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Summary:1. A. Father and daughter. B. Principal and secretary.C. Schoolmates D. Teacher and student.2. A. discussion. B. A group. C. A meeting. D. Today's program.3. A. Alan B.

  • 1. A. Father and daughter. B. Principal and secretary.C. Schoolmates D. Teacher and student.2. A. discussion. B. A group. C. A meeting. D. Today's program.3. A. Alan B. Bill C. Jenny D. Smith4. A. To change her glasses. B. To have her eyes examined.C. To have more sleep D. To see a doctor.5. A. In the classroom. B. In a furniture store.C. In the teachers' office. D. In a restaurant.6. A. 30. B. 44. C. 14. D. 70.7. A. One. B. Two. C. Three. D. Four8. A. She'll cook the lunch. B. She'll go for a swim.C. She'll go back home. D. She'll buy some food.9. A. He had a traffic accident. B. She was late for work.C. He is seriously ill. D. She had her car stolen.10.A. At 8:20. B. At 8:40. C. At 9:20. D. At 9:30.
    Part B PassagesQuestions 11 through 13 are based on the following passage.
    11. A. She is a guest speaker. B. She is an English teacher.C. She is a rescue worker. D. She is a news reporter.12. A. In Canada. B. In China. C. In India. D. In Turkey.13. A. Courage. B. Enthusiasm. C. Kindness. D. Wisdom.
    Questions 14 through 16 are based on the following passage.
    14. A. The meanings of different colours. B. The personality of individual people.C. The long history of human beings. D. The traditions of African countries.15. A. Blood. B. Land. C. Resources. D. The hot sun.16. A. Because it can protect them from the hot sun.B. Because it can make them look beautiful.C. Because it shows the trend of clothing.D. Because it has a strong social meaning.
    Part C Longer conversations
    Blanks 17 through 20 are based on the following conversation.

    rent of the apartment

    $ ___17____ a month including gas, water, electricity and all the other ____18___.

    Moving-in fees

    $ 750 in all: $ 50 for _____19____ deposit, and two months’ rent in ____20____.
    Complete the message. Write NO MORE THAN ONE WORD for each answer.

    Passenger’s Name

    ___21___ _____

    Time of the flight

    Saturday, ___22____ at 6:00 pm.

