新目标九年级 Unit 4 单元测试
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Summary:1. –You haven’t pass the driving test. You really ______ me down. –I’m very sorry, mum. I’ll work harder. A. take B. put C. let 2. –Hi, Luc.

  • 1. –You haven’t pass the driving test. You really ______ me down.
    –I’m very sorry, mum. I’ll work harder.
    A. take B. put C. let
    2. –Hi, Lucy! How do you _______ your new job?
    –Quite well. What about you?
    A. get along with B. look like C. come up with
    3. _____ people aren’t afraid to speak in public.
    A. Energetic B. Confident C. Nervous
    4. He coughed ______ last night. He had a ______ cough.
    A. terrible, terrible B. terribly, terrible
    C. terrible, terribly
    5. The mountains were covered ______ thick snow. The climbers had to ask the policemen _____ help.
    A. with; for B. for; to C. with; with
    6. Thanks a lot for giving me two ______.
    A. good advice B. piece of good advices
    C. pieces of good advice
    7. They lost the match, ____ we know they did their best.
    A. and B. for C. but
    8. –What would you do if it _______ tomorrow?
    –We have to go on with our work, since we’ve got everything ready.
    A. is raining B. rains C. will rain
    9. If I _______you, I _______ ask our teacher for help.
    A. were, will B. am, will C. were, would
    10. I don’t know if he _____ here. If he ______ tomorrow, I’ll tell you.
    A. comes; comes B. will come; comes
    C. comes; will come
    11. If a friend of yours said _____ about you, would you think about what he or she said?
    A. bad thing B. something bad C. bad something
    12. My sister would rather _______ out for a walk than _______at home.
    A. go, stay B. to go, to stay C. going, staying
    13. If you burned yourself ________, you _______ find out how bad it is first.
    A. by mistakes; must B. by accident; should C. by accident; must
    14. —Let’s visit the old people’s house.
    —_________ my mother asks me to do home work at home?
    A. Why B. Whenever C. What if
    15. —Is she really ill?
    —_______. She’s in hospital.
    A. I am afraid so B. I hope so C. I am sure.
    B) 完形填空。(共10小题,计15分)
    On the morning of May 2, 1980, Rosalie Warren received the envelope with her grades in it. As she __16__ it, Warren wanted to know whether her hundreds of __17__ of studying had paid off.
    “I __18__ five A’s,”she still remember the moment happily. “I __19__ fell on the floor.”
    Warren was born on August 29, 1990. Two days __20__ she entered high school, her father died. Warren had to leave school for factory work to help support her __21__. Warren was a person who always __22__ school. In 1975, when she was 75, she learned about Suffolk University’s tuition-free (免学费的) program.
    Now she is not __23__ with learning. “ It’s my __24__ to go to school.” She says. Nancy Stoll, head of students, says, “Warren is a good __25__ for our younger students—that learning is a lifetime activity…”
    16. A. wrote B. made C. opened
    17. A. dollars B. hours C. books
    18. A. spelt B. guessed C. got
    19. A. already B. always C. almost
    20. A. before B. after C. till
    21. A. family B. school C. factory
    22. A. had B. likes C. built
    23. A. finished B. started C. left
    24. A. duty B. work C. life
    25. A. visitor B. example C. member
    Ⅱ. 阅读技能。(三部分,共15小题,计30分)
    A) 阅读短文,判断下列句子是否符合短文内容。符合的写(T),不符合的写(F)。(10分)
    In recent years, China has been making great efforts to provide high-quality (高质量的) first aid services to Chinese people and people from other countries as well. Among all the facilities, China Emergency Medical Center was founded in 1989 and is the most well known to Chinese people. It has set up a national- wide network for first aid.
    Other facilities of first aid include 999 and SOS, etc…Besides 120, people in Beijing can also call another emergency center at 999 for first aid.
    In addition to various first aid centers, more and more shopping malls and department stores in some major cities in China begin to provide basic first-aid services for shopper. Such as first-aid kits(急救箱), first-aid pamphlets(急救手册) and stretchers(担架).
    On the other hand, more and more people have better knowledge about first aid. Organizations such as the Red Cross Society of China carry out programs to train the basic first aid skills and popularize(普及) health knowledge among people to avoid misbehaviors (错误行为)in emergencies.
    26. China provides high-quality first aid services only to Chinese people.
    27.China Emergency Medical Center has set up a national- wide network for first aid
    28. Wherever you are in Beijing, you can call 999 and SOS for first aid.
    29. In china, nowhere you can get basic first-aid services expect various first aid centers.
    30. Organizations like Red Cross Society of China carry out programs to help people to avoid misbehaviors in emergencies.
    B) 阅读短文,从每题所给的A、B、C三个选项中,选出最佳答案完成句子。(10分)
    According to a new Ministry of Education (教育部) survey, student safety has become a big problem. Nearly 50 percent of students say they are worried about robbery (抢劫) on the way to and from school. Now in many big cities in China, some school has taught an unusual lesson: self-protection (自我保护). Students like this lesson as there are no exams or boring classes. And they can learn how to save lives and know how to stop danger before it really happens.
    Chen Haoyu, a teacher at Beijing No.25 Middle School and a self-protection expert (专家), gives young students advice on how to deal with danger.
    If you are robbed
    Keep calm. If you cannot cry for help or run away, give the robber your money. Try to remember what the robber looks like and tell the police.
    If you are in a traffic accident
    If a car hurts you, you should take down the car number; if it is a bicycle, try to contact your parents before you let the rider go. This is because you don’t know how seriously you are hurt.
    If it is raining hard and there is lightning
    Don’t stay in high places and keep away from trees.
    When there is a fire
    Get away as fast as you can. Put wet things on your body and try and find an exit (出口). Do not take the lift!
    If someone is drowning (溺水)
    If you can’t swim, don’t get into the water. Cry out for help.
    Remember that danger is never as far away as you think. Take care of yourself at all times!
    31. Why do students like the self-protection lesson?
    A. Because there are advice on exams.
    B. Because they can learn how to protect themselves.
    C. Because they like self-protection experts.
    D. Because they are free to do anything during the lesson.
    32. The underlined word “contact” means _______.
    A. end up B. wait for C. search for D. get in touch with
    33. If your house is on fire, you must _______.
    A. put dry things on your body B. run quickly and take the lift
    C. run away and find an exit as quickly as you can
    D. take everything you have and then run away
    34. If you see a child fall into the river, but you can’t swim, you ________.
    A. should cry out for help B. can jump into the river and save him
    C. can do nothing D. telephone the doctor
    35. What’s the best title for this passage?
    A. Self-protection B. How to Tale Care of Yourself
    C. The Popular Lesson D. An Interesting Lesson
    C) 根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出适当的选项补全短文。(10分)
    Plants are important living things. Life could not go on if there were no plants. 36_________ But animals and men can’t make food from them. 37__________ Men live on plants and animals, too. So animals and men need plants to live. 38_________ If you look carefully at the plants around you, you will find there are many kinds of plants. 39________ Most plants are green. Some plants have many small leaves; others have only a few large leaves. 40_______They are different in shapes (形状)and colors.
    Except having different shapes and colors, leaves are also different in other ways. Some leaves have short stalks (叶柄) while others have long ones; some others have no stalks at all.

