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Summary:从A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。21. ______ rich only occupy themselves with making money and profits, and have no eye for ______ needs and welfare of the poor.A. 不填;不填 B. 不填; the.

  • 从A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。21. ______ rich only occupy themselves with making money and profits, and have no eye for ______ needs and welfare of the poor.A. 不填;不填 B. 不填; the C. The; 不填 D. The; the22. Do come back home early tomorrow ______ we’ll toast to Father’s birthday with a glass of wine together.A. otherwise B. then C. and D. or23. Della, with a sad smile on her face, lay on the grass with her beautiful-looking arms ______ under her small head. A. crossing B. crosses C. to cross D. crossed 24. Was it in the beautiful park ______ was located by the sea ______ we first met our new Chinese teacher? A. where; which B. which; which C. that; that D. which; where25. When you study the local map, you’ll find this town is ______ .A. twice as a large town as that B. twice the size of that oneC. twice as larger as that one D. twice as larger a town as that 26. When ______ about his success, the great man said with a big smile on his face: “One sometimes finds what one is not looking for.” A. being asked B. asked C. asking D. to ask27. worried the doctors most was they could find the cause of the disease.A. What; how B. That; that C. What; what D. How; what28. When the American Civil War made ______ important for England to send prisoners to North America, Australia was chosen as a new place where prisoners were sent.A. that B. this C. one D. it29. Don’t you think he has said something that ______ you especially? A. appeals to B. applies for C. brings up D. gets across30. ---- Remember the first time we ______ , Peterson? ---- Of course, I ______ . We’ve been close friends ever since.A. met; do B. met; did C. had met; did D. have met; do 31. The mountain villagers, ______ had been damaged by the big flood, were given help by both the government and the Red Cross.A. all whose homes B. all of whose homesC. all their homes D. all of their homes32. The car ran into a crowd of middle school students, ______ to hospital immediately.A. two of whom sent B. two of them sent C. two of whom are sent D. two of them sending 33.In a big hall above the supermarket, where a party ______ , some salesgirls were busily setting the table.A. was to be held B. has been held C. will be held D. is being held34. ______ I enjoy the book with some nice pictures, I don’t have enough money to buy it.A. Since B. While C. As D. If35.The newly learnt words will soon be forgotten ______ frequently used in everyday communication.A. if they are B. unless they are C. when they are D. till they are
    第二节 完形填空(共20小题;每小题1.5分,满分30分)  阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从36~55各题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。One summer night, on my way home from work I decided to see a movie. I knew the theatre would be air-conditioned and I couldn’t face my 36_____ apartment. Sitting in the theatre I had to look through the 37_____between the two tall heads in front of me. I had to keep changing the 38____every time she leaned over to talk to him. 39_____ he leaned over to kiss her. Why do Americans display such 40____ in a public place? I thought the movie would be good for my English, but 41_____ it turned out, it was an Italian movie. 42____ about an hour I decided to give up on the movie and 43_____ on my popcorn. I’ve never understood why they give you so much popcorn! It tasted pretty good, 44____. After a while I heard 45____ more of the romantic-sounding Italians. I just heard the 46____ of the popcorn crunching between my teeth. My thought started to 47 _____. I remembered when I was in South Korea, I 48 ____ to watch Kojak on TV frequently. He spoke perfect Korean-I was really amazed. He seemed like a good friend to me, 49____I saw him again in New York speaking 50_____English instead of perfect Korean. He didn’t even have a Korean accent and I 51_____like I had been betrayed. When our family moved to the United States six years ago, none of us spoke any English. 52____we had begun to learn a few words, my mother suggested that we all should speak English at home. Everyone agreed, but our house became very 53_____ and we all seemed to avoid each other. We sat at the dinner table in silence, preferring that to 54____ in a difficult language. Mother tried to say something in English but it 55_____ out all wrong and we all burst into laughter and decided to forget it! We’ve been speaking Korean at home ever since.36. A. warm B. hot C. heated D. cool37. A. crack B. blank C. break D. opening38. A. seat B. view C. space D. angle39. A. while B. whenever C. or D. and40. A. attraction B. attention C. affection D. motion41. A. since B. when C. what D. as42. A. Within B. After C. For D. Over43. A. set B. chew C. fix D. taste44. A. too B. still C. though D. certainly45. A. much B. any C. no D. few46. A. voice B. sound C. rhythm D. tone47. A. wonder B. imagine C. wander D. depart48. A. enjoyed B. happened C. turned D. used49. A. until B. because C. then D. therefore50. A. false B. informal C. perfect D. practical51. A. felt B. looked C. seemed D. appeared52. A. While B. Before C. If D. Once53. A. empty B. quiet C. noisy D. calm54. A. telling B. shouting C. saying D. speaking55. A. worked B. got C. came D. made

