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  • 商务电话会议实战演练(上下集)

    Len Matheson is the owner of a small company that’s rapidly expanding. He’s getting advice fro m Mary Carlyle, a business consultant, on developing a functional organizational structure to better deal with his company’s expansion.


      Mary: Mr. Matheson, I’ve studied all your reports, and your company is making excellent progress.
      Len: Thank you, Miss Carlyle. And please, call me Len. So, what are your recommendations for my new organizational structure?


      Mary: Call me Mary. First, let’s start with your operation here. You should set up separate Administrative,Clerical, Back office, and Support functions. There’s too much work for your personnel to wear more than one hat any more.
      Len: Yes, they’re already overworked. But that will entail more Managerial functions, won’t it?


      Mary: That’s right, Len, and you’ll need at least two new managers for separate Marketing and Product Development departments.
      Len: OK, Mary. What else?


      Mary: I think you’ll need an Executive assistant to help you deal with Corporate affairs. That should do it for your headquarters here, but since your business is no longer just local, I also suggest setting up a Regional office in the south.
      Len: What about personnel there?


      Mary: You’ll need the same basic functionality as here, on a reduced scale. Product Development is only needed at HQ for now. Your regional head can manage all functions there initially, but will probably need an assistant, also. And that’s it!
      Len: Thanks for your advice, Mary. Looks like I’ll need that assistant right away to help me set all this up!




      Len Matheson是一家发展迅速的小公司的老板,为了更好地发展自己的企业,他请教商务顾问Mary Carlyle有关公司职能组织结构的建设问题。


      Mary: Matheson先生,我已经看了贵公司的报告,看来贵公司业绩很不错。
      Len: 谢谢,Carlyle小姐,请称呼我Len吧。请问您对我们新的组织机构有什么建议?


      Mary: 请称呼我Mary就可以了。首先,从贵公司的运作谈起吧。您应该建立独立的行政、文书、后勤和支持部门。否则,您的职员就会有过多的工作,只能是身兼多职。
      Len: 是的,他们已经超负荷工作了,但是这需要增加管理人员,不是吗?


      Mary: 是呀,Len,你需要至少任命两个经理来单独负责市场营销部和产品开发部。
      Len: 好,Mary。其他的呢?


      Mary: 我认为你需要一个经理助理来帮你处理公司总部的事务,主要是处理你这里的工作,但既然您的业务已经不只是局限于本地,我建议您在南方成立一个地区公司。
      Len: 那边的人事如何安排呢?


      Mary: 与总部这里的职能基本相同,只是规模小些罢了,地区公司经理负责那里的一切,他可能也需要一个助手,就这些。
      Len: 多谢您的建议,Mary。看起来我需要尽快找一个助手来帮我处理这件事。 

    In this conversation, some business people are meeting at a seminar. During a break for refreshments, they discuss their jobs.


      Dan: Hi. I’m Dan Sabel.
      Gail: My pleasure. I’m Gail Mirabel.
      Ron: And I’m Ron Southerly. Glad to meet you.
      Jody: My name’s Jody Fowler. Good to meet you all.


      Dan: So what brings you to this conference?
      Jody: I’m a Manager in the Marketing Dept. at ABC Incorporated. We’re interested in the potential advertising capabilities this new technology offers.
      Ron: I’m a communications Engineer. My company is involved with satellite communications.
      Gail: I’m the CMO for Asco International. My CEO is also highly interested in the potential promotion benefits. What about you, Dan? Where do you work?


      Dan: I work for Damien Enterprises. I’m a Director in Sales there. I think something like this could inject new life into our sales campaigns.
      Jody: That seems to be a prevailing opinion here. Well,looks like the seminar’s about to continue. It was a pleasure meeting you all. Maybe we can get together again over dinner.


      Dan: 你好。我是Dan Sabel.
      Gail: 幸会,幸会。我是Gail Mirabel.
      Ron: 我是Ron Southerly,很高兴见到你们。
      Jody: 我叫Jody Fowler,很高兴见到你们大家。
      Dan: 那么,你们来参加研讨会有什么打算?
      Jody: 我是ABC公司营销部的部门经理。我们对该新技术提供的广告潜力很感兴趣。
      Ron: 我是一名通信工程师。我们公司是做卫星通讯业务的。
      Gail: 我是Asco国际公司的首席营销官。我们的首席执行官对潜在的商业利益有极大的兴趣。你呢,Dan?你在什么地方工作?
      Dan: 我为Damien企业做事。我是那里的销售主管。我认为像这样的一些技术可以给我们的销售活动注入新的活力。
      Jody: 大家的看法好像是一致的。哦,看来研讨会又要开始了。很高兴见到你们。也许我们能够在晚餐时再见面。 


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