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Summary:阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从21—30各题所给的从A、B、C和D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。If you walk through the streets of any big city at six or seven in the morning, the chances are that you will see women hurrying along, pushing.

  • 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从21—30各题所给的从A、B、C和D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。If you walk through the streets of any big city at six or seven in the morning, the chances are that you will see women hurrying along, pushing prams (婴儿推车). You may see more than one woman 21 on the same door and, as it opens, quickly kiss the child, 22 a package of nappies and hurry off down the street to clock on the early shift in an office, leaving their children to a child – minder – a woman who may be doing the job legally or illegally, well or badly. Brain Jackson, director of the Child – minding Researching Unit, and his colleagues have done a great deal of work in finding out 23 it means for a child to spend the first years of life in the care of a child – minder. 24 law, anyone who looks after a child for more than two hours a day and gets paid must be registered. 25 the punishment is a 50 pounds fine. Local authorities are responsible for the registration and supervision (监管) of minders. The regulations 26 adequate provision (保障) for fire, safety and health. Very few minders can 27 these. Yet, not many districts give financial assistance. “This means,” Brain Jackson says, “that when you have one registered minder tested and proved by the local authorities, you can be sure that you will get a dozen unregistered, illegal minders 28 .”The researchers found themselves 29 into the role of private investigators when they conduct their 30 . Getting up early to do a “Dawn Watch” following mothers through cold, dark streets and nothing where they left their babies, Jackson says, was a long, slow process.21.A.knock B.stop C.stick D.stay22.A.hand out B.hand in C.hand down D.hand over23.A.which B.what C.how D.that24.A.For B.Through C.By D.With25.A.Therefore B.However C.Otherwise D.Moreover26.A.require B.demand C.insist D.acquire27.A.pay B.offer C.afford D.do28.A.at work B.in public C.in vain D.at present29.A.run B.looked C.forced D.dropped30.A.experiment B.survey C.view D.project
    第二节 语法填空(共10小题;每小题1.5分,满分15分)阅读下面短文,按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求,在空格处填入一个适当的词或使用括号中词语的正确形式填空,并将答案填写在答题卡标号为31—40的相应位置上。The number of children taking French and German has dropped dramatically in UK. But does it really 31 ? Children educated in this country grow up with 32 important global advantage: they speak English. English is the most spoken language in the world. It is not the most spoken as a first language, 33 if you include people who speak English as a 34 language, it leaves Mandarin Chinese for dust. This is 35 (fortune). It also carries side – benefit that English speakers traveling the world 36 always find work teaching their native tongue as long as they have a decent level. But language learning is 37 than being able to order coffee when you are on holiday, or find work on your travels. 38 both a student and teacher of foreign languages, I have found that the experience of learning another tongue greatly 39 (deep) your understanding of your own language. It forces you to think analytically: a skill which all students need to work on, no matter 40 subject they are studying.
    III 阅读(共两节,满分40分)第一节 阅读理解(共15小题;每小题2分,满分30分)A Last year my husband developed a terrible disease. Dale became fearful of going anywhere alone or of being alone as some of his seizures(发作) were quite severe, even putting him in the hospital on three separate occasions.We decided that a trained medical service dog would greatly help Dale. It would be a companion for Dale, and the dog would be trained to stay with him. If he had a seizure, with a service dog beside a downed person, others could see and will be more likely to help.A local person sold us a black Labrador puppy at a reduced price. Nevaeh was eight weeks old when we got her. At that point, we turned to the local papers for help. We hoped that getting Dale’s story out would help raise funds to pay for the puppy’s training. Dale has been on disability, and his need to have someone with him at all times means I can not work either. We don’t have a lot of money left over at the end of the month.Fundraising started off with the help of family donations, but we had a long way to go. Then one day there was a knock at the door. I went to answer it; a stranger stood there holding the newspaper article about Dale in her hand. She introduced herself as June and told me that her daughter’s dog had warned her to a cancer she never knew she