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Summary:Cloud computing (Cloud computing), refers to Internet-based super-computing model. That is stored on the PC, mobile phones and other equipment on a large amount of information and processor resources.

  • Cloud computing (Cloud computing), refers to Internet-based super-computing model. That is stored on the PC, mobile phones and other equipment on a large amount of information and processor resources together, work together.

    It is a new way to share infrastructure, can be a huge pool system connected to provide a variety of IT services. Many of the factors that promote the demand for this type of environment, including connectivity equipment, real-time data streams, SOA adoption, as well as search, open collaboration, social networking and mobile commerce, and other Web 2.0 applications such rapid growth. In addition, the number of components also enhance the performance of the IT environment to improve significantly the size, further strengthened by a unified management cloud.
    ? Rise
    ? Who are the masters?
    ? IBM's future strategy
    ? SUN's cloud computing strategy
    ? With cloud computing to Google, Microsoft launched an all-out attack
    ? Rise
    ? Who are the masters?
    ? IBM's future strategy
    ? SUN's cloud computing strategy
    ? With cloud computing to Google, Microsoft launched an all-out attack

      Cloud computing - the rise of cloud computing is a new business model, which remains the core of the data center, which uses the hardware is thousands of industry-standard servers, which by Intel or AMD processor production, as well as other Hardware manufacturers of products. Businesses and individual users through high-speed Internet computing power, thus avoiding a great deal of investment in hardware.

    In short, cloud the future of Internet computing will become a paradise for supercomputing. The basic principle is that by making the calculation in a large number of distributed computers, rather than local or remote computer servers to dramatically increase the speed of access to information.

    "Microsoft's supercomputer DanReed researcher said," to promote the rise of cloud computing is the driving force for the development of high-speed Internet connections, more powerful features and low-cost chips, as well as the hard disk, data center. "

      Back to catalog computing cloud - is the key to who is who?
    Who will dominate
    "In a sense, cloud computing is grid computing model for the further development of a natural." IDC analyst FrankGens that. In that case, who can calculate the cloud surrounding the race to win it?
    In 2006, Sun Yun-based company launched a calculated theories of the "black box". In accordance with its plan, the future data center will not be confined to crowded, stuffy room, but a movable containers - it is loaded with 10 tons of reasonable settlement of the server, as a mobile data center. It can have tens of thousands of employees of large companies, can also provide support for small and medium enterprises. As for the data center that placed the best position recommend someone is on the outskirts of the field, preferably near the power station, so as to achieve the minimum of cost.

    Microsoft's advantage is obvious that there are hundreds of millions of the world's Windows users, Microsoft need to do is to these users through the Internet to connect more closely and provide them with cloud computing services - through Windwos Live. "When you think of storage, you think of Windows Live." This is Bill Gates said this summer, Microsoft is creating a user experience, that is, fro m the general storage devices to transfer any time storage model The aim is clear is that the Internet strategy with Google on an equal footing.

    IBM Big Blue also cast a heavy note, and to that end named "Blue Cloud". IBM cloud computing business with the development of all favorable factors: application servers, storage, management software, middleware, and so on, so IBM will not let such a chance to become famous. WillyChiu said, "IBM cloud computing will be the next focus of a business."

    However, a short period of time Google's status still can not shake, and its open platform embodies the essence of cloud computing model. Google's cloud computing services needed by the vast majority of software is open source, which means that users are free to those who receive the code and modify. "Google's programming models, as well as its real openness is the key, ordinary people can write applications without having to have to be Stanford or Carnegie Mellon University's Dr.." IDC analyst Frank Gens said.

    IBM and Google co-operation is very complementary effect. The two companies are trying to integrate their respective technologies, IBM familiar with enterprise-class computer running the way, and Google substances big flow and high-speed data transmission network links the only way - the two companies is expected to join hands to create a major achievement . IBM's CEO Samuel Palmisano jokingly to describe the item for the young Google engineers and IBM "fat old man" of excellent partners. Forrester Research analyst Adrian said, cloud computing programming technology will be based on the structure of the next generation of computer programming, IBM would like to seize the high ground in order to gain an advantage, which is able to use Google's network advantage.

    Who can truly become the spokesman for cloud computing does not really matter, it is important that this series has the backing of IT giant, there is no doubt, cloud computing has a bright future. Cloud computing has been the blueprint for all-too-apparent: In the future, only need a laptop or an iPhone, can be achieved through the network services we need everything, even this kind of super-computing tasks. From this point of view, the end-user computing cloud is the true owner.

      Back to the directory cloud computing - IBM's strategy over the next IBM plans to build a sizeable business model, in large data centers to carry out meaningful work to develop technology in order to stimulate interest in our business, and the use of the Internet around the remote host More efficient operation of the search, as well as information programming.

    According to the analysts said in the cloud-oriented enterprise computing market, IBM is to focus on the industry itself as a leader. The company's strategy is to sell more tailored for cloud computing hardware, software and services. From the 2008 spring, IBM will be applied to the calculation of the cloud server computer, including the host.

