SMS 常用缩略语
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Summary:1ce    once 2     to 26y4u   too sexy for you 2day   today 2mor   tomorrow 2moro   tomorrow 2morrow  tomorrow 2nite   tonight 3sum   threesome 4     for 911    emergency - call me add    address afai.

  • 1ce    once 2     to 26y4u   too sexy for you 2day   today 2mor   tomorrow 2moro   tomorrow 2morrow  tomorrow 2nite   tonight 3sum   threesome 4     for 911    emergency - call me add    address afaik   as far as i know agreemt  agreement aka    also known as asap   as soon as possible atb    all the best ayor   at your own risk b     be b/c    because b4    before b4n    or bfn bye for now bbl    be back late(r) bcnu   be seeing you b'day   birthday bhl8   be home late bil    boss is listening brb    be right back btdt   been there done that btw    by the way buzz   off buzz off c     see cid    consider it done cmi    call me coz    because ctr    center cu    see you cu    @ see you around cub    l8r call you back later cul    see you later cul8tr  see you later cuz    because cyr    bos call your boss cyr    bro call your brother cyr    h call your husband cyr    ma call your mother cyr    ofis call your office cyr    pa call your father cyr    sis call your sister cyr    wf call your wife d     or de the da    the don    doing dylm   do you like me ez    easy f2f    face to face f2t    free to talk fotflol  falling on the floor, laughing out loud fyi    for your information gal    get a life gr8    great grt    great gtg    got to go gudluk  good luck h8    hate hak    hugs and kisses hand   have a nice day hot4u   hot for you how    r u how are you hp    handphone ic    i see iluvu   i love you im2gud4u i'm too good for you imho   in my humble opinion imnsho  in my not so humble opinion imtng   in meeting iyq    i like you j/k    or jk just kidding jhb    johannesburg jic    just in case jk    just kdding k     okay kit    keep in touch kwim   know what i mean l8    late l8er   later l8r    later landing  l&n ldn    london lol    laughing out loud or loads of love luv    love lv    love lying   lyn m8    mate mgmt   management mmfu   my mate fancies you mob    mobile msg    message msia   malaysia mtfbwu  may the force be with you mtg    meeting mth    month myob   mind your own business n     and n     case in case n/a    not applicable ne    any ne1    anyone nethng  anything niting  anything no1    no one nothing  nufn np    no problem nvm    never mind oic    oh, i see omg    oh, my god paw    parents are watching pcm    please call me pcme   please call me planned  pl& pls    please plz    please plz    4gv me please forgive me po$bl   possible ppl    people prl    parents are listening puks   pick up kids r     are rgds   regards ringl8  running late rtfm   read the flippin' manual ru    are you ru    cmng are you coming ru    ok are you ok? ruok   are you okay? shopping shopn sit    stay in touch soz    sorry spk    speak stfu   shut the flip up sum1   someone tel    telephone thanq   thank you thkq   thank you thx    thanks tmb    text me back tq    thank you ttyl   talk to you tx    thanks txt    bac text back tyvm   thank you very much u     you ur    your ura*   you are a star uraqt   you are a cutie w/    with w/o    without w8    wait w84m   wait for me waiting  w8n wan2   want to wan2tlk  want to talk? wbs    with wearing  a walkman [:-) wel    well wiv    write back soon wknd   weekend wot    what wru    where are you? wu    what's up? wud?   what you doing wygowm  will you go out with me x     kiss xlnt   excellent xoxox   hugs and kisses y     why yr    your yyssw   yeah yeah sure sure whatever
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