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Summary:A. a thing that B. something that C. a person who D. what2 The train ____ she was traveling was late. A. which B. where C. on which D. in that3-- Have you read the books? -- Yes. I've read all.

  • A. a thing that B. something that C. a person who D. what2 The train ____ she was traveling was late. A. which B. where C. on which D. in that3-- Have you read the books? -- Yes. I've read all the books ____ you gave me. A. which B. that C. what D. who4 Is this the reason ___ he explained at the meeting for his carelessness in his work? A. / B. what C. how D. why 5 Is that the reason_____he was late? A / B that C which D why6 They talked for about an hour of things and persons ____ they remembered in the school. A. which B. that C. who D. whom7 Only those ___ knew well could be let in. (2003连云港)A. who B. that C. what D. he8 Is this museum ____ some German friends visited last Wednesday?A. that B. where C. in which D. the one9 Do you know Mr.Smith ____ story is very moving ? A that B which C who Dwhose10. There is little coffee in the cup, __________?A. isn't it B. is it C. isn't there D. is there11. Jim Green is old enough _________ himself.A. to look after B. looks after C. take care of D. taking good care of12. I heard her _________ in the next room.A. to sing B. singing C. sung D. sings13. We live and study in a school __________ New Century.A. called B. calling C. calls D. to call14. The physics teacher said that light ________ faster than sound.A. went B. travels C. moving D. had gone15. I wasn't _________ to find that my worst report.A. surprising B. surprised C. surprise D. exciting 用所给词的适当形式填空。1. Ann is one of the __________ ( friendly ) waitresses in the restaurant.2. Jim _______ never ________ ( see ) the movie before.3. We saw a number of _________ ( foreign ) when we visited the Great Wall.4. The bicycle I _________ ( buy ) yesterday doesn't work.5. Students shouldn't be allowed _________ ( talk ) aloud in class.6. Older people must ______ ( speak ) to politely.7. The most important _________ ( require ) is to speak English well.8. Jack got a nice souvenir on his __________ ( five ) birthday.9. I dislike keeping ________ ( mouse ) at home, they're terrible.10. This is ______ ( real ) a funny story, I think you'll love it. 根据中文提示完成句子。1.横穿马路很危险。 _______ very dangerous ________ __________ the street.2.咱们听听音乐,好吗? Let's _____to music, ______ _______?3.我花了两天时间写这篇作文。 I ______ two days ______ the composition.4.只谈不做是没有用的。 It's no use ______ too much ______ doing anything.5.谢谢你告诉我这个好消息。 Thanks for _________ the good _______.6.我抽烟你介意吗? Would you _______ my _______ here?7.Mary不够上班的年龄。 Mary isn't ____________ _________ to work.8.我宁愿骑自行车而不坐公交车去。 I prefer to go by bike ________ _________ by bus.9.他俩身体都不好。 ____________ of them ________ in good health.10.你去过纽约吗? ___________ you ever ___________ to New York?口语交际 根据上下文的意思补全对话。在横线上写出所缺少的句子。A: Good morning, sir. ___________? B: I'd like to buy a blue jacket. Do you have any blue jackets?A: Yes. ______________? B: I want Size M.A: Here you are. B: Can I try it on?A: Sure. Is it all right? B: Yes, I like it very much. ____________________?A: 360 yuan. B: That's a bit expensive. Do you have any other kind? I want a cheaper one.A: What about this one? It's only 120 yuan. B: OK. _______________. Here is the money.A: ___________. Goodbye, sir.阅读短文,简要回答下列问题。A farm is always a busy place. One of the busiest things is when the farmer is getting land ready to grow plants.
    If the farmer is going to grow wheat, he has to turn the ground over first. The farmer drives up and down the paddock on tractor. When the ground is ready, the farmer sows the seeds. He does this with a machine that the tractor pulls along. Now, one farm and one machine can do as much a day as twenty men used to do without a machine. After the wheat has been sown, the farmer keeps a lookout for rain. Wheat needs rain and warm sunny days to make it grow. When the wheat has grown, it turns to a lovely golden colour.
    When the wheat is fully grown, you can see the seeds on the wheat plants. These have to be out off and put in bags or big trucks to be taken to a factory where they are made into flour.
    It's a very busy time on farm when the wheat is being cut. Everyone helps so that all the wheat can be taken from the paddocks before the rain comes. If heavy rain falls, the farm must wait for the ground dry out before the machine can cut the wheat. Farmers always have a lot to do through the year.1. What is the busiest thing? ________________________________________2. What does the farmer have to do when he is going to grow wheat? __________________________________________3. Why was much more time spent on sowing in the past? __________________________________________4. What does farmer not need when they cut wheat? _____________________________________________5. Does everyone help to cut the wheat? ____________________________________________完型填空How do you feel when you have to make a report in front of your classmates? What about when you go to a bitthday party? Do you get 1 shy? Shyness means feeling nerous or 2 when you're round other people. Everyone experiences(体验)this shyness 3 they grow up. Most people have red faces and talk in broken sentences when they are in the center of attention. It's OK if it takes you a while to feel yourself again when you go to a new place or meet strangers. 4, everybody gets a little shy sometimes. It's just a case(事)of how much. But many teenagers think that they hate themselves and that they won't fit in the future at come point. Stop the negative(消极的)thoughts about yourself. If shyness doesn't keep you 5 something you want to do, being shy isn't a very big problem. Some experts say shy people are not only cleverer, but also better at working with others, because they think more and talk 6 . Some great people in history were shy, too. You see, being shy isn't all 7 . But remember not to let good chances 8 just because of it ! Your shyness will 9 . When you grow up year after year, you'll become brave enough to speak to anyone. But now, you need practice! If you have to sing a song at a party, just do it! There's nothing to be afraid of ! Remember,though you're shy,you do not lack in(缺少) 10 .Cone on,our shy sriends!( )1.A.rtue B.real C.really ( )2.A.comfortable B.frightened C.proud( )3.A.as B.since C.by ( )4 .A.What is worse B.In fact C.For example( )5.A.to do B.doing C.from doing ( )6.A.much B.more C.less( )7.A.good B.bad C.wonderful ( )8.A.go down B.go over C.go by( )9.A.past B.pass C.passed ( )10 .A.confidence B.confident C.confidently
    答案单选 1—5 CCBAB 6—10 BDDDD 11—15 ABABB用所给词的适当形式填空 1 most friendly 2 has seen 3 foreigners4 bought 5 to talk 6 be spoken 7 requirement 8 fifth 9 mice 10 really根据中文 1 It's to cross 2 listen, shall we 3 spent writing 4 talking, without5 telling news 6 mind smoking 7 old enough 8 than go 9 Neither is10 Have been口语交际、1What can I do for you? 2. What size do you want?3. How much is it? 4. I'll get/ take it. 5. Thank you. 阅读短文 1 It's when the farmer is getting land ready to grow plants.2 He has to turn the ground over first.3 Because there was no machine. 4 They don't need rain.5 yes,they do.完型填空 1-5 CBABC 6--10 CBCBA
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