the story about a elephant, a lion and a camel

  • 大象、狮子、骆驼决定一起进沙漠寻找其生存的空间。在进入沙漠前,天使告诉它们说,进入沙漠后,只要一直向北走,就能找到水和食物。进入沙漠以后,它们蓦然发现沙漠比它们想象的大多了,也复杂多了。最为要命的是,它们不久就失去了方向。它们不知道哪个方向是北。


    a elephant, a lion and a camel, they decided go into the desert for looking for their survival space.

    Before entering the desert region, an angel told them, after entering the desert, as long as north, there would be water and food. After entering the desert, they found the desert is out of their imagination. It is more complicated. the most fatal is that they lost their direction soon. They didn’t know what north it is.





    The elephant thought, I am so strong. It doesn’t matter for the lost of direction. i will be find water and food if I walk towards one direction. So , it sel ected one direction that it think the north is. It continued moving on. Three days later, the elephant found that it came back the original place. the elephant was so angry, it decided to walk once again. It told itself that don’t turn direction, and go in front. Three days later, it found it repeated last mistake again. the elephant was crazy and didn’t know why it is. It decided that go re-starting after having a rest. But, same result disappeared.  As soon , the elephant was died on exhausted.





    The lion? It thought that it run very fast. and it run into the direction that it think the direction of the North it is. it run fast, it thought it would be run across a more larger desert. But after few days, it found there would be less green plant when it run forward. It felt afraid and decided turn back in the same way. But it lost its’ direction when it began to back. the more barren land when it ran forward. Left to right, it didn’t find its’ goal.  It died of despair.





    Only the camel is a wiser. It walked slowly, it thought, it would be able to find water and food in less than three days if it find the real direction so, it wasn’t  worry to .travel in the day, but having a rest. In evening, there are too many  sparkling stars in the sky. The camel was easy to find the dipper. The camel walked forward by the direction of  the dipper. During the day, it stopped to have a rest.




    three nights passed. the camel found that it came into the water next to lush oasis one morning.  Since then, the camel developed a home here, and lead a life of affluence. Here, the secret of the camel’s success is that it found a right way to walk forward.



    Facts has proved : whatever the larger ability it is, it will be useless without right direction; without right direction, no amount of effort would be no effect.

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