    Class of the seat


    Time to check in

    ___24___ 5:20 pm.
    Complete the message. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.
    II. Grammar
    25. – What is ___ population of your home town?­­– I think it has ___ population of at least 2,000,000.A. a; the B. the; a C. the; / D. / ; the26. __ has recently been done to provide more buses for the people, a shortage of public vehicles remains a serious problem.A. That B. What C. Though what D. In spite of what27. ___ about the bookkeeper's honesty, the company asked him to resign.A. There to be some questions B. There have been some questionsC. There are some questions D. There being some questions28. There is a real possibility that these animals could be frightened, _____ a sudden loud noise.A. being there B. there was C. should there be D. there having been 29. When Mohammed, a friend of mine from the Middle East, first went to the United States to attend the university, ___ with women in the same class. A. he'd never before studied B. he couldn't before studyC. he would never before study D. he hasn't before studied30. ____ is the centre of our planetary system was a difficult concept to grasp in the Middle Ages.A. It's the sun and not the earth B. The sun and not the earthC. Being the sun and not the earth D. That the sun and not the earth31. Scientists call Whiteney's idea ____ each part of a gun could be made identical by machines standardization of parts.A. which B. that C. when D. what32. The sun warms the earth, ___ makes it possible for plants to grow.A. and which B. and what C. and that D. that33. ____, heat is produced.A. The mixing together of certain chemicalsB. Whenever certain chemicals are mixed togetherC. Certain chemicals mixed togetherD. That certain chemicals are mixed together34. The policemen went into action ____ they heard the alarm.A. the moment when B. untilC. direct D. immediately35. No longer are contributions to computer technology confined (被限制) to any one country, ___ is this more true than in France.A. anywhere B. hardly C. nowhere D. seldom36. The atmosphere is as much a part of the earth as ____ its soil and the water of its lakes, rivers and oceans.A. are B. do C. is D. has37. It is generally believed that teaching is _____ it is a science.A. an art much as B. much an art as C. as an art much as D. as much an art as38. If 98 percent of us _____, what shall we do with ourselves?A. doesn't need work B. needn't to workC. don't need to work D. needs not to work39. Clearly some risks ____, especially ____ the rewards are high.A. are worth taking; when B. worth taking; that C. worth taking; when D. are worth taking; that40. They are likely to travel more and to want more education. ____, many more jobs are available in these services. A. Nevertheless B. Therefore C. Moreover D. Meanwhile41. Unless the hunters are very careful, they can fall ___ death when climbing the mountains. A. over B. to C. of D. towards42. Teacher always emphasize that ____ cannot be stressed ___ strongly. A. speaking English; too B. spoken English; enoughC. English speaking; enough D. spoken English; too43. Nobody will come to see me while I am out, ___?A. won't they B. ain't I C. will they D. am I 44. I'd prefer him ___ the key under the mat. A. to leave B. leave C. leaving D. left
    III. Vocabulary
    45. If you break the law, perhaps you'll have to pay _____.A. a bill B. a fine C. fund D. fortune46. Those two boys had so ___ in ___ that they soon became good friends. A. much… common B. many … usualC. little … normal D. few … ordinary47. Little Tom isn't feeling ___ well today because he has had __ pop-corn.A. too much… too much B. much too… much tooC. much too … too much D. too much … much too48. If you continue to steal, you will ____ in prison.A. end up B. be sent C. put D. be taken49. Everybody arrived late at the party ___.A. for a variety of causes B. for a variety of reasonsC. because of all kind of reasons D. because of different causes50. I have ___ for twenty shirts with the shop nearby. A. put to use an order B. kept order C. given an order D. placed an order51. Old and young ____ to help us with the work.A. called off B. called at C. dropped on D. dropped in 52. She is ___ what she used to be. A. no more B. no longer C. not any more D. not longer53. I found that our boss had lost his ____ with so many things going wrong.A. temper B. emotion C. feeling D. mood54. His uncle has not the least ____ of giving up smoking though he is coughing all the time.A. decision B. effort C. intention D. purpose

    IV. Cloze
    People from different cultures sometimes do things that make each other uncomfortable without meaning to or sometimes without even realizing it. Most Americans have __55__ been out of the country and have very little experience with foreigners. But they are usually friendly and open and __56__ meeting new people, having guests and bringing people together formally or informally. They tend to use first names in most __57__ and speak freely about themselves. So if your American hosts do something that takes you __58__, try to let them know how you feel. Most people will __59__ your honesty and try not to make you uncomfortable again. And you will all learn something about another culture! Many travelers find it __60__ to meet people in the U.S. than in other countries. They may just come up and introduce themselves or even invite you __61__ before they really know you. Sometimes Americans are said to be superficially friendly. Perhaps it seem so, but they are probably just __62__. Just like anywhere else, it makes time to become real friends with people in the U.S.. If and when you stay with American friends, they will probably enjoy __63__ you to their friends and family, and if they seem proud of __64__ you, it's probably because they really relax and enjoy it!
    55. A. ever B. never C. often D. sometimes56. A. dislike B. avoid C. hate D. enjoy57. A. occasions B. situation C. moments D. instant58. A. at ease B. comfortable C. pleasant D. uncomfortable59. A. confirm B. praise C. appreciate D. criticize60. A. easier B. harder C. happier D. simpler61. A. over B. at C. in D. round62. A. killing time B. having a good time C. enjoying D. enjoying himself63. A. inviting B. introducing C. calling D. acquainting64. A. meeting B. understanding C. recognizing D. knowing
    Governments throughout the world make public reports about the condition of their economics. Most do this by __65__ the value of their country's yearly production of goods and services. Some countries __66__ the U.S. have used a measure called GNP. It includes all goods and services produced by citizens of the country anywhere in the world.
    Recently the American Commerce Department has started using a new __67__ to measure production. It is __68__ GDP. It __69__ only goods and services that have been produced __70__ the nation's borders. Earnings by foreign owned companies __71__ in the U.S. are included in the GDP, but earnings of American companies operating in other countries are not.
    Some officials say the new system will help them make better policy decisions. They say it will provide them with a clearer understanding of __72__ activity in the country. Some experts say the change from GNP to GDP will immediately reduce the __73__ of American production by at least 40 000 million dollars a year. __74__ that is really a very small change in the American economy – less than 1%.
    65. A. increasing B. affecting C. proving D. measuring66. A. except B. as C. and D. including67. A. method B. plan C. principle D. device 68. A. famous for B. regarded as C. known as D. compared to69. A. refers B. counts C. involves D. consists70. A. within B. out of C. beside D. near71. A. producing B. being C. locating D. operating72. A. political B. cultural C. economic D. military73. A. price B. value C. expense D. quantity74. A. But B. Perhaps C. Meanwhile D. Above all
    V. Reading Comprehension

