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Summary:( )1. A. She doesn't like the man.B. She won't stop the man.C. She will smoke too.( )2. A. He's in the north now.B. He's been to the north recently. C. He's just been out of hospital.( )3. A. If i.

  • ( )1. A. She doesn't like the man.B. She won't stop the man.C. She will smoke too.( )2. A. He's in the north now.B. He's been to the north recently. C. He's just been out of hospital.( )3. A. If it rains, they still will go. B. If it rains, they won't go.C. If it doesn't rain, they will go.( )4. A. They will take a bus.B. They will take a taxi.C. They will go there on foot.( )5. A. Father and daughter. B.Doctor and patient.C.Two neighbours.( )6. A. To see his old friend Dick.B. to see his new friend Dick. C. To make a call to Dick.( )7. A. Wife and husband. B. Teacher and student.C. Two friends.( )8. A. To a flower show. B. To a car show. C. To a party.
    B.在这一部分,你将听到1个对话,在对话后你会听到4个问题,请你从A、B、C三个选项中找出回答该问题的选项,并将代表答案的字母填入题前的括号内。( )1.A. Because she was ill yesterday.B. Because she wants some information.C. Because she is speaking.( )2. A. By bus . B. By bike. C. In a car.( )3. A. At 12:30. B. At 9:00. C. Around 10:00.( )4. A. At school. B. At home. C. On the beach.II.听短文,选择正确答案(8')。 在这一部分,你将听到两篇短文,根据你所听到的短文,从A、B、C三个选项中找出回答该问题的选项,并将代表答案的字母填入题前的括号内。 Passage A( )1. The young man went to town______.A.to see his friend B.to spend his holidayC.to work ( )2. The young mam laughed at the servant because_____.A.the servant did something wrong B.he hated himC.he wanted to make fun( )3. What die the servant do with the young man ?A.He gave the young man a smile.B.He threw something onto the street.C.He told the man not to do that again.( )4. Why did the young man stop teasing the servant ?A.The servant was kind and nice to him.B.The servant told him the truth .C.He wanted to be a good man. Passage B( )1. Some people can easily learn many things by heart because______.A.they always sleep very wellB.they read a lot of booksC.they have very good memories( )2. Everybody learns his mother language______.A.at the age of six B.when he is a small childC.after he goes to school ( )3. Before a child can speak, he must ____.A.read and write B.think hardC.hear and remember the sounds( )4. Your memory will become better and better_____.A.if you have a lot of good food B.if you do more and more exercisesC.if you do morning exercises every day 笔试部分III.选择题,从下列每组选项中,选出一个最佳答案并将其代表字母填入题前括号内。(20')1.I don't ___what you've just said is all right. A. agree with B .angry with C. think D .pleased with2.They were not allowed___ here. They don't allow ____in the waiting room.A.Smoking, to smoke B. to smoke, smoke C. to smoke, smoking D. smoking, smoking.3.Would you like ____more milk?A. many B. any C .much D. some4.Do you know ____over there ?A. what happens B. what was happened C.what is happening D. what did happen5. Which do you like best ?I like ____ of them .A. neither B. no one C. not any D. none 6. How long will ____to write the report ?A. you spend B. it take you C. you pay D. it spend you7. Do you mind if I sit here?_____, it's for, Miss Brown.A. Not at all. B. Never mind . C. Better not D. Of course not.8.In the fire, ____people____.A. hundreds, are killed B. hundreds of, were killedC. two hundreds, were dead D. two hundreds, died9.Three quarters of the fruit in the basket____ for the old people.A. is B. are C. was D. were10. there are a lot ____ people today than yesterday.A. of B. most C./ D. more 11.-Would you like to go to the cinema with us tomorrow ?-Yes ,___. When are we going to meet ?A. I would B. I would like C. I like to D. I'd like to12.I have to write_____ letters today.A. too much B. more too C. much too D. too many13.His uncle was made ___ 12 hours a day.A. to work B. work C. worked D. working14. She was looking for her son ____hundreds of pupils when I saw her.A. between B. among C. in D. from15. The man ____his motorbike outside hasn't come back yet.A. whom he left B who he left C. who left D. whose16.I want to find out ____ the factory is pouring waste water into the river mea it .A. that B. whether C. what D. which 17. The players in our school are stronger than _____in their school.A. that B. the one C. those D. ones 18. He is ____to work by himself . A. such a young boy B. too a young boy C. so young a boy D. too young a boy 19.She wasn't clever enough ______ such a problem.A. to work out B. not to work outC. to not work out D. can't work out 20. there are so many people _____ the football match. A. to watch B. watch C. watches D. watching IV. 