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Summary:请认真阅读下面各题,从题中所给的A、 B、 C、 D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。例:It is generally considered unwise to give a child______ he or she wants.A.however B.whatever C.whichever D.whenever 答案是B。21.—Mr. Smith,.

  • 请认真阅读下面各题,从题中所给的A、 B、 C、 D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。例:It is generally considered unwise to give a child______ he or she wants.A.however B.whatever C.whichever D.whenever 答案是B。21.—Mr. Smith, you are fined for speeding. Please sign here.—Fined? Speeding? _______ A.Are you all right? B.You can’t be serious! C.I’m a foreigner. D.It doesn’t matter.22._______ person like him won’t be satisfied with _______ little progress that he has made. A.The; a B.The; / C.A; / D.A; the23.Only ticket-holders were _______ to the stadium for the concert given by Jay Chou, so many of his fans were turned away. A.allowed B.permitted C.agreed D.admitted24.—When can I use your computer?—Never! _______ should you touch it. A.At no time B.In no time C.At any time D.At one time25._______ seems to be a strong competition in China for senior high students to enter college or university. A.It B.There C.What D.That26.I had wanted to help you last night but I couldn’t spare any time, for I _______ a composition which I have to hand in this morning. A.wrote B.was writing C.had written D.have written27.-Will you lend me some paper?-Sorry, mine________. A.is running out of B.has been run out C.has run out D.has run out of28.We wonder if there is any possibility of the statistics ________ as soon as possible. A.to be analyzed B.being analyzed C.analyzing D.to analyze29.How long do you think it will be ________ the computer company puts forward a new product?A.before B.since C.until D.that30.You can’t attend the party tonight because it is stormy. ________, you still haven’t got over your high fever. A.Therefore B.However C.Moreover D.Somehow31.—How did you feel when Liu Xiang won the gold medal in Osaka? —I couldn’t be ________. A.very excited B.more excited C.most excited D.less excited32.Traditionally, Chinese people _______ the Chinese characters Double Happiness and stick them onto walls or doors for weddings. A.cut out B.cut off C.cut up D.cut down33.—Is that the small company you often refer to? —Right, just the one ________ you know I used to work for years. A.that B.which C.where D.as34.What a pity! I _______ in Hainan two more days, but something urgent needed to be dealt with back home.A.must have stayed B.needn’t have stayed C.may have stayed D.could have stayed35._______ to their own work, most of the parents spend little time with their children. A.Devoting B.To be devoted C.Having devoted D.Devoted
    第二节:完形填空(共20小题;每小题1.5分,满分30分)请认真阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。An eight-year-old child heard her parents talking about her little brother. All she knew was that he was very sick and they had no __36__ left. When she heard her daddy say to her __37__ mother, “Only a miracle(奇迹)can save him now”, the little girl went to her bedroom and took out her piggy bank. She __38__ all the change out on the floor and counted it carefully. Then she __39__ her way six blocks to the local drugstore. “And what do you want?” asked the chemist. “It’s __40__ my little brother,” the girl answered back. “He’s really, really sick and I want to get a __41__. His name is Andrew and he has something __42__ growing inside his head and my daddy says only a miracle can save him.”“We don’t __43__ miracles here, child.I’m sorry,” the chemist said, smiling __44__ at the little girl.In the shop was a __45__ customer. He bent down and asked the little girl, “What kind of miracle does your brother __46__?”“I don’t know,” she replied.“He’s really sick and mommy says he needs a(n) __47__. But my daddy can’t pay for it, so I have brought my __48__.”“How much do you have?” asked the man. “One dollar and eleven cents, __49__ I can try and get some more,” she answered quietly.“Well, what a coincidence(巧合),” smiled the man. “A dollar and eleven cents-the __50__ price of a miracle for your little brother. __51__ me to where you live. I want to see your brother and __52__ your parents.”That well-dressed man was Dr Carlton Armstrong, a surgeon(外科医生). The operation was completed __53__ and before long Andrew was __54__ again.The little girl was happy. She knew exactly how much the miracle __55__ ... one dollar and eleven cents ... plus the faith of a little child.36.A.time B.medicine C.money D.food 37.A.tearful B.hopeful C.helpful D.regretful38.A.emptied B.pulled C.put D.poured39.A.followed B.made C.felt D.found40.A.with B.about C.for D.from41.A.drink B.doctor C.tablet D.miracle42.A.bad B.small C.extra D.new43.A.display B.offer C.sell D.store44.A.calmly B.sadly C.strangely D.coldly45.A.well-dressed B.kind-hearted C.well-behaved D.good-looking46.A.have B.need C.make D.like47.A.companion B.surgeon C.protection D.operation 48.A.savings B.wishes C.ideas D.worries49.A.because B.so C.though D.but50.A.same B.exact C.proper D.reasonable51.A.Bring B.Send C.Take D.Drive52.A.help B.encourage C.persuade D.meet53.A.surprisingly B.secretly C.successfully D.separately54.A.happy B.well C.strong D.fat55.A.meant B.covered C.measured D.cost
