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Summary:A. 不填;不填 B. the;不填 C. a; the D. 不填;the22. ----Did he say that he would attend the concert tonight?----No, but he ______ for an important competition.A. prepared B. was preparing.

  • A. 不填;不填 B. the;不填 C. a; the D. 不填;the22. ----Did he say that he would attend the concert tonight?----No, but he ______ for an important competition.A. prepared B. was preparing C. has been preparing D. has prepared23. _____there are a large number of chemical factories, the air is likely to be polluted.A. That B. Where C. Once D. As24. ----Please tell Tom he has won the first prize in the maths contest.----________! He never did so well before.A. Congratulations B. What a good newsC. What a good surprise D. That’s right25. -----Has your daughter got used to country life?-----Not yet. But I think she’ll get used to it _______.A. on time B. in time C. at one time D. at the same time26. By no means ______ to her parents.A. this is the first time has she lied B. this is the first time does she tell a lieC. is this the first time she has lied D. is this the first time she was lying27. Who can you turn to for help, if not _______?A. him B. he C. his D. himself28. Everyone in the hospital hoped that he ______ after a few day’s treatment.A. took up B. gave up C. made up D. picked up29. Seeing the happy _____ of children playing in the park, I’m full of joy and confidence in the future of our country.A. sight B. scene C. view D. sign30. Do you expect _____ to be a possibility that we shall be able to afford the particular furniture we need? A. there B. that C. one D. it31. I’m sorry, sir, I _____ the work last Monday, but I was too busy.A. ought to B. should finish C. must have finished D. was to have finished 32. Either you or the headmaster ______ the prize to these gifted students at the meeting.A. is handing out B. are to hand out C. are handing out D. is to hand out33. Greatly moved by her deeds, _________.A. tears came to by eyes. B. tears went down my faceC. I could hardly be held back D. tears would hardly be held back34. The patient was struggling in the bed, _________.A. his teeth setting B. with his teeth settingC. to set his teeth D. his teeth set 35. _____ the Internet is bridging the distance between people, it may also be breaking some homes or will cause other family problems.A. When B. If C. As D. While
    第二节:完形填空(共20小题,每小题1.5分,满分30分)阅读下面的短文,从16—355各题所给的四个选项(A,B,C,D)中选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项In every cultivated language there are two great classes of words which, taken together, comprise the whole vocabulary. First, there are those words __36__ which we become acquainted in daily conversation, which we __37__, that is to say, from the __38__ of our own family and from our familiar associates, and __39__ we should know and use __40__ we could not read or write. They __41__ the common things of life, and are the stock in trade (惯用手段) of all who __42__ the language. Such words may be called “popular”, since they belong to the people __43__ and are not the exclusive __44__ of a limited class.On the other hand, our language __45__ a multitude of words which are comparatively __46__ used in ordinary conversation. Their meanings are known to every educated person, but there is little __47__ to use them at home or in the market-place. Our __48__ acquaintance with them comes not from our mother’s __49__ or from the talk of our school-mates, __50__ from books that we read, lectures that we __51__, or the more formal conversation of __52__ educated speakers who are discussing some particular __53__ in a style appropriately elevated above the habitual __54__ of everyday life. Such words are called “learned”, and the __55__ between them and “popular” words is of great importance to a right understanding of linguistic(语言学的)process.36. A. at B. with C. by D. through37. A. study B. imitate C. simulate D. learn38. A. members B. relatives C. mates D. fellows39. A. which B. that C. fellows D. those40. A. in spite of B. despite C. even if D. even41. A. make B. describe C. use D. exclude42. A. say B. apply C. speak D. at large43. A. in public B. at most C. at large D. at best44. A. right B. privilege C. share D. possession45. A. includes B. comprises C. excludes D. evolves46. A. seldom B. much C. frequently D. irregularly47. A. prospect B. way C. necessity D. occasion48. A. chance B. first C. own D. direct49. A. tongue B. mouth C. lips D. words50. A. besides B. and C. or D. but51. A. listen B. attend to C. hear D. hear of52. A. greatly B. deeply C. highly D. high53. A. theme B. topic C. problem D. question54. A. level B. degree C. extent D. scope55. A. comparison B. distinction C. contrast D. similarity