    HIGHFIELD GRAMMAR SCHOOL SCHOOL REPORT Form Teacher: G. Baker Pupil’s Name: William Brown Term: Summer 2006 Form: Ⅳ B


    Class work




    William has reached a satisfactory standard but now needs to apply himself with more determination.



    Sound work and progress throughout the year. Well done!



    A disappointing exam result. He is unable to give attention to this subject for long.



    His obvious ability in the subject was not fully reflected in his exam work, but I have high hopes for him nevertheless.



    An excellent term’s performance. He goes from strength to strength. A born scientist, I feel.



    This time next year he will be taking the “0” exam. He needs to concentrate on the work, not on class conversation.



    Clearly he didn’t bother to revise. His general attitude is far too casual.




    Weak. It’s time he exercised his body more and his voice less. He should try to work with a team. FORM TEA CHER’S REMARKS HEADMASTER Basically satisfactory work and progress I shall be keeping an eye on his though he will now have realized, I hope, that progress in his weaker subjects in certain subject areas he needs to make speedy though his success in the sciences improvement. is most pleasing. 56. Which of the following statements about William is true? A. William is able to give attention to History for long.B. William doesn’t do well in MathematicsC. William has reached a satisfactory standard in EnglishD. William is fairly good at Biology57. According to the comments of the Physical Education teacher, ______ . A.William becomes weak without any exercising at all B.William likes to work with his classmates C.William doesn’t exercise his body at all D.William is rather talkative in the class58. Which of William’s subjects will attract the headmaster’s attention in future? A.English and Chemistry B.History and French C.Biology and Maths D.Physics and Physical Education59. Which of the following statements best describes William? A.He needs to improve his attitude on certain subjects. B.His potential has been fully reflected in science classes. C.His grade in maths makes him a born scientist. D.He has made great progress in language classes.
    BYears ago, when I started looking for my first job, wise advisers advised, “Barbara, be enthusiastic! Enthusiasm will take you further than any amount of experience.”How right they were!“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” Wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson.It is the paste that helps you hang on there when the going gets tough. It is the inner voice that whispers, “I can do it!” When others shout, “No, you can’t!” It took years and years for the early work of Barbara Mclintock, a geneticist who won the 1983 Nobel Prize in medicine, to be generally accepted. Yet she didn’t stop working on her experiments. Work was such a deep pleasure for her that she never thought of stopping. We are all born with wide-eyed, enthusiastic wonder and it is this childlike wonder that gives enthusiastic people such youthful air, whatever their age. At 90, cellist Pablo Casals would start his day by playing Bach. As the music flowed through his fingers, his stooped shoulders would straighten and joy would reappear in his eyes. As author and poet Samuel Ulman once wrote, “Years wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.” Enthusiastic people also love what they do, regardless of money or title or power. Patricia Mellratl retired director of the Missouri Repertory Theater in Kansas City, was once asked where she got her enthusiasm. She replied, “My father, long ago, told me,I never made a dime until I stopped working for money.” If we cannot do what we love as a full-time career, we can as a hobby. Elizabeth