    IBM is the cloud computing software package called Hsdoop, running on the Linux operating system. Hadoop called on the Nutch open source search projects as well as Google's MapReduce (map of Jane) software, MapReduce for a large number of computers connected to expand the complex task of computing for large-scale data sets (greater than 1TB) of parallel computing.

    IBM executives believe that this strategy is like he's Linux support, Linux is an open source operating system, to people outside of Microsoft to provide a new choice. Linux on IBM's support for it has already begun in 2000, including in markets and technology development investment, accelerated in the Linux business users of the application.

    IBM is responsible for systems and technology group senior vice president Willian M. Zeilter declared: "To me, this feeling is like in 2000 for Linux."

    IBM now has 200 researcher to focus on cloud computing, and Mr. Zeitler said that over the next three years in the planning stage, IBM will invest huge sums of money, but he did not disclose the specific number.

    In recent years, IBM data center in the efficient running on to do a lot of effort and focus on desktop computers and other equipment in data centers run more computing tasks. They were named as the "automatic" and "effective" grid computing.
      Back to catalog computing cloud - SUN's cloud computing strategy in May 2008, Sun Developer 2008JavaOne in Congress announced the introduction of "Hydrazine" plan. At this point, in the build-up "computing cloud" under the banner of the software vendor has added a member of the heavyweight. Based on "Hydrazine" program, Sun hopes to use its core technology to create a network that contains the environment, data centers and other infrastructure components into complete solutions, such as Sun's JavaFX rich Internet application technology, Sun's Glassfish application server, Sun Enterprise Service Bus, Sun Directory Server, MySQL, "cheap storage" and Sun's hardware, allowing developers to use Sun platform to create hosted applications and services, and not to any other place you can use these applications and services to make money. In addition, as a "Hydrazine" part, Sun also introduced the "Insight program." Analysis of this feature allows developers to know who in the use of their products and take advantage of this functionality into the ads or make money.

      With it, Sun entered the "cloud computing" in the field, which also started with IBM, Microsoft, Google, and other giants of the new round of competition.
      Back to catalog computing cloud - with cloud computing to Google, Microsoft launched an all-out attack

    Google and Microsoft increasingly fierce confrontation between the epic is a corporate war, the two companies will be successful and have a major impact on the development and provision of consumers and businesses how to work, shopping, communications, as well as "their The Digital Life. "

    Google will think it all happened in the remote data center in the server, the user can be a number of wired and wireless devices access these services, and this is the so-called "cloud computing" (cloud computing); Microsoft also believes the future lies in the Web, but it's Continues to be the focus of its desktop PC software. And this is their source of conflict.

    Schmidt said: "Earlier this year, Google introduced a software package, called Google Apps, no one think that Microsoft will be completely defeated. Google Apps and Google is only through the Internet to provide users with greater computing power plan A step. He said that for most people, the computer is complicated and not reliable. If Google can provide Web computing services, it will be the people's computing experience real improvement. With the Internet connection speed Internet and software Improvement, "cloud computing" to complete the task will be more and more. 90% of all computing tasks through "cloud computing" technology, including almost all of the enterprise computing tasks and white-collar employees of the mission. "

    Schmidt believes that no matter how his efforts to avoid angering Microsoft, Google and Microsoft's friction is inevitable. Of course, Microsoft will not stop here, it has been in the Internet search and advertising investment in the field of billions of dollars to catch up with Google, but so far not been successful. They are also a number of other areas of fighting each other, such as Web maps, online video, mobile phone software.

    For Microsoft, Schmidt's remarks tantamount to war book. On the computer to install Microsoft's traditional software is fundamental, and its officials believe that 90% of the computing tasks will be transferred to the Web-based "cloud computing" environments is the idea of an illusion.

    Lycos, president of Microsoft's business sector that is currently holding the market and the future market for comparison is wrong. It appears in Lycos, Google's reasonable challenge, Microsoft has been misled by the attacks, but also arrogant. Google is concerned about their own interests, it is to undermine Microsoft, rather than meet customer needs.

    Lycos pointed out that Microsoft in product development and customer research, spent several years and invested billions of dollars, carefully studied the use of staff and business software. Indeed, Microsoft's advantage lies in its office software in the market's huge lead. Industry analysts said, Google can not be in the desktop software in the field of direct confrontation with Microsoft. Desktop software to Web software is in transition.

    Analysts pointed out that in recent years to overcome Microsoft's other competitors, Google is a totally different competitor: the larger, faster development of the financial strength of the talent attractive. Google "cloud computing" technology is opening up. Google engineers fro m the design of their own data centers in the energy, speed, cost advantages are so low that it can add the cost of computing power.

    Schmidt said that small and medium enterprises, universities, consumers will be relatively rapid shift to Web-based "cloud computing" technology. He said that through the use of Google and other Web vendors provide the product, small businesses can significantly reduce costs and reduce technical problems. In order to succeed, Google needs to win business, including a large number of followers.