had, probably saving her life. Now, she felt obliged to help our dog because a dog had helped her. She shocked us when she gave us $100! We never expected such caring and kindness from a complete stranger.Dale had been feeling the world didn’t care, but this help renewed his faith. The next thing that happened was that Dale emailed local vets, asking for care for our puppy. We received a response from Dr. Noonan, who has since provided Nevaeh’s care for free. The staff and the vet are the most loving, caring people we have met. They even helped us find a local trainer who cut the training costs by more than half. If it weren’t for such amazing people, Dale probably would have become a total recluse, feeling he could never go anywhere alone.41.Why did the couple think a medical service dog would be of great help? A.It could accompany Dale, and when a seizure came, it could attract people to help. B.It could accompany Dale, and in a seizure, it could save Dale. C.People are more likely to save a person if he is a dog lover. D.Dale would not be so lonely, and would get well again soon.42.What made Dale gain confidence again? A.Getting a service dog. B.A lady offered an amount of money to him. C.The vets offered to help. D.His being able to go anywhere.43.Why did the couple think the staff and the vet are the most loving, caring people they have met? A.They provided the puppy’s care for free B.They trained the puppy for the couple. C.They provided the puppy’s care for free and cut the training cost by half. D.They not only provided the puppy’s care for free but also found a trainer with less than half the cost.44.What does the underlined sentence “She felt obliged to help…”mean? A.She felt it a duty to help. B.She felt she was forced to help C.She felt willing to help. D.She felt grateful to help45.What is the purpose of writing this passage? A.To show how important a good service dog is. B.To show a united family is important. C.To show thanks to those kind people. D.To encourage people not to give up.
    BFriday’s opening ceremony is expected to be followed by 35,000 spectators inside Stadio Olympic stadium and approximately 2 billion television viewers worldwide. International Olympic Committee(IOC) president Jacques Rogge is confident that the transportation problems are just last-minute glitches in the race for the first winter Olympics in Italy since Cortina DAmpezzo in 1956. While Turin itself and the surrounding mountain venues are ready for the action which gets underway for real on Saturday, the day after the opening ceremony, the biggest problem remains traffic headaches.Getting the Italian drivers to respect the lanes reserved for Olympic vehicles is proving a problem as the 2,000 bus drivers have been drafted in from all around Italy and are also unfamiliar with the local roads.“Like with all games, the final stretch is always the most difficult one,” said Rogge. “Here and there, a couple of issues need to be solved. But there are still a few days until the opening ceremony. I’m very confident these will be very good games. What is important is that the fundamentals are very good. There is no structural (基础设施) issue. There is nothing that cannot be solved in a matter of days. I’m confident everything will be done by the opening ceremony.”The problem over doping controls has been resolved with Rogge signing the agreement reached with the Italian government which allows controls to be carried out by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Any athletes who are proved to have used dopes will receive severe punishment and may receive a life ban from taking part in Olympic Games.46.What does Jacques Rogge think is the biggest problem facing the coming Olympics? A.Security. B.Transportation. C.Doping. D.Structural issues.47.What is the problem with the drivers? A.They don’t obey traffic rules. B.They are not familiar with the traffic rules. C.They are mostly from other places in Italy, and are not familiar with the roads. D.They are working part time.48.What is the best title for this passage? A.The Opening Ceremony. B.Transportation Problem. C.Doping Problem. D.The Problem Facing the Coming Olympics.49.Which of the following is NOT true? A.At the opening ceremony, 35,000 people will get into the Stadio Olimpico stadium. B.After the opening ceremony, the biggest problem is traffic troubles. C.There remain some problems to settle before the Games open. D.The coming Olympics is the first to be held since 1956 Cortina DAmpezzo.50.What does Rogge mean with “the final stretch is always the most difficult one ”? A.The last problem is the most difficult one. B.The final games are the most difficult. C.The problems for the final games are the most difficult. D.When it comes to the final stage, the problems will be the most difficult.