句子翻译(20')。1.他住院期间,人们不断去看望他。While he was in hospital,_________________________________.2.你能告诉我你是什么时候看到她的吗?Can you tell me ________________________________.3.他们有很多家庭作业要做,所以不能和我们一起参加晚会_______________________________, so they can not go to the party with us.4.她每天花半小时步行去学校。____________________to school every day.5.你把我的手表怎么弄的?_________________________________.6.这条裤子太贵, 我买不起。_________________________________.7. 德国有多少人口?___________________________________.8.吴先生去世已有五个年头了。______________________________________. V. 补全对话(15')。 在每段对话的空白处填入适当的话语(话语可能是句子,短语或词),使对话完整。(A) A: Hello! 4463077B: May I 1______ Jim, please?A: Sorry. Jim isn't here right now .2____________, please.C: Hello! Jim speaking 3_____________________?B: This is Li Ping . Hi , Jim . Tomorrow is Saturday . What are you going to do ?C: I've no 4_____________. What about you?B: Shall we go skiing tomorrow?C: OK. That's a good idea!5___________________________.B: Let's meet outside the school gate.C: What time shall we meet?B: Let's make it half past seven.C: OK. See you then . Goodbye.(B)A: Excuse me . How can I get to the museum, please?B:1___________________. You may ask the man over there .A: Excuse me .B:2_______________________?A:3__________________________is the way to the museum, please?C: Walk along this road, and take the second turning on the left. Walk 4______________until you reach the end of the street. You will find it on your right. A: 5 ___________________________________________________________?C: It's about two kilometers from here. You'd better take a bus.A: Thank you very much.B: You're welcome. (C)A: Hello, Linda! Glad to meet you.B: Glad to meet you too !A:1___________________________________?B: I come from London.A:2______________________in London.B: It's very nice at the moment. London is never too cold or too hot.A: But in Beijing it's often too cold in winter and too hot in summer.B: Yes. I like summer best here because I can go 3______________in the river.A: 4__________do I. By the way, 5_______________the Great Wall ?B: Not yet.A: Shall we go to visit it tomorrow?B: That's great!
    VI.完型填空(15')。 阅读下面短文,在每个空白处填入一个适当的词,使短文在结构和意义上完整。 One day Mr. Brown saw a lady in the street 1_______ten children. He 2_______very surprised because all the children were wearing the3____ clothes-white caps, dark blue coats4 ____ black trousers. "Are all those children5____?" he asked the mother. "Yes .they are ."she answered. "Do you always6_____them in the same clothes?" asked Mr. Brown . "Yes," answered the mother. "7______we had only four children, we dressed them in the same clothes because we did not want to lose8______ of them. It was easy to see our children when they were9____ others , because they were all10____the same clothes. And now, when we have ten, we dress them11 ____this because we do not want to take other children home12_____ mistake. When there are13_______ children among ours, it is14 _____for me to get him away,15_____their clothes are different."VII.阅读理解(25')。 第一部分,根据短文内容从各题的A、B、C、D四个选项中选出一个最佳答案的字母填入题前的括号内。 (A) Our eating habits(习惯)are very important for good health and a strong body. There are times when most of us like eating sweets and ice-cream better than meat and rice. Sweets and ice-cream are not bad for us if we eat them at the end of a meal. If we eat them before a meal, they may take away our appetite (食欲). It's important for us to eat our meal at regular(规律的) time each day. When we feel worried or excited, we may not want to eat. A long time ago in England, so judges(法官) often decided whether a man was telling the truth by giving him some dry bread, it meant that he wasn't telling the truth. Though this seems strange and foolish they thought it was an excellent way of finding out truth. A man who was worrying something has difficulty in swallowing anything dry, because he loses his appetite.