    第三部分:阅读理解(共20小题,每小题2分,满分40分)阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A,B,C和D)中选出最佳选项A It was fifteen past nine as Marie hurried into the office building where she was going to work. Her bus had inched along through heavy morning traffic, making her a few minutes late for her very first job. She decided to start out half an hour earlier the next day. Once inside the lobby, she had to stand at the elevators and wait several minutes before she could get on one going to the sixth floor. When she finally reached the office marked “Smith Enterprise”, she tapped on the door again, but still there was no answer. From inside the next office, she could hear the sound of voices, so she opened the door and went in. Although she was sure it was the same office she had been in two weeks before when she had the interview with Mr. Smith, it looked quite different now. In fact, it hardly looked like an office at all. The employees were just standing around chatting and smoking. In the front of the room, somebody must have just told a good joke, she thought, because there was a loud burst of laughter as she came in, For a moment she had thought they were laughing at her. Then one of the men looked at his watch, clapped his hands and said something to the others. Quickly they all went to their desks and, in a matter of seconds, everyone was hard at work. No one paid any attention to Marie. Finally she went up to the man who was sitting at the desk nearest to the door and explained that this was her first day in the office. Hardly looking up from his work, he told her to have a seat and wait for Mr. Smith who would arrive at any moment. Then Marie realized that the day’s work in the office began just before Mr. Smith arrived. Later she found out that he lived in Connecticut and came into Manhattan on the same train every morning, arriving in the office at 9:35, so that his staff knew exactly when to start working.56. Marie felt nervous when she knocked at the door because _______.A. it was her first day in a new jobB. she was a little bit late for workC. she was afraid that she had gone to the wrong placeD. there was no answer from inside the office57. Marie could hardly recognize the office she went into as _______.A. she had been there only once B. Mr. Smith was not in the officeC. nobody was doing any work D. the office had a new appearance58. We can infer from the next that the employees of the enterprise ______.A. would start their work by listening to a joke B. were cold to newcomersC. were always punctual for work D. lacked devotion to the company59. The best title for this text would be _______.A. Punctual Like A clock B. A Cold WelcomeC. An Unpunctual Manager D. Better Late Than Never
    BThe cohesiveness(内聚力)of a family seems to rely on members sharing certain routine practices and events. For a growing share of the American labor force, however, working shifts beyond the normal daylight hours--- what we here call “shiftwork” ----makes the lives of families difficult.Existing research shows that both male and female shiftworkers express high levels of stress and a sense of conflict between the demands of work and family life. But shiftwork couples still maintain a traditional attitude about the meaning of marriage and the individual roles of husband and wife. They expressed a willingness to do “whatever it takes” to approximate their view of a proper marriage, including sacrificing sleep and doing conventional things at unconventional hours. For the majority of couples interviewed-----even when wives worked outside their homes a proper marriage is characterized by a very clear division of roles: husbands are “providers” whose major responsibility is to support the family; wives are “homemakers” who clean, cook, and care for husbands and children.As couples encountered shiftwork schedules, however, initial expectations about what it would take to create a marriage and family were put to test. One woman expressed her dreams about what marriage was supposed to be:“It would make me feel like I had more of a home atmosphere, you know. That’s the way I always expected being married having the husband go off, come in the evenings and spend the rest of the evenings together, you know that’s the way we thought it would be. It doesn’t work out that way.”The women’s definitions of a “good husband” are typified by the following wife’s response:I expect him to be a goof provider, and be there when I need him, loyal about the same things as he would expect out of me, expect that I expect him to dominate over me. But in a manner of speaking when it’s time to be a man I expect him to stand up instead of sitting back expecting me to do everything.To husbands, a good wife was someone who was:Understanding of what I feel go through at work. I need that respect at work. I hope I get it at work. I want my wife to realize what I expect at work. I don’t want her to give me a lot shit when I come home from work because----I don’t know if this makes much sense.These views seemed critical to maintain the families of the shiftworkers.60. Despite ______, shiftwork couples still hoped to maintain a stable life.A. traditional beliefs about marriage B. lack of control over timeC. a very clear division of roles D. the demands of work61. From the selection, we can conclude that female shiftworkers were not satisfied with ______.A. their work B. their childrenC. their husband’s inability to protect the family and provide companionship.D. leisure activities62.What is implied by the author?A. Shiftwork had a direct effect on the attitudes and behavior of family members.B. Shiftworkers could live a normal life.C. Shiftwork couples had unconventional ideas about marriage.D. Female shiftworkers were satisfied with the time spent together with their families.63. In order to continue the marriage of the shiftworkers, ________.A. wives must learn to care for the children when their husbands are absentB. shiftwork couples must administer their time and activitiesC. wives mustn’t adapt their own feelings of boredom to their husbands’ workD. All of these64. The best title for this paragraph is _______.A. Constructing Family Life B. Managing Time and ActivitiesC. The Meaning of Marriage D. Living a Normal Life