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    20 cloud computing basic definition

    Cloud computing is a cover to develop, load balancing, business model, as well as the structure of the fashionable term of the software industry in the future of the model (Software10.0), or Simply put, cloud computing is the Internet to software-centric.

    Cloud computing is a Web-based service to enable users to only pay for the functions they need, while traditional software Elimination of the hardware, software, professional skills investment. Cloud computing allows users away fro m technology and the deployment of the complexity of the applications received.

    Cloud computing in the next term of one to two years will be hot, so people will be equal emphasis on building virtual IT applications, to create a service-based business model.

    Cloud computing refers to a grand basically said, is to allow Internet users to access technical services and now, every time I visit Facebook or search flights, in fact, the use of cloud computing.

    Cloud computing is a new Web2.0, both a technical market bloom. As in the past people put on their Web site that claims to be a ajax on Web2.0, cloud computing is a new popular word.
    On the positive side, Web2.0 finally grasped the mainstream eye, and similarly, the concept of cloud computing will eventually change people's thinking and ultimately burst into a wide range of concepts, hosting, ASP, grid computing, software as a service , As a service platform, anything as a service.

    Cloud computing there are many things hard to understand, however, need not be so complicated that only three types of services is based on the "cloud", SaaS, PaaS and the cloud computing platform.

    From the consumer's point of view, SaaS is a kind of cloud computing, however, the industry must understand that in the end what that means. In simple terms, cloud computing is the distillation of SaaS.

    The cloud model is the original hardware so that the consumption level as on-demand computing, storage, as required by, and cloud patterns in order to allow more strength, we need to structure the entire application, in a virtual environment preparation , The deployment of the service.

    I have customers, and this analogy goes, we can calculate cloud as a "kitchen-yun," I am a chef, responsible for the family's meals, if my children want to eat Italian food, or do I eat or Italy To him, these things may be changing on a daily basis.
    Take our DataCenter3.0, you can decide your application is running locally or in other other data centers to run if not enough resources, you can change your mind half-way. In fact, based on management automation, you can change the real-time.

    Cloud computing is the need to change the dynamic needs of resource access and services. Applications and services requests fro m the resources of the "cloud", rather than a fixed physical entity. Cloud is the number of self-maintenance and management of virtual resources.

    Cloud is a huge pool of resources, you have to buy on-demand; cloud is a virtualization; cloud can be like running water, electricity and gas as billing.

    Cloud computing is a user-friendly grid.
    TrevorDoerksen cloud computing means is that outsourcing, how much to buy the number, taking in only those of a number of things fro m the Internet.
    ThorstenvonEicken to the discussion revolved around the concept of cloud computing, we need a background in history, take a look at cloud computing pioneer, their problems, give us some guidelines to prevent the same problem.
    PaulWallis cloud on the calculation of the distribution, we can use the pyramid model. At the top of the user needs only to those concerned that this is what some of the applications such as Gmail, Hotmail, QuickenOnline and so on.
    In the middle of some services, you have gradually increased flexibility and control, but still subject to some restrictions, GoogleAppEngine, Heroku, Mosso, EngineYard, Joyentorforce.com (SalesForceplatform) for a class of applications considered in this category.
    At the bottom of some, such as AmazonEC2, GoGrid, RightScale and Linode a class structure.

    Web blog and prosperity in the world to believe, can be applied to any Web-based, in fact, some of them can, but most can not. Reliability, scalability, security, as well as a lot of problems will prevent most companies put their core business, "cloud", if so, problems will be a very high cost.
    Amazon is the leader in cloud computing, but even Amazon has also encountered many problems, cloud computing need to improve, it needs to go than most people have long estimated.

    The high-speed networks, high-performance graphics processor, but not fast your server and storage so that engineers will be more and more computing power into the data center, 10 years ago, the researchers created the concept of grid computing, The cloud computing will be more powerful.

    When we do not understand computer technology to provide virtual technology, we hope that the virtual or hidden in its complexity. The vast majority of people with the hope that the application or service, rather than dealing with software. The cloud, we hope that the software itself has been in virtual hiding or professionals or behind, or "cloud" behind.
    Technology should be an old saying has always upward spiral. Early the mainframe era, all focused on mainframe computing; and to the PC era of computing power are located in each of the PC; about to enter the "cloud computing" represented by the age of the Internet, computing power will be to focus on.
    Distributed computing the PC era, Microsoft has created; centralized computing "cloud of the times", has created Google. And Google all trying to move to the calculation and application of the "cloud", Microsoft's "Cloud - end computing," the concept of balance: "Cloud" and the terminal will bear part of the computing and applications.
    Microsoft's "Cloud - client computing" is based on: Although the "cloud computing" era, and by Moore's Law WINTEL structure determined by the balance is broken, but a hardware, bandwidth, which constitutes a new balance is emerging: the performance end, The development of bandwidth, never content can not keep up with the growth rate of the three is always best to maintain a dynamic balance.

    It seems to me that cloud computing is to those who need a large number of previous investment in hardware and software expertise, as well as the ability to use Web-based services to users
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