    第三部分:阅读理解第一节:请认真阅读下列短文,从短文后各题所给的A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项,并在题卡上将该项涂黑。(共20小题,每小题2分;满分40分)AMany cities around the world today are heavily polluted.Careless methods of production and lack of consumer demand for environment friendly products have contributed to the pollution problem. One result is that millions of tons of glass, paper, plastic, and metal containers are produced, and these are difficult to get rid of.However, today, more and more consumers are choosing “green” and demanding that the products they buy should be safe for the environment. Before they buy a product, they ask questions like these: “Will this shampoo damage the environment?” “Can this metal container be reused or can it only be used once?”A recent study showed that two out of five adults now consider the environmental safety of a product before they buy it. This means that companies must now change the way they make and sell their products to make sure that they are “green”, that is, friendly to the environment.Only a few years ago, it was impossible to find green products in supermarkets, but now there are hundreds. Some supermarket products carry labels to show that the product is green. Some companies have made the manufacturing (生产) of clean and safe products their main selling point and emphasize it in their advertising.The concern for a safer and cleaner environment is making companies rethink how they do business. No longer will the public accept the old attitude of “Buy it, use it, throw it away, and forget it”. The public pressure is on, and gradually business is cleaning up its act.56.It is clear from the text that the driving force (动力) behind green products is____.A.public caring for the environment B.rapid development of companiesC.new ways of doing business D.rapid growth of supermarkets57.The underlined word “it” in Paragraph 4 refers to_________.A.the selling point B.the company’s productC.a great demand for healthful goods D.the manufacturing of green products58.What would be the best title for the text?A.Business and people B.Shopping Habits Are Changing C.Business Goes Green D.Supermarkets and Green Products
    BThere are some special traditions in Hawaii. People are very friendly and always welcome visitors. They give visitors a lei, a long necklace(项链)of beautiful fresh flowers. Men wear bright flowered shirts, and women often wear long flowered dresses. There are traditional Chinese, Japanese and Philippines holidays and all the holidays from the United States. They call Hawaii the Aloha State. Aloha means both hello and goodbye. It also means I love you. Usually when people from different countries, races and traditions live together, there are serious problems. There are a few problems in Hawaii, but, in general, people have learned to live together in peace. Hawaiians get most of their money from visitors, and most of the visitors come from the mainland and from Japan. There are so many people living in Hawaii now that there are residential (居住的) areas where there used to be farms. Some of the big sugar and apple companies have moved to the Philippines, where they do not have to pay workers as much money. The families of the first people who came from the U.S. mainland own the important banks and companies. Japanese are also buying or starting business. 59.A lei is _______. A.a group of flowers B.a bright flowered shirt C.a way to say hello and goodbye D.a necklace of flowers60._______ plays an important part in the development of Hawaii. A.Industry B.Agriculture C.Business D.Tourism
    61.The author wants to show that ______. A.we should all go to Hawaii B.it is possible to learn to live together in peace C.Hawaii is too small for big companies to develop D.Hawaii is the only place where there is peace62.A good title for this article might be ______. A.Hawaii—the Aloha State B.Living in Peace Together C.The Flower of Hawaii D.The Problems of Hawaii
    CHelp WantedPAINTERMust have at least 3 years’ painting experience. Commercial and new construction work. $ 10/hr. Immediate opening. Call 435-9201 with work history.
    SECRETARYPart-time position available in friendly, busy office. Good typing and general office skills. Some weekends required.High pay. Various duties. Apply at East Side Management, 500 Park Drive, DeWitt, NY. 13214.
    VETERINARIAN ASSISTANT(兽医助理)Person needed for busy animal hospital. Some nights and weekends. Apply personally to Johnson-Marks Animal Hospital, 404 Snow Road, Syracuse, NY. 13224.After 4 p. m. only please.
    NURSES’ ASSISTANTSFull-time and part-time positions available for modern nursing home. High pay. Call Mrs. Downes, R. N. at 534-7618.
    COOK NEEDEDImmediately. Busy downtown restaurant. Must be good and dependable. Experience preferred.Weekends required.Call 324-9817.
    SALESPERSONExperienced.Must have some knowledge of men’s clothing industry. Available to work evenings and some Saturdays. Send resume(个人简历)to: Martin’s Apparel, 237 Rockledge St. Syracuse, NY. 1322.
