新目标九年级 Unit 7 单元测试
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Summary:从A、B、C、D四个选项中选出最佳答案。 1. This is the library _____ my brother goes once a week. A. that B. which C. there D. where 2. The organization will provide _______ in.

  • 从A、B、C、D四个选项中选出最佳答案。
    1. This is the library _____ my brother goes once a week.
    A. that B. which C. there D. where
    2. The organization will provide _______ in the neighborhood.
    A. people with books B. people books
    C. books to people D. people for books
    3. —Do you know the actor _______ has been playing James Bond in several 007 films?
    —Yes, he is Pierce Brucenan.
    A. which B. whose C. who D. whom
    4. — Jim, it’s so nice of you to help me.
    — _______.
    A. You’re right B. My pleasure C. No problem D. It’s my turn
    5. I met my idol (偶像) in the street _____.
    A. one day B. some day C. some days D. a day
    6. —People in Hawaii are very _____.
    —Yes, but it’s too _____ this time of year.
    A. friend; touristy B. friendly; touristly
    C. friendly; touristy D. friend; touristly
    7.—What’s your plan?
    —I’m considering _____ the Disneyland while in Hong Kong.
    A. to visit B. visiting C. visited D. visit
    8. —It’s raining.
    —Oh, we need _____ here one more day.
    A. stays B. staying C. to stay D. to be stayed
    9. —How can you afford this book?
    —I will _____ money by walking to school every day.
    A. have B. make C. save D. use up
    10. —I dream _____ to Switzerland some day.
    —It sounds great.
    A. to go B. of going C. to going D. about to go
    11. —What do you think of the concert given by the young pianist?
    —Excellent, _______ one piece of the music wasn’t played quite well.
    A. and B. though C. because D. so that
    12. —Let’s go to Wuhan Plaza (武汉广场).
    —Sorry. I have lots of work _______ right now.
    A. do B. doing C. done D. to do
    13. I’m not sure if it _______ tomorrow. If it _______, I won’t wash any clothes.
    A. rains; rains B. will rain; will rain
    C. will rain; rains D. rains; will rain
    14. They continued _______ tennis after a short rest.
    A. to play B. playing C. on playing D. for playing
    15. —Oh, the cat is so cute.
    —Then take it. I _______ pay for it.
    A. willing to B. am willing to
    C. am looking forward to D. look forward to
    16. The scientists went _______ the forest and arrived in the city finally.
    A. to B. through C. cross D. across
    17. —Where would you like to go this summer holiday?
    —I don’t know. Maybe I’ll go _______.
    A. to somewhere cool B. to cool somewhere
    C. to places cool D. somewhere cool
    18. —Oh, no. I lost my keys.
    —_______. You will find it. I just saw you putting it on the desk.
    A. Take it easy B. I’m sorry C. Bad luck D. I think so
    19. —Would you mind ________for a few minutes?
    —No, not at all.
    A. wait B. to wait C. waited D. waiting
    20. —Would you like something to drink?
    —_______. I’ve had enough.
    A. Yes, please B. No, you can’t C. No, thanks D. No, I don’t like
    Lily came from Australia. She had never 21 Beijing. While in Beijing, She wanted to visit Tian’anmen Square and the Forbidden City. But she didn’t 22 any other places of interest else in Beijing, so she turned to (求助于) her pen pal, Wang Wei. Wang said he would like to 23 her around and asked Lily 24 she would stay in Beijing. Lily told him that she would travel to Shanghai after about two weeks. Wang wished her a nice trip by saying “I hope you’ll 25 your trip.”
    21. A. been to B. lived in C. gone to D. left
    22. A. like B. know C. go D. see
    23. A. bring B. carry C. show D. see
    24. A. when B. how often C. where D. how long
    25. A. have B. make C. enjoy D. take
    Mr. Clarke works in a middle school. He likes reading and often 26 some books from the library. He keeps 27 to the radio every morning and reading 28 after supper. So he knows much and teaches well. His 29 worship (崇拜) him very much. Mike, Mr. Clarke’s little son, is only nine. He 30 likes reading books. And he often asks his father some questions. Mr. Clarke always thinks he’s too 316 to understand him and chooses 32 ones to answer. Of course the boy is not satisfied with it.
