高二英语要点辅导:Unit 3
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Summary:* 遇见I often meet her on the street.Men may meet, but mountains never greet.* 满足某人的愿望,需要,要求,条件,期待.Meet one’s wishes, needs, demands, requirements, and expectations.* 开会 The members of the board meet e.

  • * 遇见I often meet her on the street.Men may meet, but mountains never greet.* 满足某人的愿望,需要,要求,条件,期待.Meet one’s wishes, needs, demands, requirements, and expectations.* 开会 The members of the board meet every Monday.* 见面,认识I know his name, but we have never met.* 支付 Have you enough money to meet the bill?meet with* 遭遇He met with a small accident on the way.* 偶遇I met with one of my old school friends on the train yesterday.* 受到They met with warm welcome.2. meeting, conference, gathering, partymeeting 指一般性会议,人们为讨论某个问题而集合在一起,使用最广泛,可以用语各种场合.Where does the meeting take place?参加会议: attend a meeting, go to a meeting召集会议:call a meeting, 举行会议: hold a meeting, have a meeting主持会议: Preside over/chair a meetingconference 专门性的正式会议,常用于就某个重大问题进行专门的研究或交换意见的讨论会, 协商会议.a conference on education workan international conference in New Yorkgathering 非正式的集合, 常用于群众性的社活动,联欢会.a public gatheringThere was a get- together at her house yesterday.party 社交性或娱乐性集会,多半有庆祝或喜庆的宴会和舞会.I was invited to her birthday party.a dinner party a tea party a dancing partygive/have a party attend a dinner party
    3. make + 宾语 + 宾语补足语 * make oneself (sb.) + v-edWhen you speak English, be sure to make yourself understood.He raised hid voice try to make himself hears by those at the back.She waved her hand in the crowd trying to make herself seen by her boyfriend who came to meet her.What made the little girl so frightened?Asking with Professor Wang made her interested in history.* make sb. + to doYou may take a horse to the water, but you can’t make him drink.People who won’t work should be made to work.*Make sb. (0neself) + adj.Her coming to my birthday party made me even happier.Praise makes good men better and bad men worse.You are making black white and white black.* make sb./sth.+nWe all made him our team leader.He decided to make his study the lab for his scientific experiments.He was made monitor at that class meeting.4. While1) 并列连词, “ 然而” 之意.Some people are rich while others are poor.There is plenty of rain in the southeast while there is little in the northeast.I’m interested in sports while my brother is fond of music.1) 从属连词, 作 “ 当…… 时候” 解.指一段时间,不能表示一点时间.While I was sleeping, a thief entered my room.While in London, he studied music and painting.Strike while the iron is hot.2) 作 “只要” 讲. = as long asWhile there is water, there is life.While there is life, there is hope.5. take…for example 意思是 “以……为例. 比方说”.常用于阐明一件事的开头.Take nodding the head for example.Take this problem for example.Take research work for example.Take our school for example.Take … for 把……当作……, 错认为是”. 表示结果与事实不付.At first I took him for a Japanese.She took me for my brother.Don’t take me for a fool.Take … to be/as 指主观上 “ 把…… 认作为……”. 不管对We all take our teacher to be/as our good friend.You must take English to be /as one of the main subjects you have to learn well.类似的短语有: regard … as, look upon … as, think of … as, treat … as等.6. 分词作状语表示时间.Hearing the news, they were much surprised.Seeing those pictures, she couldn’t help thinking of the old days.Walking out the room, he found the boy still there.I learned a lot while serving in the army.When leaving the airport, they waved again and again.When asked to answer the questions, the boy felt very nervous.Seen from the hill, the park looks very beautiful.表示原因..Being ill, he couldn’t come to school today.Not wishing to continue his studies, he decided to work in a company.Not knowing her address, we couldn’t get in touch with her.Seeing nobody at home, she decided to leave them a note.Move by Lei Feng’s example, they did countless good deeds.表示条件.Having time, I will come and help you.Thinking it carefully, you will not take the job.You will never make good progress unless studying.Given more time we can do it better.Compared with your progress, mine is nothingUnited we stand, divided we fail.