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Summary:Can we do a barter trade? BR    咱们能不能做一笔易货贸易呢? BRBR    Is it still a direct barter trade? BR    这还算是一种直接的易货贸易吗? BRBR    If you.

  • Can we do a barter trade?

        Is it still a direct barter trade?

        If you agree to our proposal of a barter trade, we'll give you paper in exchange for your timber.

        Shall we sign a triangle trade agreement?

        A triangle trade can be carried out among the three of us.

        Compensation trade is, in fact, a kind of loan.

        We may agree to do processing trade with you.

        If you're interested in leasing trade, please let us know.

        We wonder whether you do counter trade.

        Words and Phrases

        trade by commodities 商品贸易

        visible trade 有形贸易

        invisible trade 无形贸易

        barter trade 易货贸易

        bilateral trade 双边贸易

        triangle trade 三角贸易

        multilateral trade 多边贸易

        counter trade 对销贸易;抵偿贸易

        counter purchase 互购贸易

        buy-back 回购贸易

        compensation trade 补偿贸易

        processing trade 来料加工贸易

        assembling trade 来料装配贸易

        leasing trade 租赁贸易

        in exchange for 用...交换...

        trade agreement 贸易协议

        We want to develop direct contact with Continental buyers for ourselves.

        We see that your firm specializes in Light Industrial Goods, and we are willing to establish business relationship with you.

        We are one of the largest importers of Electric Goods in this city, and we wish to establish business relationship with you.

        We are willing to enter into business relationship with your company on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.

        Our two countries have had trade relations for ten years.

        We've never had any difficulties with our Chinese partners, and we'd like to make as many new contacts as we can.

        We have made a very good start in our business with Japan.

        Our company is thinking of expanding its business relationship with China.

        As is known, we set great store by the trade relationship with the third world countries.

        We look forward to reactivating our business relationship.

        We shall welcome a chance to renew our friendly relationship.

        We'll try our best to widen our business relationship with you.

        We're writing you in order to establish business relationship.

        The arrangement will contribute to cement our pleasant relationship.

        We're willing to restore our business relationship.

        It will be advantageous if steps are taken to resume our business relationship on the basis of mutual benefit.

        The depressed market results in the stagnation of trade.

        We have been doing quite well in our business, we are willing to open an account with you.

        Words and Phrases

        business association 业务联系,交往

        business connection 业务联系

        close relationship 密切的关系

        closer ties 更密切的关系

        to establish(enter into, set up)business relationship 建立业务关系

        to continue business relationship 继续业务关系

        to present business relationship 保持业务关系

        to improve business relationship 改善业务关系

        to promote business relationship 促进业务关系

        to speed up business relationship 加快业务关系的发展

        to enlarge (widen) business relationship 扩大业务关系

        to restore (resume) business relationship 恢复业务关系

        to interrupt business relationship 中断业务关系

        to cement business relationship 巩固业务关系

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