    C“I don’t believe in Santa Claus!” Trogmire Troll announced.Tremor Troll looked shocked. “Why not?” he asked.“Because he never leaves me any gifts at all,” Trogmire growled.Tremor thought about the evidence for a few seconds. “Maybe,” he suggested, “it’s because when Santa checked his list, your name wasn’t in the ‘nice’ column.”“So, he could at least bring me a lump of coal!” Trogmire replied. “And,” he went on , “Troubled Troll doesn’t believe in Santa, either.”“Right,” Tremor said, “because he saw his parents putting the ‘From Santa’ presents under the tree. But I know the truth about that. My mother found out from Troubled’s mother. When Troubled’s parents got an e-mail from Santa, saying that he would never bring Troubled another gift, they didn’t want to tell him the truth. So now they buy presents and pretend they’re from Santa.”“What did Troubled do to get Santa so mad?” Trogmire questioned.“I think it had something to do with the time he put glue paper all over the living room floor on Christmas Eve, and left a sign that said, ‘Trapped like a rat!’ hanging over the fireplace.” said Tremor.“I guess Santa doesn’t have a sense of humour,” sighed Trogmire. “Well, at least I’m not the only one who Santa scratched off his name list.”51.Why doesn’t Santa leave presents for Trogmire or Troubled? A.They have behaved badly. B.He can’t find their homes. C.He often forgets their names. D.Their parents won’t let him leave gifts.52.Trogmire and Troubled don’t believe in Santa because ________. A.Santa has no sense of humor B.they are too naughty to believe C.Santa doesn’t give them anything D.Tremor convinced them he wasn’t real53.Troubled’s parents never ________. A.bought him anything B.loved him very much C.cared about how he behaved D.told him about the message from Santa54.Tromire and Santa probably have different ideas about what’s ________. A.humourous B.the proper way to do things C.easy to do D.the proper way to address an e-mail55.Trogmire’s last comment could be an example of the saying _______. A.Easy come, easy go B.Misery loves company C.Beauty is only skin deep D.One good turn deserves another
    第二节 信息匹配(共5小题;每小题2分,满分10分) 下面是一篇应用文及其应用场合的信息,请阅读下列应用文和相关信息,并按照要求匹配信息。请在答题卡将对应题号的相应选项字母涂黑。阅读选项A到F六则广告和第1至第5题中的个人情况说明,选出符合个人意向的最佳选项,并填在题目后的横线上,选项中有一项是多余选项。ARestaurantSupervisorWaiting StaffThe ideal candidates must have relevant experiences gained in a high quality hotel. Please call Personnel on 071 – 722 – 7722, or send your CV to:Regents Park Hilton,Lodge Road, LondonREGENTS PARKHILTON
    BUSE YOUR LANGUAGE AND EARN£450—£1200 P. WWe are one of the largest business publishers in Europe and have limited positions for intelligent young people in our London advertisement sales office. Enquiries from German, Spanish and Eastern European speakers especially welcome.Phone on 071 753 4300
    CBABY SITTER WANTEDFor a 9 month oldArtistic / Prof householdNotting Hill, 3 days per weekSome hoursflexibility requiredKnowledgeGerman / French071 221 7572
    DROOMATE WANTEDOwn room near campus. Available December 1st. Rent $80 per month until March 1st. $129 thereafter. Call Luke for details. 800 – 7829.
    EHELP WANTEDIf you are available a few hours during the day, some evenings and occasional weekends to care for 2 school – age children, please call Mary Smith 800 – 1111, evenings and weekends 800 – 4646.
    FWAITRESS WANTEDThe biggest and busiest restaurant in London is seeking for new blood. If you have serving experience in a restaurant and are looking for a change, then come and try!Apply in person.Interview day is on Friday, 6th May, from 12 noon to 7 p.m.
