D) He's still waiting for her to apologise.5. (A) Give his speech as many times as he can.(B) Get some exercise before he gives his speech.(C) Begin working on a new speech.(D) Check for problems with his presentation materials.6. (A) The tickets are ree.(B) She is not sure if she can buy a ticket.(C) Some members of the team may not attend.(D) Everyone on the team has paid for his ticket.7. (A) He doesn't know how to play the tape recorder.(B) The tape recorder is making a strage noise.(C) He has broken something that the woman lent him.(D) He is too busy to help the woman with her assignment.8. (A) A letter from Bill.(B) A receipt from a hardware store.(C) An increase in their dorm fees.(D) An expensive holiday.9. (A) She can hardly make it to the celebration.(B) She is not haveing a birthday.(C) She must go to the dentist before the evening.(D) She needs to appoint a new dentist soon.10. (A) They are being lined up for delivery.(B) They are being received by the woman.(C) They are being forwarded to his new apartment.(D) They are being picked up by the new line.11. (A) He is probablysomewhere around.(B) He should not leave his things lying around.(C) He could not find his glove.(D) He is probably playing baseball already.12. (A) He listened to an impressive lecture.(B) He didn't think the lecture was interesting.(C) He doesn't have operations in hand right now.(D) He didn't rexpect it to last so long.13. (A) Use every minute of their time wisely.(B) Live there until the final time.(C) Finish their assignments early if possible.(D) Save the lab samples.14. (A) He is ahead in his coursework.(B) He needs the extra money to get ahead.(C) He is not making a good decision.(D) He has a great ability to concentrate.15. (A) Steve often goes to the museum.(B) They shoul bring Steve to the museum.(C) Modern art doesn't cost too much(D) It would be a good place to get a gift for Steve.16. (A) He couldn't get the event organised.(B) He had to move the location again.(C) He lost some of the cards last time they played(D) He couldn't find his way around the grounds.17. (A) It has proved to be quite hot.(B) It has taught him many things(C) It is easier than expected.(D) It is a hard class.18. (A) Ask Jane to come to the speech before dinner.(B) Tell Jane about the speech at dinner.(C) Ask Jane to speak to her during dinner.(D) Speak to Jane about dinner.19. (A) They are planning to build a new section to the building.(B) The construction requires tuoching up.(C) It is being reinforced.(D) It needs further testing.20. (A) Their plane is late as usual.(B) Their plane had to be brought down due to delays.(C) their plane will not be leaving for a day.(D) they will simpley have'to wait.21. (A) She doesn't think it'll rain.(B) She will need to change her raincoat.(C) She will take his coat along with her.(D) She will throw it over her shoulder and carry it.22. (A) Bring some extra money.(B) Change the schedule.(C) Go some other place.(D) Wear different clothes.23. (A) He doesn't like to spend time outside.(B) He went to the gym yesterday.(C) He enjoys going out when he has free time.(D) He would rather exercise than stay in the house.24. (A) Stop burningt eh cookies.(B) Give up baking.(C) She should try again.(D) Take her responsibilites seriously.25. (A) He rarely takes them.(B) He takes them quite regularly.(C) He stopped taking them.(D) He only started taking them recently.26. (A) He went skating last neek.(B) He can think of noghing he'd rather try.(C) He has skated in many parts of the world.(D) He isn't interested.27. (A) She doesn't know what the man is referring to.(B) A Name has not been decided upon.(C) They haven't reached the park yet.(D) She has heard that a decision is coming up.28. (A) go home and study for his exam.(B) Go to the graduation after he has completed his exams.(C) Go rest until he has recovered from his injury.(D) Go to the graduation with teh woman.29. (A) He doesn't understand how he got lost.(B) He has lost his way many times.(C) He was surprised that he had been there so many times.(D) He would prefer not to go again.30. (A) He would send a letter when he arrived.(B) He would not be able to make travel arrangements.(C) He had moved to San Francisco.(D) His manager would not give him the ticket.Part BDirections: In this part, you will her longer discussions. At the end of each discussion, there will be several questions. None of the spoken information will be repeated.After you have heard the question, select the best answer from you worbook. Find the corresponding number on you answer sheet and fill in the space for the answer you have chosen.Please, do not take notes or write in the workbook.31. (A) A cr wash.