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Summary:To ensure balance, my favorite way is using the four facets of prosperity: material, spiritual, physical, and social. By achieving material prosperity, spiritual prosperity, physical prosperity, a.

  • To ensure balance, my favorite way is using the four facets of prosperity: material, spiritual, physical, and social. By achieving material prosperity, spiritual prosperity, physical prosperity, and social prosperity, I believe I can have complete and balanced prosperity in my life.
    You may add other facets of prosperity if they work for you, but in my opinion these four facets are easy to remember and already cover practically everything.
    To put this concept into practice, what I do is ensuring that I do something to improve each facet everyday. Here is how I do it:
    1. Decide on something to do daily in each facet
    To keep things simple, choose only one or two tasks to do daily in each facet. More than that, it could be difficult to keep up with them. Of course, you may want to do more than just one or two tasks to improve a facet, but choose only the most important ones to be made daily. In my case, I have just one task for each facet.
    One thing to remember is each of the tasks should be measurable so that you know for sure whether or not you have done it. Here is an example:
    * Material: do project for at least 2 hours* Spiritual: meditate for 30 minutes* Physical: exercise for 20 minutes* Social: ping at least one friend
    2. Record your performance
    After setting the daily tasks for each facet, all you need to do is ensuring that you do them. Recording your performance can greatly help you here. You may use a notebook, a spreadsheet, or any other medium you want. Write down there whether or not you have done a task in a particular day.
    I myself use Joe’s Goals. It’s a simple web application that can help you track your progress. Whenever I finish something, I check the corresponding box in Joe’s Goals. This way I can easily see if I often miss a facet so that I can put more effort there.
    3. Adjust accordingly
    If you think that you can more effectively improve yourself doing something else, don’t hesitate to change the tasks. For example, maybe you think that reading spiritual text will give you better result than meditation for spiritual prosperity. In that case, you can change your daily task from meditation to reading spiritual text. On the other hand, if you think that they are both necessary, you can decide to do both (though you shouldn’t forget to keep things simple).
    Another possibility is increasing the intensity of the tasks to bring you to the next level. For instance, instead of exercising for 20 minutes a day, you could make it 30 minutes a day.
    By using this system, you can be sure that you do something everyday to improve yourself in all facets. It’s as if you make balanced progress on autopilot. I’ve used it for some time and - though I miss my daily tasks here and there - I’m glad to see how it helps me have balanced progress to complete prosperity.
    What do you think? Do you have other tips for daily improvement?
    就我个人而言,我的工具是Joe’s Goals,一个操作简单,可以帮助你记录生活事项的应用网站。无论我在什么时候完成任务,我就会在Joe’s Goals相应的邮箱里查看进度。这样一来,我就很容易发现自己经常忘记哪一方面的任务然后付出更多的努力去完成。
    如 果你觉得干点别的什么更有效于自我充实,那么请不要犹豫,立即修改计划。例如,也许你会觉得多读一点有关精神方面的书籍比自我反省有用多了。那么你就可以 把你每天的计划从自我反省改为书籍阅读。另一方面,如果你觉得它们两者都有存在的必要,那么你可以把两者都编入计划(虽然做计划的原则是越少越好)。
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