    A. That is why we find there are so many plants around us.
    B. There are many kinds of leaves.
    C. Animals get their food by eating plants and other animals.
    D. This is because plants can make food from air, water and sunlight.
    E. Some plants are large while others are small.
    Ⅲ. 写作技能(三部分,计40分)
    A) 完成对话
    S: Where are you going, Larry?
    L: To Tom’s party.
    S: Lucky you! (41)
    L: Well, I’m a little nervous. (42)
    S: If I were you, I’d wear a shirt and tie.
    L: And I don’t have a present. (43)
    S: If I were you, I’d take a small present-a pen something. Keep it in your pocket. (44) . If not, you can keep it.
    L: OK. But what if I don’t know anyone?
    S: (45) , you can talk to Tom. He’ll introduce you to people. And you’re sure to have fun.
    B) 摘录要点
    We had a journey to the Science Museum last Friday. It was great fun. All the students in Grade 9 joined in the journey. There were 7 big buses waiting for us in front of our school gate. First of all, our teachers told us a lot on safety. After that, we got on the buses. Everyone felt so excited that we talked and laughed all the way. Two hours later, we arrived there. It was ten o’clock. Though we felt a little tired, we were very happy!


    46 _______________.


    47 _______________.


    48 _______________.

    Departure Time

    49 _______________.


    50 _______________.


    Ⅰ. A) 1-5 CABBA 6-10 CCBCB 11-15 BABCA B) 16-20 CBCCB 21-25 ABACB
    Ⅱ. A) 26-30 FTFFT B) 31-35 BCBAA C) 36-40 DCAEB
    Ⅲ. A) 41. I’d love to go to that party, too! 42. I don’t know what to wear. 43. What if everyone brings a present? 44. If everyone has a present, you can give him yours 45. If you don’t know anyone
    B) 46. The Science Museum 47. Last Friday 48. The students in Grade 9/Nine 49. At 8/eight o’clock 50. 7/Seven big buses
    C) One possible version:
    Smoking has become a big problem for some Chinese kids. It is said that more than 21% of middle school students and 6% of primary school pupils smoked.
    As we all know, smoking is harmful to our health. For us teenagers it does harm not only to our health, but also to our minds. But why do they still smoke? An important reason is that smoking is cool. It makes them be a real man. I think it’s wrong.
    Now more and more people in the world have given up smoking or decide to do so. I think the young who are smoking should give it up.
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