Layton Wellsville,Kan,was 68 before she began to draw. This activity ended periods of depression that troubled her for at least 30 years and the quality of her work led one critic to say, “I am tempted into a genius.” We can’t afford to waste tears on“might-have-been”. We need to turn the tears into sweat as we go after“what-can-be”.We need to live each moment whole-heartedly, with all our senses—finding pleasure in the sweet smell of a back-yard garden, the simple picture of a six-year-old, the beauty of a rainbow.60. The author holds the view that ______ .A. enthusiasm is more important than experienceB. enthusiasm can give people more success and fameC. enthusiastic people will never get oldD. enthusiasm can make you succeed and enjoy life61. Which of the following can best explain the underlined sentence in the second paragraph?A. Enthusiastic people never consider money and fameB. Enthusiastic people can gain great fame and honorC. Enthusiasm can give you courage and strength in difficult timesD. If you don’t have enthusiasm,you can achieve nothing62. The author mentions cellist Pablo Casals in the third paragraph to show that ______ .A. enthusiasm can make people feel youngB. music can arouse people’s enthusiasmC. enthusiasm can give people inspiration needed to succeedD. enthusiasm can keep people healthy63. How many examples are given in the passage to show the importance of enthusiasm?A. Two B. Three C. Four D. Five
    C TODAY, Friday, November 12 JAZZ with the Mike Thomas Jazz Band at The Derby Arms. Upper Richmond Road West, Sheen. DISCO Satin Sounds Disco. Free at The Lord Napier, Mort lake High St., from 8a. m. to 8p. m. Tel: 682—1158. SATURDAY, November 13 JAZZ Lysis at The Bull’s Head, Barnes. Admission 60p. MUSICAL HALL at The Star and Garter, Lower Richmond Road, Putney, provided by the Aba Daba Music Hall company. Good food and entertainment fair price. Tel: 789—6749. FAMILY night out? Join the sing-along at The Black Horse. Sheen Road, Richmond. JAZZ The John Bennett Big Band at The Bull’s Head, Barnes. Admission 80p. THE DERBY ARMS, Upper Richmond Road West, give you Joe on the electric accordion. Tel: 789—4536SUNDAY, November 14 DISCO Satin Sounds Disco, free at The Lord Napier, Mort Lake High Street, from 8 a. m. to 8 p. m. FOLK MUSIC at The Derby Arms. The Short Stuff and residents the Norman Chop Trio. Non-remembers 70p. Tel: 688—4626. HEAVY MUSIC with Tony Simon at The Bull, Upper Richmond Road West, East Sheen. THE DERBY ARMS, Upper Richmond Road West, give you Joe on the electric accordion. 64. Where and when can you hear the Norman Chop Trio?A. At the Bull’s Head on Sunday. B. At the Derby Arms on Sunday. C. At the Bull on Saturday. D. At the Black Horse on Saturday. 65. Where and when can you hear the Mike Thomas Jazz Band?A. At the Derby Arms on Friday. B. At the Black Horse on Friday. C. At the Star and Garter on Saturday. D. At the Derby Arms on Sunday. 66. You want to enjoy the electric accordion on Saturday. Which telephone number do you have to ring to find out what time it starts?A. 789—6749. B. 789—4536. C. 682—1158. D. 688—4626. 67. You want to spend the Saturday by joining the entertainment with your family. Where should you go?A. Disco at The Lord Napier. B. The sing-along at The Black Horse. C. The electric accordion at The Derby Arms. D. Jazz at The Bull’s Head. 68. You want to spend the same day at two different places and don’t want to cross any street. Which of the following is your best choice?A. The sing-along at the Black Horse and Jazz at The Bull’s Head. B. The sing-along at The Black Horse and Folk Music at The Derby Arms. C. Folk Music at The Derby Arms and Heavy Music with Tony Simon at The Bull. D. Musical Hal lat The Star &Garter and Disco at The Lord Napier.

