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Summary:Choose the best answer from A. B. C or D according to the meaning of the sentence.( )1.I can’t find my Chinese – English dictionary. I’m afraid I have _________ it in my house.A.missed B.lost C.le.

  • Choose the best answer from A. B. C or D according to the meaning of the sentence.( )1.I can’t find my Chinese – English dictionary. I’m afraid I have _________ it in my house.A.missed B.lost C.left( )2.The number of the books _________ over 500 in his room. And a number of them _________ on art.A.is, is B.is, are C.are, is( )3.Write _________ and try not to make any mistakes.A.as careful as possible B.as carefully as you canC.the most careful( )4.—May I go and play football, Mom?—No, unless your homework __________.A.finished B.will finish C.is finished( )5.—Mrs Green tried her best to stop her son from playing computer games, didn’t she?—Yes, she _________ it. Her son does well in his lesson now.A.dropped B.made C.failed( )6.—Do you have enough students to clean the lab?—No, I think we need _____________ students.A.two others B.another C.two more( )7.It _________ ten years since we last ________ in Shanghai.A.was, met B.has been, met C.is, meet( )8.—Do you know about Florence Nightingale?—Yes, she was well known ____________ a nurse in England ____________ her kindness to the sick.A.for, as B.as, for C.as, to( )9.—Don’t forget to __________ the lights. We should save electricity.A.turn off B.turn on C.turn up( )10.—Mom, I want to buy this dictionary. It is good but not too _________.—Let me see. It is really useful. And the price is __________. OK, I’ll buy it for you.A.high, low B.expensⅣe, cheap C.expensⅣe, low( )11.Mom, my shoes are worn out, could you buy me a new ________?A.shoe B.one C.pair( )12.Do you know ________?A.if it will be fine tomorrow B.where did they meetC.when shall we have a party( )13.With the money __________ he saved, he went on with his studies.A.that B.what C.where( )14.My mother often tells me __________ too much time ________ computer games.A.not to spend, in B.don’t spend playing C.not to spend, playing( )15.—How long have you _________ your hometown?—Oh, about two years.A.been away from B.left C.come to
    Ⅲ.Cloze test(本题共15分,A各0.5分,B各1分)(A)Fill in the blanks with the right form of the proper words in the box. Each word should be used only once.away, else, dance, fan, has, serious, much, practice, tall, alongWords can’t explain why we love Li Yuchun. If you hear her sing, you’ll want (1) ________ in your seat and rock (2) ________________.Teens reporter interviewed the 174cm (3) _____________ and slim 21-year-old “Super Girl” champion last week. Li said she overheard(无意中听到)mother say that she would rather (4) ___________ a son when she was a child. It was a joke, but she took it (5) ________! She threw (6) ____________ all her skirts and began to dress like a boy. That became her style.Li Yuchun’s success didn’t come overnight. She often performed in front of a mirror! All her (7) ____________ worked. Li sang her first concert and had her own (8) ___________ when she was in middle school!Life in Sichuan Conservatory of Music(四川音乐学院)gⅣes Li (9) _________ freedom(自由)to study music.When the reporter asked what (10) ____________ hobbies were, she told the reporter that she liked dancing and sleeping. And her favorite singers are Shakira and Ricky Martin.
    (B)Chose the best answer from A、B、C or D to complete the passage.Mr. Smith lⅣed by the sea. He had a big 1 and he had to work hard, or his wife and children would have been hungry. So he had to 2 early in the morning. After breakfast he set out in a small boat. He always hoped to 3 more fish.One morning the man got to a good place for 4 . He threw a long rope(绳子)with many hooks(钩)into the water. He found it very 5 and pulled hooks out of the sea. He saw there were some gold chains(金链). He, of course, was very 6 .“I’ll sell the gold chains for lots of 7 ,” he thought to himself. “I’ll build a new house, buy a lot of expensⅣe things. I’ll be the 8 man in the world!”Mr. Smith went on drawing(拉)his rope and didn’t notice what was 9 to his boat. It began to go down. As he was pulling the gold chains, the boat sank into the sea. He 10 not only the gold chains, but also his boat and life!( )1.A.farm B.company C.family( )2.A.get up B.go home C.go to bed( )3.A.eat B.catch C.sell( )4.A.boating B.relaxing C.fishing( )5.A.big B.small C.heavy( )6.A.happy B.surprised C.worried( )7.A.money B.fruit C.food( )8.A.youngest B.richest C.poorest( )9.A.singing B.saying C.happening( )10.A.got B.lost C.found
    Ⅳ.Communication(本题共15分,A题各0.5分,B题2分。)(A)Choose the best response from A – F in the box according to the sentence gⅣen.( )1.How often do you drink milk, Li Fang?( )2.How was your school day, Tom?( )3.I’m sorry I can’t go to the concert with you.( )4.When did Tiger Woods start golfing?( )5.I’m not feeling well. I have a cold.( )6.What’s your hobby, Maria?( )7.My clothes are out of style.( )8.Could I use the car, Dad?( )9.I have been studying English for six years.( )10.I think I’m going to wear jeans to the party.
    A.Collecting snow globes. B.If you do, the teachers won’t let you in.C.When he was only ten months old. D.It was awful.E.Three or four times a week. F.You should have a good rest.G.No, you can’t. I have to go out. H.That’s too bad. Maybe another time.I.You should buy some new ones. J.So have I.