    TEACHERSmall private school needs English and maths teachers. Must have BS degree and at least 4 years’ teaching experience. Send resume to: Wales Charter School 19 South 8th St. NY. 13214.
    HOTEL needs part-time FRONT DESK CLERK. No experience necessary. Excellent people and phone skills a must. Some computer skills helpful. $13/hr. Call: Mr. Jones 357-2897.
    63.If you are interested in working in a hotel, call ______. A.435-9201 B.534-7618 C.324-9817 D.357-289764.If you want to get a job as a maths teacher, send your resume to ______. A.237 Rockledge St. Syracuse, NY. 13224 B.404 Snow Road, Syracuse, NY. 13224 C.500 Park Drive, DeWitt, NY. 13214 D.19 South 8th St. NY. 1321465.If you dislike working on Sundays, being a ______ should be your best choice. A.cook B.secretary C.salesperson D.veterinarian assistant66.If you want to get a job at ______, you must have office skills. A.Martin’s Apparel B.East Side Management C.Wales Charter School D.Johnson-Marks Animal Hospital67.Which of the following statements is true according to the ads? A.The pay you get from being a painter is higher than that from a front desk clerk. B.Your parents can’t help you with the application for a veterinarian assistant. C.You can’t apply for the nurses’ assistant if you are a nursing school student. D.Once you have a BS degree, you can work as a maths teacher in a private school.
    DMy husband and children think they are very lucky that they are living and that it’s Christmas again. They can’t see that we live on a dirty street in a dirty house among people who aren’t very good.But Johnny and children can’t see this. What a pity it is that our neighbours have to make happiness out of all this dirt. I decided that my children must get out of this. The money that we’ve saved isn’t nearly enough. The McGaritys have money but they are so proud.They look down upon the poor. The McGarity girl just yesterday stood out there in the street eating from a bag of candy while a ring of hungry children watched her. I saw those children looking at her and crying in their hearts; and when she couldn’t eat any more she threw the rest down the sewer (下水道). Why, is it only because they have money? There is more to happiness than money in the world, isn’t there?Miss Jackson who teaches at the Settlement House isn’t rich, but she knows things. She understands people. Her eyes look straight into yours when she talks with you. She can read your mind.I’d like to see the children be like Miss Jackson when they grow up. 68.We can learn from the passage that the writer _______.A.is easy to get along with  B.is unhappy with their lifeC.is good at observing and understanding D.is never pleased with her neighbors69.What do you think of McGarity girl?A.She is proud and helpful. B.She is selfish and cruel.C.She is lonely and unhappy. D.She is kind and polite.70.The writer tries to tell us that _______.A.money is the key to everything  B.the more money you have, the less happy you’ll be C.there is something more important than moneyD.when talking to people we should look into their eyes71.Which of the following does NOT show the writer’s view on money?A.Why, is it only because they have money?B.There is more to happiness than money.C.Miss Jackson isn’t rich, but she knows things. D.The money we saved isn’t nearly enough.
    EMy father and I were very close. I loved pleasing him, and he was always proud of my success. If I won a spelling contest at school, he was on top of the world.Later in life whenever I got a promotion, I’d call my father right away and he’d rush out to tell all his friends. In 1970, when I was named President of the Ford Motor Company, I don’t know which of us was more excited.Like many native Italians, my parents were very open with their feelings and their love—not only at home, but also in public.Most of my friends would never hug their fathers. But I hugged and kissed my dad at every opportunity—nothing could have felt more natural. He was a curious man who was always trying new things. He was the first person in Allentown to buy a motorcycle. Unfortunately, my father and his motorcycle didn’t get along too well. He fell off it so often that he got rid of it just a month after buying it. As a result, he never again trusted any vehicle with less than four wheels. Because of that motorcycle, I wasn’t allowed to have a bicycle when I was growing up. Whenever I wanted to ride a bike, I had to borrow one from a friend.On the other hand, my father let me drive a car as soon as I turned sixteen.72.When I won a contest at school, my father would _______.A.tell all his friends about it B.feel most happy over itC.get very surprised at it D.be more excited than I 73.Which of the following statements shows that my father was a curious man?A.I wasn’t allowed to have a car when I was growing up.B.He was the first person in town to buy a motorcycle.C.He was always proud of my success in everything.D.He was very open with his feelings and his love.74.My father trusted no vehicle with less than four wheels because ______.A.he did not like the way I borrowed bicycles from friendsB.he thought that cars were faster than motorcyclesC.he liked every new model made by my companyD.he once had trouble in riding his motorcycle75.Which of the following statements is wrong?A.It was quite natural for the author to kiss and hug his father.B.When the author reached 16 he was allowed to drive a car.C.Both of the author’s parents were not open with their feelings.D.Anytime the author got a promotion, he would inform his father.