    CPuerto Rico may be part of the USA but its music and dance is a mixture of both Spanish and African rhythms. The country, as a result, is a mixture of very new and very old. It exhibits the open American way of yet retains the more formal Spanish influences. This is reflected in the architecture, not just the contrast(对照)between the colonial and the modern in urban areas but also in the countryside, where older buildings sit side by side with concrete(混凝土结构的)schools and buildings. However, if you do not wander beyond the tourist areas on the coast, you will not experience the real Puerto Rico. Old volcanic mountains, long inactive, occupy(占据)a large part of the interior(内陆), with the highest peak, Cerro de Punta, at 1,338m in the Cordillera Central. North of the Cordillera is the karst (岩溶)country where the limestone(石灰石)has been acted upon by water to produce a series of small steep hills and deep holes. The mountains are surrounded by a coastal plain with the Atlantic shore beaches cooled all the year round by trade winds. The population is 3.8 million, of which about 1.5 million live in San Juan, although about another two million Puerto Ricans live in the USA Average life expectancy is 73.8 years and GDP per capita is US $12,212, the highest in Latin America, although not up to the level of mainland USA. Most Puerto Ricans do not speak English and less than 30% speak it fluently. Second generation Puerto Ricans who were born in New York but who have returned to the island, are called Nuyoricans. The people are very friendly and hospitable but there is crime, liked to drugs and unemployment.65. We can infer from the passage San de Juan may be _______.A. a small town B. the capital of Puerto RicoC. the most beautiful city in Puerto Rico D. the travel center of Puerto Rico66. We can learn from the passage that Puerto Rico _________.A. belongs to the United States B. used to be ruled by SpainC. is an agricultural country D. is gently affected by Africa67. Nuyorican ia a person who _______.A. has been living in New YorkB. is living in New YorkC. was born in New York but has returned to Puerto RicoD. has got the citizenship of America68. What does the underlined word “retains” mean?A. remains B. preserves C. enjoys D. returns
    D When we think of creative people the names that probably spring to mind are those such as Leonardo da Vince, Albert Einstein, and Pablo Picasso, i.e, great artist, inventors and scientists---a select and exceptionally gifted body of men with rare talent and genius. The tendency to regard creativity and imaginative thinking as the exclusive province of a lucky few disregards the creative and imaginative aspects inherent in the solution of many of the tasks we regularly have to face ----the discovery and development of new methods and techniques, the improvement of old methods, existing inventions and products. Everybody has creative ability to some extent. Creative thinking involves posing oneself a problem and then originating or inventing a solution along new and unconventional lines. It involves drawing new analogies, discovering new combinations, and/or new applications of things that are already known. It follows, then, that a creative person will exhibit great intellectual curiosity and imagination. He will be alert and observant with a great store of information which he will be able to sort out and combine, in the solution of problem. He will be emotionally receptive to new and unconventional ideas and will be less interested in facts than in their implications. Most important of all he will be able to communicate uninhibitedly and will not be too concerned about other people’s reaction to his apparently “crazy” notions. People called the Wright brothers mad but it did not stop them from becoming the first men to construct and fly a heavier-than-aircraft.69. The author believes that creative thinking _______.A. is only possessed by great artists B. requires rare talent and geniusC. is needed in the solution of many problem D. belongs to a lucky few70. In order to solve scientific problems, people _______.A. must possess crazy notionsB. should not be interested in factsC. should express themselves clearlyD. should not be afraid of what others think71. Creative thinking involves ______.A. drawing new pictures of old thingsB. observing the pictures of old thingsC. finding the problem and originating a solutionD. storing information72. A creative person must look at facts _______.A. as they are B. for what they implyC. and remember them D. which are interesting
    E The fact that blind people can “see” things using other parts of their bodies apart from their eyes may help us to understand our feelings about color. If they can sense color differences then perhaps we, too, are affected by color unconsciously. Manufacturers have discovered by trial and error that sugar sells badly in green wrappings, that blue foods are considered unpleasant, and the cosmetics(化妆品)should never be packaged in brown. These discoveries have grown into a whole discipline of color psychology that now finds application in everything from fashion to interior decoration. Some of our preferences are clearly psychological. Dark blue is the color of the night sky and therefore associated with passivity and calm, while yellow is a day color with associations of energy and incentive(刺激). For primitive(原始)man, activity during the day meant hunting and attacking, while he soon saw as