    (B)Complete the dialogue with proper words or sentences according to the dialogue.A: Would you like to go to New York with me over the vacation, Jim?B: (1) ____________________________. But (2)____________________?A: At my uncle’s home. I always stay with him and there’s a room for you, too.B: OK. He won’t mind?A: Of course not. (3) ___________________________.B: Will we drⅣer to New York?A: Yes, it takes about six hours.B: (4) _______________________?A: It may be cold and rainy. (5) _________________________.B: Well, when will we leave?A: How about Saturday morning?B: No problem. See you then.
    Ⅴ.Reading comprehension(共35分,A题各1分,其它各2分。)(A)In one way, it may be thought that failure is a part of life. In another, failture may be regarded as a step towards success.The “spider(蜘蛛)story” is often told as an example of this. Robert Bruce, leader of the Scots in the 13th century, was hiding in a hole. He watched a spider making a web. Bruce was said to have got confidence from this and to have gone on to beat the enemy. Edison, too, the inventor of the light bulb(电灯泡), made hundreds of models that failed before he found the right way to make one.So what? First, always think about your failure. What caused it? Were you in high spirit then? What can you change so that things will go right the next time.Second, is the goal(目标)you are trying to reach the right one? Try to do some thinking about what your real goals may be. Think about this question: “If I am successful in this, what will it get me?” This may help to prevent failure in the things you shouldn’t be doing anyway.The third thing to remember about failure is that it’s a part of life. Learn to “lⅣe with yourself” even though you may have failed. Remember, “You can’t win them all.”Judge the following sentences true (T) or false (F) according to what you read.( )1.Robert Bruce was mentioned in the passage to show that people who fail are not lonely.( )2.Edson’s example shows us that failure may be a way towards success.( )3.If you are not sure about what success will get you, you’d better go on with your goal.( )4.The passage tell us that one should learn lessons from failure.( )5.This passage is mainly about two great men.
    (B)Do you want to save money when you travel by train? Here are some ways:Day Returns(returns 往返票)This kind of ticket can save you 45% on the fare (money for tickets). You have to travel before 8:30 a.m. and after 6:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday, but you can travel at any time on Saturday or Sunday.Big City Savers (savers 优惠票)You can save much money with these tickets on some trains. You have to buy them at the latest by 16:00 the day before you travel.Weekend ReturnsYou can use Weekend Returns for most journeys over 60 miles. Go on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, and return the same weekend on Saturday or Sunday, and you can save 35% on the fare.Monthly ReturnsYou can use these tickets for most journeys over 65 miles. Go any day and return within(在……之内)a month. Monthly Returns can save you 25% on the fare.Family ReturnsYou can get a card of Family Returns for £20 and then when you buy tickets later, you need to pay only £3 for each of the other family members (4 at most). You can travel as often as you like within two months.Choose the best choice from AB or C according to the passage.( )1.Which kind of ticket are you going go choose if you want to go to a small town 75 miles away for four days?A.Day Returns. B.Monthly Returns. C.Weekend Returns.( )2.If a man buys himself a ticket of £15 and three tickets for his family with a card of Family Returns, how much will he pay?A.£47. B.£27 C.£24.( )3.Which of the following is not true?A.A card of Family Returns can only be sued for two months.B.If you want to travel to London by air, you can use Big City Savers.C.If you leave this Friday and return next Saturday, you can use Weekend Returns.( )4.The passage is probably taken from a _________.A.dictionary B.textbook C.newspaper( )5.When can you buy the Big City Savers if you plan to go on vacation on Monday?A.At 1:00 p.m. on Sunday. B.At 9:00 p.m. on Sunday.C.At 7:00 a.m. on Monday.
    (C) Answer the questions according to the passage you read.1.What’s the name of the TV store?2.How many different brands(品牌)does the store advertise here?3.What is the address of the TV store?4.When is the store open?5.Which brand is the cheapest?
    (D)Fill in the blanks according to what you read above. Only one word for each blank. 1.The photography show is about ________ history with ________.2.Children under 5 aren’t ________ to enter the Bell Tower with the ________ city history.3.You ________ pay any money if you want to read ________ in the International Library.4.Harry Potter that is a ________ film ends at ________.5.If you want to ________ a ticket for the film, you can call ________.
    (B)我们每一个人都应该懂得感恩、学会感恩。请以I should thank …为题写一篇短文。字数在80—100之间。要求:1.请把题目补充完整。2.字数在80—100之间。3.语句通顺,意思连贯。
    2007年黑龙江省齐齐哈尔市建华区初三下学期第二次模拟测试 英语试卷Answers
    Ⅲ.A to dance, along, tall, have, seriouslyAway, practing, fans, more, elseB CABCC AABCB
    Ⅳ.A EDHCF AIGJBB 1.Yes, I’d love to.2.Where shall we stay?3.He is very easygoing.4.What’ll the weather be like?5.We’d better take more clothes.
    Ⅴ.A FTFTFB BCACAC 1.Sun TV Store2.FIVe.3.163 Sharp Road.4.from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.5.ToyoD 1.American, pictures2.allowed, 300-year3.can’t/ needn’t, books4.magic, 11:305.book, 42396750
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