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    If you own a small successful business but have no time for yourself, I am an honest woman looking to become a working partner in your business.
    Call Mrs. Meikle 478378475. If you want to buy an automobile business, you should call ____.A. 3421577 B. 6560232 C. 9497221 D. 604136076. Who should Stein call? A. Trent B. Dora C. Walter D. Mrs. Meikle77. Tank, who wants to get a person to help his coffee bar for he himself is too busy, would probably call _____.A. Stein B. Rity C. Mrs. Meikle D. 3328725
    A moment's drilling by the dentist may make us nervous and upset. Many of us cannot stand pain. To avoid the pain of a drilling that may last perhaps a minute or two, we demand the “needle”- a shot of novocaine (奴佛卡因)-that deadens(阻碍) the nerves around the tooth.
    Now it's true that the human body has developed its millions of nerves to be highly aware of what goes on both inside and outside of it. This helps us adjust to the world. Without our nerves - and our brain, which is a bundle of nerves - we wouldn't know what's happening. But we pay for our sensitivity. We can feel pain when the slightest thing is wrong with any part of our body. The history of torture is based on the human body being open to pain.
    But there is a way to handle pain. Look at the Indian fakir(行僧) who sits on a bed of nails. Fakirs can put a needle right through an arm, and feel no pain. This ability that some humans have developed to handle pain should give us ideas about how the mind can deal with pain.
    The big thing in withstanding pain is our attitude toward it. if the dentist says, “This will hurt a little,” it helps us to accept the pain. By staying relaxed, and by treating the pain as an interesting sensation (感觉), we can handle the pain without falling apart. After all, although pain is an unpleasant sensation, it is still a sensation, and sensations are the stuff of life.78. The sentence “But we pay for our sensitivity.” in the second paragraph implies that ___.A. we should pay a debt for our feeling B. we have to be hurt when we feel somethingC. our pain is worth feelingD. when we feel pain, we are suffering it 79. When the author mentions the Indian fakir, he suggests that _____.A. Indians are not at all afraid of painB. people may be senseless of painC. some people are able to handle painD. fakirs have magic to put needles right through their arms80. The most important thing to handle pain is ____.A. how we look at pain B. to feel pain as much as possibleC. to show an interest in pain D. to accept the pain reluctantly 81. The author's attitude towards pain is _____.A. pessimistic  B. optimistic C. radical (极端的)  D. practical
    There is a popular belief among parents that schools are no longer interested in spelling. No school I have taught in has ever ignored spelling or considered it unimportant as a basic skill. There are, however, vastly different ideas about how to teach it, or how much priority (优先) it must be given over general language development and writing ability. The problem is, how to encourage a child to express himself freely and confidently in writing without holding him back with the complexities of spelling?
    If spelling become the only focal point of his teacher's interest, clearly a bright child will
    be likely to “play safe”. He will tend to write only words within his spelling range, choosing to avoid adventurous language. That's why teachers often encourage the early use of dictionaries and pay attention to content rather than technical ability.
    I was once shocked to read on the bottom of a sensitive piece of writing about a personal experience: “ This work is terrible! There are far too many spelling errors and technical abilities in writing, but it was also a sad reflection on the teacher who had feelings. The teacher was not wrong to draw attention to the errors, but if his priorities had centered on the child's ideas, an expression of his disappointment with the presentation would have given the pupil more motivation (动力) to seek improvement.82. Teachers are different in their opinions about ____.A. the necessity of teaching spelling B. the role of spelling in general language developmentC. the way of teaching D. the complexities of the basic writing skills83. As used in the second paragraph, the expression “play safe” most probably means ___.A. to spell correctly B. to write smoothlyC. to avoid using words one is not sure of D. to use dictionaries frequently84. Teachers encourage the students to use dictionaries so that ____.A. students will be able to write more freelyB. students will be more skillful in writingC. students will be more confident in writingD. students will be independent enough85. This passage mainly discusses ____. A. the necessity of spellings B. the role of developing writing skillsC. the complexities of spellingD. the relationship between spelling and the content of writing
    Where do pesticides fit into the picture of environmental disease? We have seen that they now pollute soil, water, and food, that they have the power to make our steams fishless and our gardens and woodlands silent and birdless. Man, however much he may like to pretend the contrary, is part of nature. Can he escape a pollution that is now so thoroughly distributed throughout our world?
    We know that even single exposures to these chemicals, if the amount is large enough, can cause extremely severe poisoning. But this is not the major problem. The sudden illness or death of farmers, farm workers, and others exposed to sufficient quantities of pesticides is very sad and should not occur. For the population as a whole, we must be more concerned with the delayed effects of absorbing small amounts of the pesticides that invisibly pollute our world.
    Responsible public health officials have pointed out that the biological effects of chemicals are cumulative (累积的) over long periods of time, and that the danger to the individual may depend on the sum of the exposures received throughout his lifetime. For these very reasons the danger is easily ignored. It is human nature to shake off what may seem to us a threat of future disaster. “Men are naturally most impressed by diseases which have obvious signs,” says
    a wise physician, Dr. Rene Dubois, “Yet some of their worst enemies slowly approach them unnoticed.”
    86. What is the author's attitude towards the environmental effects of pesticides?A. Pessimistic B. Indifferent C. Optimistic D. Concerned
    87. In the author's view, the sudden death caused by exposure to large amounts of pesticides ____.A. is not the worst of the negative consequences resulting from the use of pesticidesB. now occurs most frequently among all accidental deathsC. has sharply increased so as to become the center of public attentionD. is unavoidable because people can't do without pesticides in farming88. People tend to ignore the delayed effects of exposure to chemicals because ____.A. limited exposure to them does little harm to people's healthB. the present is more important for them than the futureC. the danger does not become apparent immediately D. humans are capable of withstanding small amounts of poisoning89. It can be concluded form Dr. Dubois' remarks that ____.A. people find invisible diseases difficult to deal withB. attacks by hidden enemies tend to be fatalC. diseases with obvious signs are easy to cureD. people tend to neglect hidden dangers caused by pesticides