red, the color of blood and rage and the heat that came with effort. And green is associated with passive defense and self-preservation. Experiments have shown that colors, partly because of their physiological associations, also have a direct psychological effect. People exposed to bright red show an increase in heartbeat, and blood pressure; red is exciting. Similar exposure to pure blue has exactly the opposite effect; it is a calming color. Because of its exciting connotations(涵义), red was chosen as the signal for danger, but closer analysis shows that a vivid yellow can produce a more basic state of alertness and alarm, so fire engines and ambulances in some advanced communities are now rushing around in bright yellow colors that stop the traffic dead.73. Manufacturers found out that color affects sales _______.A. by experience over a long period of timeB. by experimenting with different colorsC. by trying out color on blind peopleD. by developing the discipline of color psychology74. Our preferences for certain colors are ______.A. associated with the time of day B. dependent on our characterC. linked with our primitive ancestors D. partly due to psychological factors75. If people are exposed to bright red, which of the following things does NOT happen?A. They breathe faster B. They feel afraidC. Their blood pressure rises D. Their hearts beat faster
    第二节 语法填空(共10小题;每小题1.5分,满分15分)阅读下面短文,按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求,在空格处填人一个适当的词或使用括号中词语的正确形式填空,并将答案填写在第二卷标号为3l-40的相应位置上。My sister had dropped out of school and 76 very unwise decisions with her life. She chose to spend her time with people who were lost 77 she was. They all chose to ignore their 78 (responsible) and supported one another in a life which involved drinking and partying. 79 (sad), they were all losing time. They were young and had the potential to become 80 they wanted if they would only choose to respect themselves and believe in a better life.My sister was lost but my father never gave up on her. She may not have even known it but his prayers and faith 81 her may have been the very thing she needed. I remember sitting at the family dinner table 82 everyone had gathered except my sister. Once again she had chosen to drink with friends instead of spending 83 evening with our family who loved her very much. We said she would not come. But my father said she would. We all rallied against him, 84 (bet) she would not show up and asked why he would say that. We 85 convinced he was in denial. He simply said, “I will always bet on her, on all of you.”
    第三节:阅读下面的短文,然后按照要求写一篇130词左右的英语短文。The use of advertisement is certainly great both to the producer and the consumer. There is a great deal of truth in the saying that good quality and honest workmanship are best advertisement. Of course, people know that the manufacturers would have done better if they have used the money for advertising in making better products to sell. But in these days of far-extended trade, there is no doubt that advertisement is necessary to make the existence of even first-class goods known. And even goods that are already well known must still be advertised. Some manufacturers are aware of the value of it, for, when they try to save money by stopping their advertisements, their sales go down at once. But advertising has its abuses. Many advertisements are meant to cheat, and do at times cheat the public by raising the price of worthless goods. There is only one comfort in this aspect that a lying advertisement cannot sell worthless goods for long, for the people who buy it will not buy it a second time. As an old saying goes, “You can take in all people part of time; and you can take in some people all the time; but you cannot take in all the people all the time.[写作内容]1. 概括短文的内容要点,该部分的词数约为30;2.就“广告的好与不好”发表你的看法,写一篇字数约为100的文章,并包括以下要点:1) 广告对消费者和商家的作用;2) 广告到处可见,是一个大的产业;3) 但有时商家会以虚假夸大的广告获取利益而损害消费者的利益;4) 你个人的观点。
    常州市重点中学高三英语联考试题第一节:单项填空1—5 CCBCB 6—10 CADBC 11—15 DDCDD第二节:完形填空16—20 BDAAC 21—25 CCCDA 26—30 ADBCA 31—35 DCBAB第三部分:阅读理解36—40 BCDAB 41—45 CADCB 46—50 BCBCD 51—55 CBADB第四部分:语法填空:76. was making/made 77. as 78. responsibilities 79.Sadly 80. whatever\what81. in 82. where 83. an 84. betting 85. were第五部分:作文:(Possible version:) AdvertisementAdvertisements have become a must for today’s business world and even the decisive factor towards the business activities. But they are sometimes wrongly used at the expenses of consumers, too.Advertisements are getting their way into people’s lives. People heavily depend on advertising for the choice of their daily necessities and other commodities while manufacturers make their products publicly known through advertising. There are many ways to advertise and “ads” come in different forms. Newspapers carry advertisements. Some products are announced on TV and radio. Billboards also carry advertising and advertising is a big industry now. However, advertising is not always truthful. A product is often misrepresented. The advertiser exaggerates the benefits of the merchandise he wants to sell. Thus, he misrepresents the truth. The consumer falls with victim to such advertising. Millions of people have bought advertised products that they haven’t always been satisfied with.Personally, there are advantages and disadvantages to advertisements. The emphases should be laid on the establishment of laws and regulations so that the consumers’ rights can be guaranteed.
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