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Summary:(3)事由  注意月份的全拼及缩略形式,月份的缩略形式为:Jan., Feb., Mar., Apr., May , June, July, Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec.   【例一】   Wednesday, 21st March   Dear Prof. Rainman,   Im sorry I couldnt make our 11.

  • (3)事由  注意月份的全拼及缩略形式,月份的缩略形式为:Jan., Feb., Mar., Apr., May , June, July, Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec.
      【例一】   Wednesday, 21st March
      Dear Prof. Rainman,
      Im sorry I couldnt make our 11 oclock appointment. Prof. Wolfs lecture lasted a lot longer than I expected. I could meet you in the library Reading Room 4 tomorrow at 10, if that is convenient for you. If not, please leave a note in my mailbox #334, this afternoon.
      Thank you,
      【例二】   2nd August
      Ms. Zhao,
      A friend of yours, Li Ping, made a long distance call from Xian this morning while you went out. She asked you to book an air ticket for Shanghai at 9 oclock, August 5, and make a reservation for hotel room tonight. I am sorry that I cant pass on the message to you in your presence, because I was ordered to do something urgent. See you then.
      【例三】   7:30 a.m.
      Dear Mr.David,
      I very much regret I was unable to attend school this morning owing to a severe attack of illness. I am enclosing herewith a certificate from the doctor who is attending me, as he fears it will be several days before I shall be able to resume my study. I trust my enforced absence will not give you any serious inconvenience.
      Sincerely yours,
      【例四】   8:30 A.M.
      Dear Peter:
      I have done all my things here. I sincerely thank you for the trouble you have taken for my sake. I am leaving for home by train at two this afternoon. This is to say goodbye to you. Please kindly remember me to your wife.
      Yours ever,
      【例五】   May 2, 2001
      Dear Lucy,
      Can you think of a single good reason why you shouldnt spend next weekend with us? Ive just been out looking at the garden,and its beautiful,youll like it.
      Also,Im going to have a young man here, a friend of Alvas. His name is Peter Groesbeck.Other information you can find out for yourself. Bring your bathing suit, we will meet your usual Saturday morning train.
      Alan Liu
      【例六】   July 20, 2001
      Here are the two tickets I mentioned yesterday for the Beijing Opera “Farewell To My Concubine”. You may bring anybody along with you. I hope youll enjoy it.
      Xiao Zhang
      【例七】   Mon. morning
      Miss Lili,
      Our Personnel Manager, Mr. Steward, will be in Shanghai on business for five days. Please reserve a plane ticket from Beijing to Shanghai on April 20 for Mr. Steward and then send it to his office, and call to book a single room in Holiday Inn, with bath, from April 20 to April 24 inclusive. Thank you very much.
      Zhang Li
      【例八】   August 13
      Write to Frank for me. Tell him Im sorry hes not well and I wish hed recover soon. Propose September 2 lunch meeting.
      Give Bill a call and apologize to him. I cant be at his daughters birthday party this evening because of the task of receiving an important delegation. Wish her a happy birthday.
      【例九】   Ted,
      Is there any way we could meet for lunch today? I need to consult you about the reception of Nanyang Industrial Co., Ltd. They will open a new branch in Pudong on August 8, next Thursday.
      I think we have to cancel the appointment with Mr. Zhang of Bank of China. Contact me as soon as possible.
      Hohnny Hwang
      【例十】   Babara,
      Please reserve a double room and bath at Holiday Inn for Mrs. Robert Anselmi of Eagle Sports from December 3rd to December 6th. They will arrive the evening of the 3rd, before 6 p.m. and depart the 6th before 11 a.m.
      If a room is not available for that weekend, please make other plans. Otherwise please advise her of the reservation.
      【例十一】   June 5, 2001
      Dear Carlos,
      After graduation is a great time to have a party. Being at your house is always lots of fun. My parents will be coming, too.
      Thanks for the invitation.
      Your friend,
      【例十二】   June 5, 2001
      Dear Carlos,
      I wish I could attend your graduation party. I know it will be lots of fun. Unfortunately my parents have already invited several of our relatives over for a celebration. I wonder if you could come on Saturday evening so you can tell me all about the party.
      Your friend,
      【例十三】   June 15, 2001
      Dear Aunt Alice,
      The sweater you knitted for me for my graduation is soft and warm and beautiful. It matches perfectly the skirt mother made for me. How thoughtful both of you were. Thank you so much.
      【例十四】   July 20, 2001
      Dear Mr. and Mrs. Pacini,
      Thank you very much for letting me spend last weekend at your house while my parents were out of town. I had a great time at the baseball game.
      I really enjoyed myself. I hope that Tom can spend a weekend with me soon.
      Matt Brendan(signed)
      【例十五】   Oct. 4
      I am sorry to have to tell you that I shall not be able to come to the party, because I have a bad cold. I do hope you have a good time.
      Fei Hong
      【例十六】   Bill,
      Please let me have as soon as possible the information about your flights to Canada by next week. Thanks.
      Sun Xiaocheng
      【例十七】   Dear Li Meng and Ya Kun,
      Many thanks for your kind invitation to dinner on Oct. 2nd. David and I accept with pleasure.
      【例十八】   Dear Mrs. Teresa,
      A Mr. Mohammed who recently arrived from Iran wishes to see you. You are requested to ring him up any time tomorrow evening from 6:00 to 9:00 at 401-6646, ext. 2246.
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