( )1. Good eating habits make us _____.A. stronger B. happier C. more beautiful D. more polite( )2. It's good to eat sweets and ice-cream ______.A. before a meal B. after a meal C. when we are hungry D. at any time( )3. It's good for us to have our meal _____every day.A. at the same time B. earlier C. at any time D. at the different time( )4. The judge in England thought if a man didn't tell the truth, he could_____.A. drink milk or tea B. eat a lot of dry bread C. hardly eat dry bread D. swallow dry bread easily( )5. A person who is ____ may not want to eat.A. happy B. shy C. unhappy D. well (B) Many children think mobile phones(移动电话)are cool. They come in fun colours and let you talk with a friend anytime and anywhere. In the U.S., more than 90million people use mobile phones. Many of those people are children. For children, mobile phones are more than phone calls. They are fashionable(时尚)。 Most mobile phone users don't think about the health problems caused( 导致 )by mobile phones, Some scientists say that mobile phones give off radiation( 辐射 )that might be bad for users. One recent ( 最近) study shows that mobile phone radiation might raise a person's chance of getting some kinds of cancer( 癌症 ). Other scientists say mobile phones don't threaten people's health. They say that they have not found any link (联系) between mobile phone use and cancer. Scientists say that people can protect themselves from mobile phone radiation. One way is to use a headset(耳机). Or people can make shorter calls.( )1. Many children like mobile phones because they think mobile phones are_____.A. cool B. small C. cheap D. their toys( )2. Many of the mobile phone users in the U.S. are_______.A. girls B. boys C. scientists D. children( )3. Which of the following sentences is true?A.All scientists think mobile phones are bad for users.B.Some scientists think mobile phones are bad for users.C.Mobile phones are only good to adults (成年人).D.Mobile phones are only for children.( )4. The underlined words "give off" in the passage mean____.A.放弃 B.丢失 C. 释放 D.掉下 ( )5. To protect themselves from mobile phone radiation , people can____.A. make longer calls B. use a headset C. make shorter calls D. both B and C (C)A man was looking for things of old times. One day he came to a village and found a blue bowl which looked very old. The bowl was on the ground and a cat was drinking milk from it A farmer, the owner of the cat, was lying beside the bowl. The man didn't want to draw the farmer's attention to the value(价值)of the bowl, so he said to the farmer in a soft voice, "What a nice cat you have !Won't you sell it?""How much would you give me for it ?" the farmer opened his eyes and asked."Twenty dollars .Would it be enough?"A few minutes later, the farmer agreed. After he paid the farmer, the man said, "My cat will certainly feel thirsty. May I take the bowl so that the cat can have milk?"But the farmer said, "I'm sorry I can't give it to you. Thanks to the bowl, I have already sold twenty cats."( )1. From the reading we learn that the man wanted to _____.A. buy the cat B. find a bowl for the cat C. meet and help poor farmers D. get and keep the bowl( )2. In the reading "draw the farmer's attention to the value of the bowl," means "____".A. make the farmer wake up B. let the farmer know the bowl cost a lotC. buy not the cat but the bowl D. ask the farmer to sell both the cat and the bowl( )3. The man asked for the bowl because _____.A. the cat was not very expensive B. the cat could drink milk from it C. he know the value of it D. it was useless for the farmer( )4. The farmer didn't want to sell the bowl because______.A. it was old and dirty B. he could sell more cats C. he wanted to use it himself D. all his cats like the bowl( )5. It seems that the farmer ____.A. had just one bowl to use B. was very poor C. didn't like cats at all D. learnt to make money (D) Most businesses are open five days a week. American school children go to school five days a week as well. American families usually have a two-day weekend. The weekend is Saturday and Sunday. Over the weekend, people spend their time in many different ways. Many families enjoy weekends together. They may go shopping, go for a drive or visit friends. They may also invite friends over and have a party at home. Many American families take part in sports during the weekend. Running ,biking,playing volleyball and swimming are popular in summer. Skiing ( 滑雪 )and skating are favorite winter sports. Weekends are also a time for American families to work on something in their houses.Many families plant flowers and have vegetable gardens. Some families use the weekends to paint or repair their houses. For most Americans, weekends are very busy.