    One day Mike read 33 about the electric lights and was 34 it. When his father told him to do some housework, he went on thinking of it. He asked him 35 questions, and his father answered all. Then his father said proudly, “Fathers always know 36 than sons!”
    The boy thought for a while and said, “ 37 !”
    “Oh? Why?”
    Mike didn’t answer and asked 38, “Who invented the electric lights?”
    “Thomas Edison,” answered Mr. Clarke.
    “Why 39 his father invent them then?”
    Looking at his son, Mr. Clarke didn’t know 40 to answer!
    26. A. finds B. buys C. borrows D. lends
    27. A. hearing B. listening C. watching D. going
    28. A. newspapers B. letters C. stories D. messages
    29. A. friends B. teachers C. classmates D. students
    30. A. ever B. also C. never D. only
    31. A. old B. big C. clever D. young
    32. A. difficult B. the hardest C. the easiest D. no
    33. A. something B. nothing C. anything D. everything
    34. A. worried about B. good at C. interested in D. afraid of
    35. A. few B. little C. a little D. a few
    36. A. the more B. more C. less D. the less
    37. A. I don’t think so B. I agree C. So you are D. You’re right
    38. A. although B. instead C. too D. though
    39. A. not B. did C. didn’t D. doesn’t
    40. A. when B. what C. which D. where
    Dear all,
    I am writing this letter in my room. I can see the Seine (塞纳河) from my window. It’s just below my window and it is beautiful.
    I am staying at a student hotel some miles from the center of Paris. I have got a big room and I use it as a bedroom, a study and a sitting room! There is a kitchen in the hotel, but I don’t often cook there. I usually have my meals at the university. The food there is good and cheap.
    The university is only two stops away from here. It takes ten minutes to get there on foot. Most of the other students ride bicycles, but I haven’t got one.
    I am enjoying myself very much. I like walking along the streets. I like Paris. It is quite different from our town.
    Do write if you have time.
    All the best!
    41. Whom is Gavin writing to?
    A. His friend. B. His teacher.
    C. His family. D. His mother.
    42. Gavin has got _____ to live and study in.
    A. one room B. two rooms
    C. three rooms D. four rooms
    43. Gavin often _____.
    A. cooks meals in the hotel
    B. cooks meals at the university
    C. buys his food at the university
    D. has meals on the underground railway
    44. Which one of the followings is nearest to Gavin’s hotel?
    A. The Seine. B. The center of Paris.
    C. His university. D. His town.
    45. Which of the following sentences is NOT true?
    A. Gavin enjoys his stay in France.
    B. Gavin lives in a French family.
    C. Gavin doesn’t go to the university by bike.
    D. The university is not very far from the hotel.
    The police in London were searching for a thief (小偷). At last they caught him. But while they were taking photos of him from the front, from the left to the right, with a hat and without a hat, he suddenly hit the policeman and ran off. The police tried to catch him, but he got away.
    Then a week later, a telephone rang in the police station and somebody said, “You are searching for the thief, aren’t you?” “Yes.” “Well, he left here for Waterbridge an hour ago.” The police in London at once sent all the four of the different photos of the thief to the police in Waterbridge.
    About ten hours later, the police in London got a telephone call from Waterbridge. “We have caught three of the men,” They said happily. “And we’ll catch the fourth this evening, we think.”
