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Summary:A: In the dictionary.   Q: Why don't you take the bus home?   A: Because my home is not that big. Q: Why is the letter E so important?   A: Because it's the beginning of everything!.

  • A: In the dictionary.
      Q: Why don't you take the bus home?
      A: Because my home is not that big.
    Q: Why is the letter E so important?
      A: Because it's the beginning of everything!
      Q: Why are the letter G and letter S in "gloves" close to each other?
      A: Because there is love between them!
      Q: What letter is an animal?
      A: It's the letter B!
      Q: What letter is a question?
      A: It's the letter Y.
      Q: How do you feel today?
    A: With my hands, of course!
    Q: How can you make a rope shorter without cutting or winding it?
      A: Take a longer rope and compare with it!
      Q: What can you tell from Peter's record card with extremely poor grades?
      A: He didn't cheat!
      Q: What does everybody do at the same time?
      A: Grow old!
      Q: What resembles half a pie?
      A: The other half!
    1(Who works only one day in a year butnever gets fired?谁一年只上一天却不会被开除?Santa Claus 圣诞老人)2(Why does the Statue of Lib-erty stand in New York harbou?自由女神为何矗立在纽约港湾? Because it can't sit doun因为它不能坐下)3(Why doi birds fly south? 鸟为什么往南飞?It's too far to walk 走着去太远了)4(When can you go as fast as aracing car?什么时候你能像跑车一样快?When you're in it当你坐在跑车里时)

       1. Why are giraffes the cheapest to feed?为什么养长颈鹿最不花钱?
       2. Why are dogs afraid to sunbathe?狗为什么害怕日光浴?
       3. Why is the pig always eating?猪为什么没完没了地吃?
       4、Why are politicians no longer concerned with snowball fights?政客们为什么不再关注打雪仗了?
       5、Why dont women get bald as soon as men?为什么总是男人比女人先秃头?
       6、What can pierce ones ears without a hole?什么东西不用打洞就可以在耳朵上穿孔?
       7. Whats the longest word in the world?世界上最长的单词是什么?
       8. Why does time fly?时间为何飞逝?
       9. Where can a dog get another tail?狗去哪里可以再弄到一条尾巴?
       1. They make a little food go a long way.因为它们脖子长,一点点食物都要走很长的路才能咽下去。
       2. They dont want to be hot-dog.因为它们不想成为热狗。
       3. Hes making a hog of himself.它想成为一只肉猪。
       4、The cold war is over.冷战结束了。
       5、Because women wear hire longer.因为女人头发留得长。
       7. Smiles. Because theres a mile between the letter s.微笑。因为两个字母S中间隔了一里。
       8. To get away from all those who are trying to kill it.为的是甩掉所有要谋杀它的人。
       9. At a retail store.在零售商店。
    《大学英语》 谷健飞
    英语国家也有不少类似我们的脑筋急转弯问答题(smart riddles)。这类游戏不仅可以活
    (1)Who is closer to you, your mom or your dad ? (爸爸和妈妈谁和你更近?)
    ——Mom is closer because dad is father.
    (2)What fruit is never found singly ? (什么水果永远不会是单个的?)
    ——A pear.
    (3)Why are young men unwilling to date the daughter of the Fortunes ? (年轻人
    ——Because she is Miss Fortune.

    (4)Why is an empty matchbox the best thing to have in the world ?(为什么空火
    ——Because it is matchless.
    (5)Why did little Tom put his brother’s guitar in the refrigerator ?(小汤姆
    ——Because he enjoyed cool music.
    (6)What stays hot even if put it in a fridge?(什么东西即使放在冰箱里也热?)
     ——Pepper.

    (7)What letter is a vegetable ?(什么字母是一种蔬菜?)
    (8)What letter is a question ?(什么字母是一个问题?)
    (9)What starts with T, ends with T, and can be full of T ?(什么开始T,结尾

    (10)What kind of table has no legs?—A timetable.
    (11)What month do soldiers hate?—March.
    (12)Why is a peacock the best story teller?—Because it always has a beau
    tiful tail.
    (13)Which runs faster, heat or cold?—Heat, because you can catch a co
    ld. (14)Why does time fly?—Because many people are trying to kill it.(15)What eight—letter word has only one letter in it?—Envelope.
    (16)What word is pronounced wrong, even by the best of scholars?—The wo
    (17)Where does harvest come before work?—In a dictionary.
    (18)Why is the letter E so important?—Because it is the beginning of eve
    (19)What do you add to a road to make it wide?—B.
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