(B) Thanksgiving.(C) A newspaper.(D) A message service.32. (A) They're trying to win a school competition.(B) They're hoping to finance a celebration.(C) They need their car washed.(D) They want to put up a large banner.33. (A) Make a banner.(B) Write an article.(C) Study english.(D) Hang up filers.34. (A) She is competing with him.(B) She is quite helpful.(C) She is opposed to his ideas.(D) She is impractical.35. (A) The feeding habits of spiders.(B) A new discovery about spiders.(C) Types of spiders.(D) The different kinds of spider's webs.36. (A) Length(B) Width(C) Adhesion(D) Complexity37. (A) Poisoning prey.(B) Providing warmth.(C) Catching branches.(D) Hatching eggs.38. (A) She was glad she missed it.(B) She thought it sounded strange.(C) She wanted to see the show.(D) She was surprised that the man was interested.Part CDirections: In this part, there will be several talks or lectures. After each talk, there will be a series of questions. None of the lectures or questions will be repeated.After you have heard the question, select the best answer from you workbook. Find the corresponding number on you answer sheet and fill in the space for the answer you have chosen.Here is an exampleOn the recording you will hear.Now listen to the first sample question. Sample AnswerIn you workbook, you will read:(A) How the tone of a piano is affected by its shape.(B) How to measure a piano's resonance.(C) How size makes a piano more expensive.(D) How to improve your performance with a good piano.The best answer to the question. "What is the main concern of the talk?" is (A)."How the tone of a piano is affected by its shape." Therefore, the correct answer is (A).Now listen to another sample question.In you workbook you will read.(A) Piano anufacturers(B) Piano tuners(C) Music students(D) Piano buyersThe best answer to the question, "Who might be attending the lecture?" is (C), "music students." therefore, the correct choice is (C).Remember, you may not write in your workbbok or take notes.39. (A) the organization o the laboratory(B) The irst experiment.(C) The equipment drawers in the lab.(D) The grading procedure for the class.40. (A) Assignments must be handed in on time.(B) The students will be allowed to experiment freely.(C) The students must memorize the contents of their drawers.(D) A great deal of caution should be used.41. (A) The upper drawer contains dangerous materials.(B) The contents of the upper drawer need to be memorized.(C) They either have chemicals or equipment, but not both.(D) The students will be graded on Their knowledge of the upper drawer.42. (A) When there is a lack of discipline in the class.(B) At the beginning of each class.(C) Before the students have begun using the lab.(D) After the students have finished their first lab assigmnment.43. (A) To make recommendations for faster thinking.(B) To report the latest advances in memory research.(C) To relate an experiment conducted on memorization.(D) To offer advice about memorization problems.44. (A) Nervous energy is decreased.(B) It is more difficult to remember them.(C) It reduces memory difficulties.(D) YOu can damage your memory.45. (A) Feeling calm and relaxed when meeting people.(B) Writing down the names of people you meet.(C) Remembering the persons's face.(D) Feeling defensive when meeting new people.46. (A) Repeat the name in you head.(B) Write the name on paper.(C) Visualize the name.(D) Control you anxiety.47. (A)Shared meals.(B) Discussions of daily events.(C) Televisions and computers.(D) Sociologists and politicians.48. (A) Communications among family members increased.(B) They watched television instead of talking.(C) There was very little knowledge of computers.(D) The meals were interfering with the television.49. (A) The restrict distant communications.(B) They reduce communication at all levels.(C) They send text instead of voice.(D) They further reduce communications within families.50. (A) Discuss opinions about the various influences of telecommunications.(B) Evaluate ways to increase communication within families.(C) Identify technological products that increase communication.(D) Chart the changes in communication caused by technology.
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