( )1.American students go to school ______.A. four days a week B. five days every month C. five days a week D. six days a week( )2. Saturday and Sunday are the ____.A. weekend for Chinese only B. weekend for AmericansC. workdays for Americans D. days for children to study( )3. Which of the following is not mentioned( 提到 )in the passage?Most American families _____A.plant flowers during the weekend B. invite friends to have a partyC. watch TV during the weekend D. may go shopping during the weekend ( )4. The American are ______ during the weekend.A. very free B. very lazy C. quite poor D. busy with their own things( )5. _______are favorite sports in summer for Americans .A. Skating and football B. Running and biking C. Skiing and volleyball D. Swimming and skating (E) Dogs have been man's good friends for thousands of years. Many stories are told about how bravely dogs helped people in trouble. With the help of dogs , many people lost in the snow found their way home. Dogs have also helped in many scientific researches. The first space-traveler was a dog named Laika. It was sent up in a man-made earth satellite in 1957 by Russian scientists. Dogs have become film stars, too. A dog called Lassie was the star in quite a few American films. Dogs can hear and smell better than men but they can't see so well. A dog may live for about 12 or 13 years. A thirteen-year-old child isn't grown up yet, but a thirteen-year-old dog is very old indeed.( )1.In the first sentence "man" means____.A. a man, not a woman B. men and boysC. mankind D. women and girls ( )2. From this passage we know dogs have helped people____.A. since 1800 B. for about 40 years C. for two thousand D. for thousands of years( )3. The first traveler in space was _____.A. a dog with the name of Laika B. a cat called Lassie C. a girl, Laika's dog D. a man with the name Laika ( )4. Dogs have______.A. very good sense of hearing B. a fine sense of smellC. good sight and ears D. both A and B( )5. Which of the following isn't talked about in this passage but it may be true?A.Dogs can't live as long as man B.Dogs can make money for peopleC.Dogs can help people who have lost their way in the snowD.Dogs can find people lost in forests and lead them home第二部分 根据短文内容对问题进行简单回答(15')。 (F)Mr. Young worked in a factory. One day he broke an important part of a machine and was sent away. He couldn't find any work any longer. He had to roam(流浪)here and there .One day, when he was walking by a river, an Englishman fell into it and the water would nearly wash him away. In the time of danger Mr Young jumped into the river and saved him. The Englishman thanked him very much and took him to England and helped him to find work in London. A few years later he could speak English but could neither read nor write. It brought him a lot of difficulties. He decided to learn reading and writing. An English teacher lived just nest to him. He came to the old woman and asked her to teach him ."All right, young man ,"said the old woman .Then she brought out a pencil and an exercise-book, and wrote A,B,C,D on it .Pointing to A, the woman said, "It's A.""How can I know it's A?"The woman didn't know how to answer . She had to say, "It's A and it's B.""How can I know it's B?"The old woman didn't answer. She thought for a while and began to pull(揪)him by the ear."How do you know it's an ear?""Everyone knows it's an ear.""All right," the old woman said with a smile . "Everyone knows it's B. Let's go on!"1.Why was Mr. Young sent away?2.Why did Mr. Young roam here and there?3.Why could Mr. Young find work in England?4.Why could Mr. Young neither read nor write ?5.Who helped Mr. Young answer the question?
    VIII.提示作文.(20") 根据航天英雄杨利伟的航天壮举,给他写封信,要求字数80左右.Sunday .June 15th 2004 Dear Yang Liwei:
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