    VI. Translation
    90. 这张地图册有50张地图,包括北美地图六张。(include)91. 有消息说,上海两年内又将建一条地铁。(word)92. 她是为了独生儿子才在医院里日夜工作的。(It was … that… )93. 只有当战争结束后,他才同他年迈的父母取得了联系。(Only…)94. 勤能补拙。(dullness)

    VII. Writing如今有70%的人出于亚健康状态,有人认为这不是病,没有关系;有人认为这是病,应当及早看医生。你的观点:

    1-10 CDCAD BCAAB 11-16 DBA BCD \
    17. 350 18. equipment 19. cleaning 20. advances
    21 David Kipling 22. April 26th 23. economy 24. not later than
    25 – 34 BDDCA DBCBD 35 – 44 CABCA BBACA
    45 – 54 BACAB DDBAC
    55 – 64 BDBDC ACBBD 65 – 74 DDACB ADCBA
    75 – 89 CBC DCAB BCCD DACD
    90. This atlas contains fifty maps, including six of North America. / This atlas contains fifty maps, six of North America included.
    91. Word came that another subway would be built in Shanghai in two years.
    92. It was for her only son that she worked day and night in the hospital.
    93. Only after the war, was he able to get in touch with his old parents.
    94. Diligence is the means by which one makes up for one's dullness.
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