    请阅读以下申请者的信息,然后匹配申请者和他/她拟要的申请意向:56.Annie is a both lively and creative German girl who is good at the language arts, and in her spare time she likes to write short stories. Drawing is also one of her favorites. Annie, a graduate from a famous university, is thinking of looking for a job which can further develop her skills. 57.David studies in a senior high school. Not wanting to spend much time on the way to school every day, he is now looking forward to renting a room near his school. He also hopes to have a roommate to share the cost together. 58.Susan is a caring old English woman and English is the only language she can speak. As an experienced grandmother who has brought up some grandchildren, it’s her best choice to look after children now. But Susan doesn’t want to work fulltime, she can only spare several hours every day. 59.John studied hotel management when he was at school. After graduation, he once worked in a 4 star hotel as a telephonist for 2 years. Now he feels the need to improve himself by having a better job. 60.May is a good—natured girl. Hard—working, patient and warm—hearted—that is what she is like in our eyes. Because of all her efforts, she was once the best waitress for her best service in her restaurant. Now she is seeking the chance to work for a better restaurant. 申请者 选择意向 56.Annie ______________ 57.David ______________ 58.Susan ______________ 59.John ______________ 60.May ______________
    Ⅳ 写作(共两节,满分为40分) 第一节:基础写作(共1小题,满分15分) 请根据下列信息,用英语写一篇关于2006年诺贝尔奖化学奖得主罗杰•科恩伯格教授(Roger D. Kornberg)的简介:
    姓名:罗杰•科恩伯格教授(Roger D. Kornberg)国籍:美国 年龄:59岁所获奖项及相关情况: 2006年诺贝尔化学奖(the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 2006),其研究有助于对癌症、心脏病治疗的研究。其父也是诺贝尔奖得主之一。罗杰•科恩伯格教授是自诺贝尔奖颁发逾100年来,第六位父子同获诺贝尔奖的科学家。教育工作经历: 曾在哈佛大学(Harvard)修读化学,后在斯坦福大学获得博士学位,自2003年起供职于该大学医学院。(Stanford University School of Medicine)
    第二节 读写任务(共1小题,满分25分)阅读下面的短文,然后按照要求写一篇150词左右的英语短文。The cell phone has become an integra and, for some, essential communications tool that has helped owners gain help in emergencies. Most of the American users say they have used their cell phones in an emergency and gained valuable help. Another striking impact of mobile technology is that Americans are using their cell phones to fill in free time when they are traveling or waiting for someone. At the same time, there are new challenges associated with cell phone use. Over a quarter of cell phone owners, admit they sometimes do not drive as safely as they should while they use their mobile phones. Furthermore, more than 80% Americans report being irritated at least occasionally by loud and annoying cell users who conduct their calls in public places. Indeed, nearly one in ten cell phone owners admit they themselves have drawn criticism or irritated stares from others when they are using their cell phones in public. For some, they cell phone has become so central to their communications needs that they lose track of the expenses associated with their phones. Some 36% of cell owners say they have been shocked from time to time at the size of their monthly bills. [写作内容] 1.概括短文的内容要点,该部分的字数大约30词左右; 2.就“学校是否应允许学生带手机上学”这个主题发表你的看法,至少包含以下的内容要点,该部分的字数大约120词左右; 1)带手机上学的利弊; 2)你的看法如何; 3)你有什么建议? [写作要求] 你可以使用实例或其他论述方法支持你的论点,也可以参照阅读材料的内容,但不要抄袭阅读材料中的句子。
    II.完形填空21—25 ADBCC 26—30 ACACB语法填空31.matter 32.an 33.but 34.second 35.fortunate 36.can37.more 38.As/Being 39.deepens 40.whatIII.阅读理解41—45 ABDAC 46—50 BCDDD 51—55 ACDAB 信息匹配56.B 57.D 58.E 59.A 60.FIV.基础写作(Possible version)1aRoger D. Kornberg was a 59 – year – old American who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 2006. His research was helpful in the research on the treatment of cancer and heart disease. As his father was also a winner of Nobel Prize, Roger D. Kornberg is the sixth scientist whose father was also a Nobel Prize winner in the over – 100 – years history of the prize. When he was young, he studied chemistry in Harvard and got a doctor degree in Stanford later. From 2003 on, he has been working in Stanford University School of Medicine.1bProfessor Roger D. Kornberg, a 59 – old American, is the winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 2006. His contribution is of great help in the research on curing cancers and heart diseases. Since over a century ago when the Nobel Prize was first awarded, he has been the sixth scientist whose father also ever won the Nobel Prize. Professor Kornberg used to study chemistry in Harvard, and then received his doctor degree in Stanford. Since 2003, he has been working in Stanford University School of Medicine.读写任务2Many Americans have found the cell phone valuable in providing help in emergencies and free time entertainment. Meanwhile, it has also brought up problems in careless driving, irritating behaviors in public and high expenses. (34)Cell phones are also popular in China, and many students own one. The question is whether students should be allowed to use them at school. Some parents support it just for the need to communicate with their children, while some others think it a bad idea, worrying that it will disturb usual educational environment.In my opinion, it is not that necessary for us to have cell phones in school. Busy with studies and after – class activities, we do not have much time to call others. However, it is true that parents and students have a need to talk to each other from time to time. I suggest schools provide more pay phones on campus so that parents and students have easier access to each other.(125)
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