    46. The underlined phrase “searching for” may mean _____.
    A. finding B. looking for C. looking after D. looking about
    47. The thief hit the policeman _____.
    A. after he got away
    B. before he was caught
    C. when the police were taking photos
    D. after the police tried to catch him
    48. Where did the informant (举报人) call the police in London?
    A. From the station. B. From Waterbridge.
    C. From his home. D. We don’t know.
    49. The police in London took _____ photos of the thief.
    A. two B. three C. four D. five
    50. The best title of this story may be _____.
    A. Police and Thief B. A Thief in Waterbridge
    C. A Thief in London D. The Police in London


    1. FIRST HOTEL (222 Edward Road Tel: 414 -6433)
    No. of Rooms: 120 Single: $25 Double: $35
    Special Attractions: Air-conditioned rooms, French restaurant, Nightclub, Swimming-pool, Shops, Coffee shop and bar, Telephone, Radio and TV in each room, Close to the city center.
    2. FAIRVIEW HOTEL (129 North Road Tel: 591-5620)
    No. of Rooms: 50 Single: $12 Double: $18
    Special Attractions: Close to the airport, Telephone in each room, Bar, Restaurant, Garage, Swimming-pool.
    3. ORCHARD HOTEL (233 Edward Road Tel: 641-6646)
    No. of Rooms: 120 Single: $15 Double: $20
    Special Attractions: Facing First Hotel, European restaurant, coffee shop, Dry-cleaning, shops, TV, Nightclub.
    4. OSAKA HOTEL (1264 Venning Road Tel: 643-8200)
    No. of Rooms: 180 Single: $30 Double: $50
    Special Attractions: Air-conditioned rooms, Japanese and Chinese restaurants, Shops, Swimming-pool, Large garden.
    51. If you want to eat Chinese food, you will go to the restaurant named _____.
    A. First Hotel B. Fairview Hotel
    C. Orchard Hotel D. Osaka Hotel
    52. The cheapest price for a single bed is _____ in _____ in Boswell.
    A. $12; First Hotel B. $15; Osaka Hotel
    C. $12; Fairview Hotel D. $25; Orchard Hotel
    53. The total number of the rooms in the best hotels in Boswell is _____.
    A. 120 B. 240 C. 450 D. 470
    54. If a Japanese traveler likes to eat in a French restaurant, _____ is the right place for him to go to.
    A. 222 Edward Road B. 129 North Road
    C. 233 Edward Road D. 1264 Venning Road
    55. Which hotel faces Orchard Hotel?
    A. First Hotel. B. Osaka Hotel.
    C. Fairview Hotel. D. No hotel.

    第II卷(非选择题,共 30分)
    Welcome! Our city is one of the (56) m beautiful cities in the world. It’s (57) c to the biggest ocean—the (58) P , nearby mountains and a city filled with museums, shops and parks. You’ll have many interesting things to do (59) d your family (60) v .
    While the (61) a might well enjoy just (62) r on a Mexican (墨西哥的) beach, the kids are going to want something to keep them busy beyond (63) s . They can explore jungles, peaks (山顶) that reach almost 10,000 feet (64) h and caverns (洞窟) that are among the deepest in the world. They can also (65) v the La Esmeralda or La Guacamaya waterfalls.
    56. m______ 57. c_______ 58. P________ 59. d______ 60. v_______
    61. a______ 62. r________ 63. s_______ 64. _____ 65v. _______
    1. 打算去神农架 (Shennongjia);
    2. 神农架非常美丽,拥有众多美景;
    3. 神农架像迷人的丛林,有众多野生动植物;
    4. 计划拍摄很多照片,并带给James看。
    Dear James,

    一、1-5 DACBA 6-10 CBCCB 11-15 BDCAB 16-20 BDADC
    二、21-25 ABCDC 26-30 CBADB 31-35 DCACD 36-40 BABCB
    三、41-45 CACAB 46-50 BCDCA 51-55 DCDAA
    四、56. most 57. close 58. Pacific 59. during 60. vacation 61. adults 62. relaxing 63. swimming 64. high 65. visit
    五、One possible version:
    Dear James,
    I would like to go to Shennongjia next month. Shennongjia is very beautiful and it has lots of fantastic sights. Shennongjia is just like a fascinating forest. There are many precious wild animals and plants. I think I will have many exciting things to do there. I’m going to take lots of photos there, too, and then I will show you these pictures. I’ll stay there for about three days and I hope it won’t cost me too much.
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