    第二节:阅读表达(共5小题;每小题1分,满分5分)阅读下面的短文,在短文下面标有题号的横线上,写出短文的标题或段落的主题句。Sports and physical training play an important part in our life. Sports are not only amusement, but they are also things of great value to one’s body and mind.So, all the people in the world can enjoy them. Sports can not only build our bodies and keep us healthy, but also can train our characters and adjust our mental states.Table tennis gives us valuable practice in helping the eyes, brain and muscles to work together. The eyes see the ball coming, judge its speed and direction, and pass the information on to the brain. The brain has to decide what to do, and sends its orders to the muscles of the arms, legs and so on. All this must happen rapidly and only those who have had a lot of practice at table tennis can do this successfully. Jogging has become more and more popular in the world.It has become ordinary to see people of all ages running along city streets and in parks. Jogging is the most useful sort of exercise that develops the heart, lungs and circulatory system. It trains our heart and lungs to deliver oxygen more efficiently to all parts of our body. Jogging is a cheap, quick and efficient way to maintain physical fitness.Sports are also very useful for character training. In sports and games, people learn to play fair, cooperate with other team members, go all out to win the match, and think of the honor of the group. The sports ideal is to win without pride and to lose with grace. Title(76)______________________________________
    Paragraph 1: (77)_________________________
    Paragraph 2: (78)____________________________
    Paragraph 3: (79)____________________________
    Paragraph 4: (80)________________________
    第Ⅱ卷(满分40分)第四部分:写作(共两节,满分40分)第一节:对话填空(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)请认真阅读下面对话,并根据各题所给首字母的提示,在答题卡上标有标号的横线上,写出一个英语单词的完整、正确形式,使对话通顺。A:Excuse me, sir, but I’m writing a report on what people prefer to do on holiday. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?B:No, not at all. Please go (81)a_______.A:What do you prefer to do when you are on holiday?B:Well, I don’t usually visit my family. We live quite(82) c_____ and I can see them any time. But I do like to visit museums,(83)e_________ if there is a special exhibition on. I don’t like to stay at home, though my parents do. (84)I________, I prefer to get away from the city and just (85)e________ the peace of the country, sitting under a tree, listening to the birds in the morning, or maybe walking over the hills.A:Have you ever (86)t________ abroad?B:No, I haven’t. It’s too (87)e________ for me. But my wife loves to visit the coast, so if the (88)w_________ is good we often go swimming in the sea, or maybe just lie on the (89)b________ and bathe in the sun.A:OK. Well, thank you very much for your time.B:You are (90)w_________.
    第二节: 书面表达(满分30分)假如你是王平,代表六班同学给你们学校新来的外籍教师Mathew写一封电子邮件,告诉他大家对他第一周教学的感受,内容包括:1.大家对他总体评价较高;2.具有独特的、使课堂生动活泼的方法;3.知识渊博,且对学生很耐心;4.就如何帮助英语基础薄弱的学生,向Mathew提一些建议(内容自拟)。注意: 1.电子邮件必须包括以上内容,可以适当增加细节。 2.词数:120左右。(开头已经给出,不计入总词数)
    Dear Mathew, On behalf of the students of Class 6, I e-mail you telling you how we feel about your first-week teaching in our class. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    Some of us are still poor at English and need your help. We hope __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    Yours, Wang Ping
    II.单选21-25 BDDAB 26-30 BCBAC 31-35 BACDDIII.完形36-40 CADBC 41-45 DACBA 46-50 BDADB 51-55 CACBDIV.阅读56-58 ADC 59-62 DDBA 63-67 DDCBB 68-71 BBCD 72-75 BBDCV.阅读表达76.Sports and physical training77.Sports and physical training play an important part in our life.78.Table Tennis gives us valuable practice in helping the eyes, brain and muscles to work together.79.Jogging is a cheap, quick and efficient way to maintain physical fitness.80.Sports are also very useful for character training.VI.对话填空81.ahead 82.close 83.especially 84.Instead 85.enjoy 86.travelled87.expensive 88.weather 89.beach 90.welcome VII.书面表达Dear Mathew, On behalf of the students of Class 6, I e-mail you telling you how we feel about your first-week teaching in our class. All of us students think highly of your way of teaching, as you can always make your class lively and interesting. In addition, you are such a learned man that we can learn a lot from you and most important of all, you are patient with us. Frankly, you have built up our confidence in learning English well. Some of us are still poor at English and need your help. We hope you will speak a little bit slowly so that we can understand you better. Besides, would you please spend more time with us, joining in our after-school activities so that we have more chances to practice our oral English?If you have any difficulties in your life here, just tell us. We are ready to offer you any help. Yours, Wang Ping
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