表示结果.His wife died, leaving him with three children.The liquid passed right through their bodies, only getting a little thicker and thicker.表示让步.He hit a parked car, thus breaking one of his legs.Being ill, he still came to class.He is unhappy though having a lot of moneyWhether supported or not, I will go on it.Though treated badly, the dog remained faithful to its owner.表示方式和伴随.They sat in the garden, talking about the days they spent together.She stood there waiting for the bus.He turned away disappointed.The teacher went out of the classroom, followed by his students.分词的一般形式表示分词的动作和谓语的动作同时发生或在谓语动词子前发生,或表示一般性的动作.其完成形式表示的动作在发生在谓语动词之前.如果现在分词与句子的主语是被动关系且是一个正在进性的动作, 则用被动形式,常作定语,宾补语及状语.He hurried away, looking behind as went.Walking down the street, I met an old friend of mine.Hearing the news, he was greatly surprised.Not knowing where the school was, he asked the police the way.Having been there many times, he offered to be our guide.Not having studied hard, he failed in the exam.The building being built id our library.He asked who is the man being operated.You will find the topic being discussed everywhere.As we went into the village, we found many new houses being built.Having been give such a good chance, how he missed it?7. 关于 with 的复合结构1) 概念2) 结构 --- with + pron./n + v-edv-ingadj.Adv.Inf.Prep.N3) 句法功能------ 定语状语
    I can’t fixe my mind on my work with the children playing so noisily outside my window.I won’t be able to go on my holiday with mother being ill.The weather was even cold with the wind blowing.He usually worked in his study with the door locked.The outside sight looks beautiful with everything covered with snow.She used to sleep with the windows open.She went into the classroom with her face red.She came to a small river with green grass and red flowers on both sides.The teacher came into the room with some books under his arm/in his hand.He managed to send a picture with a machine to help him.She lives in the city of Shanghai with her son a teacher.He went out with his head down.
    Lesson 11 Language focuses.1, manner n.--- way in which a thing is done or happens; person’s way of behaving toward others Do it in this manner.He spoke in such a manner as to offend them.I don’t like his manner.His manner showed his anger.manners n. social behavior; habits and customsHe has no manners at all.It is bad manners to stare at people.According to manners, he must be still in bed at this time of say.2, keep a certain distance away 保持一的距离, keep away 作 “避开,使离开,不使接近”.Keep away, or I will call the police!Keep away from that house. There is a dangerous dog there.If you can keep them away, you are safe.3, certain 作 “某个,一定的,某种程度的,” 讲.There is a certain distance between the village and the bus stop.They escaped to France for a certain political reason.He must be waiting for you at certain place.*certain 作 “肯定,有把握’讲.I’m certain that they don’t know the meanings of the gestures.Are you certain that you’ll get there in time?*certain/someSome comrade Wang wants to see at the gate of the school.A certain Wang is wanting to see you at the gate of the school.*certain/sureI am sure that our football team will win the game.That our team will win the football game is certain.It is certain that our team will win the football match.1. manage Vt. & vi.1) control 控制,经营He couldn’t manage this horse, and it threw him to the ground.The boy is so naughty that his parents cannot manage him.Mr. Brown manages a large company in the town.2) succeed, be able to do sth. 设法完成, 应付Though I have a lot of difficulties, I can manage to get everything ready.I shan’t be able to manage without help.If I can’t borrow the money, I’ll have to manage without.manage 和 try 的区别manage : do then succeed 设法做成了某事try 表示尽量做,但不一定成功He tried to pass the exam, but he failed.He managed to pass the exam, and the teacher praised him.5. custom 和 habitcustom 表示 “社会,集体,国家” 等的 “风俗,习惯”. 而 habit 只能用于表示个人的习惯.To spit about is a bad habit.It was Tom’s habit/custom to get up early and go for a walk before breakfast.Be in habit of; fall/get into bad habits; form a habit of; get out of a habit
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