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Summary:( )2. Grandma likes to books the library. A. borrow,from B.borrow,to C. lend,to D. lend, from ( )3. But I can’t find it. I think I it. A. lose B.am losing C. lost D. have lost ( )4. Wh.

  • ( )2. Grandma likes to books the library.
    A. borrow,from B.borrow,to
    C. lend,to D. lend, from
    ( )3. But I can’t find it. I think I it.
    A. lose B.am losing C. lost D. have lost
    ( )4. What was , Grandma lost more books.
    A. bad B.worse C. the worse D. the worst
    ( )5. How long you in this library?
    A. have,worked B.did,worked
    C. do,working D. are,working
    ( )6. - you ever to Shanghai? —Never.
    A. Have, gone B.Have,been C. Do, go D. Did,come
    ( )7. No matter what the weather is like, you can find out riding the waves.
    A. surfing B.surfed C. surfers D. surfer
    ( )8. He not a night off for two months.
    A. has,left B.is, away C. has, had D. is, out
    ( )9. They were very of their son.
    A. proud B.proudly C. pride D. prides
    ( ) 10. I found out that the factory was waste water into the river.
    A. pour B.pouring C. pours D. poured
    ( )11. What you since you joined Greener China?
    A. did,do B.do,do C. are,doing D. have,done
    ( )12. you live, you can do something around your neighborhood.
    A. Wherever B.If C. No matter D. What place
    ( )13. It means you have already done something useful to improve the environment.
    A. it B.this C. that D. what
    ( )14. Do you know their plane leaves Beijing?
    A. what time B.where C. whose D. how long
    ( )15. If a shark stops swimming, it will .
    A. stop there B.come up C. go down D. be hungry

    II. 完形填空.
    1 morning, Tom goes to work 2 train. As he has a 3 way to go,he 4 buys a newspaper. It helps to make the time 5 more quickly. 6 Thursday morning, he turned to the sports page. He wanted to read the report on an important 7 match. The report was so interesting that he forgot 8 off. He knew this when he looked 9 the window and saw the sea. He got off at 10 station and had 11 a long time for a train back. Of course, he arrived very 12 at the office. His boss was very 13 when he was told 14 Tom was late.
    “Work is 15 than football!” he shouted.

    ( )1. A. Every B. Thursday C. Yesterday D. One
    ( )2. A. take B. to take C. on D. by
    ( )3. A. short B. long C. easy D. good
    ( )4. A. already B. yet C. still D. always
    ( )5. A. pass B. past C. to pass D. passed
    ( )6. A. At B. In C. On D. To
    ( )7. A. basketball B. football C. volleyball D. tennis
    ( )8. A. get B. getting C. to get D. got
    ( )9. A. out of B. out C. inside D. into
    ( )10.A. other B. other C. the other D. the next
    ( )11.A. to wait B. wait C. waited D. waiting
    ( )12.A. early B. fast C. quickly D. late
    ( )13.A. angry B. glad C. happy D. interested
    ( )14.A. which B. why C. how D. that
    ( )15.A. much important B. most important
    C. more important D. importanter

    III. 阅读理解.
    My name is Paul Miller. Sometimes I am too fat, but lately I do not have this problem. My doctor tells me to jog. So early every morning I run for two miles. I do not run fast, but I do not stop to rest. I jog before breakfast.
    People call me a jogger. There are many joggers on my street. We often run together in the park or along the road. Jogging helps to keep us strong and healthy.
    Jogging is very popular in the United States. People like to feel well and look nice. When my neighbors and I jog, we help to keep our hearts and legs strong.
    Many people do not jog, but they do not get fat. They work hard on their jobs and they do not need to run before they go to work.
    Diets are also popular. People on diets do not eat many foods that will make them fat. They learn to eat fruits and vegetables instead of candy or cakes.
    My doctor tells me to eat only three meals a day. A diet is not necessary if I do not eat between meals. Some people like to eat many times a day. This is called snacking.
    I feel healthy and my doctor is happy because I jog every day and I do not snack in the evening or after breakfast.

    ( )1. Jogging is a king of sport. One has the sport with .
    A. hands B. legs C. head D. back
    ( )2. What’s the result after Paul Miller has jogged?
    A. He seems to be very thin. B. He can eat much.
    C. He doesn’t look fat. D. He becomes fat.
    ( )3. Jogging can’t help us to .
    A. get fat B. be strong C. be healthy D. look nice
    ( )4. If you snack, you will surely eat something .
    A. full of meat B. with fruits and vegetables
    C. quickly D. in the evening or after breakfast
    ( )5. “Diet” in the passage means “ ” in Chinese.
    A. 规定的食物 B. 肉类食物
    C. 运动食物 D. 水果类食物

    Nov. 10, 1998
    Hello!How are you? It was good to hear from you. Have the flood waters gone down?
    The hurricanes (the big winds) have not hit us very hard. We did not have school one day because we thought Hurricane George was going to hit us, but it only rained. We also got rain from Hurricane Mitch. Now the weather is mostly in the 70s(Fahrenheit). It stays warm in Florida all year long.
    I just got back from visiting my sister in Tennessee. I applied for teaching jobs up there because I’d really like to move up there after I graduate in May.
    I hope this letter finds you healthy and happy.
    Mandy Hamilton
    ( )6. “Hurricane” means a kind of .
    A. rain B. cloud C. snow D. wind
    ( )7. The weather in Florida is almost every day.
    A. warm B. hot C. cool D. cold
    ( )8. Mandy is a now.
    A. student B. teacher C. worker D. doctor
    ( )9. She will graduate in months.
    A. 5 B. 6 C. 10 D. 11
    ( )10. She wants to work in .
    A. Washington B. New York C. Florida D. Tennessee

    IV. 句型转换
    1. She said to Grandma,“Put a bookmark in every borrowed book. ”(变近义句)
    →She asked Grandma a bookmark in of the borrowed .
    2. She has learned twenty songs so far. (就划线提问)
    → she learned so far?
    3. My uncle joined the army two years ago. (变近义句)
    →My uncle for two years.
    4. He is busy, but he’11 have time tomorrow. (变简单句)
    →He tomorrow.
    5. How long are we going to be away?
    Could you tell us?(合二为一)
    →Could you tell us going to be away?

    V. 句意填空
    1. I’ve just finished r the book.
    2. He became the youngest person ever to cross the channel b Hainan Island and the mainland.
    3. The world will become much m beautiful.
    4. First d left click on the internet icon, then type in the e-mail address.
    5. I’ve been surfing for 4 years. My father t me how to surf.

    VI. 书面表达
    参考词语:①travel by air ②way to travel
    ③drop from the plane ④3,000 metres high
    ⑤too nervous to say a word ⑥drop at 60 metres a second
    ⑦be opened ⑧be happy to come back
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