    DLet’s step back in time. As a child whose family lives along the Nile thousands of years ago, your name would be made up of several words. Each morning you would wake up to the sun-not an alarm clock-and start the day with prayer to the main god of your town. You would wear good luck charms to make things go well and make the gods happy.After a big breakfast, which has to last you until the evening meal, you would go to work with your parents. Boys would go with their fathers and girls with their mothers, learning the jobs their parents did and helping them with their work. Only scribes and doctors went to school. When payday comes, your parents receive baskets full of food and clothing from the people they work for. Your family doesn’t miss having money, because there is no such thing.Boys learn the songs the men sing to make their work enjoyable. Girls and women are often musicians and gymnasts, celebrating life through music and dance. When harvest time comes, everyone helps in the field. Girls toss grain and corn high in to the wind to clean it. Boys bundle crops and put them inside baskets. There is lots of work to do in old Egypt, but also time for play. On the way back from the fields you might stop for a swim in the Nile River or one of the canals.If you were sick you would be taken to a priest in the temple called The House of Life. The priest would feel your head and then his own, so he could compare the temperatures. If you were sick, he would stand over you and chant a magical spell, speaking directly to your illness. Then he might give you healing plants or potions to eat which often smelled or tasted very bad. Ancient Egyptian doctors figured that awful medicine might make the illness want to leave the child’s body. Some herbs and plants that these ancient doctors used are still used today—like drinking chamomile tea for an upset stomach.Your family pet might be a little monkey that followed you around all day, a protective goose, a cat, or a dog. Pet owners would often have their pets mummified at death.Common toys in ancient Egypt were: balls made of linen rags wrapped around each other, tied with string, and painted; games like checkers; dolls made of cloth and clay; and little animal pull toys made of wood.69. What are Not the common toys in ancient Egypt?A. toy monkeys B. balls made of linen ragsC. dolls made of cloth and clay D. games like checkers70. Each morning you wake up, you would see ______ . A. an alarm clock B. the sun C. the Nile D. the main god 71. Which of the following is Not mentioned? A. doctors B. priests C. musicians D. astronauts72. Put the following statements in the right order, according to passage.a. People start the day with prayer. b. People go to work. c. People see the sun.d. People wear good luck charms. e. People have a big breakfast f. People wake up.A. a-b-c-d-e-f B. a-d-e-f-c C. f-c-a-d-e-b D. f-e-c-d-a-b
    第二节:简答题(共3小题,每小题2分;满分6分)阅读下面短文,简要回答问题,并将答案转写道答题卡上。 Although man has known asbestos for many hundreds of years, it was not until 160 years ago that it was mined for the first time on the North American continent. H. W. Johns, owner of a New York City Supply Shop for roofers, was responsible for the opening of that first mine. Mr. Johns was given a piece of asbestos which had been found in Italy. He experimented with the material and then showed its surprising powers to his customers. After putting on a pair of asbestos gloves, which looked much like ordinary work gloves, he took red-hot coals from the fireplace and played with them in his hands. How astonished the customers were to discover that he was not burned at all. You can well imagine that he had increasing business in asbestos roofing materials. However, because it was very expensive to transport (carry) them from Italy to the United States, Mr. Johns sent out a young scientist to seek a source nearer home. This young man found great vein(岩脉), in the province of Quebec in Canada. Ever since 1881 Quebec has led the world in the production of this unusual mineral, which is made up of magnesium, silicon, iron, and oxygen. When it is mined, the asbestos is heavy, just as you would expect a mineral to be. When it is separated, a strange thing happens; the rock breaks down into fine, soft, soapy fibres. Scientists do not know why the rock can be separated easily into threads, but they have found thousands of uses of this fireproof material, of the so-called “cloth of stone”.
    73. Find in the passage a word closest in meaning to the underlined word “asbestos ”. __________________________________________________________________________74. What is special about asbestos? (回答词数不超过7个) __________________________________________________________________________75. What is the author’s main purpose in writing this passage? (回答词数不超过7个) _________________________________________________________________
    第四部分:写作(共两节,满分35分)第一节 填空(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 阅读短文,根据所读内容在表中的空格处填上适当的单词或短语,每空不超过3个单词。There are two types of people in the world. Although they have equal degree of health and wealth and other comforts of life, one becomes happy, the other becomes unhappy. This arises from the different ways in which they consider things, persons, events and the resulting effects upon their minds.People who are to be happy fix their attention on the convenience of things. The pleasant parts of conversation, the well prepared dishes, the goodness of the wine, the fine weather. They enjoy all the cheerful things. Those who are to be unhappy think and speak only of the opposite things. Therefore, they are continually dissatisfied. By their remarks, they sour the pleasure of society, offend (hurt) many people, and make themselves disagreeable everywhere. If this turn of mind was founded in nature, such unhappy persons would be the more to be pitied. The intention of criticizing and being disliked is perhaps taken up by imitation. It grows into a habit, unknown to its possessors. The habit may be strong, but it may be cured when those who have it realize its bad effects on their interests and tastes. I hope this little warning may be of service to them, and help them change this habit.Though in fact it is chiefly an act of the imagination, it has serious results in life since it brings on deep sorrow and bad luck. Those people offend many others; nobody loves them, and no one treats them with more than the most common politeness and respect. This frequently puts them in bad temper and draws them into arguments. If they aim at getting some advantages in social position or fortune, nobody wishes them success. Nor will anyone start a step or speak a word to favor their hopes. If they bring on themselves public objections, no one will defend or excuse them, and many will join to criticize their wrong doings. These should change this bad habit and be pleased with what is pleasing, without worrying needlessly about themselves and others. If they do not, it will be good for others to avoid any contact with them. Otherwise, it can be disagreeable and sometimes very inconvenient, especially when one becomes mixed up in their quarrels.
    About Two Types of People

    Types of People



    The happy

    fixing their attention on 77. ________ of things.

    equal degree of 78. ________ and other comforts of life

    The unhappy

    think and speak only of 79. ________.

    80. ________ about the unhappy


    82. ________
    84. ________

    souring the pleasure of society

    • growing into a habit. • having bad effects on their interests and tastes.• nobody loves them. • no one treats them with 83.________.

    • change this bad habit. • be pleased with what is pleasing. • 85.________ about themselves and others.

    offending many people

    81. ________
    第二节:书面表达(满分25分)目前医疗费不断攀升,有人因付不起昂贵的医疗费而只好忍受疾病的折磨。人们强烈呼吁政府应当建立有效的医疗保障体制。请根据下面图画,以“Health Care”为题写一篇短文,简要说明图画中所表达的内容,重点阐述这种现象所带来的后果和你的观点。 注意:1. 短文应包括图中所提供的主要信息,并做适当发挥,使短文内容连贯、完整;2. 词数:120左右。
    参考答案1-5 ABAAC 6-10 BCCBA 11-15 BCCCC 16-17 AB 18. support his family 19. admitted to studying 20. completed his work21-25 DCDCB 26-30 BADAA 31-35 BBABB36-40 BDDCC 41-45 DBBCC 46-50 BCDAC 51-55 ADBDC56-59 CDBA 60-63 DCAC 64-68 BABBC 69-72 ABDC 73. Material./ asbestos 74. It’s easy to separate it into threads/People can separate it into threads easily 75. To tell us present facts about asbestos/To offer readers some information about asbestos76.Similarities 77.the convenience 78.health and wealth 79.the opposite things.80.Analysis 81.making themselves disagreeable 82.Results 83. politeness and respect 84. tips/advice/suggestions 85. don’t worry needlessly
    Health CareFrom the picture, we can see that the old man was suffering from heart trouble. He had to go to hospital for medical care. When he saw the medical bill from the hospital, he was so shocked that he couldn’t stand on his feet. It was beyond what he could afford. It’s really another heart attack for him.At present, many people can’t afford heavy medical fees. Because of this, they may get into deep debt in order to get proper medical care or have to bear the pain of diseases. Worse still, some have to wait for the last day of their life.We strongly call for the medical expenses to be reduced. The government should build up a favorable medical system. Everyone could enjoy their life as long as possible.
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